20 Romantic Instrumentals

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Studio London Orchestra & Singers: All Night Long / 20 Love Themes | MP3 192 kbps |100 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01].Studio London Orchestra & Singers - I Just Called To Say I Love You [02].Studio London Orchestra & Singers - Never Gonna Let You Go [03].Studio London Orchestra & Singers - With You I'm Born Again [04].Studio London Orchestra & Singers - Baby Come To Me [05].Studio London Orchestra & Singers - Take A Look At Me Now [06].Studio London Orchestra & Singers - Blue Fantasy [07].Studio London Orchestra & Singers - True [08].Studio London Orchestra & Singers - Lady Of The Dawn [09].Studio London Orchestra & Singers - All The Love In The World [10].Studio London Orchestra & Singers - I Love You [11].Studio London Orchestra & Singers - Caresess Whisper [12].Studio London Orchestra & Singers - Lost Without Your Love [13].Studio London Orchestra & Singers - Orchard Road [14].Studio London Orchestra & Singers - Let It Be [15].Studio London Orchestra & Singers - Tomorrow & Forever [16].Studio London Orchestra & Singers - Old & Wise [17].Studio London Orchestra & Singers - Midnight Blue [18].Studio London Orchestra & Singers - Don't It Make Your Body Move [19].Studio London Orchestra & Singers - You Are [20].Studio London Orchestra & Singers - All Nihgt Long Download HERE PW : WeLove-music


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Gitano Flamenco [Compilation] | MP3 256 kbps | Incl.Covers |85 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01].Toost Corporation - EL CAMPO [02].Enrique Granados - ORIENTAL [03].Astor Piazolla - TANGO No2 [04].Traditional - LA PALOMITA BLANCA [05].Manuel De Falla - ASTURIANA [06].A.C.Jobim - FAVELA [07].Kenny Dorham - BLUE BOSSA [08].Louis Bonfa - MORNING OF CARNAVAL [09].Paco De Lucia - MEDETIRENIAN SUNSET [10].Paco DeLucia - ENTRE DOS AGUAS [11].Gipsy Kings - MOOREA [12].Toost Corporation - DANSA DE LOS SUENOS Download HERE PW : WeLove-music

Music in the Age of the Pyramids - Ancient Egypt

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Music variously composed, arranged and conducted by Rafael Pérez ARROYO
In collaboration with Syra Bonet, musicologist Rafael Pérez Arroyo, former director of the acclaimed Sony Hisp?nica collection, has just released the first fruit of many years of research into the music of Ancient Egypt. The result is a spectacular CD entitled Music in the Age of Pyramids, performed by Arroyo's Hathor Ensemble. Realization of the music by Arroyo was based on study of the metric structure of hymns which survive in writing, discussion of music theory from heiroglyphics, sonic descriptions by ancient authors, and iconography. Arroyo has also made an effort at decoding a partial chironomy (hand gestures, the same source claimed for Biblical music), and discovered three basic modes for Ancient Egyptian music.
Music in the Age of the Pyramids / La Musique au Temps des Pyramides / Die Musik im Zeitalter der Pyramides
Ensemble Hathor - Rafael Pérez Arroyo, dir.
| MP3 192 kbps | Incl.Covers |80 MB | TRACK LISTINGS
  1. Welcome to ancient Egypt
  2. Hymn 567 from the pyramids text
  3. Dance of Iba (masataba of Idou and Antéfoker)
  4. Hymn to seven Hathor (Denderah temple)
  5. Hymn 573 from the pyramids text
  6. Couple dance
  7. Hymn 510 from the pyramids text
  8. The three seasons (Ashet)
  9. Denderah 2002. Hymn for a procession for Hathor
  10. The palace is beautiful
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The Very Best of Gheorghe Zamfir

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Gheorghe Zamfir - "The Very Best Of"
| MP3 192 kbps | All Covers | 75 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Domasnea [02]. Ana [03]. Arad [04]. Oltera [05]. Jebel [06]. Sarmis & Trefla [07]. Flora [08]. Mourning 'Doina' Download HERE Gheorghe Zamfir - Greatest Hits | MP3 256 kbps | Front Cover | 280 MB | Korean Special Compilation Containing 37 Tracks on 2 CDs. CD 1 01. Summer Snow - Sissel 02. The Lonely Shepherd 03. Yesterday 04. Omoide Zukuri 05. Elvira Madigan 06. Ete D'amour 07. Theme From Summer Of '42 08. Panis Angelicus 09. Winter / L'hiver 10. Wild Theme 11. Theme De Limelight 12. Send In The Clowns 13. Amazing Grace 14. Bilitis 15. Pluie D'ete 16. Birds Of Winter 17. Vitrall De Lune 18. Mourir A Madrid 19. Reve De Mon Enfance CD 2 01. Feerie 02. Danse De La Foret 03. Ave Maria 04. She 05. Meditation From Thais 06. The Rose 07. The Shadow Of Your Smile 08. Annie's Song 09. Aria(Air On A G String) 10. Chariots Of Fire 11. Unchained Melody 12. Plaisir D'amour 13. Memory 14. Don't Cry For Me Argentina 15. Duet From The Pearl Fishers / Duo Des Pecheurs De Perles 16. Beautiful Dream 17. Un Bel Di-Madama Butterfly 18. Q Mio Babbino Caro-Gianni Schicchi Download Part 1 Download Part 2 Download Part 3 PW : WeLove-music

Govi - Your Lingering Touch

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Your Lingering Touch: Govi at His Romantic Best
Many new age artists enjoy choosing generic album titles that convey little about the music they play, but the spirited acoustic guitarist Govi proves the exception to this rule. Titles from his catalog -- Passion Grace, Guitar Odyssey, and Heart of a Gypsy in particular -- reflect his basic intent to take us to places within ourself with music that's graceful and seductive, gentle but emotionally powerful. This recording draws together 12 gently exotic, flamenco-based moments from his six previous Real Music recordings. Tunes like "Tears of Joy" lope along with a cool strut, almost like a character whistling to himself in an old Western town. "Magellan's Beat" features a hypnotic flamenco strum enhanced by haunting echoing Native American flutes; on this tune, Govi's guitar is very much like that of Lobo from the gypsy violin-guitar duo Willie Lobo. The title track is less ethnic -- just a simple, dreamy guitar melody. "Sangria" rolls casually along like a samba enhanced with an echoing electric melody. "Lover's Moon" also showcases Govi's way with cool electric blues. And who can resist the nature sounds at the beginning of the whimsical "New Dawn"? Govi is more intent on creating a gentle, swaying vibe than anything too explosive or dynamic, and our inner peace seems to be the goal of his exotic meditation music. Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide
| MP3 320 kbps | Only Front Cover |135 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Tears Of Joy [02]. Magellan's Beat [03]. Sailing Away [04]. Your LIngering Touch [05]. In Harmony [06]. Sangria [07]. Lover's Moon [08]. Torero [09]. Sky High [10]. New Dawn [11]. Spring In The East [12]. Amber Waves Download Part One Download Part Two PW : WeLove-music

Marcel Khalifé - Taqasim

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Lebanese composer Marcel Khalife is a true master of the oud which is an Arabic lute that few can truly actually master. He tickles the strings with accuracy and precision unlike any other oud player I’ve ever heard emanate from the Middle East or abroad. “Taqasim” is a dedication to Palestinian national poet Mahmoud Darwish that uses solely the lower registers of the oud and upright bass to communicate Darwish’s message on a sub-level consciousness. Intriguing music that you’ll want to explore for hours.
More Youtube HERE With his latest work,Taqasim, Lebanese composer and 'ud master Marcel Khalife takes his dedication to poet Mahmoud Darwish to a deeper level. He uses solely, and without lyrics, the lower register of the 'ud and upright bass to communicate “those tremendous but obscure dimensions that are often ignored by the listeners’ ears – the task of expressing the profound consonance between the poet and the musician.”

Through the 'ud, Khalifé brings Darwish’s world of the Palestinian people’s dispossession and exile to all, regardless of the listener’s background or familiarity with Arab music, inviting everyone to embrace its deep and subtle complexities and savor its nuances.

Khalifé has often spoken out for peace and reconciliation, having risked his life performing in bombed out concert halls during Lebanon’s civil war. Israel seized Khalifé’s cassettes upon invading his country, Lebanon, in 1982.

This past August Khalifé wrote to fellow UNESCO Artists for Peace in response to Israel’s bombing of Lebanon, “Nothing justifies our art other than to speak for those who cannot speak. This is the cause for which we dedicated our efforts, and the cause that endorsed our voices. We only wished to take it as far as we can, and vowed to release our work as songs of love for, and unity with, the victims of persecution everywhere.” His core passion lies in transforming the Arab music tradition, picking up the thread spun by the great composers and musicians of the early 20th century, figures like Egyptian composer Sayyed Darweesh. Khalifé calls for a new approach, one that brings instrumental music to the forefront of a tradition that has often laid heavy emphasis on singers and songs: "We Arabs have no history of our music. In my judgment, we have linked music to singing, and it is time to write down the history of music, not just song." Khalifé’s previous work has stretched the world’s understanding of the 'ud by crafting new contexts and ensembles for the instrument, often by setting the lyrical and complex poems of Mahmoud Darwish to music. Yet now, Khalifé has decided to set aside direct references to Darwish’s words and the song form.

This homage to Darwish is “not a song because I want to manifest the subtle, the unspoken,” Khalifé explains. Instead, he has let the 'ud speak for itself, coupled with Peter Herbert’s elegant upright bass. The bass is the perfect companion for the 'ud, Khalifé believes, as “Lower registers are what the 'ud is reaching for, where the devilish subtleties lie, and where speech is limited. There, often lies the truth.” This truth, the “moon beyond the peak of words,” is a deeply personal one for Khalifé and many of Darwish’s numerous admirers in the Arab world. Even before Khalifé made Darwish’s acquaintance, he recalls, “I felt as though Darwish’s poetry, with its divine assertiveness and prophetic cadences, had been revealed to me and for me. I could nearly savor his ‘mother’s bread’ that has become iconic to his readers. I could identify with his passport, which I fancied carried my picture, just as personally as I could identify with his olive grove, his sand, and his sparrows. They were all, at a personal level, mine.” Khalifé’s profound engagement with Darwish, his work and his fate as a Palestinian has translated into decades of work based on Darwish poems. Taqasim, though an integral part of Khalifé’s quest for a new approach to the 'ud, is something of a departure from his previous Darwish-inspired pieces. The wordless improvisations of Taqasim aim to “re-create what the poetry of Darwish has created in me,” transforming the grammar and sense of words into rhythm and melody. When asked how Western listeners should find Darwish’s spirit in Khalifé’s confident tones, Khalifé responds simply: “Deprogram yourselves and explore the universe with your innate minds.”

I was born like everyone is born... I have a view of my own and an extra blade of grass. I have a moon past the peak of words.” -Mahmoud Darwish
| MP3 320 kbps | Incl.Covers |140 MB | TRACK LISTINGS
1. Taqasim One
2. Taqasim Two
3. Taqasim Three
Download Part One Download Part One PW : WeLove-music

Oliver Shanti & Friends - Rainbow Way

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Oliver Shanti & Friends - Rainbow Way | MP3 320 kbps | Incl.Covers |120 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Sangha Way Of Life [02]. Rainbow Way [03]. Infinite Longing [04]. Liberty Of Kabul [05]. Pachebel Cha OM [06]. Anden Dance Of Joy [07]. Svayambhu [08]. Love Flows On Download Part One Download Part Two PW : WeLove-music

Anouar Brahem Trio - Barzakh

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Beautiful collection of 13 tracks by Tunisian composer Anouar Brahem. The album spotlights Brahem's solo oud pieces, which range from the meditative ("Sadir") to the propulsive ("Ronda"). This solo work is nicely augmented by stellar contributions from violinist Bechir Selmi and percussionist Lassad Hosni; Selmi is featured on the transcendent "Barzakh," while Hosni figures prominently on "Souga" and "Bou Naouara." The three musicians come together for the joyous dance number "Parfum de Gitane." Throughout Barzakh, Brahem and the others forge an appealing mix of Middle Eastern sonorities and jazz phrasing, an intimate sound perfectly suited to the clean and spacious ECM recording style. This is a great title for fans of both international music and jazz. ~ Stephen Cook, All Music Guide

[01]. Raf Raf
[02]. Barzakh
[03]. Sadir
[04]. Ronda
[05]. Hou
[06]. Sarandib
[07]. Souga
[08]. Parfum De Gitane
[09]. Bou Naouara
[10]. Kerkenah
[11]. La Nuit Des Yeux
[12]. Le BelvédÞre Assiége
[13]. Qaf

Anouar Brahem, oud
Béchir Selmi, violin
Lassad Hosni, percussion

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A Gift Of Love: Music Inspired By The Love Poems Of Rumi

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A Gift Of Love: Deepak & Friends Present Music Inspired By The Love Poems Of Rumi
"A Gift of Love" features a host of celebs reciting the poetry of Rumi accompanied by the tranquil soundscapes of composers Adam Plack and Yaron Fuchs. In addition to Madonna, [Demi] Moore and [Martin] Sheen, the album also features Blythe Danner, Debra Winger, Goldie Hawn and others.
Rumi that we call him Molavi is a Dervish, who found everything in himself and love to the whole not to the single. He did not believed in any rules. His rules were his love to the world, to himself and us. All he just wanted to say is that there is something more than a materialistic life. Everybody who has not a background of the spiritual life especially in middle eastern countries will think of these poems as love to human, but Molavi believes that love is everything, and he himself is the God. When he says that God is here, just in me, it means that there is no conflict between loving myself and loving you. It is the same, we all love the same thing,God which is the whole existence of the world, everything you can imagine. Thanks to this team that tried to show the westerns that there is something more than fashion and this materialistic life. There are people who just live with their pure love to themselves and the whole and nothing more, and they are the happiest people in the world. Because they believe in that. I really loved this music, it reminded me of my country and my people and my history. Everytime I am trying to release myself from this prison which everybody is obliged to live in here, I listen to these gnostic songs. I am afraid that there is no special word for Erfan in English!
| MP3 320 kbps | Incl.Full Covers |125 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Valentine To Rumi (Musical Prelude) - Deepak & Friends [02]. 2-Love Drunk: My Burning Heart - Deepak Chopra [03]. 2-Love Drunk: Bittersweet - Madonna [04]. 2-Love Drunk: Intoxicated By Love - Deepak Chopra [05]. 5-Desire: The Lover's Passion - Deepak Chopra D [06]. 5-Desire: Do You Love Me - Demi Moore [07]. 5-Desire: Come To Me - Deepak Chopra [08]. 5-Desire: Desire - Deepak Chopra Listen [09]. 9-A Lover's Madness: The Alchemy Of Love - Deepak Chopra [10]. 9-A Lover's Madness: Caught In The Fire Of Love - Martin Sheen [11]. 9-A Lover's Madness: The Awakening - Deepak Chopra [12]. 12-Divine Love: I Am Yours - Robert John Burke [13]. 12-Divine Love: Behind The Scenes - Blythe Danner [14]. 12-Divine Love: Looking For Your Face - Jared Harris [15]. 15-The Light Of Love: The Meaning Of Love - Goldie Hawn [16]. 15-The Light Of Love: Aroused Passion - Deepak Chopra [17]. 17-The Lover's Passion: Dying To Love - Robert A.F. Thurman [18]. T17-The Lover's Passion: The Privileged Lovers - Deepak Chopra [19]. 17-The Lover's Passion: Precious Love - Deepak Chopra [20]. Surrender To Love-20: Surrender - Deepak Chopra [21]. Surrender To Love-20: Defeated By Love - Sussan Deyhim [22]. Surrender To Love-20: Lost In The Wilderness - Deepak Chopra [23]. Lover From Another World-23: The Mythical Lover - Gautama Chopra [24]. Lover From Another World-23: I Am And I Am Not - Deepak Chopra [25]. Lover From Another World-23: The Agony Of Lovers - Laura Day [26]. Supreme Lover-26: The Agony And Ecstasy Of Divine Discontent - Sonja Sohn [27]. In My Heart-27: The Mirror - Debra Winger [28]. In My Heart-27: Look At Your Eyes - Noah Hutton/Debra Winger [29]. In My Heart-27: Looking For Love - Rosa Parks [30]. In My Heart-27: Some Kiss - Coleman Barks [31]. In My Heart-27: The Freshness - Coleman Barks [32]. In My Heart-27: My Beloved - Chris Barron [33]. In My Heart-27: The Hunt - Deepak Chopra [34]. Reprise: Desire (Instrumental) - Deepak & Friends [35]. In My Heart-27: A Lover's Madness (Instrumental) - Deepak & Friends [36]. In My Heart-27: The Lover's Passion (Instrumental) - Deepak & Friends Download Part One Download Part Two PW : WeLove-music

The Best Panpipes Album in the World...Ever [Box set]

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Ever find yourself writing an essay or reading a long book, in complete silence, thinking 'if only I could have some music that I could listen to, but that wouldn't distract me'? If so, this is it. Four CDs of beautiful music, to the tunes of many old, and new, favourites. Don't expect to be able to simply sit and listen to this for too long, but as a backing sound to a mundane task, it's perfect.
| MP3 192 kbps | Incl.Full Covers |405 MB | TRACK LISTINGS Disc: 1 [01].Trouble (Coldplay) [02].Beautiful (Christina Aguilera) [03].Hero (Enrique Iglesias) [04].Whole Again (Atomic Kitten) [05].Evergreen (Will Young) [06].Flying Without Wings (Westlife) [07].Here With Me (Dido) [08].Angles (Robbie Williams) [09].If You're Not The One (Daniel Bedingfield) [10].Amazed (Lonestar) [11].Eternal Flame (The Bangles / Atomic Kitten) [12].Imagine (John Lennon) [13].My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion / Titanic) [14].(Everthing I Do ) I Do It For You (Bryan Adams / Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves) [15].I Believe I Can Fly (R.Kelly) [16].Shes's The One (Robbie Williams) [17].Careless Whisper (George Michael) [18].No Matter What (Boyzone) Disc: 2 [01].Candle In The Wind (Elton John) [02].Unchained Melody (Righteous Brothers / Gareth Gates) [03].Perfect Day (Lou Reed ) [04].Un- Break My Heart (Toni Braxton) [05].Can't Fight The Moonlight (Leann Rimes / Coyote Ugly) [06].Back For Good (Take That) [07].I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston / The Bodyguard) [08].When You Say Noting At All (Ronan Keating / Nothing Hill) [09].Up Where We Belong (An Officer And A Gentleman ) [10].Against All Odds -Take A Look At Me Now- (Phil Collins / Against All Odds) [11].How Do I Live (Leann Rimes) [12].I Just Called To Say I Love You (Stevie Wonder) [13].How Deep Is Your Love (The Bee Gees) [14].When A Man Loves A Woman (Percy Sledge) [15].Ruby Tuesday (Rolling Stones) [16].Love Me Tender (Elvis Presley) [17].As Long As You Love Me (Backstreet Boys) [18].Thank You For The Music (ABBA) Disc: 3 [01].Adagio For Strings (Barber) [02].Time To Say Goodbye (Sarah Brightman / Andrea Bocelli) [03].Chi Mai (Morricone) [04].Ave Maria [05].O Sole Mio [06].Theme From The Mission (Morricone) [07].El Condor Pasa [08].Catchapaya [09].Orinoco Flow (Enya) [10].Love Theme From The Thorn Birds (Mancini) [11].Girl From Ipanema, The (Astrud Gilberto) [12].Moon Over The Andes [13].Flight Of The Condor [14].Guantanamera [15].Storms In Africa [16].Wave [17].Scarborough Fair [18].Out Of Africa [19].Sound Of Silence, The (Simon & Garfunkel) [20].That's Amore -That's Love- (Dean Martin) [21].Spanish Eyes Disc: 4 [01].Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Elton John / The Lion King) [02].Endless Love [03].It Must Have Been Love (Pretty Woman) [04].Beauty And The Beast [05].When You Wish Upon A Star (Pinocchio) [06].There You'll Be (Pearl Harbor) [07].Whole New World, A (Aladdin) [08].You'll Be In My Heart (Tarzan) [09].Nobody Does It Better (The Spy Who Loved Me) [10].Because You Loved Me (Up Close And Personal) [11].She's Gone (Hall & Oates) [12].Tracks Of My Tears (Smokey Robinson) [13].Easy (Lionel Richie) [14].Three Times A Lady (The Commodores) [15].Mama (Spice Girls) [16].Killing Me Softly With His Song (Roberta Flack / Fugees) [17].When I Need You (Leo Sayer) [18].You Needed Me (Boyzone) [19].Right Here Waiting (Richard Marx) Download Part1 Download Part2 Download Part3 Download Part4 Download Part5

Al-Andalus Collection [2 ]. Naseer Shamma - Maqamat Zíryáb

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Maqamat Zíryáb
Desde el Eúfrates al Guadalquivir - From Euphrates to the Guadalquivir Naseer Shamma
Naseer Shamma was born in 1963 in Kut, a village on the Tigris River in Iraq. He began studying the ud at the age of 12 in Baghdad, following in the footsteps of Jamil and Munir Bachir. When he was 11, Shamma saw the ud for the first time, in the hands of a stylish music teacher . Although Shamma's father, a shop owner, was religiously conservative, he did not object to his son's artistic ambitions. In 1985, Shamma played his own compositions at his first concert, attended by several renowned Iraqi artists. At the time, he worked closely with "the emir of the ud," the late Iraqi master Munir Bashir. But Shamma wanted to blaze his own path. Master Munir invented the technique of contemplation with oud, but I wanted my music to carry content, an idea or image that is shocking. He received his diploma from the Baghdad Academy of Music in 1987. He began to teach ud after three years at the academy, as well as continuing his own studies. Shamma has composed music for films, plays and television, and has written a unique ud method for one hand - this is designed at for children injured during the Gulf War. Between 1993 and 1998 he taught ud the Higher Institute of Music in Tunisia, and in 1999 he took the post of Director of the Arab Centre for the Ud in Cairo. His compositions are culturally unique. He performs on the oud in a manner which combines ancient methods with his own modern compositions. He has constructed an eight-string ud following the manuscript of the 9th century music theorist al-Farabi. This new design (8 instead of 6 strings) expanded the musical range of the ud and gave it a distinct tonality.

Lute improvisations, variations and compositions on the modes (maqamat) that Zíryáb brought from Baghdad to Cordoba more than one thousand years ago.
  1. "Dau' ar-ruh" (Light of the soul) - Maqám Hiyáz
  2. Hilal as-Sabá
  3. Dance of the Horse - Maqám Naháwand
  4. Awshar - Maqám Awshar
  5. Discourse of the soul - Maqám Ajam
  6. Maqam Rast
  7. "Zada al-Garam" (Love grew) - Maqám Naháwand
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Al-Andalus Collection [1 ]. Salim Fergani - Prado de Gacelas

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The Al-Andalus Collection falls to five general categories : A) MEDIEVAL ANDALUSI STYLE: Arab-Andalusian music from the perspective of the medieval society that created it. The instrumentation and artistic presentation are based on original documents and instruments copied from period originals. B) MUSIC IN ARCHITECTURE: Musical projects based on the poetic inscriptions on the great archtectural monuments such as the Alhambra, the Alcazar of Seville or the Aljaferia of Zaragoza, reflecting the world of the court and the great poets of Al-Andalus. C) PRESENT DAY PERFORMSNCE IN ANDALUSI TRADITION: Sufi Andalusi music and nawbahs, in search of the teachings of the great Andalusi masters from the beginning of the 20th century, avoiding the influence of the oriental style. D) RECOVERY OF MOROCCO'S MUSICAL HERITAGE: Historic recordings from the 50's and 60's by the last great Andalusi masters, before the influence of radio and television that has transformed trditional musical tastes. E) AL-ANDALUS IN THE EAST: Andalusi moaxajas from Aleppo, Syria, and other classical Arab music by the oriental masters of the 19th and 20th centuries.
Prado de Gacelas - Meadow of Gazelles - Prairie des Gazelles: Núba Sika Maluf de Constantina - Música Andalusí de Argelia Salim Fergani
Cheikh Salim Fergani is a maestro of Maluf (also known as Maâlouf) music. Fergani was born in 1953 in Constantine, in a family of musicians and artisans, embroiderers, since the “Beys”(Otoman princes) period. He is the eldest of hadj Mohamed Tahar Fergani’s sons, the leader of Music in Constantine and the grandson of sheikh Hamou Fergani (1884-1912), the famous hawzi singer and the Sufi Aissaoua group. From this strong musical familiar surroundings, he had a gift for music, since he was young. His father taught him Arab Andalusian music. His uncle, Mohamed Seddik Fergani (1913-1995), named Zouaoui, introduced him to the techniques and the art of the ud (Arabic lute). Since 1968, he started his professional carrier with his father Hadj Mohamed Tahar Fergani in recordings. At the same time, despite of his father’s presence, Cheikh Salim Fergani interacted with other sheikhs of Constantine who taught him more about ’Maluf, Mahdjuz, Hawzi, Arubi, Quadriates and Zadjel. He has excellent memory, which allows him to assimilate information easily. Like his father, he devoted himself exclusively to music, to improve his knowledge, learning from cheikh Abdelkader Toumi (1906-2005), a remarkable encyclopedia. After long years, this relationship has played a key role in Salim Fergani’s life and in the music of Constantine. Salim Fergani improved his skills, close his father, as a member in the familia orchestra. He also performs as a musician and singer with his own group. He has performed concerts, made recordings and has been featured on TV, letting the public discover an artist with talent and knowledge of the music of Constantine during the 1970’s. Since the 1980’s, he's had brilliant international career that led him to Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States of America. His control on the musical repertory and the ud, his understanding of communication, his rigor and human qualities made him an artist particularly demanded by international cultural institutions. Written and translated by Benderbal Hichem. Edited by World Music Central. Arab Andalusian Music The Algerian classical music named ‘’Indalousy,’’ or Andalus, is the heiress of Arabic music, the synthesis of the ancient eastern civilization. The musical scale is essentially Greek, the modes are Persian ‘’segha (sika), Tchahar-Gah (Djarka) while the rhythms have maintained their Arabic origin: Raml, darj, etc. In the West there is Ziriab, fruit of the contact between Magreb (Northwestern Africa) and Medieval Andalusian music. This music gave birth to a system of 24 nubas based on theoretical rules on the influences of metaphysical cosmogony and symbolisms. After the end of Moorish Spain 1492, this musical tradition migrated to the big cities of North Africa, such as Fez, Tlemcen, Algiers, Constantine, and Tunis. Essentially melodic, Algerian classical music, named Andalus (or Andalouse)’ is maintained due to an oral tradition in which there are some difficulties in symbolizing by the system of western notation. This tradition is represented in Algeria by three schools : Tlemcen or ‘’Ghernati’’ from Granada, Algiers or ‘’Canaa’’ of Cordoban tradition and Constantine, ‘’ the malouf school’’ from Seville. The nuba is an instrumental and vocal composition in a certain order of rhythmic rules and models. Each nuba is built on a mode (tabaa) from which it is named. A different rhythm is associated to each movement .This can be followed directly or by an intermediate short instrumental piece. A large part is unexpected. Each nuba is played at an hour of the day. Therefore, there were 24 nubas. The tradition has each nuba made on a theme adapted to the hour at which it is played. The themes generally discussed are religious life, love, and nature. Both Arab and Andalus people of North Africa use instruments such as the ud (lute), the qanun, fiddles, nay (flute) and percussion. The ud is generally an essential instrument to which one can add 2 or 3 other instruments and percussion. Official Web Site: www.turnagainmusic.com
Sumptuous melodies lend more value to the pure poetry and rich language of the Sika Nuba which dates back to ancient Persia The music forces the musician to exceed his artistic ability.
| MP3 VBR (256-320) kbps | Front Cover | 120 MB |

  1. Bashraf Sika - Obertura
  2. Istikbar: Pareces insensible
  3. M'saddar: 1. Mientras siga enamorado
  4. M'saddar: 2. Traedme noticias de mi amado
  5. M'saddar: 3. Entremos en los hermosos jardines
  6. Btáyhi: 1. Ave del corazón
  7. Btáyhi: 2. Cada vez que te miro
  8. Btáyhi: 3. La frente despejada
  9. Btáyhi: 4. Por el Dios de Jesús
  10. Dardj: Levántate, sultana
  11. Insiraf: 1. Oh tú que pareces el creciente sol 2. Dime, amor mío 3. Oh tu que has bechizado mi mente 4. Deja que la vida siga su curso
  12. Khlás: 1. Mia amado me visita
  13. Khlás: 2. Amanece el día
  14. Khlás: 3. De tus labios bebe el enamorado
Performers: Ensemble [Salim Fergani (canto, laúd arbí), Yuocef Bounaas (fhal, coro), Bachir Ghouli (tar, coro), Mohamed Bouchareb (derbuka, coro)] - Salim Fergani, dir.

Part One
Part Two
PW : WeLove-music


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La Música de Al-Andalus
La muwassaha Al Turath Ensemble - Muhammad Hamadiyih
The "muwashshaha" is essentially a poetic-improvisatory vocal genre, with origins in medieval Spain. This is a very "Arabic" performance, concentrating primarily on styles outlined in medieval Spanish texts, but continued in present day Syria.
The Al Turath Ensemble of Aleppo is considered to be one of the most prestigious musical groups in Syria, since it upholds the roots of tradition. It was founded in 1954 by Sabri Mudallah, and at one time or another, the most important singers from Aleppo have been part of it. In 1985 Mohammed Hammadye took over as leader and expanded the vocal group by adding an instrumental one. In its repertoire the group includes the moaxajas and traditional songs of Aleppo, as well as songs rooted in Sufi mysticism, and popular songs. The Ensemble´s fame has been fully recognized through its participation in many international festivals. Al Turath´s motto is ´art for art´s sake´, as in their eyes music is the measure of human civilization.
Performers: Mahmud Faris, Rabi' ash-Shahir, Ahmad Kabbari, 'Ali Muhsin, Mahmud Hamadiyih, Muhammad Hamadiyih (voices); 'Abd al-Basit Bakkar, Rafwan 'Abd al-Qadir, Khalid Budaqah (violins); 'Abd ar-Rahim 'Ajin ('ud), Yusif Salim (qanun), Jamal Shamiyih (riqq), 'Abd al-Qadir Shamiyih (darabukkah)| MP3 192 Kbps | Incl. Covers | 105 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Samai [02]. Muwashshaha 'Ya Ghusayna-L-Bani'..Sayyid Darwish [03]. Muwashshaha 'Ma-Htiyali' [04]. Muwashshaha 'Hajarni Habibi' [05]. Muwashshaha 'Ya Fatina-L-Ghuzlan' [06]. Muwashshaha 'Cunqu-L-Malih' [07]. Dulab [08]. Taqsim [09]. Layali 'Ya Layli Yacayni' [10]. Qasidah [11]. Qad 'Ya Mayilah Cala-L-Ghusun Cayni' [12]. Mawwal [13]. Qad 'Fuq An-nakhil' [14]. Qad 'Al-Bulbul Nagha Caghusni-L-Fill' [15]. Qad 'Qadduka-L-Mayyas Yacumri' [16]. Qad 'Bini W-Binak Haru-L-Cawazil' Download Part One Download Part Two PW : WeLove-music

Kuschelklassik Vol. [9&10]

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Here is a collection of all 10 volumes of Kuschel klassik CD's to date. All tracks are tagged correctly and organized well. Each volume has cover images. All @ 192 kbps and in MP3 format. This is some of the best calm classical music you can find..Once more... Enjoy
Kuschelklassik I&II
Kuschelklassik III & IV
Kuschelklassik V&VI
Kucshel Klassik VII & VIII

Kuschelklassik Vol. 9


Disc: 1
[01].[Elgar] - Chanson De Matin Op. 15.1
[02].[Bach] - Goldbergvariationen Bwv 988
[03].[Orff] - Carmina Burana Reie (Reigen)
[04].[Schumann] - Introduction Und Allegro Appassionato G-Dur Op.92 Langsam [05].[De_Falla[ - Suite Populaire Espagnole (Nana)
[06].[Rossini] - Der Zauberladen Nocturne
[07].[Rodrigo] - Concierto De Aranjuez Adagio (Teil 1)
[08].[Vivaldi] - Juditha Triumphans Rv 644 Noli O Cara Te Adorantis [09].[Tschaikowsky] - Streicherserenade C-Dur Op.48 Valse Moderato Tempo Di Valse [10].[Adam] - Giselle Grand Pas De Deux
[11].[Bruch] - Violinkonzert G-Moll Op.26 Adagio
[12].[Aren] - Der Zauberer Von Oz Over the Rainbow
[13].[Chopin] - Cellosonate G-Moll Op.65 Largo
[14].[Pheloung] - Hilary and Jacky the Farmhouse
[15].[Cartellieri] - Klarinettenkonzert Nr.2 D-Moll Adagio Pastorale
[16].[Grusin] - Canto Invierno
[17].[Kamen] - Band of Brothers
[18].[Traditional] - Crossing the Stone

Disc: 2
[01].[Bach] - Kantate Bwv208 Schafe Koennen Sicher Weiden
[02].[Strauss] - Der Buerger Als Edelmann Suite Op.60 Auftritt Des Cleinte Nach Lully
[03].[Tschaikowsky] - Nocturne D-Moll Op. 19.4
[04].[C_Stamitz] - Klarinettenkonzert Nr. 10 B-Dur Andante Sostenuto
[05].[Satie] - Tendrement
[06].[Respighi] - Die Voegel Die Taube
[07].[Debussy] - Preluders VIII La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin
[08].[Bernstein] - West Side Story Symphonische Taenze Nr.10 Finale Adagio [09].[Dvorak]- Zigeunermelodie Op.55 Nr.4 Als Die Alte Mutter Mich Noch Lehrte Singen
[10].[Vivaldi] - Concerto Grosso D-Moll Rv 565 Largo E Spiccato
[11].[Braga] - La Serenata (Bremer Kaffeehaus Orchester)
[12].[Rubinstein] - Sechs Charakterbilder Op. 5 Nr. 1 Nocturne (Yaara Tal Und Andreas Groethuysen)
[13].[Lovelady] - Incantation_No. 1 (Slava Grigoryan)
[14].[Warbeck] - Die Liebe Der Charlotte Gray my Name is Charlotte [15].[Schostakowitsch] - The Gadfly Op. 97a Nocturne (Orchester Andre Kostelanetz) [16].[Morricone] - Die Legende Vom Ozeanpianisten Playing Love
[17].[Lalo] - Violinkonzert F-Dur Op.20 Andantino (Thomas Christian) [18].[Roeverkorb] - Highland Cathedral (Phil Coulte)

Download Part1
Download Part2

Kuschelklassik Vol. 10


Disc: 1
[01].[Schubert] - rosamunde d 797
[02].[Korngold] - die abenteuer des robin hood
[03].[Beethoven] - 6 bagatellen op.126
[04].[Faure] - elegie c moll op.24
[05].[Walton] - touch her soft lips and part
[06].[Locatelli] - concerto grosso f-moll op. 18
[07].[Krumpholtz] - sonate fuer floete und harfe f dur
[08].[Vivaldi] - oboenkonzert d-moll rv 454
[09].[Bull] - a sheperd girls sunday
[10].[Debussy] - preludes (vii la fille aux cheveux de lin)
[11].[Tschaikowski] - souvenir de florence (teil 1)
[12].[Paganini] - grande sonate a dur
[13].[Rodrigo] - pastoral
[14].[Schumann] - romance a dur op. 942
[15].[Barrios] - una limosna por el amor de dios
[16].[Mendelssohn] - klavierkonzert nr. 1 g moll op.25
[17].[Vangelis] - alexander (roxanes veil)

Disc: 2
[01].[Manfredini] - concerto grosso c dur op.312
[02].[Crusell] - klarinettenkonzert es dur op.1
[03].[Chopin] - berceuse des dur op.57
[04].[Spohr] - sonata concertante d dur op.113
[05].[Trad] - el noy de la mare
[06].[Haendel] - feuerwerksmusik (la paix)
[07].[Dennis / davis] - cant get you out of my head
[08].[Bach / Gounod] - ave maria
[09].[Elgar] - streicherserenade e moll op.20
[10].[Rahasimananana] - maki
[11].[Goldmark] - violinkonzert nr.1 a moll op.18
[12].[Einaudi] - passagio
[13].[Mercante] - floetenkonzert d dur
[14].[Rachmaninoff] - vocalise op.3414
[15].[Brahms] - guten abend gut nacht
[16].[Platochek] - russian traditional
[17].[Fenton] - deep blue

Download Part1
Download Part2

More Than Words: The Best of Kevin Kern

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From the Artist "To think that my music is touching people I’ve never met and from all over the world is such a joy. Bringing this kind of music to others is what my life is really about." -Kevin Kern Kevin Kern's "More Than Words" album is dreamy bliss. It is very calming music, every note is played perfectly, and each piece is worth savoring. If you are looking for relaxing contemporary piano music, you have found a worthy title. Give "More Than Words" a chance. You'll be glad you did.
| MP3 320Kbps | Incl.Covers |145 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Above The Clouds - (From "Embracing The Wind") [02]. Sundial Dreams - (From "In The Enchanted Garden") [03]. Out Of The Darkness Into The Light [04]. In My Life - (From "In My Life") [05]. Through The Arbor - (From "In The Enchanted Garden") [06]. From This Day Forward - (From "Embracing The Wind") [07]. Threads Of Light - (From "Beyond The Sundial") [08]. Pastel Reflections - (From "Summer Daydreams") [09]. We All Fall In Love Sometimes - (From "In My Life") [10]. Where Paths Meet - (From "Beyond The Sundial") [11]. After the Rain - (From "In The Enchanted Garden") [12]. Children At Play [13]. Twilight's Embrace - (From "Summer Daydreams") [14]. Blossom On The Wind - (From "Embracing The Wind") Download Part One Download Part Two PW : WeLove-music

Paco Pena - Flamenco Master

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Paco Pena - Flamenco Master: Essential Flamenco Recordings Paco is probably the most original guitarist within the history of Flamenco yet his art is deeply rooted in the tradition and his style directly linked to past masters.
Paco Peña (1942 - ) is a Flamenco guitarist.Born in Córdoba, Spain as Francisco Peña Pérez, he began learning to play the guitar at age 6 and made his first professional appearance at age 12. In the late 1960's he moved to London. Peña was soon touring the world both as a soloist and an accompanist with performances at Carnegie Hall in New York City, the Royal Albert Hall in London and the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. He founded the world's first university course on flamenco guitar, at the conservatory of music of Rotterdam.
Paco Peña has few rivals into the world OF flamenco guitar and Flamenco master offers A good introduction tons his passionate kind. He's wave known tons of British of audiences for his regular steam turbine and gas turbine systems spectaculars that involve many OTHER musicians and dancers, but this compilation focuses largely on Peña the soloist, drawing on four OF the best album he recorded for the now defunct nimbus label into the late 80s and early 90s. OF thesis, only the material from Encuentro Paco Peña y Eduardo Falú and the somewhat overrated Misa Flamenca feature vocal accompanists--in the case OF the more latter, A whole choir OF singers from the Academy OF Saint Martin into the Fields Chorus. Groundbreaking, but A little pompous, it's his leases typical records as searches, since he's known as much more OF A traditionalist than, say, A nuevo flamenco innovator like Paco de Lucía. To Peña nonetheless bring his own distinctive stamp tons songs fro! m flamenco's “public domain” and compositions by past masters like Ramón Montoya and Niño Ricardo, who were his chief musical role models. Distinctively from covering the Main Andalucian form look for as bulerias, alegrias and of brine acre, Peña shows A welcome affinity with the folk music form OF South America into the pieces with Argentinian of singer Falú, who has A pleasant vocal style. Two OF the TRACKs taken from the Azahara album feature Tito Losada as A second guitarist, but for Peña out on his own, check the strongly beauty OF “Zambra”, “Acera del Rio” or “La pink one.” --Jon Lusk
| MP3 320Kbps | Incl. Full Covers & booklet |185 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Canción: Legend has it that ‘peteneras’ were created for a beautiful woman from the village of Petenera, near Seville, who destroyed men’s hearts. Pure creations and based on popular verses they are quite dissimilar from all other ‘cantes’. [02]. Solquema: ‘Burning Sun’ is a bulerías, a technically intricate form whose complex rhythmic accents make it possibly the most difficult for the guitarist. [03]. La Rosa: ‘Alegrias’, literally ‘Gaieties’ come from Cádiz. [04]. Tonada del viejo amor: Eduardo Falú’s verses tell how memories of an ‘old’ summer love keeps the winter cold at bay. [05]. Zambra: composed by ‘Niño Ricardo’ one of the great Sevillean guitarists of the early 20th century. [06]. Santo: Peña’s astonishing 1990 ‘Misa Flamenco’ is encapsulated in this ‘tanguillos’, sung by the Academy of St Martin in the Fields Chorus. [07]. Soleá: Ramón Montoya was the first great master of modern virtuoso style, illuminating it with deep gypsy perceptions. [08]. Gloria: ‘Fandangos’ are said to have descended from the ‘jota’ of northern Spain and are based on poetic verses. [09]. Danza Cordobesa: The two Cordobas, Pena’s home town in Spain and that of Argentina are evoked here. [10]. Farruca: The ‘farruca’ (‘courageous’) is an adaptation of an Asturian dance noted for displaying male virility, brought to the Cádiz by northern migrants. [11]. Acerca del Río. Considered to be the oldest and most important flamenco form, these soleares (from ‘soledad’ meaning loneliness) tell about the river. [12]. Claroscuro: These chiaroscuro ‘tangos’ have come into flamenco from Andalucian folklore and popular sources. [13]. Rondeña: Ramón Montoya’s watershed composition. [14]. Milonga Uruguaya: Beloved of the River Plate ‘gaucho’ horseman, the ‘milonga’ is also a form of tango. [15]. Mantilla y peina: A flamenco ‘guajira’, a Cuban country dance, named for the classic comb and lace shawl worn by Andalucian women at Easter time and weddings. [16]. La Huarmillita: With the dancing swing of the ‘cueca’ these verses sing of the desire of a man for his woman and his ‘poncho spread over the bed’. Download Part One Download Part Two PW : WeLove-music

Ghazaliyat e Mowlavi (Rumi's Poetry)

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Ghazaliyat e Mowlavi (Rumi's Poetry) "Come, come again, whoever you are, come! Heathen, fire worshipper or idolatrous, come! Come even if you broke your penitence a hundred times, Ours is the portal of hope, come as you are." Taken from Mevlana, the very respected Dervishe site dedicated to the great Mystic Some Rumi's poetry said in original Persian by the great Modern Iranian poet Ahmad Shamlou Music by Farhad Fakhreddini | MP3 320Kbps | Incl. Covers | 130MB | look at love how it tangles with the one fallen in love look at spirit how it fuses with earth giving it new life why are you so busy with this or that or good or bad pay attention to how things blend why talk about all the known and the unknown see how the unknown merges into the known why think seperately of this life and the next when one is born from the last look at your heart and tongue one feels but deaf and dumb the other speaks in words and signs look at water and fire earth and wind enemies and friends all at once the wolf and the lamb the lion and the deer far away yet together look at the unity of this spring and winter manifested in the equinox you too must mingle my friends since the earth and the sky are mingled just for you and me be like sugarcane sweet yet silent don't get mixed up with bitter words my beloved grows right out of my own heart how much more union can there be Taken from Khamush, a multilanguage site for Rumi's translated poetry. Download Part One Download Part Two PW : WeLove-music

Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie [Box-Set]

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Om Kalsoum was a giant in Egyptian music, and this is a giant set of her music. With eight tracks spread over five compact discs, these are epic-length tunes, and a box set like this is clearly aimed at the Om Kalsoum aficionado. The sound quality is quite listenable, but not fantastic; however, she always possessed a powerful voice and always performed with the finest ensembles, so if you're a fan, this could be a gold mine. ~ Sean Westergaard, All Music Guide
Star of the East "Oum Kalsoum"
Virtually every culture has its divas. The Arab world has Umm Kalthoum. With a devoted audience stretching from North Africa to the Levant and hailing from all parts of Arab society, this Egyptian born singer is regarded as the most gifted female voice of the twentieth century. Over twenty years after her death, Umm Kalthoums popularity is as phenomenal as the voice she was blessed with. Her expressive voice, her cries of despair, and her ability to convey the meaning and mood of her lyrics still manages to profoundly effect her audience. Whether they are national songs, religious chants, or love ballads, Umm Kalthoums voice touches the Arab soul. Yet Umm Kalthoums popularity is without boundaries in time or geography. For decades she performed live not only in her native country, but throughtout the Arab world, as well as Europe. Having reached world renown status, her albums can be found today at most American music distributors as well; something unique to only a few Arab performers. What is most amazing about Umm Kalthoum, however, is that it is not necessary to understand Arabic well or to have lived in the Middle East to appreciate the feeling behind the words. Some of her most avid admirers are young Arab-Americans who grew up in a completely different time and place than the Arab audience of the 1930’s to 1960’s. Celebrating the miracle of Arabs and the Muslim faith through song, she has come to represent everything Arab. Not surprisingly, she has been given the honorable titles of “Star of the East”, “Empress of Arab Tunes”, “Ambassadress of Arabic Arts” and the “Voice of Egypt.”
Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie [Best of] [Box-Set]
Anthologie [5 CD set - Sono/Next Music] Released: 29 Jun 2002 Country: EGYPT | MP3 192 Kbps | Covers for CDs 2&5 | 370 MB |


Disc: 1
[01]. Azkouriny
[02]. Salo Kaos Al Tella

Disc: 2

[01]. Hadeeth Al Rouh
[02]. Ghareb Ala Bab El Raga

Disc: 3
[01]. Woleda El Hoda

Disc: 4
[01]. Gadet Hobak Leih

Disc: 5
[01]. Al Nile
[02]. Nagh El Borda

PW : WeLove-music

Paco de Lucia - Live...One Summer Night

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Not easy to find (I didn't even know that existed) and great live show from Paco and his Sextet. The entitled "Altamar" track includes also a new version for "Entre dos aguas" as Paco likes to improvise and renew his popular tracks, this is no exception. There is a great solo duo between Paco's guitar and the sax player (I don't know who he is) that makes the crowd go crazy. There is also a small part of "Como el agua" from Camarón in the "Solo quiero caminar" track. One of the most acclaimed moments from the show. You should not miss this record if you like to listen to Paco and his Sextet Live.
| MP3 320Kbps | Incl. Full Covers & booklet | 96 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Palenque [02]. Alta Mar [03]. Solo Quiero Caminar [04]. Chiquito [05]. Gitanos Andaluces Download HERE PW : WeLove-music

Kuschelklassik Vol. [7&8]

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Very beautiful mixture of calm classical music..10 albums,
Klassik Vol. 7


Disc: 1
[01].[Verdi] - La Traviata Vorspiel 1.Akt
[02].[Piazolla] - Milonga del Angel
[03].[Warlock] - Capriol Suite
[04].[Puccini] - I Crisantemi
[05].[Jaell] - Valse
[06].[McDowell] - To a wild Rose
[07].[Purcell] - Chaconne
[08].[Weber] - Larghetto
[09].[Brahms] - Haydn-Variationen
[10].[Elgar] - The crown of India Siute
[11].[Frank] - Prélude fis moll
[12].[Dvoràk] - Streicherserenade Larghetto
[13].[Vivaldi] - Violinkonzert D-Dur Larghetto
[14].[Bizet] - Carmen Siute Nr.2
[15].[H?ndel] - Berenice Andante larghetto
[16].[Beethoven] - Sonate Pathètique Adagio cantabile
[17].[Schostakowitsch] - Die Hornisse
[18].[Chopin] - Nocturne Nr.2

Disc: 2
[01].[Bach] - Bist Du bei mir
[02].[Donizetti] - Sonate für Flute und Harfe
[03].[Ravel] - Le Tombeau de Couperin Menuett
[04].[Borodin] - Fürst Igor Intruzione Andantin
[05].[Nielsen] - Maskarade Prelude 2.Akt
[06].[Chopin] - Regentropfen Prelude
[07].[Mendelssohn] - Sinfonie Andante
[08].[Giulani] - Gitarrenkonzert Andantino siciliano
[09].[Skempton] - Well, well Cornelius
[10].[Sibelius] - False triste
[11].[Tschaikowsky] - Orchestersuite ´Mozartiana´ Andante
[12].[Schostakowitsch] - Klaviekonzert Nr.2 Andante
[13].[Corelli] - Concerto Grosso g-moll Largo
[14].[Grieg] - Holberg-Suite Sarabande
[15].[Foster] - Ich r?ume von Jeannie mit dem hellbraunen Haar
[16].[Bernstein] - On the Town Pas de deux
[17].[Karl Jenkins] - Adiemus Elegia
[18].[Martinée] - Unfaithful (Solo Piano)

Part 1
Part 2

Kucshel Klassik Vol. 8

Disc: 1
[02].Samson et Dalila op. 47.Ma coeur s´ouvre à ta voix
[03].Romanzen, Op. 94, Nos. 1 - 3 for Clarinet (original Oboe) and Piano 2. Einfach, innig
[04].Concerto in D Major for Flute and Orchestra II Adagio
[05].Little Serenade [06].Recuerdos de la Alhambra
[07].Sinfonie Nr. 12 g-moll.Andante
[08].Swan Lake, Op. 20 II. Andante; Allegro; Molto piu mosso
[09].The Harvard Letter (piano)
[10].Goodnight, sweet prince
[11].Violakonzert D-Dur op. 1. Andante moderato
[12].2 Nocturnes, Op. 55 .No. 1 in F minor Andante
[13].Notturno from Lyric Suite .
[14].Concerto in F Major for Piano and Strings, Hob. XVIII 3 .II. Largo cantabile [15].Der Bürger als Edelmann - Suite, Op.60 V. Das Menuett des Lully.mp3 [16].Partita F-Dur. Adagio un poco.mp3
[17].Tara's Theme from Gone with the Wind (1939)

Disc: 2
[01].ACT II No. 15 - Andante
[02].Main Title (The Godfather Waltz) from The Godfather (1972) V. Love Theme. [03].Suite for Strings I. Sarabanda. Largo
[04].Tango (Instrumental)
[05].Le Carnaval des Animaux_ 7. Aquarium
[06].Cellokonzert C-Dur Hob. VIIa 1.Adagio molto
[07].Symphony No. 1 in D minor II. Adagio molto (Sostenuto)
[08].Put Your Hands Up (Piano Version)
[09].Concerto G-Dur. Largo
[10].Klavierkonzert C-Dur. Adagio e cantabile espressione
[11].Klarinettenkonzert. Romanze
[12].Rustic Wedding Symphony, Op. 26 II. Bridal Song Allegretto
[13].Oboenkonzert F-Dur. Larghetto.mp3
[14].Le donne di buon umore (The Good-Humoured Ladies) IV. Andante
[15].Sonate H-Dur. Andante
[16].Salut d'amour, Op. 12
[17].Cadillac of the Skies from Empire of the Sun.

Part 1
Part 2

Panpipes Play Carpenters Hits

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Panpipes Play Carpenters Hits | MP3 192 Kbps | Incl.Full Covers | 80 MB |2006 | Track Listings [01].Yesterday Once More [02].Top Of The World [03].This Masquerade [04].Rainy Days And Mondays [05].I Wont Last A Day Without You [06].Please Mr Postman [07].Hurting Each Other [08].Jambalaya (On The Bayou) [09].(They Long To Be) Close To You [10].For All We Know [11].Goodbye To Love [12].We Re Only Just Begun [13].Touch Me When We Re Dancing [14].Those Good Old Dreams [15].All You Get From Love Is A Love Song [16].Only Yesterday [17].Superstar Download HERE PW : WeLove-music

Flamenco Lounge & Chill

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Marcel Khalife - Caress

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Khalife’s musical career has consistently been marked by two traits. The first is a multi-faceted, category-defying approach to music itself. “My grandfather was a fisherman and he used to sing songs of the sea,” Khalife recalls. “Then I used to go to church and listen to Christian music, and also to Islamic recitations of the Koran. In Lebanon we have a marriage of Islamic and Christian culture. That really helped to form my musical awareness.” Khalife always drew from diverse musical sources and composed in a variety of settings from oud duos to full orchestras. His composition is noted for being deeply attached to lyrical text. Through his association with great contemporary Arab poets, most notably Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, he seeks to renew the character of Arab song, breaking its stereotypes and advancing the culture of the society that surrounds it. Millions in the Arab World recognize Khalife as a cultural icon.
Caress: A mix of Western & Eastern Jazz together in one fantastic album! Marcel Khalife is a master oud player, & he has gathered together an international cast of piano, violin (MMMMMMMM - What else has Omar Guey done!??), vibraphone and bass. The whole cast is OUTSTANDING - Rami Khalife on piano, Peter Herbert on Double Bass, Bachar Khalife on Percussion....
| MP3 192 Kbps | Incl. Covers | 75 MB | Track Listings [01]. Caress (To Nizar Mrouwe) [02]. al-Hamrbra [03]. Gharnata (To my teacher Farid Ghosn) [04]. Khiyyam (To my friend Issa) [05]. With all the Love [06]. Popular Café [07]. Shatha (Dedicated to Agob Asmarian) [08]. Sama'ie Bayati (Arab Music Foundation Award 1974) [09]. Passport (to Edward Said) Download HERE PW : WeLove-music

The Network Anthologies 3: L'épopée Tzigane , Road of the Gypsies

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The Network Anthologies 1: Ambiances du Sahara ? Desert Blues 1 The Network Anthologies 2: Rêves d' oasis ? Desert Blues 2
Following the enormous international success of Desert Blues, the Network team now presents a veritable cornucopia of profoundly emotional ballads and fiery instrumental pieces on the theme of Gypsy blues. 32 tracks, a third of them never released before, conjure up a panorama of the fantastic journey that began a thousand years ago and led these people from Rajasthan through Afghanistan, Iraq and Egypt, across Armenia, Turkey and the Balkans, throughout Europe and all the way to Spain. Treated as outcasts, they often had little choice but to express their feelings through music and dance. Baudelaire, on his travels, was fascinated by the Gypsies, referring to them as a "prophetic tribe with glowing eyes". Their songs reflect their love of nature and their lust for life, and tell of their suffering and their day to day existence. Played with stupendous virtuosity, their music invariably bears witness to the many different forms of musical expression developed by the Rom, the Sinti and other groups in the course of their travels. Together with leading Gypsy music specialist Alain Weber in Paris, who also wrote the accompanying text, Christian Scholze and Jean Trouillet have spent two years of research in compiling this selection of the most moving works by 28 ensembles from 17 countries; the result is a double CD presenting two and a half hours of truly heart-rending music. This unprecendented compilation is a far cry indeed from the kitsch cliché of Gypsy folklore. The life and culture of the Gypsies is the great love of Parisian photographer Carlos Mu?oz-Yagüe. He granted us access to his extensive archives containing thousands of photos taken on his countless journeys in search of Gypsy life. We have chosen a few of them to illustrate the Road of the Gypsies, so that, like Desert Blues, it is not only a musical experience, but also a visual one.
Road of the Gypsies is an indispensable first stop on any excursion into the world of Gypsy music. The two CDs contain 32 tracks from many of the greatest names in Gypsy music and cover the whole spectrum, from the Middle East through Romania, Hungary, and France and down to Spain. Eloquent liner notes detail the history, migration and cultural impact of this "invisible nation" and its music. The impeccable music selections echo this theme, kicking off with the late Cameron, flamenco's greatest voice, singing the poetry of Federico Garc?a Lorca, but accompanied by sitar. Elsewhere Taraf de Haidouks (Romania), Charcoal Gypsies (Egypt), and Bratsch (France) illustrate the enormous variety in the genre, with its many subdivisions such as the rom, manouche, and flamenco styles, all very distinct. Echoes of Django Reinhardt, himself a Gypsy, can also be heard in the French jazz guitar styles of Titi Winterstein. Gypsy music inspired Cervantes, Bart?k, and even Beethoven and serves as an invisible thread in the quilt of European and Middle Eastern musical traditions. This is an astonishing glimpse of a culture carried in the musical brilliance of a forgotten people. --Derek Rath
Road of the Gypsies is a compilation of 32 Tracks of different artists from different countries, from Egypt to Spain, such as: * Camaron * Goran Bregovic * Esma Redzepova * Taraf de Haidouks * Mustafa Kandirali * Kokani Orkestar * Bratsch * Loyko * Yiorgos Mangas * Blehorkestar Bakija Bakic * Pedro Bacan * Istanbul Oriental Ensemble * Musicians of the Nile * and many more... ... a widely spreaded compilation on that genre, a must for all lovers of Tzigane Music. Since their first migration westward, the gypsies, who probably arrived from India well before the year 1000, have made an unceasing contribution to our musical culture. Scapegoats wherever they go, victims of social rejection on the one hand and the romanticised imagery of literature and film on the other, the Rom continue to uphold their traditions, far from our technological and social upheavels, they nurture all the warms, profundity and sense of community of the Orient. | MP3 320 Kbps | Incl. Full Covers & Multilanguage booklet (20 Pages) in German, French and English | 365 MB | Genre: World / National Folklore | Track Listings Disc: 1 [01]. Nana Del Caballo Grande - De La Isla, Camaron Listen [02]. Ederlezi - Bregovic, Goran Listen [03]. Lindraji Szi - Ando Drom Listen [04]. Szelem Szelem - Redzepova, Esma & Ensemble Theodosievsky Listen [05]. Sus La Paru Dintre Vii - Taraf De Haidouks Listen [06]. Erau Zarzarii-Nfloriti - Puceanu, Romica & Orchestra Florea Cioaca [07]. Kandira Karsilamasi - Kandirali, Mustafa [08]. Besena Rovena - Dives, Romano [09]. Romski Cocek - Kocani Orkestar [10]. Horea Oilor - Mociu, Taraf [11]. Lovesong From Heart - Abdullah & Gholam Sakhi [12]. Le Rindovani - Bratsch [13]. Folklore Roumain - Debarre, Angelo & Serge Camps/Frank Anastasio [14]. Milko - Winterstein, Titi Quintet [15]. Nevechernyaya - Jelem [16]. Gulya - Loyko Disc: 2 [01]. Gia Tous Anthropous Pou - Mangas, Yiorgos Listen [02]. Mesecina - Bregovic, Goran Listen [03]. Pobjednicki Cocek - Bakic, Blehorkestar Bakija Listen [04]. Vai Ce Rau Ma Sint Acuma - Lunca, Gabi & Ensemble Ion Onoriu Listen [05]. Csilavtu - Kalyi, Jag Listen [06]. Soven Tschawe Soven - Buchacova, Valerie & Ensemble Horvathovci [07]. Por El Camino D'Egipto - Bacan, Pedro [08]. Moskovskija Okna - Goulesco, Lida & Schnuckenack Reinhardt Quintett [09]. Road Of The Gypsies - Loyko [10]. Gelem Gelem - Dives, Romano [11]. Swiodeschka - Vanessa & Sorba/Titi Winterstein Quintet [12]. Mademoiselle De Bucarest - Ferret, Matelo [13]. Roman Oyun Havasi - Istanbul Oriental Ensemble [14]. Bitnadini Tani Lih - Musicians Of The Nile [15]. Kaman Song - Kalbelya, Suwa Devi [16]. Nane Tsora - Bratsch Download Part 1 Download Part 2 Download Part 3 Download Part 4 PW : WeLove-music

Karunesh - Secrets of Life

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Melodies that touch the heart, rhythms to make you dance, music that spreads the mysteries and magic of various cultures.
Karunesh took an active interest in music during his youth in Germany, back when he was still known as Bruno Reuter. But it wasn't until he was 23 and took a mean spill off his motorbike that Reuter received his epiphany in the form of new age spiritualism. A pilgrimage to India followed, where he reemerged as Karunesh (Sanskrit for "compassion"). He issued his debut LP, Sounds of the Heart, in 1984, and never looked back. Karunesh was remarkably consistent over the next 20 years, releasing numerous albums influenced by the windy landscape of world music and punctuated with breathy flutes, introspective guitars, and hints of vocal and electronics. He worked with the Nightingale, Oreade, Etherean, and Real Music imprints, among others; album highlights include Heart Chakra Meditation (1992), Secrets of Life (first issued in 1996), and 2001's Zen Breakfast, which leaned toward the new age subgenre of music for massage/relaxation. ~ Johnny Loftus, All Music Guide
| MP3 320 Kbps | Incl.Full Covers | 120 MB | Performance Credits Karunesh..Primary Artist Daniel Paul..Tabla Govi..Guitar Mohammad Eghbal..Vocals Track Listings [01]. Inshallah [02]. Hidden Places [03]. Morning Glory [04]. Eagle's Flight [05]. Down Under [06]. A Journey To India [07]. Secrets Of Life [08]. Dusk (Inshallah Reprise) Download Part One Download Part Two PW : WeLove-music

Govi - Andalusian Nights

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Andalusian Nights is an exquisite adventure into the land of intrigue, passion and sweet persuasion. Incorporating the sparks of "New Flamenco," the flair of Latin rhythms and the allure of Gypsy guitar styles, Govi's melodies are warm, sensual, rare and ultimately irresistible.
Convincing proof that success follows its own path, Govi's life is one of many twists. He is a German-born musician who traveled to India before settling down in California and becoming a leading proponent of the nouveau flamenco genre anchored by Ottmar Liebert, Johannes Linstead, and others. On ANDALUSIAN NIGHTS, Govi collaborates with two other German New Age stalwarts, Anugama and Karunesh, to come up with the arrangements. ANDALUSIAN NIGHTS opens with the warm atmospheres of "Persuasion," the low bass murmurs and hand drums offset by Govi's delicate finger picking. "Rumba Tumba" and the brisk title track build in intensity, adopting the rapid, flamenco-style clapping strongly associated with the Gipsy Kings' most danceable tunes.
| MP3 320 Kbps | Incl.Full Covers | 120 MB | Track Listings [01]. Persuasion [02]. Andalusian Nights [03]. Gypsy Magic [04]. Serenade D'Amor [05]. High Spirits [06]. Rumba Tumba [07]. Carry Me Away [08]. Glimpse Of Spain [09]. Simplicity Of The Heart Download Part One Download Part Two PW : WeLove-music