Café Continental

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| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl. Covers | 65 MB | Mar 2007 | TRACK LISTINGS [01].Astrid Gilberto - Love for Sale [02].Quincy Jones - Cast Your Fate to The Wind [03].Edmundo Ros - Cubanacan [04].Nat King Cole Rio - Straighten Up and Fly Right [05].Chick Webb and His Orchestra-What A Shame [06].Art Tatum - Moonglow [07].Josephine Baker-Youre Driving Me Crazy [08].Charlie Parker - Birds Nest [09].Ray Charles - Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand [10].Miles Davis - Walkin [11].Louis Jordan - Five Guys Named Moe [12].John Coltrane - My Favourite Things [13].Sidney Bechet - Blackstick [14].Edith Piaf-Je Nen Connais Pas La Fin (My Lost Memory) [15].Duke Ellington - Delta Mood [16].Dinah Washington - Wise Woman Blues [17].Fats Waller - It Aint What You Do (Its The Way You Do it) [18].Count Basie - Jumpin at The Woodside Download HERE

World Network Vol. 17: Brazil

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World Network Vol.17 - Brazil
Paulinho Da Viola & Ensemble - Samba e Choro Negro
Certainly no other sambista in Brazil is as revered as Paulinho da Viola. He uniquely combines the rhythm of the samba with lyrics of amazing sensitivity. His poetry, recited in a soft and gentle voice, continually captures the rich emotional store of Brazil and its people. The symbol of cultural resistance which he has become is not merely confined to the era of military dictatorship. In affectionate admiration, both the cultural critics and the simple people on the street, speak of the "samba elegante".
These recordings made in Rio de Janeiro by the WDR (West German Radio and Television Network), became a media event in Brazil in the autumn of 1993. Paulinho da Viola had gathered the very elite of the samba musicians: Cabelinho the master percussionist of the samba schools, Cristov?o Bastos on piano and Joel Nascimento with his bandolim, Mestre Marçal on the cu?ca, the female vocals of Cristina Buarque and Amélia Rabello, and many others, together with his seventy-five year old father, whose guitar playing had already made musical history before the Second World War.
During four steamy, tropical nights, new recordings of the highest musical standard were created. And they provide a rare review over forty years of samba history, continually and decisively influenced by the virtuosity of Paulinho da Viola. Several choros - instrumental pieces rich in improvisation – document the melancholy side of Rio, inextricably linked with the wildly joyful vitality of the samba.

(01). Onde A Dor Nao Tem Razao
(02). Coracao Leviano
(03). Rumo Dos Ventos
(04). Recado
(05). Roendo as Unhas
(06). Sinal Fechado
(07). So O Tempo
(08). Sarau Para Radames
(09). Choro Negro
(10). Choro De Memorias
(11). Coracao Imprudente
(12). Pra Jogar No Oceano
(13). Nao E Assim

| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl. Covers | 90 MB |


World Network Vol. 16: Ireland

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World Network Vol.16 Ireland
Altan, De Dannan, Frank Gavin, Liam O’Flynn & Dessie Wilkinson - Treasures of Irish Music
Traditional dance tunes, fiery jigs and reels, slow airs and unaccompanied sean-nos songs are the stuff of this thrilling live recording featuring Ireland's best musicians. Among them are the fThis CD only confirms what true lovers of Irish Folk have already known for a long while: far older than the ballad-folk-song-traditions are the dance tunes, the fiery jigs and reels, the slow airs, the moderate melodies and the unaccompanied sean-nos songs. And it is just these traditions that are presented so thrillingly in this live recording featuring the elite of Irish musicians. Liam O’Flynn makes his uillean pipes, (the Irish bagpipe), whimper and shout with joy. Frankie Gavin’s bow flits across the strings of his fiddle with devilish speed. Dessie Wilkinson’s irresistible rhythms and trills on the tin whistle and long concert flute make you tap your feet and force you to dance. The relatively new quintet Altan is a true find. The sensitive and beguiling female vocals are captivating, the turbulent fiddle duet, masterly flute-playing and a rhythmically intricate network of bouzouki-guitar are all enchanting. The band has won recording prizes in many countries. Even Stereo is generous in its praise: "Altan is the most popular Irish folk combo today ... Altan shows yet again that Irish folklore has lost none of its high quality musical standard." ddle virtuoso Frankie Gavin, the most famous singer of the Emerald Isle, Eleonor Shanley and Altan — "the most popular Irish folk combo today" (Stereo).

(01). Con Cassidy's / Neil Gow's Highland / Moll And Tiarna / McSweeney's
(02). Yellow Tinker / Lady Montgomery
(03). Thug Me Ruide
(04). Ta Mo Chleamhnas a Dheanamh
(05). Curlew / McDermott's / The Scones Of Boxty / Unnamed Reel
(06). Tuirse Mo Chroi
(07). Paddy's Trip To Scotland / Dinky's / The Shetland Fiddler
(08). Johnny's Wedding / Rogue's Reel / Gravel Walk
(09). Mulvihill's / Mulqueen's
(10). Bantry Girls' Lament
(11). Rights Of Men / The Pride Of Petravore
(12). Joe Doran's / The Galway Rambler / Jerry Holland's
(13). Taim I Mo Shui
(14). Westwind
(15). Westwind
(16). High Reel / The Monaghan Twig
(17). Return Of Spring / The Mountain Pathway
(18). Maids Of Mount Cisko / Kitty Gone A-Milking
(19). Moving Pint / Dog Little / Dog Big
(20). I Buried My Wife And Danced On Her Grave / Paddy High's Jig
(21). Wheels Of The World
(22). By the River of Gems

| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | No Covers | 107 MB |


Tornados - Telstar.The Original Sixties 1994

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1. Telstar
2. Jungle Fever
3. Globetrotter
4. Locomotion with You
5. Ridin' the Wind
6. Robot
7. Life on Venus
8. The Ice Cream Man
9. Theme from "The Scales of Justice
10. Dragonfly
11. Hymn for Teenagers
12. Dreamin' on a Cloud
13. Hot Pot
14. Joystick
15. Monte Carlo
16. Blue, Blue, Blue Beat
17. Exodus
18. Red Roses and a Sky of Blue
19. Popeye Twist
20. Love and Fury

Download HERE

To Love Somebody - Bee Gees Tribute

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The songs of Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb have remained timeless throughout the years. From their '60s beginnings to their '90s resurgence, they've remained one of the best songwriting teams in Pop music history. This collection compiles classic Bee Gees songs covered by a wide range of talented artists as well as a few tracks that the Brothers Gibb wrote for other artists. 18 tracks including 'Words' (Boyzone), 'Emotion' (Destiny's Child), 'If I Can't Have You' (Yvonne Elliman), 'How Can You Mend A Broken Heart' (Michael Buble), 'Everlasting Love' (Andy Gibb), 'Save Me Save Me' (Dusty Springfield), 'Immortality' (Celine Dion), 'Inside Out' (Feist) and many more.
TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Boyzone - Words [02]. Take That - How Deep Is Your Love [03]. Destiny's Child - Emotion [04]. M2m - Our Song (Version Too Much Heaven) [05]. Celine Dion - Immortality [06]. Rod Stewart - To Love Somebody [07]. Michael Buble - How Can You Mend A Broken Heart [08]. Yvonne Elliman - If I Can't Have You [09]. Feist - Inside Out [10]. Black Eyed Peas - Joints And Jams [11]. Cher-How Can You Mend A Broken Heart [12]. Dusty Springfield - Save Me, Save Me [13]. Nsync - Bee Gees Medley [14]. Girls Aloud - Grease [15]. The Corrs - All The Love In The World [16. Andy Gibb - Everlasting Love [17]. Eagle Eye Cherry - To Love Somebody [18]. Monday Michiru - How Deep Is Your Love Download Part 1HERE

Download Part 2 HERE

Piano Dreamers - A Collection

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Various artists come together to provide an interesting and soothing group of piano "dreams". This collection is relaxing, mellow, yet varied and never dull. The music creates a mood of solace, comfort, relaxation, and content.
In our daydreams, in our night dreams, we enter a magical realm where anything is possible. In Piano Dreamers, ten fine pianists have contributed compositions, including five original works, creating a musical dreamscape to lift or quiet the spirit. Some pieces are solo, others lightly orchestrated. Piano Dreamers offers an hour of enchantment, a pause in the veil of time for weaving dreams.
TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Time Windows - Danny Wright [02]. Twilight's Embrace - Kevin Kern [03]. Wonderful Glider - Bernward Koch [04]. Buchanan Mist - Paul Machlis [05]. Gone - Jim Chappell Listen [06]. Renouncement - Michael Hoppe [07]. The Frontier In Her Eyes - Brian BecVar [08]. Magic Flower - 2002 Listen [09]. Sundial Dreams - Kevin Kern [10]. New Beginning - Danny Wright [11]. Morning Prayer - Peter Kater [12]. Reminiscence Of A Motion Picture - Bernward Koch [13]. The Unforgetting Heart - Michael Hoppe [14]. Nightblossom - Paul Machlis [15]. Until Tomorrow - Kevin Kern Download Part 1 HERE Download Part 2 HERE

Giovanni - Boleros .The Piano Collection

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1. Angelitos Negros
2. La Paloma
3. Amor, Amor, Amor
4. El Condor Pasa
5. Historia de un Amor
6. Besame Mucho
7. Esta Tarde Vi Llover
8. La Malaguena
9. Maria Elena
10. Ramona
Download HERE

Valia Balkanska - Glas ot Vechnostta

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Valia Balkanska - Glas ot Vechnostta ("Voice of Eternity") This is unique bulgarian national music, performed by one of the greatest bulgarian singers of folklore music - Valia Balkanska. Her voice is tremendest and captures the listener. The 'Voyager' spacecraft launched in the 1970s on a voyage to meet and communicate with other planets, carried a laser disc of ten songs believed to be representative of 'Earth'. One of these songs was the Bulgarian tune “Izlel e Deliu Haidutin” from the Rhodopes region, performed by Valia Balkanska. | MP3 320 kbps |FLAC | Incl. Front. Cover | 124 MB (MP3) |283 MB (FLAC)| 2003 | TRACK LISTINGS 01. Izlel e Deliu Hajdutin 02. Sybrali sa se momi li mladi nevesti 03. Strahil e strashen vojvoda 04. Vchera se majche otidoh 05. Sybrali sa se sybrali 06. Moma sezi na jodrivo 07. Videm ta se vdim poznavam 08. A bre iunache ludo i mlado 09. Vetyr due mene mrаzi 10. Goro le goro zelena 11. Sevditce pile shareno 12. Momnele mari hubava 13. Majchinko stara majchinko 14. Iala mi iala devojko Download (MP3 release) Part1/2 || Download (MP3 release) Part2/2 Download (FLAC release) Part1/3 || Download (FLAC release) Part2/3 || Download (FLAC release) Part3/3

Russia Presents: Netslov

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Russia presents: Netslov
Netslov ("No Words")originally stared in 1997 as the duo of Daniel Kalashnik and Dmitry Tikov in russian city of St. Petersburg. The band self-defined their musical style "bio" (as opposed to "electro" of Kraftwerk and kinds) and released debut album "Eletronic Ethnology" in 1999. Eastern flavor has shortly become a part of Netslov's trademark sound. As Dan once explained it: "I've always found it important mixing spiritless computer-generated soundscapes with ethnical music (with all it's warmth and naivety). I believe that the legacy of the ancient music has a chance of finding its way to modern listener only in part with sounds of the urban culture." It didn't take long to prove this approach right. The band was praised by critics and became one of the most recognizable names on local electroica scene with its landmark album "Outernational" in 2000. Dmirty has went solo shortly after its release, while Dan continued with hired musicians and toured clubs all over ex-USSR with a full-size band. On stage live ethnical string instruments, guitars and drums teamed up with ancient Soviet-made synths and sequencer backing tracks. In 2003 follow-up album "Phoenix" was released. It indicated shift towards more intense sounding and somewhat darker music, which got the press by surprise. Band's debut "Electronic Ethnology" is available on New York label Proforma Records. Two later albums remain unreleased in the West.
Netslov - 2001 - Outernational | MP3 256 kbps | Incl. Cover | 135 MB | 2001 |

TRACK LISTINGS 1 Flying Kovrik 2 Solnce (Sveti mne) 3 Guitantra 4 Tuva Dub 5 Sandal 6 Unosit 7 Arkan 8 Sozero 9 Shams-Ad-Din Attack 10 Eralash 11 Untitled Flute 12 Strange Muzik 13 Maneh (2nd mix) 14 Moiras

Download Part 1 Download Part 2

Netslov - 2003 - Phoenix

| MP3 256 kbps | Incl. Cover | 99 MB | 2003 | TRACK LISTING 1 Veter Svobodi 2 Revival 3 Ob ostalnom 4 Mandragora 5 Burkhan 6 Begi 7 Vargy 8 Digital Barbarians 9 Experiment Okonchen 10 Phoenix Strikes Back! 11 No Words 12 Lucid Dream

Download HERE

World Network Vol.14 USA

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World Network Vol.14 USA:
Michael Doucet & Beausoleil - Parlez Nous A Boire - Cajun
"These hard-edged swamp tunes go right down to your toes!" (Stern Magazine). Cajun music has the intriguing capacity to express foot-stomping joy and heart-felt grief from one note to the next. Undoubtedly one of the most respected performers and interpreters of contemporary Cajun music today, violinist Michael Doucet preserves the authenticy of Louisiana Cajun music while constantly seeking to renew it with fresh blood. Beausoleil’s repertory runs the gamut from medieval Celtic songs to the latest Cajun hits. With his introduction of rock’n’ roll, blues, funk, calypso, and Zydeco, a black variant of Cajun, Beausoleil explodes all previously known boundries of Cajun music without once questioning his integrity as a traditional performer. "Beausoleil is a true godsend, but watch out! It’s heady, addictive stuff!" (AZ Magazine) International Phonographic Award

(01). Madame Sousthène
(02). Parlez nous à boire
(03). Zydeco gris-gris
(04). La valse à Beausoleil
(05). Two-step à Will Balfa
(06). Le blues à Morse
(07). Les petits yees
(08). Midland two-step
(09). J'ai vu le loup
(10). Quoi faire
(11). Plus tu tournes
(12). La bétaille
(13). Cajun Groove (Scott Playboy Special)

| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl. Covers | 75 MB |



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| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl. Covers | 75 MB | 2007 | TRACK LISTINGS [01].The Sound Of Silence [02].Evergreen Tree [03].Song For The Lord [04].California Dream [05].Imagine [06].Air Voice [07].Seven Yellow Asphodel [08].Into Red Velvet [09].Today [10].I Want To Know What Love Is [11].El Condor Pasa [12].I Swear [13].Tims Lullaby [14].Chariots Of Fire [15].15 You In Song Download HERE

Chants Soufis de Damas

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Syria : Hamza Shakkûr and the Al-Kindî Ensemble Sufi Songs of Damascus
The Whirling Dervishes of Damascus Sufy liturgy from the great mosque of Ommeyyads The Great Master Junayd was asked why the Sufis felt such powerful emotions in their spirit and the urge to move their body when listenning to sacred music. This way his reply : " When God asked the souls in the spirit world, at the moment of the First Covenant : " Am I not your Lord ? ", the gentle sweetness of the divine words penetrated each soul for ever, so that whenever one of them hears music now, the memory of this sweetness is stirred within him causing him to move."

In the early 9th century, when the Muslim mystics organised their Sufis brotherhoods or orders, they adopted music as a support for meditation, as a means of access to the state of grace or ecstasy, or quite simply as " soulfood " in other words, something that give new vigour to a body and soul tired by the rigours of the ascetic life. In sufism, the sama' (meaning literally 'listenning') denotes the tradition of listenning in spiritual fashion to music, chanting and songs of various forms, all ritualised to a greater or lesser degree.
The very meaning of the world sama' suggests that it is the act of listenning that is spiritual, without the music or poetry being necessarily religious in content. The major preoccupation of the Muslim mystics was to give the ecstasy a real content and the music a true meaning.
The Sûfis mystics brotherhoad known as Mawlawiyya (Turkish : Mevlevi-s, more familiar to us in the West as the "whirling dervishes") was founded at Konya (Anatolia) by the great Persian poet Jalâl al-Dîn al-Rûmi (1207-1273).
Although we associate this ritual above all with Turkey, local traditions have been in existence in Syria, Egypt, and Iraq since the 16th century. They survived there after the dissolution of all Sûfi fraternities in Turkey in 1925 and the suicide of the Great Master 'Abd al-Halîm Thsélébî Bashî.
Damascus is one of the principal centres of Islam, the former capital of the Ummayyad dynasty and a stage in the pilgrimage to Mecca. In their meeting-places there (takiyya or zâwiya), the Mawlawîyah adopted the original suites (Wasla), modes (maqâm) and rhythms. The ritual may not be performed in the mosques, where musical instruments are either completely forbidden or else only allowed in the form of percussion instruments, which are generally played in the courtyard.
Certain great mosques, such as the Umayyad Mosque (also known as the Great Mosque of Damascus) possess a specific vocal repertory . The sacred suites are known there as nawba-s, a term reserved for secular suites by the former inhabitants of Andalusia and the Maghribi.

Bi hamdika yâ ilâhî
O God, I begin my entreaties by praising your goodness.
In humility and acceptance I turn to Thee.
If Thou dost not grant me forgiveness, who else could do so ?
Thou art Allah, our generous Lord,
I have entrusted my earthly fate to Thy heavenly powers.
Grant me Thy succour, relieve my worried breast.
Thou knowest my intimate secrets just as my outward acts,
O Thou, my God, forgiving and full of Mercy.

Allah, Allah, lâ ilâha illâ-llâ, Ataynâka bi-l-fakr
Allah, Allah, there si no other God but Allah
We come to Thee, poor and bereft,
Thou who holdest all riches
And constantly pours Thy blessings down on us.
May Thy generosity last for ever,
God, may this prayer on the Chosen One, mean for us
Protection and serenity.
With Thee at my side at all times
I can renounce all worldly goods.

Sheikh Hamza Shakkûr - Singer
Julien Jâlal Eddine Weiss - Arabic zither (Qânun), artistic direction
Ziyâd Kâdî Amin - Reed flute (Ney)
Qadri Dalal - Lute (luth)
Adel Shams el-Din - Percussion (riqq)
Suleyman Al-Khechn, Abdallah Chakour - Choir (Munshiddin)
Hatem al-Jamal, Maher al-Jamal
Hicham al-Khatib, Ghassan Janid - Dervishes (Mawlawi)

[01]. Al-Salam Al-Rabi: Taqsim Huzam/Taqsim Sikah/Mawwal Sikah
[02]. Al-Salam Al-Rabi: Taqsim Huzam/Taqsim Sikah/Mawwal Sikah
[03]. Ghayri Ala S-Sulwan Qadir...: Taqsim Rast Qanun/Taqsim Rast Nay/Layali Rast/Ibtihal Bayyati
[04]. Ghayri Ala S-Sulwan Qadir...: Taqsim Rast Qanun/Taqsim Rast Nay/Layali Rast/Ibtihal Bayyati
[05]. Chanting (Tartil) Of The Qur'an

128 kbps including full scans


Ali Azzam - Niaz

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Azam Ali, who sings with the duo Vas, has one of the most seductive and effortlessly disciplined altos active on the world stage. Now based in Los Angeles, she is a child of three cultures, Indian, Persian (Iranian) and American, so her music encompasses a triple conundrum. She is joined by Loga Ramin Torkian of Axiom of Choice, who has mastered an impressive array of traditional instruments from Europe, Turkey and his native Iran, and Grammy-winning producer/remixer Carmen Rizzo. The project was inspired by Sufi devotional poems written in Farsi (Persian) or Urdu, which is spoken in much of India and Pakistan. Although interpreted through ultra-modern beats and ambient drones, the traditional material reigns supreme, bringing a sense of adventurous continuity to grooves that, in less inspired hands, could well have emerged slap-dash and prosaic. Unlike most tracks intended for nightclubs, these are as compulsively listenable as they are danceable. Product Description Niyaz is an acoustic electronic project that brings together three prominent musical figures to form an exciting new fusion of traditional Persian music and modern electronics.. Vocalist and composer Azam Ali, one of the founding members of the acclaimed group Vas was born in Iran, raised in India and moved to The United State as a teenager. Multi instrumentalist and composer Ramin (Loga) Torkian of Axiom of Choice was also born in Iran and moved to the United states as a teenager. His extensive travels combined with his in-depth understanding of Persian music and Indian culture and spirituality have enabled him to cultivate a sound that is extremely authentic, yet can lend itself to the modern framework within which the music is created. Twice Grammy nominee producer/ remixer Carmen Rizzo is one of the most in demand producer- programmers on the electronic dance scene today. He has worked with artists ranging from Ryuichi Sakamoto, Khaled, Seal, Paul Oakenfold & Cirque du soleil bringing his unique approach to beats and electronic textures. These three veteran masters have all experienced success on their own and have found a new common ground in Niyaz where the mystical poetry of Urdu and Persian Sufi poets of the 14th and 15th century forms the lyrical framework for a fresh new musical adventure.
| MP3 192 kbps | Incl. Cover | 70 MB | 2005 | TRACK LISTINGS
  1. Allahi Allah

  2. Arezou

  3. Dilruba

  4. Dunya

  5. Ghazal

  6. Golzar

  7. In The Shadow of Life

  8. Minara

  9. Nahan ''The Hidden''

  10. The Hunt

Download HERE

Bossa Nova

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Bossa Nova - 2003 - The Smoothes Tunes For The Coolest People (4 CD) | MP3 VBR | Incl. Covers | 483 MB | 2003 |


CD 1 01. Elis Regina & Tom Jobim - Aguas De Marco 02. Os Cariocas - Samba Do Aviao 03. Nara Leao - Outra Vez 04. Joao Donato & Seu Trio - So Danco Samba 05. Gal Costa - Desafinado 06. Claudette Soares - Ao Amigo Tom 07. Leila Pinheiro - Errinho A Toa 08. Astrud Gilberto & Tom Jobim - So Tinha De Ser Com Voce 09. Vinicius de Moraes - Soneto Do Amor Total 10. Lucio Alves - Cheiro De Saudade 11. Elis Regina & Tom Jobim - Corcovado 12. Gilberto Gil - Preciso Aprender A So Ser 13. Pele & Elis Regina - Vexamao 14. Emilio Santiago - Tristeza De Nos Dois 15. Nara Leao - Carcara 16. Sergio Mendes Trio - Inutil Paisagem 17. Vinicius de Moraes,Toquinho & Quarteto Em Cy - Carta Ao Tom 74 18. Edu Lobo & Tom Jobim - E Preciso Dizer Adeus 19. Sylvia Telles - Ilusao A Toa 20. Roberto Menescal - O Barquinho Download HERE CD 2 01. Toquinho & Chico Buarque - Samba De Orly (Samba De Fiumicino) 02. Os Cariocas - Ela E Carioca 03. Nara Leao - Wave 04. Baden Powell & Mauricio Einhorn - Consolacao 05. Maysa - Dindi (Ao Vivo) 06. MPB-4 - Chega De Saudade 07. Tom Jobim - Insensatez 08. Nara Leao - Samba De Uma Nota So 09. Gal Costa - A Ra 10. Leila Pinheiro - O Amor Em Paz - Meditacao - Corcovado - Ela E Carioca 11. Edu Lobo - Upa Neguinho 12. Elis Regina - Tereza Sabe Sambar 13. Gal Costa - Aquarela Do Brasil 14. Elis Regina - Meio De Campo 15. Quarteto Em Cy - Canto De Ossanha 16. MPB-4 - Candelais 17. Elis Regina & Tom Jobim - Chovendo Na Roseira 18. Quarteto Em Cy & Tamba Trio - Imagem 19. Meirelles & Os Copa 5 - Solo 20. Tom Jobim & Dorival Caymmi - Saudade Da Bahia Download Part 1 Download Part 2 CD 3 01. Caetano Veloso - Odara 02. Jorge Benjor & Ivete Sangalo - Por Causa De Voce, Menina (Ao Vivo) 03. Tim Maia - Me De Motivo 04. Toquinho & Vinicius - Regra Tres (Ao Vivo) 05. Leila Pinheiro - Como Uma Onda (Zen Surfismo) 06. Hyldon - Na Rua, Na Chuva, Na Fazenda (Casinha De Sape) 07. Cassiano - Colecao 08. Gal Costa - Azul 09. Joao Bosco - O Bebado E A Equilibrista 10. Zizi Possi - Asa Morena 11. Ney Matogrosso - O Mundo E Um Moinho 12. Emilio Santiago - Dois Pra La, Dois Pra Ca 13. Ivan Lins - Novo Tempo 14. Marina Lima - Nada Por Mim 15. Toquinho & Vinicius - Onde Anda Voce 16. Celso Fonseca - Slow Motion Bossa Nova 17. Sergio Mendes & Bossa Rio - Garota De Ipanema 18. Nara Leao - A Banda 19. Gilberto Gil - Chiclete Com Banana 20. Jorge Benjor - Ponta De Lanca Africano (Umbabarauma) Download Part 1 Download Part 2 CD 4 01. Jorge Benjor - Filho Maravilha 02. Elba Ramalho - Bate Coracao 03. Tim Maia - O Descobridor Dos Sete Mares 04. Tamba Trio - Mas Que Nada 05. Chico Buarque - Apesar De Voce 06. Jorge Benjor - Pais Tropical 07. Gal Costa - Canta Brasil. 08. Tamba Trio - Tamba 09. Elis Regina - Dois Pra La, Dois Pra Ca 10. MPB-4 & Quarteto Em Cy - Falando De Amor 11. Joao Nogueira - Samba Rubro Negro (O Mais Querido) 12. Ivan Lins - Madalena 13. Tim Maia - Nao Quero Dinheiro (So Quero Amar) 14. Elba Ramalho - Banho De Cheiro 15. Gilberto Gil - Aquele Abraco 16. Timbalada - Beija Flor 17. Jorge Benjor - Take It Easy My Brother Charles. 18. Ney Matogrosso - Pro Dia Nascer Feliz 19. Jorge Benjor - Camisa 10 Da Gavea 20. Gal Costa - E Luxo So Download Part 1 Download Part 2

Adham Shaikh

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Adham Shaikh - 2004 - Fusion
Canadian producer/DJ Adham Shaikh's compositions are born of ritualistic intent. Long, electronic-driven beats mesh with Bansuri flutes, tablas and melodic guitar drifts; underscoring the score is an endless yearning for, as the title implies, fusion. He does not seek random collaborations of sound, but a very specific, focused montage. Fusion's opening cut, "Opal" - inspired while relaxing in Greece's Samothraki Island - kicks off with an occurrence continuing nearly 75 minutes: hypnotic loops underlying virtuoso instrumentation of Eastern descent. Actually, "ascent" makes a better adjective - Shaikh's dancefloor is sacred space. Creating credible loops is a difficult chore for software-derived rhythms. He does an amazing job at making them worthwhile, even at such drawn-out lengths. Repetition, as he knows, is the key to trance; to engage fully in the ritual of music, a base foundation must be declared by drums. This element is derivative of most international folk forms: qawwali, gnawa, santeria, dub, rituals of varying shades dependent on extensive, extended forays into architectural cadence. "Opal," Fusion's most danceable, jumpstarts the program. by Derek,

| MP3 VBR | Incl. Cover | 117 MB | 2004 |


1. Bellydancer 2. Ciew Mewele by Issa Bagayogo (Dustyfoot rmx) 3. Marmalade Sun (Afrodub rmx) 4. Dougoulanta (with Freeworm) 5. Beyond I 6. Ya Buoy by Omar Faruk Tekbilek (Spiral Eyes rmx) 7. Sub Bubble 8. Peace To The Middle East (featuring Ganga Giri) 9. Collective 10. Deep Dream Meme Download Part 1 Download Part 2


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Ayo - 2006 - Joyful
2006 issued debut from the German born lady whose father was Nigerian and her mother a Gipsy. Her life has been spent in Germany, Africa, France, England and The U.S., though she calls Germany her place of residence. Producer Jay Newland assembled a band that acceeded to Ayo's every wish, producing these songs with flourishes of pidgin and recollections of gipsy life....both tributes to her parents. She draws musical inspriation from Donny Hathaway, Jimmy Cliff and 60's pop. The album was completed live in the studio in an amazing 5 day span! The result is a collection of bittersweet songs dotted by her personal experiences as well as those by people she's encountered along the way.
| MP3 VBR | Incl. Cover | 67 MB | 2006 |


1. Down On My Knees 2. Without You 3. Letter By Letter 4. How Many Times? 5. And It's Supposed To Be Love 6. Watching You 7. Only You 8. Help Is Coming 9. These Days 10. Life Is Real 11. What Is Love? 12. Neva Been

Download HERE

Hotel Marrakesh

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Hotel Marrakesh - 2006 (3 CD)
Escape to Hotel Marrakesh where the coolest music & the most sultry vibes instantly intoxicate you into the exclusive World of the sophisticated A-listers...
| MP3 VBR | Incl. Covers | 266 MB | 2006 |

Original Release Date:September 18, 2006 Label:Crazy Diamond

CD 1: The Arabica Bar & Cafe 1.Amira Saqati:Madinti 2.Harry Kakoulli:Z Song(Nomad Spirit Remix) 3.Harry Kakoulli:Burning Sorrow Chant 4.Al-pha X:Sahara 5.Amira Saqati:Felestin 6.MC Skyline:Arabian Knights(DJ Ahmed Special mix) 7.Dream Team feat Momak:One World One Day 8.Amira Saqati:Sabra Dima 9.Radar:Running Away 10.Marrakesh Massive:Ambaric Chill(Kemia 12" mix) 11.Al-pha X:Kinetic Radio Download HERE CD 2: Drakes Club & Cocktail Lounge 1.Maghrebika:Babour 2.Harry Kakoulli:Drifting Horizons(Future Chill mix) 3.Radar:Caravanne 4.Harry Kakoulli:Blue Trees(Chaotic Kasbah mix) 5.Harry Kakoulli:Souk Rush(Hard Electro Remix) 6.Nomads of Dance vs Ali Hassal:Youssef's Poem 7.T.I.A.C:Camel Train(Marrakesh Mix) 8.Amira Saqati:Sans Tes Mots 9.Cheb Rayah feat DJ Momo:The Bedouin's Dream 10.Harry Kakoulli:Zazballah(Smoking club remix) 11.Amira Saqati:PSY Habibi Download HERE CD 3: Elysium Spa Retreat Download HERE

Mikhai and Jumangee

Posted By Olga On Saturday, March 17, 2007 4 comments
Russia presents: Mikhai and Jumangee - 1999 - Suka Lyubov / Михей и Джуманджи - Сука Любовь
With the first and the only album of Mikhai and his band Jumangee let me start series of Russian music. Sergey "Mikhai" Koutikov (1970-2002) composed music of love and eternal summer, music that is like inexhaustible spring of warmth and sun rays. Its rhythms remind Bob Marley and Jamiroquay, sweet soul tunes are like Stewie Wonder's. Mikhai was a unique person for Russian stage who produced high quality music and inspired lots of Russian musicians of alternative non-commercial stage to keep composing music of high quality that touches your soul and whispers in your heart. His music is alive, and his ideas keep being put into practice. Peace be upon you...

| MP3 192 kbps | Incl. Cover | 52 MB | 1999 |


1. Сука любовь (Suka Lyubov) 2. Мама / Mama 3. Дорога к морю / Doroga k Moryu 4. Достоин / Dostoin 5. Favourite Colour of My Life 6. Туда (Михей и Джуманджи & Инна Steel) / Tuda (Mikhai and Jumangee & Inna Steel) 7. Так чисто / Tak Chisto 8. Кошка (Смысл Прост) / Koshka (Smysl Prost) 9. Плачет По Тебе / Plachet Po Tebe 10. Мама vol. 2 (Михей и Джуманджи & L.A.) / Mama vol.2 (Mikhai and Jumangee & L.A.)

Download HERE

BONUS: Mikhai and Jumangee - Unsorted | MP3 192 kbps | No Covers | 52 MB | 1999-2002 |


1. Alright (live) 2. Для Тебя / Dlya Tebya (disco mix) 3. Для Тебя (disco mix)/ Dlya Tebya (disco mix) 4. Куда Улетает Мой Ум / Kuda Uletaet Moi Um 5. Моей Любимой Кристине / Moei Lyubimoi Kristine 6. На Дачу.ru / Na 7. По Волнам / Po Volnam 8. Рыбка / Rybka 9. Сука Любовь (live) / Suka Lyubov (live) 10. Троллейбус / Trolleybus 11. Мы Дети Большого Города (feat. Сергей Галанин)/ My Deti Bolshogo Goroda (feat. Sergey Galanin)

Download HERE

Putumayo presents: Miriam Makeba

Posted By Olga On Saturday, March 17, 2007 1 comments
Miriam Makeba - 2000 - Homeland
With her first studio recording in six years, Miriam Makeba makes a remarkably rootsy return, celebrating both South Africa and her place in it. Both "Masakhane" and a reworking of her international hit from the '60s ("Pata Pata 2000") positively shimmer with loping South African rhythms and harmonies. But Makeba is also an accomplished ballad and jazz singer, and both of those facets are shown, in songs like "Amaliya" and "Unhome," where the piano work recalls the township jazz of people like Abdullah Ibrahim and Chris MacGregor. Makeba's voice has acquired a compassion and even greater control as she's grown older, but she never sounds old--in fact, there's an incredible energy about this record. While every track is a joy, the real highlights come when the rootsy elements are emphasized and things simply kick. If you thought Graceland or Ladysmith Black Mambazo encapsulated the sound of South Africa, take a listen to this--the country's queen of song has returned in full voice.

| MP3 VBR | Covers | 65 MB | 2000 |


[01]. Masakhane
[02]. Amaliya
[03]. Pata Pata 2000
[04]. 'Cause We Live For Love
[05]. Liwawechi
[06]. Lindelani
[07]. Homeland
[08]. Umhome
[09]. Africa Is Where My Heart Lies
[10]. In Time

Download HERE

World Network Vol. 13: Colombia

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World Network Vol. 13 Colombia
YakiKandru - Music from the Tropical Rainforest & Other Magic Places
"We have never encountered such a primal or prototypal music before," writes FAZ critic Ulrich Olshausen about this Colombian group. Using traditional instruments such as vessel flutes made from deer skulls, reed trumpets, water drums, etc., Yaki Kandru "create rhythms which could only be described as the primordial forerunners of a prehistoric symphon." (FAZ) This dense jungle of atmospheric sounds transport us back to a time when mankind lived in harmony with nature and where music was used to speak with all living beings. "Free-floating and poetic music from the roots of ancient American Indian cultures ... a reaction to the destruction of culture." (Folk Magazine) International Phonographic Award

[01].El Castigo De Los Amantes
[02].Musica Con Cunli
[03].Canto De Los Seri E Yaqui
[04].Musica Con Fotutos
[05].Canto De Mujeres De Los Suya
[06].Melodia En Perkuarsibo
[07].Canto De guerra De Los Barri
[08].Improvisacion Con Dos Teponaztli
[09].Canto De Los Shawnee
[10].Canto Del Pajaro Wala
[11].Improvisacion Instrumental

| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl.Covers | 70 MB |



Posted By Olga On Friday, March 16, 2007 3 comments

Beirut - 2006 - Gulag Orkestar

Stunning spring-to-summer gypsy-cum-klezmer pop...beautiful and disarming... While it may sound like an entire Balkan gypsy orchestra playing modern songs as mournful ballads and upbeat marches, Beirut's first album, Gulag Orkestar, is largely the work of one 19-year-old Albuquerque native, Zach Condon, with assistance by Jeremy Barnes (Neutral Milk Hotel, A Hawk and a Hacksaw) and Heather Trost (A Hawk and a Hacksaw). Horns, violins, cellos, ukuleles, mandolins, glockenspiels, drums, tambourines, congas, organs, pianos, clarinets and accordions (no guitars on this album!) all build and break the melodies under Condon's deep-voiced crooner vocals, swaying to the Eastern European beats like a drunken 12-member ensemble that has fallen in love with The Magnetic Fields, Talking Heads and Neutral Milk Hotel. by Pitchfork, May 4, 2006

Largely the work of an ambitious youngster named Zach Condon, Gulag Orkestar is an indie rock album filtered through the mind of a teenager who dropped out of high school to travel across Europe and soak in as much culture and music as possible. The result is something that sounds a bit like the Microphones crossed with Neutral Milk Hotel. It might be the only rock album you hear that doesn't contain any guitars, and it conveys an emotional and worldly power of the likes I've not heard in some time. Largely inspired by Balkan folk music, the album moves through mournful ballads and more upbeat tracks (that sound more like the work of a 10-plus member ensemble) with ease, layering horns, stringed instruments, ukeleles, mandolins, glockenspiel, drum, organs, piano, and other percussion under the soulful vocals of Condon himself, who has a similar range and style as Andrew Bird. The disc opens with the album-titled track of "The Gulag Orkestar," and after some warbling horns and cascading piano, the track turns into a shuffling march that finds Condon soaring over the top of it all with his rich croon. by almostcool (Lincoln, NE United States)

|MP3 320 kbps | Incl. Cover | 78 MB | 2006 |

Original Release Date: May 9, 2006 Label: Ba Da Bing


1. The Gulag Orkestar 2. Prenzlauerberg 3. Brandenburg 4. Postcards from Italy 5. Mount Wroclai (Idle Days) 6. Rhineland (Heartland) 7. Scenic World 8. Bratislava 9. The Bunker 10. The Canals of Our City 11. After the Curtain

Download HERE

Beirut - 2007 - Lon Gisland [EP]

As with the full-length album, "Lon Gisland" overflows with smooth accordion, blares of well-worn brass, and rat-a-tat percussion, with the occasional flourish from tambourine or ukelele. It all melds together into a smooth summery sound. Condon's lyrics are not as accomplished as the music itself, but they blend into the music very well. His smooth, strong vocals make up a great deal of the appeal, with a little wobble that adds vulnerability to his singing. "Lon Gisland" is pretty short, but it will have to tide the fans over until the next full-length. Beautiful, bittersweet and utterly enchanting. by E. A Solinas "ea_solinas" (MD USA)

| MP3 VBR | Incl. Cover | 23 MB | 2007 |

Original Release Date: January 30, 2007 Label: Ba Da Bing


1. Elephant Gun 2. My Family's Role In The World Revolution 3. Scenic World 4. The Long Island Sound 5. Carousels

Download HERE

Habib Koité and Bamada

Posted By Olga On Friday, March 16, 2007 2 comments
Habib Koite is a musician straddling the past and the future. Together with his band, Bamada (which translates to - in the mouth of the crocodile - and is a nickname for the inhabitants of Bamako), Habib is creating wonders in the world music genre. He comes from a noble line of Khassonke griots, and learned his unique guitar style while accompanying his griot mother. However, Habib's passion is accredited to his Grandfather who played the djelly n'goni (a traditional instrument which is linked with the hunters of the Wassolou region of Mali). Habib has a unique style of guitar playing. He tunes his guitar to the pentatonic scale, and plays upon open strings. At times he sounds bluesy, at others more Latin and flamenco style, but it is a very distinctive and extremely pleasing sound which Habib has brought to light. His vocals are soothing, warm and inviting -- the perfect complement to his guitar style; and quite unlike the griot style![...].by Naomi DeBruyn "faecanuck"
Habib Koité and Bamada - 1995 - Muso Ko

| MP3 192 kbps | Incl. Cover | 65 MB | 1995 |


[01].I Ka Barra [02].Muso Ko [03].Den Ko [04].Nanalé [05].Fatma [06].Sira Bulu [07].Nimato [08].Cigarette Abana [09].Din Din Wo [10].Kunfe Ta [11].Koulandian

Download HERE

Habib Koité and Bamada - 1997 - Ma Ya

|MP3 160 kbps | Incl. Cover | 65 MB | 1997 |


[01].Wassiye [02].Ma Ya [03].Bitilé [04].Sirata [05].Forobana [06].Sarayama [07].Kumbin [08].Mara Kaso [09].Pula Ku [10].Komine [11].I Mada [12].Massane Cisse

Download HERE

Habib Koité and Bamada - 2001 - Baro

Now with his third album, Habib Koité has grown into a real triple threat. Not only is he a super songwriter and singer, he's also a trained guitarist of remarkable style and invention, whose playing inspiration comes from native instruments, such as the harp-like kora (he often imitates its rippling runs)or the lute-like n'goni. Koité is very rooted, both in his own playing and that of his band, Bamada, but the structure and harmonies of his songs are readily accessible to Western audiences, a move away from the more bluesy idioms of, say, Boubacar Traore. Add to that a lilting, seductive voice, and Koité basically has all the goods in one package. At the same time, this is no compromise album in search of stardom in the West. This is very much the real Mali deal, as is apparent in the last few cuts, when the band switches to a more Wassoulou approach (from the south of the country, and typified by singers like Oumou Sangare), with its harsher, drier tone. But by then you've been won over. Koité is, without doubt, a major talent, and this record could well be his breakthrough to the big time. He's paid his dues and earned his status. The man is a star. by Chris Nickson

| MP3 192 kbps | Incl. Covers | 85 MB | 2001 |


[01].Batoumambe [02].Kanawa [03].Wari [04].Sin Djen Djen [05].Cigarette Abana [06].Woulaba [07].Baro [08].Sambara [09].Roma [10].Tere [11].Mali Sadio [12].Takamba [13].Sinama Denw

Download HERE

Prem Joshua - Desert Visions

Posted By White Rose On Friday, March 16, 2007 7 comments
The album is a wonderful blend of East Indian, Arabic, African and Western music. The instruments and rhythms weave back and forth between the various influences in a spirited and lively manner. One track may have a hint of New Orleans Jazz balanced against the romantic and haunting sounds of the desert. Another track features East Indian vocals and tabla in a spirited dance with saxophone and flute. Overall easy to listen to ranging from sprightly to ambient in texture during the course of the album.
01. The Raja's Ride
02. Daia
03. Hot Season
04. Sarang
05. Pagan Dance
06. Jungle
07. Kirwani
08. Desert Moon
09. Flight Of The Swan
10. From Behind The Hills
DOWNLOAD Prem Joshua - Dance of Shakti
Layering lyrical sitar melodies over “Tarana” style Indian singing and subtle electronica trance rhythms, this music echoes the devotional call of India for the 21st Century. Dance of Shakti exudes a divine essence and electric shakti. Weaving ancient Indian mantras on the sitar, santoor, tablas and bamboo flute into a modern improvisational tapestry, Prem Joshua brings the meeting of East-West music to a new level.
1. Bolo Hari
2. Mangalam
3. Secret Place
4. Himalaya Trance
5. Nanak
6. Dance of Kali Download HERE

Ballroom Dance

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Ballroom Dance | MP3 VBR kbps | Incl.Covers | 65 MB |2006 | TRACK LISTINGS [01].Lollipops And Roses [02].Lullaby Of Broadway [03].Swing Is In [04].September In The Rain [05].Hanky Panky [06].I Wont Dance [07].Jumping At The Woodside [08].Foxy [09].Its Not Unusual [10].So I Do [11].How High Is The Moon [12].Alexanders Rag Time Band [13].Mrs Robinson [14].American Patrol [15].This Cant Be Love [16].Day In Day Out [17].Dont Sit Under The Apple Tree [18].Singing In The Rain Download HERE Ballroom Dance Festival Vol.1 | MP3 VBR kbps | Incl.Covers | 60 MB |2007 | TRACK LISTINGS [01].Three Quartet (Waltz) [02].Ole Guapa (Tango) [03].Spanish Gypsy Dance (Paso Doble) [04].A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square (Slow Foxtrot) [05].In The Mood (Quickstep) [06].Over The Rainbow (Cha Cha Cha) [07].Mais Que Nada (Samba) [08].O Sole Mio (Rumba) [09].All Of Me (Foxtrot) [10].I Got Rhythm (Quickstep) [11].Night And Day (Tango) [12].Vienne Mon Amour (Waltz) Download HERE

World Network Vol. 12: Korea

Posted By MiOd On Thursday, March 15, 2007 6 comments

The traditional music of Korea has only recently been discovered in the West. This ensemble, gathered from the most renowned soloists from the best universities and music schools, employs a full range of traditional instruments to unfold a rich panoply of Korean musical culture in their renditions of solo and ensemble pieces. The delicate sounds of zithers and bamboo flutes clash with dynamic blasts from bamboo oboes, hourglass drums and gongs to form dense jazz-like improvisations which are, in fact, closely linked to traditional shaman ceremonies. These selections are played with such technical brilliance and expressiveness that they will undoubtedly appeal to even the most untrained ear. International Phonographic Award

[01]. Chungkwangjigok
[02]. Suryong'um
[03]. Komun'go Sanjo
[04]. Yuch'osinjigok
[05]. Sangyongsan
[06]. Tae-Ch'wit'a
[07]. Ajaeng Sanjo
[08]. Shinawi

Flac (EAC Rip): 345 MB | MP3 - 320 kbs: 185 MB | Booklet Scans

Archives have 5% of the information for restoration

Part 1 | Part 2

OR MP3 320 kbps
Part 1 | Part 2

World Network Vol. 11: Portugal

Posted By MiOd On Thursday, March 15, 2007 2 comments
World Network Vol. 11: Portugal: Variacoes-Guitarra Portuguesa
Pedro Caldeira Cabral, composer and musicologist, is the pre-eminent virtuoso of the Portuguese guitar. This pear-shaped instrument with six double-strung metal strings, was developed in the 19th century and is cherished throughout Portugal for its passionate resonance as a concert instrument or as simple musical accompaniment for traditional Fado songs. Over the years, a highly complex picking technique was developed which demands supreme skill on the part of the musician while allowing him to articulate razor sharp tones of crystalline clarity. At the age of ten, Cabral took up the instrument and soon began writing his own pieces incorporating elements of medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and popular music. "No matter what kind of music Cabral plays: his is a genius that reveals even to the unschooled ear the frail beauty, intelligence, charm and paradox of this supremely Portuguese instrument." (Ulli Langenbrinck, NDR) International Phonographic Award

(01). Castro Daire
(02). Variacoes em Do Menor
(03). Preludio
(04). Valsa
(05). Balada da Oliveira
(06). Choro de Contraponto
(07). Entrada
(08). Cantos da Lua
(09). Gestos
(10). Danca das Sombres
(11). Cancao D' Alcipe
(12). Dialogo Crioulo
(13). Retorno
(14). Cancao
(15). Enigmas
(16). Miscelanea
(17). Variacoes Sobre O Fado Lopes
(18). Vira de Frielas
(19). Improvisacao Sobre O Fado Lopes

| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl.Covers | 75 MB |


Spanish Guitar Best Hits Volume 2

Posted By proletsearch On Thursday, March 15, 2007 6 comments

The compilation consists of 2 CD's - an excellent guitar compilation, including some of the finest guitar artists in the world.

Disc 1
[01]. Govi - Andalusian night
[02]. Ottmar Liebert - Barcelona nights
[03]. Lara & Reyes - Exotico
[04]. Oscar Lopez - Corrientes
[05]. Grant Geissman - Gypsies
[06]. Strunz & Farah - Quetzal
[07]. Larry Coryell - Concierto de aranjuez
[08]. Juan Carlos Quintero - The Way home
[09]. Jesse Cook - Hermanos
[10]. Carlos Villalobos - Duende
[11]. Gus de Lange - Wandering gypsy
[12]. La Esperanza - La punta
[13]. Marc Antoine - Cabrillo
[14]. Sasha - Sad anl light
[15]. Erich Avinger - Lovin' you

Disc 2
[01].Ottmar Liebert - Heart Still Beating
[02].Blonker - La Valleta
[03].Robert Michaels - Cupids Dance
[04].Govi - Persuasion
[05].Jesse Cook - That's Right
[06].Nicolas De Angelis - Jalouse Andalouse
[07].Gipsy Kings - Inspiration
[08].The Shadows - Adios Muchachos
[09].Lara & Reyes - Cotton Candy
[10].Oscar Lopez - Gypsy Soul
[11].Armik - Dancing Shadows
[12].Nova Menco - Close To The Edge
[13].Chris Spheeris - Viva
[14].Antonio Cobo - Piano
[15].Armik - Tropical Breeze
[16].Shahin & Sepehr - Nature Boy
[17].Paco De Lucia - Danza
[18].Oscar Sher - Oscar's Waltz

320 kbps including Covers

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Heart of Perfect Wisdom

Posted By White Rose On Wednesday, March 14, 2007 2 comments
Heart of Perfect Wisdom / Sufi Song of Love
Robert Gass and On Wings Of Song. Featuring music and chants played at Douglas's events. Two Tibetan Buddhist chants are joined with a beautiful Sufi chant, taking you into new dimensions of multi-cultural choral chanting music.
Heart of Perfect Wisdom "An extraordinary cross-cultural tapestry based on the Buddhist Heart Sutra. Features Tibetan overtone chanting and bells, with Nepalese bamboo flutes". A Sufi Song of Love "Based on the beautiful Sufi chant KALAMA, the version presented here brings the listener into new dimensions of choral chanting music, as this simple melody is woven into a stunning musical tapestry".

| MP3 256 kbps | No Covers | 135 MB | TRACK LISTINGS 1. Heart Of Perfect Wisdom 2. Beyond The Beyond 3. A Sufi Song Of Love Download Part One Download Part Two

Network - Special Projects 2: Istanbul Oriental Ensemble - Gypsy Rum

Posted By MiOd On Wednesday, March 14, 2007 3 comments
In the Istanbul Oriental Ensemble, the world famous percussionist Burhan ?çal has brought together some of the finest Rom musicians of Turkey, and has brought new life to the all but forgotten treasures of 18th and 19th century Gypsy music from Thrace and Istanbul. Oçal grew up surrounded by music and even as a child, in the cafes owned by his father, he heard some of the best regional musicians performing. At the age of six, he performed publicly on the darbuka for the first time. Network invited this supreme percussionist to put together a new ensemble to present the music of the Gypsies and the Seraglio. The line-up itself -- ud lute, kanun zither, clarinet, violin and another percussionist -- indicates the importance he places on authenticity. The concept works beautifully, as evidenced not only by the recordings on this CD, but also by the resounding success of the ensemble's two-week tour of Austria and Germany. The tour culminated in a performance at the 40th Dance & Folk Festival at Rudolstadt, where the Istanbul Oriental Ensemble was the clear favourite of audience and critics alike, and was celebrated with frenzied applause. No wonder - after all they simply capture the hearts of even the most critical listener with their blend of finely honed taksim (instrumental improvisations) and lively dance music. The sheer virtuosity of their performance speaks for itself.

The quality of this music is first rate, the coordination between instruments in some of the ensemble pieces mesmerizing. From a chorus of violins the kanun jumps in fiery solos. The taksims and individual showcasing of violin, oud, kanun and clarinet are also of exceptional quality, easily surpassing recrodings of some of the more famous turkish solo artists.

[01]. Hicaz Oyun Havasi
[02]. Hicaz Oriental
[03]. Hicazkar Taksim Oud
[04]. Hicazkar Oyun Havasi
[05]. Rast Balat
[06]. Nihavent Taksim Keman
[07]. Nihavent Oyun Havasi
[08]. Hicazkar Sahin Oyun Havasi
[09]. Ussak Taksim
[10]. Bahriye Ciftetellisi
[11]. Zennube
[12]. Muhayyer-Kurdi Saz Semaisi
[13]. Klarnet Taksim
[14]. Roman Oyun Havasi

FLAC (EAC Rip): 370 MB | MP3 - 320 kbs: 160 MB | Scans

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Part 1 | Part 2

OR MP3 320 kbps

For the Ones You Love: Romantic Melodies

Posted By MiOd On Tuesday, March 13, 2007 1 comments
The music immediately transports you to a softer, lighter existence. The music is beautiful and soothing, and yet so powerful. It is everything the title suggests. | MP3 320 kbps | Incl.Full Covers | 95 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. La Boheme: Quando M'en Vo - Elizabeth Harwood/Mirella Freni/Luciano Pavarotti [02]. Cavaleria Rusticana: Intermezzo - Julia Varady/Luciano Pavarotti [03]. La Boheme: Che Gelida Manina - Mirella Freni/Luciano Pavarotti [04]. L'Elisir D'Amore: Un Furtiva Lagrima - Roberto Alagna/Angela Gheorghiu [05]. Prld, Op.28 No.4 - Vladimir Ashkenazy [06]. Rhap On A Theme Of Paganini: Var 18 - Vladimir Ashkenazy [07]. Fur Elise - Vladimir Ashkenazy [08]. Amor Ti Vieta - Russell Watson [09]. Madame Butterfly: Un Bel Di - Mirella Freni [10]. Aida: Celeste Aida - Luciano Pavarotti [11]. Turandot: Nessun Dorma - Luciano Pavarotti/John Alldis Chor Download HERE

Bamboo Flute

Posted By MiOd On Tuesday, March 13, 2007 3 comments
Classical Chinese Music Collection - Bamboo Flute | MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl.Covers | 55 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01].LAN YA SHENG [02].QIU HU YUE [03].SHOU GE [04].MIAO LIN D ZAO CHEN [05].GU SU XING [06].MU MING XIN GE [07].SHAN DONG KAI MENG [08].HUAN LE GE [09].ZAO YUAN CHUN SE [10].SAN WU QI [11].SHAN QUAN [12].XI XIANG FING Download HERE

Ipek Yolu (Silk Road)

Posted By MiOd On Tuesday, March 13, 2007 0 comments
Nariman Shahbuzlu - Ipek Yolu (Silk Road) Solo instrumental music using azeri national instument - zurna (Flute)~

[01].Play It Master
[03].Silk Road
[04].Look At The Boy
[05].Duy Duy
[06].Hey My Love
[09].Old Qazagi
[10].Azafli Duybeti
[12].Our Village
[15].Apardi Seller Sarani

MP3 VBR Kbps including Covers, 2007


Dalida - Paroles D'Ailleurs

Posted By White Rose On Tuesday, March 13, 2007 8 comments
| MP3 128 kbps | Incl.Full Covers | 65 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Dalida - Salma ya salama [02]. Dalida - Helwa ya baladi [03]. Dalida - Aghani Aghani [04]. Dalida - Lebnan [05]. Dalida - Gamil el soura [06]. Dalida - Ahsan nass [07]. Dalida - Dalida Dalida [08]. Dalida - Kalimba de luna [09]. Dalida - Little words [10]. Dalida - Alabama song [11]. Dalida - He must have been eighteen [12]. Dalida - The Lambeth walk [13]. Dalida - Italian retaurant [14]. Dalida - Money Money [15]. Dalida - Born to sing Download HERE

Desert Roses IV

Posted By White Rose On Monday, March 12, 2007 4 comments
| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl.Front Cover | 80 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Latifa - Khalleouni Khalleouni [02]. Tres Mundos - Zana [03]. Dania - Leily [04]. Turbo Tabla - Dulap Rast [05]. Naked Rhythm - Babylon [06]. Oojami - You & Me [07]. Saad - Sabah El Sa' Awah [08]. Hoda - Inta Lissa Faker Halli [09]. Woroud - Khayraouni [10]. Cheb Nasro - C'est Pas La Peire [11]. Issam Houshan - Pharoah Of Barcelona [12]. Zohar - Let Ther Be Light [13]. Galactic Caravan - Sirens Of Atlantis [14]. Soap Kills - Le Zaalen Download HERE

Govi - Seventh Heaven

Posted By proletsearch On Sunday, March 11, 2007 8 comments
Govi - Seventh Heaven (Special Edition incl. 6 bonus tracks)
Seventh Heaven is guitarist Govi's seventh release (surprise) overall and the second for his comfy new home Higher Octave. Noted for his fluid melodies on previous releases, Guitar Odyssey and Andalusian Nights, Govi camps out in Hawaii and unfurls a lush layering of Nouveau Flamenco, Latin, Gypsy, and, yes, Hawaiian styles, lightly backed by percussion and keyboards. First track "Disappearing Into You" dances with nimble fretwork by both Govi and guest bassist Nadama from Malimba Records. On this album, the titles tell a lot in terms of geographic style: "Gypsy Heaven," "Havana Sunset," and "Mediterrano." Love as the main theme wins out in the brief but romantic "Language of the Heart," "Walking on Clouds," and final track "Wings of Love," with sound programming by guest Etherean artist Karunesh. -Stacey Meyn.
| MP3 320 kbps |Incl. Full Covers| 173 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Rising in Love [02]. Mediterrano [03]. Havana Sunset [04]. Walking on Clouds [05]. Disappearing into You [06]. Language of the Heart [07]. Gypsy Heaven [08]. Jacaranda [09]. Garden of Eden [10]. Wings of Love [11]. Cuchama (bonus) [12]. Treasure Bay (bonus) [13]. Viva La Vida (bonus) [14]. Torero (bonus) [15]. Abundance (bonus) [16]. Sails of Joy (bonus) Download Here

Nizami - Qelbimin Sesi "Voice f My Soul

Posted By MiOd On Saturday, March 10, 2007 1 comments
[01].Voice of My Soul
[02].Kuchelete Su Sepmishem
[04].I will Find You
[05].My City
[08].My Black Eyed
[09].Ala Gez
[10].Vagif Dedication
[12].You are My Heart
[13].Baku Nights

| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl.Covers | 80 MB | 2007 |


Paco de Lucia - Cositas buenas

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For four decades, Spanish guitarist Paco de Lucia's jazzy, Mephisto-like technique redefined flamenco. This CD, which means "Good Small Things," is de Lucia’s first release in five years, and it's been worth the wait. Most of the eight tracks feature just de Lucia, a chorus of vocalists, percussion, and the zesty handclaps called palmas. Lucia and company take you through the Moorish, Jewish, and Gypsy inventions and dimensions of flamenco, from the buleria "Patio Custodio" and the torrid tientos "El Tesorillo" to the moody, mid-tempo buleria por solea "Antonia." Guitarists Juan D’ Anyelica and Tomatito join de Lucia on "El Dengue," and "Que Vengo el Alba," which also features a vocal track from the late singer Camaron de la Isla. The last song, "Casa Bernardo," with bassist Alain Perez, jazz trumpeter Jerry Gonzalez, and Latin pop star Alejandro Sanz on the guitar-like tres, foreshadows the future of this ancient and inventive art form. --Eugene Holley, Jr. Product Description This is a Rounded and Polished Album that Is, above All, Loyal to Flaminco. Eight Tracks as Regards Both his Own Music and Music in General. Three Bulerias Blaze the Trail "Patio Custodio", "Volar" and "Que Venga El Alba". On the Last of These, De Lucia Reaches Back in Time to Rescue his Inner Voicec, Camaron De La Isla, and Plays Alongside the Third of the Holy Trinity, Tomatito.
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TRACK LISTINGS 01. Patio Custodio (Buleria) 02. Cositas Buenas (Tangos) 03. Antonia (Buleria por Solea) 04. El Dengue (Rumba) 05. Volar (Buleria) 06. El Tesorillo (Tientos) 07. Que Venga el Alba (Buleria) 08. Casa Bernardo (Rumba) Download

Calamus: The Splendour of al-Andalus

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This medieval Spanish/Arab music transports one to another world altogether. It's medieval, it's Spanish, and it's Arab all rolled into one -- that's what "Andalus" music is. Andalus music, while medieval in origin, is a living genre of popular music too. There's plenty of current Andalusian music out there: I stumbled on it recently in Fez (Morocco) where it manifests as a kind of popular festive music, often available only on cassette and serving mainly its local market -- places like the south side of the old city of Fez (Fes el-Bali) where the "Andalusians" live (having fled there when they were rousted out of Spain at the end of the 15th century). From Delgado, Olavide and their collaborators we are receiving beautifully produced classical 'Andalus' music straight from Spain. These are spectacular recordings on period instruments (Delgado has an enormous collection of old instruments), extremely evocative sounds that create better 'atmosphere' than any music I have ever heard. This is the best medieval music in the world, I'm convinced. These artists know that they are reaching a modern market of sensitive individuals who appreciate the best of stereophonic high fidelity and they deliver it to great effect. By the way, if you like Arab or Turkish popular music and have a desire to delve into the related realm of classical music, these are the CDs for you. This is classical music with rhythm you can dance to! The rhythm work, by the way, seems to be done by one Eduardo Paniagua, who also has his own CDs out. As a collaborator with Luis and Begona I suspect his work is probably also great -- I'm eager to buy his CDs and find out! Thank you Luis Delgado and Begona Olavide for introducing me to this music! Send me an e-mail if you are coming to New York, please! We'd love to take you out for a great meal and a night on the town -- just out of gratitude
| MP3 VBR kbps | Incl.Covers | 70 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. 'Ah Ya Muddasin' - From The Nuba: Ram Al-Maya (Libyan Tradition) [02]. 'Ya Muslimin' - From The Nuba: Irak (Libyan Tradition) [03]. A) Insad 'God, Watch over the Singer': B) - Basît - Moaxaja 'Oh to Free Myself', - Moaxaja 'Be Merry and Take Pleasure [04]. C) Qaym Wa Nusf - Moaxaja 'I am Patient With the One I Love' - Zejel 'You Gre Before My Eyes' [05]. D) Btâyhî - Moaxaja 'On a Marvellous Night' - Zejel ' Oh Gazelle Child' - Instrumental work - Zejel ' This Love' [06]. E) Quddâm - Sugl 'They Reproached Me for My Love for You' - Moxaja 'Whilst I Concealed Love [07]. 'Jismi Fani' - From The Nuba Ram al Maya (Algerian Tradition) [08]. 'Ala Ya Mudir Al-Rah' - From The Nuba Asbasayn (Tunisian Tradition) [09]. Qaym Wa Nusf - Moaxaja 'How Sweet is the Nectar in Your Eyes' from the Nuba Isbihana [10]. Quddâm: Instrumental from the Nuba Hidyaz Oriental (Moroccan tradition) Download HERE