Relaxation Music - With Turkish Instruments (Tüm Serisi)

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Relaxation Music - With Turkish Instruments / Türk Enstrümanlarıyla Rahatlama Müziği This SET has been produced by making current the classic formations of the continuing performances and works in the form of Turkish Music through ethnic tones, experimental and modern approaches. We have found a soothing and motivating solution aimed at offering you a happy and beautiful life in spite of such feelings of negativity as stress and over-working whose influence is increasing more and more with modern life. With the works which arouse the feelings like the calming of the soul and relief, life will be more delightful for you. Okyanus - Ocean / Klasik Kemençe Enstrümantal - 1 Huzur - Peace / Tanbur Enstrümantal - 2 Sükun - Calm / Ney Enstrümantal - 3 Rüya - Dream / Çeng Enstrümantal - 4 Keyif - Delight / Keman Enstrümantal - 5 Bahar - Spring / Kanun Enstrümantal - 6 Umut - Hope / Klarnet Enstrümantal - 7 Sonsuzluk - Eternity / Perküsyon Enstrümantal - 8 Sabah - Morning / Ud Enstrümantal - 9 Dost - Friendship / Bağlama Enstrümantal - 10 Pass : WeLove-music

Mesut Kurtis - Salawaat - featuring Sami Yusuf

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Salawat is a compilation of Nasheed in praise of Allah (swt) and his messenger (pbuh) by Mesut Kurtis. It was produced by the internationally renowned Nasheed artist and composer Sami Yusuf, who is also featured in an exclusive track. This amazing album also contains the famous Burda by Imam Al-Busari. The songs on this album beautifully and seamlessly blend lyrics in Arabic, Turkish and English.

Mesut Kurtis, Awakening's new nasheed artist. This album was produced by Sami Yusuf and a special track also features him. Mesut Kurtis was born in 1981 in Macedonia to parents of Turkish origins. He comes from a very religious and scholarly family. His great grandfather was a well known scholar at the time of the Ottoman Empire. He is fluent in 5 languages. He has recently finished his Islamic Law course at the European Islamic Institute in Wales.
MP3 192 kbps Incl. Covers 55 MB TRACK LISTINGS [01]. No One But Allah [02]. Salawaat [03]. Burdah [04]. Never Forget [05]. Ya Ilaahal Kawny [06]. 3alayka [07]. Tala3 Al-Badru 3alayna [08]. O Allah DOWNLOAD HERE PW : WeLove-music

Kifak Inta - How are you?

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Assuming this is the first time they meet (coincidentally) since their separation years ago, this is what Fairouz has to say (in the most subjective way imaginable) : "(Wow? Is this really you? Looong time no see)? Do you remember when was the last time we met? And, by any chance do you remember the last thing you told me then? (Oh? I just met you? What the hell am I talking about?? I?ll get to this later)? And I haven?t seen you since? umm, but I guess I see you now? (God, I didn?t even say "Hi" yet) ?By the way, how are you? (Oh, what a you!)

Do you remember the last night you spent at our place? Do you remember that person whose presence bothered you? (For, the presence of any authority bothers you men? it just freaks you away) ?well, it was just my mother? she just used to care about me? and was a little worried about me while with you (Oh, what a you!) (And believe me? now that I know you enough, I admit she had every reason to be so?)

Anyway? so, you didn?t tell me, how are you? (Why on Earth aren?t you saying anything?) ?oh, I hear them say you have kids now? (Ooops, that?ll mean I?m curious and concerned about your news? and that I?m up to date with everything? damn it, you?ll think I still care? I better change the subject) ? I really thought you were outside the country though? (Well-done? this will also make a good excuse for not visiting to congratulate you for your newborns? Oh, it?s toooooooooo lame) ?tell you what, just forget about the country? and god bless your children!

(I can?t take this any longer? it won?t harm if I show some emotion, plus it?s not that I?m saying anything I?m not 100% positive is true) Hey? you know what? ?at times, it just crosses my mind that we should be together? it?s just that I feel we were meant to be so? yes, together? me and you (Oh, what a you!) (Oooooooooo, I said a lot? I spilled it all out? plus, how could I?? especially when you treated me the way you did that last time we were together? wait!) Do you remember what was the last thing you told me that day? (In case you don?t, well I sure do? and won?t hesitate to remind you) "If you want you can stay, and if you want to leave you can also leave"? (It stunned me how cold you were? you couldn?t care less if I stayed or not? you seemed to want me as much as you didn?t)? it made me very upset back then? (Oh it sure did? in fact, ?upset? is an understatement !)? for, I didn?t analyze it nor give it enough thought? (but today I have everything in perspective? you men are too proud to show a lady you want her to stay, even if that is all you want? it was your ?masculine pride? that I didn?t understand back then? it was this very ?pride? that separated us)? well, I couldn?t blame you? you were simply being you (Oh, what a you!) (the way every man is just a man when it comes to telling a lady how he feels about her)

(Be it you? or be it another man? I?m just a woman who fell in love with you? for the very same ?unjustified? reasons any woman might blindly fall for any man? the difference is that I?m swept away, and I won?t refrain from confessing to you of the blizzards going on inside me) ummm, I just? I just feel like telling you? yes, telling you that it?s all coming back to me now? (you ?invade me? the way you?ve always did)? I know you?re married and you have kids? and I also know how much gossip and people I?ll have to put up with? (in spite of all that, it?s still your right to know and my right to tell you that I? umm?) ?you are my first and last ?I?ve loved you since the beginning? (even when I left you then? I thought you?d care and call me back? but you?re a man? and perhaps you thought it would?ve deprived you of your manhood if you did)? anyway, I? I do love you? (Oh, what a you!)"

Cairo, the Jewel of the Orient

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"This little world, the great Cairo... the most admirable and the greatest city seen upon the earth... the Microcosmus of the greater world..." Cairo, the Jewel of the Orient, the City of the Thousand Minarets, and the Melting Pot of Ancient and Modern Egyptian Civilizations.
View over Cairo
A walk through Cairo is a trip through the ages. You'll see buildings from almost every age of architecture: more than a thousand mosques, modern office buildings, wealthy suburbs, shantytowns, medieval Old Cairo, and pyramids on the edge of the city. Cairo remained the central city of Egypt throughout the period of British rule and afterwards. The 20th century saw massive growth in the size of the city as peasants left the farmlands in pursuit of work in the factories and commerce of the metropolis. The city was especially burdened by refugees from the various wars with Israel: much of the population of the Sinai peninsula and the cities along the Suez Canal left for Cairo between 1967 and 1978. Today, Cairo is Africa's most populous city and the Arab world's cultural centre. Since the 19th century Cairo has also become a center for tourism as people from around the world have come to see the monuments and artifacts of Ancient Egypt, especially the Pyramids. Laws against the export of these treasures has meant that the Egyptian Museum in Cairo is the only place in the world that many items can be seen.
Tahrir square
Talaat Harb square
El Aed pastries shop
Talaat Harb square at night
Cool building in Central Cairo
Cairo Tower (Gezirah)..Over 180 m (590 ft) high, it is the most outstanding attraction of modern Cairo. The first of the top two storeys is a rotating restaurant and cafeteria. Visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Cairo from the observation platform.
Cairo thru Nile
View from Cairo tower
Looking across the Nile Again
Looking across the Nile from Zamalek

Nile - River
Nile - View
View - Nile Hilton
A walking around Zamalek and this is the view from across the Nile
Cairo transliterated: al-Qahirah, transl. 'victorious') is the capital city of Egypt (and previously the United Arab Republic) and has a metropolitan area population of approximately 15.2 million people, the largest in Africa. There are, however, millions of homeless and undocumented citizens. With these factored in, some population estimates reach as high as 25 million people. Cairo is the sixteenth most populous metropolitan area in the world (the 10th according to 2004 statistics).... Wikipedia.
Cairo Citidale Mosque
The Hanging Church, Cairo
Al Ahly Club (The African 20th century club) Img from top of the tower
Cairo at night
Downtown Cairo, the red building in the middle of the picture is the Cairo Museum.
Cairo Museum
Opera House - From Cairo Tower
The beautiful Cairo Opera House from Cairo Tower
The Cairo Library

Mena House Oberoi view of Pyramid
While al-Qahirah is the official name of the city, in local speech it is typically called simply by the name of the country, Misr (Arabic, pronounced Masr in the local dialect. The name Al-Qahirah literally means "The Subduer," though it's often translated as "The Victorious." The origin of the name is said to come from the appearance of the planet Mars during the founding of the city. The planet Mars, associated with destruction was called "Al Najm Al Qahir" in Arabic, from which the name of the city was derived. However the legacy of the name evolved into the title "Qahirat Al Adaa" meaning "subduer of the enemies". This title was given to the city as many armies were destroyed in attempts to invade Cairo or defeated elsewhere by troops sent from Cairo....Wikipedia. At the entrance to the Khan is a large square borderd on three sides by mosques with the Khan completing the box.
An exciting time browsing around in the Souk.
Cafe' El-Fishawy
Walk like an Egyptian~!
Going on a camel ride at Giza!
A group at Fishawy
Cairo Train Station
egitto 2006
Famous court of 10th century Al Azhar-mosque in the centre of Cairo.
Inside the Mosque of Mohammed Ali
Looking up is rewarding in the Muhammed Aly-mosque in Cairo de decorations are breathtaking.
The grand central prayin' hall inside the Citadel.
Khan al Khalili
Khan el Khalili by Night
Old Cairo
Soccer in Old Cairo
This Tea shop has been open continuously for the past 300 years
One side of the square leading into the Khan
Cairo University Famous Hall
Cairo University - Side Shoot