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For those with an interest in modern Middle Eastern music, here is an excellent introductory disc to the music that people there (and all over the eastern hemisphere) listen to today. The nature of the singing is traditionally aramaic, but the distinctive chanting styles have a backdrop of electronic instruments using the same phrases and cadences that are played on traditional instruments. The tracks with many of these tracks is that they have a thoroughly western bent. While their nature is 'eastern', the dressing is 'western'. Artists include Alabina, Zehava Ben, Cheb Tarik, Ishtar, Farid, Salim Halali and many others.

[01]. C'est la Vie
[02]. Dik Alila
[03]. Araba
[04]. Sidi Rabi
[05]. Amané
[06]. Elveda
[07]. Je Suis Pendu
[08]. Ya Rayah
[09]. Alabina
[10]. Sidi Mansour
[11]. Babouche
[12]. Mani
[13]. What Will Be
[14]. Lamouni (Ligharou Meni)
[15]. Targit (Morphé) Chant Kabyle
[16]. Sawah [Live]
[17]. Hebbina Hebbina

320 kbps including Covers

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Like an extended jam session post-Coltrane, this album fuses Indian sounds primarily with a saxophone in a relatively free manner. Baluji Shrivastav has been around the fusion scenes of London for some time, and with Re-Orient, aka Jazz Orient, ... Full Descriptionhe's been one of the go-to performers for ARC Records when some contemporary Indian is called for. Here, they fuse jazz and Indian music, along with elements from Middle Eastern music (Hossam Ramzy provides some Egyptian percussion throughout that often mirrors the Indian percussion). Guy Barker and Andy Shappard provide the brass for the fusion, always capably adding in the accentuation needed for the piece at hand. With the palette of sound roving from genre to genre rather often throughout the album, the overall effect is a piece of nice ambient music. It never gets too terribly daring, but it never quite falls flat either (even the elevator music of "The Seven Wonders" comes off as nostalgic exotica more than kitsch). Worth a listen for fans of jazz fusion in a less serious tone than the old John McLaughlin recordings.

Track List
[01]. Blessings
[02]. Pharaoh's Dream
[03]. In Candlelight
[04]. The Way I Feel
[05]. The Seven Wonders
[06]. Taal Manjari - Flowering of Rhythm
[07]. Fruit
[08]. Water Colour
[09]. Spirit of Joy

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Two Tenors & Qantara: Historic Live Recording of Arabic Masters [LIVE]

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Wadi Al-Safi and Sabah Fakhri are two of old-world Arab music's finest singers; multi-instrumentalist Simon Shaheen leads Qantara through a series of twisting, stirring arrangements. It's a theoretically luminous combination, if not always a successful one. Shaheen is occasionally too contemporary in his approach to really lend the singers anything more than cursory support on this live set. The tension, while not always evident, is nonetheless constantly simmering. A historical event with mixed results. ~ Michael Gallucci, All Music Guide

For lovers of both classical Arabic vocal and instrumental music, this state of the art live CD is bound to set a new standard. A rare U.S. appearance of old guard Levantine vocal masters Wadi El Safi (for Anglo fans who've put up with shoddy tapes labelled in slang, aka Wadi Essafi) and Sabah Fakhri, along with young Galilean lion Simon Shaheen's cutting edge orchestra, Qantara, this deeply satisfying evening's worth of music was recorded in Las Vegas, of all places! But you wouldn't know that from either the classy and musically challenging repertoire, or the elegant CD booklet that allows Anglos to follow along with the fuscha/proper Arabic poetry, presented with English translations provided. For second generation Arab-Americans or the linguistically ambitious, the lyrics follow in Arabic, facilitating a learning experience while delighting in the sounds. Before we are introduced to the Two Tenors, Simon Shaheen's spiraling violin lines soar through orchestral interplay with his Qantara (Arabic for Arc or Archway) ensemble on his dazzling composition "Dance Mediterrania." You may have heard a fiddler on a roof, but the exhiliration rises considerably when you've got a precise fiddler spinning ecstatically upon an undulating arch. Shaheen has spent half as many years based in the musically fertile New York scene as he did developing his deep reserves of talent in Phalesteen/Israel. His now out of print "TURATH/HERITAGE" oud recording made in Brooklyn, announced his aesthetics of steeping his artistic growth in the deep reservoire of Arabic classical music. Yet, Shaheen and his remarkably flexible Qantara musicians play even the most traditional of tunes with a hint of the modern. Their creative curiosity is frequently heard getting the best of them. Another New York-based Arabic virtuoso and fountain of harmonic ideas is Bassam Saba, originally of Lebanon, whose flute wizardry is heard here alternating on the symphonic instrument, and traditional Arabic reed variety, known as the nay. Saba has been working with an Arabic jazz group in New York called Myriade, whose debut CD "SOUKOUN" features some of the unexpectedly soothing and tranquil tones that punctuate Shaheen's own demanding and rigorous adherence to formal Arabic maqamaat/modalities. Shaheen's composition, "Al Qantara/The Arch," in both instrumentation and recapitulation of theme, bridges the near eastern and western harmonic spheres. This aural transmigration is aided by Jamey Haddad's complex percussion, and Arturo Martinez's Andalusian guitar work, that is so well complemented by Shaheen's own oud and violin parts, and Saba's beguiling airs. Wadi El Safi is known as the Voice of Lebanon, and his presence adds warmth, wit, and sly romantic elements to the evening. He grew up in a small Lebanese mountain village, and brought a wealth of Lebnani folk tradition to the big city of Beirut, where his more formal musical skills developed. El Safi has a kind of charisma that I don't think most Americans associate with Arab culture. It is gentle, laid back, and funny in a deadpan country (think Andy Griffith) sort of way. When he sings "Ya Hilwa/Oh Pretty Girl" you can just about hear him winking through the speakers. His own song, now considered a standard folk tune "Jannaat/Gardens" is a lovely stroll through Lebanon's more enchanted regions. El Safi acknowledges the devastating toll of civil war and social chaos in his good-humoured redemptive ballad "Ya Ghayibeen/Oh You Are Away," and in the moving poem/song by Zaki Nassiph, "Taalu Habaabna/Our Beloved Are Back." He opens his set with the widely popular staple of his repertoire, "Lebnan/Lebanon." Sabah Fakhri is more than a virtuosic tenor. He is a living repository of the wealth of musical traditions associated with Haleb, or Aleppo, the ancient northern Syrian fortress city. To get an idea of Fakhri's chops, as you are getting blown away by the contoured vocal gusts blowing through your speakers, bear in mind that the Syrian vocal master actually holds the Guiness World Record for non-stop and in perfect pitch singing, clocking in at over 13 consecutive hours. He doesn't have that kind of running time to play with on this CD, but we get an excellent cross-section of his vast and wide-ranging repertoire from muwasheshah (Andalusian or Umayyid religious and/or sensual poetry set to song) to mawwal (improvisational verbal sparring over divine and mortal attributes) to qadd, a style unique to Syria and heard here in the charming "Al Rosana." I would have liked to hear Fakhri draw some on the Mevlevi Sufi tradition for which he is known as an acknowledged musicological researcher and scholar. Many western listeners would be most surprised to learn that Islam produced an ecstatic and sensual spiritual tradition that included, rather than excluded women, and that has been ruthlessly suppressed in the Arabic World after its blossoming under the Turkish Caliphs, and in the nether North African regions of the Islamic Empire. Most satisfying here on this Mondo Melodia release is Sabah Fakhri's arrangement of the traditional "Qadduka Il-Mayyas/Your Swaying Hips." Fakhri's 18-piece (including vocal chorus) Haleb/Aleppo ensemble's setting of "Al Lu'Lu Al Mandood/The Beautifully Set Pearls" is an arranger's marvel. Again, it is Bassam Saba's flutework that rises out of the violin section (6 fiddles), dual cello, Ahmad Yasser Ousta's hand percussion, and Amer Ammouri's spritely oud accompanying Sabah Fakhri's well-tempered tenor on its deep sea dives and airy arcs. This recording should be the cornerstone of any World Music lover's Arabic collection.

[01]. Dance Mediterrania - Simon Shaheen & Qantara
[02]. Lubnan - Wadi Al-Safi
[03]. Jannaat - Wadi Al-Safi
[04]. Tallu Hbaabna - Wadi Al-Safi/Sabah Fakhri/Simon Shaheen & Qantara
[05]. Allah Ma'ik Ya Zanba'a - Wadi Al-Safi
[06]. Ya Ghayibeen - Wadi Al-Safi
[07]. Ya Hilwa - Wadi Al-Safi
[08]. Al-Laylu Ya Layla - Wadi Al-Safi/Wadi Al-Safi Group
[09]. Al Qantara - Simon Shaheen & Qantara
[10]. Al-Lu'Lu' Al-Mandood - Sabah Fakhri
[11]. Qadduka 'I-Mayyaas - Sabah Fakhri
[12]. Min'Ees/Ya Raakibi I-Hamra/Saah Tayri I-Hamaam - Sabah Fakhri
[13]. Ya Maali 'Sh-Shaam - Sabah Fakhri
[14]. Wihyaat 'Inayya - Sabah Fakhri/Sabah Fakhri Group
[15]. 'Al Rosana - Sabah Fakhri

MP3 192 kbps Incl. Front Cover


Ognjen i Prijatelji - Complete discography

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Ognjen Popovic graduated from the Munich School of Music in 1999, gaining distinction on the clarinet. Soon after this he incorporated into his own compositions the music of his homeland of Serbia and the Balkans. In his native town of Pancevo in 1998 Ognjen with some friends put together a band to play a 'concoction of everything inherent to the Balkans: a rebellious nature, despair, wailing, immense sorrow, unrestrained temperament and a joy for life. All files contain 5% recovery information in case downloaded rar files are damaged. Password for all files: http://worldmusic.nnm.ru Album: Balkan rumba (2001) 192 kbps CBR MP3 | 83,26 MB | 2001 | Serbia | Axifile Tracklist: 1. Na svadbi (5'25") 2. Kol'ko para, tol'ko muzike (2'35") 3. Babylein (3'19") 4. Domnul Brahms (3'16") 5. Moj san (2'59") 6. Friends (2'26") 7. Sedam godina (2'55") 8. Suite a la Romales (2'11") 9. Vino la Mine (3'16") 10. Carigrad (3'36") 11. Banat Groove (6'54") 12. Balkan Rumba (3'22") 13. Zamfirescu (5'14") 14. Pejzaz (3'14") Total playing time: 50'42" DOWNLOAD On their debut album "Balkan Rumba", Ognjen i Prijatelji present a compelling and skilful approach to the music of the Balkans. Simultaneously composer, score writer and soloist, playing three instruments (clarinet, saxophone, caval) Ognjen Popovic, alongside his friends-musicians, shows both courage and competence in creating a new musical space from familiar sounds. Musicians: Ognjen Popovic - Clarinet, Kaval, Saxophone Vladimir Nikic - Bass Sorin Boljanac - Accordion Vlada Jovanov - Percussion Mihajlo Jovic - Double Bass Philip Jundt - Flute Vlada Jankovic - Guitar Samu Kis - Clarinet Guest: Valentina Tirmenstajn - violin on Balkan Rumba Album: Brate frate (2002) 192 kbps CBR MP3 | 79,18 MB | 2002 | Serbia Tracklist: 1. Uvertira (1'43") 2. Tetka Jana (2'27") 3. Pan (5'39") 4. Ponovo zajedno (4'46") 5. Bavarija (4'09") 6. Iz dana u dan (3'02") 7. Slatkica (2'32") 8. Mara (3'18") 9. Brate frate (2'12") 10. Mocartova popevka Von Ognjen (3'26") 11. Svadba (3'05") 12. 013 (3'19") 13. Ana (4'08") 14. Zaboravljena zemlja (4'14") Total playing time: 48'35" DOWNLOAD Compared to his previous release this is a somewhat more lively set from Ognjen. Joined by more of his friends with the clarinet and saxophone to the fore. Ognjen Popovic graduated from the Munich School of Music in 1999, gaining distinction on the clarinet. Soon after this he incorporated into his own compositions the music of his homeland of Serbia and the Balkans Musicians: Ognjen Popovic - Clarinet, Saxophone Ksenija Milosevic - violin Bojan Nikolic - accordion Mihajlo Jovic - Double Bass Samu Kis - Clarinet Vlada Jankovic - Guitar Slobodan Geric - Bass Vlada Jovanov - Percussion Goran Milosevic - Percussion Album: Tandara mandara (2004) 192 kbps CBR MP3 | 61,6 MB | 2004 | Serbia Tracklist: 1. Traktorce 2. Dzeronino 3. Pelisterska 4. Strujno Kolo 5. Kako Mi Bude 6. Sandoval 7. Matora 8. Kosovka 9. Lunina Uspavanka 10. Tandara Mandara 11. Tulumba Total playing time: 35" DOWNLOAD Musicians: Ognjen Popovic - Clarinet, Saxophone Ksenija Milosevic - violin, voice Bojan Nikolic - accordion Mihajlo Jovic - Double Bass Samu Kis - Clarinet Vlada Jankovic - Guitar Slobodan Geric - Bass Vlada Jovanov - Percussion Goran Milosevic - Percussion Guests: Sasa Borovic - violin Aleksander Grujic - keyboards Brankica Vasic - Vasilisa - voice

Scents Of Spring

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Track Listings
[01]. Tannh User
[02]. Danny Boy
[03]. Shining Wheel 24 (Two Four)
[04]. Running High
[05]. The Slow Dancer
[06]. Bridge Over Troubled Water
[07]. Thais Meditation For Opera
[08]. A Wakening Time
[09]. Red Dragon Fly
[10]. Yesterday
[11]. Whispering Hope
[12]. When A Man Loves A Woman
[13]. Those Were The Days
[14]. The Last Rose Of Summer

| MP3 VBR kbps | Incl. Covers | 2007 |


World Network Series Vol. [36-49]

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The WorldNetwork Series Vol. [1-20]
The WorldNetwork Series Vol. [1-35]

World Network Vol. 36 Australia,
Rhythms from the Outer Core
The didjeridu is made from the trunk of a eucalyptus tree that has been eaten by termites. It is without doubt one of the oldest instrument in the world. It is played with circular breathing and produces a mysterious sound that is rich in overtones. Because it is rare to find recordings of didjeridu music on the market (as a general rule there are 10 recordings by "white" players to one by an Aborigine), Christian Scholze set off for Australia with the specific aim of recording two of the greatest didjeridu virtuosos playing with composer and connoisseur of the traditional music scene Michael Atherton and numerous guests.

At the lips of didjeridu players Mark Atkins and Janawirri Yiparrka, the continuous stream of air becomes modulated into natural desert and steppe sounds, into old tribal songs and polyphonic melodies with break-neck rhythms. In the studio it was possible to fulfil the dream of recording the didjeridu being played with various other instruments: longer original compositions were created in which the didjeridus harmonised marvellously with bouzouki, accordion, dobro, hurdy-gurdy, soprano saxophone and flute. The session ended in a percussion fireworks that enticed formerly unheard-of sounds from the didjeridus. Ankala produce a sound in which the didjeridu combines organically with the various other instruments in order to tell about the heat and breadth of the country and its age-old culture.

| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl.Covers | 85 MB |

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World Network Vol. 37 azerbaijan,
The Legendary Art of Mugham
Wherever Alim Qasimov performs, he arouses overwhelming emotions and inspires journalists to veritable hymns of praise. His dramatic renditions, the virtuosity of his singing, and his vibrant tones have earned him the attribute "the magical voice" (Le Monde). This serious newspaper went on to make the following daring prediction: "In the not too distant future, his name will shine like that of Nusrat Fatek Ali Khan." The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung spoke of a "vocal miracle: each individual tone expresses fundamental emotions, the graceful beauty and atmospheric density of the music spans hours, even centuries, creating moments that are eternal. His perfect coloratura seems to soar over canyon-like distances with weightless ease, never artificial." Alim Qasimov is accompanied by two of his country’s most acclaimed musicians on the long-necked lute, tar, and the spike fiddle, kemanche. With instinctive assurance, they anticipate each note, illumining it with instrumental proficiency. Together they form the most popular Mugham trio in Azerbaijan. This is an already historical document of their much-lauded WDR concert in Cologne, during which Alim Qasimov introduced his 18-year-old daughter Ferganah for the first time, "the warm timbre and astonishing maturity of whose trained voice resound like a low-pitched bell". (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)
| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl.Front Cover | 95 MB |

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World Network Vol. 38 Uzbekistan: A Haunting Voice
This CD submerges the listener in the musical culture of Uzbekistan. The main attraction is the voice of the country’s most distinguished traditional singer, Munadjat Yulchieva, whose dark vibrant tones already exerted their particular fascination on "Sufi Soul". Meantime, the unique quality of Munadjat’s voice, her power of expression, and her natural charisma have charmed audiences in the most eminent international concert halls, where sometimes people are so touched as to shed tears, as was recently the case in London. These recordings were made by Network in spring 1997 at the radio and television studio in Tashkent, the capital of the Central Asian state of Uzbekistan. The famous rubab player and professor at the Tashkent conservatoire Shavkat Mirzaev complemented his ensemble with additional outstanding local soloist so as to be able to present all his country’s countless instruments and styles. The lutes, string instruments and zithers played on this recording demand great concentration and skill in order to achieve the incredible glissando and vibrato effects. They are joined by flutes and percussion. The slow hypnotic build-up in the pieces ends in a dramatic climax during which the tremendous mastery of the singer and the ensemble highlight whole new facets of the melody.
| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl.Covers | 102 MB |

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World Network Vol. 39 China: The Sound of Silk and Bamboo
In Chinese music, the zheng zither is the favourite solo instrument and has been played and revered for more than 1,000 years. Alongside the pipa lute, also called the queen of instruments, it is looked upon as the most subtle instrument in the Chinese repertoire. At the hands of a master, it brings forth ethereal harmonies and the finest glissandi. In classical compositions for the zheng, meditative-contemplative melodies are resolved in dramatic climaxes. Silence is as important as sound. The poetically iconic titles of the pieces are reflected in corresponding contents, music as intoned philosophy. Louis Chen is regarded as the most outstanding virtuoso of the southern Chinese zheng school. Professor at the University of Hong Kong, he has been performing publicly for forty years and has gained worldwide popularity for the zheng repertoire. Ya Dong has been playing the pipa since she was six years old and gave her first solo concerts at the age of 13. She worked as a lecturer at the School of Music in Shanghai and has been awarded numerous prizes (among them the Chinese National Prize for Solo Playing). As a contrast to the solo and duet pieces with the pipa, virtuoso performances on three other instruments are included: the Chinese violin or erh-hu, whose history can be traced back more than 3,000 years, the sheng, the great-grandmother of the mouth organ, and the ti-tse or flute. One of the highpoints in the much-lauded WDR concert series "Nachtmusik" is finally available on CD.
| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | No Covers | 95 MB |

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World Network Vol. 40 Venezuela,
Venzeuela: Fredy Renya/Lilia Vera/Serenata Guyanesa/Trio Llanero
Popular music in Venezuela emanated from a meeting of three cultures: the five-thousand-year-old musical traditions of the indigenous peoples became mixed with the Arab-Andalusian songs and dances of the Spanish conquerors and the complex sound patterns of the music of the African slaves forced to work along the Caribbean coast of Venezuela. These manifold ethnic and multicultural melting-processes turned Venezuela into a country of Mestizos. The complex tones, the numerous rhythmic variations and the virtuosity it demands of the singers of its folk poetry, have made Venezuelan folk music one of Latin America’s most attractive. Prominence is given here to the national instrument, the cuatro, a small, multi-stringed guitar that requires a high degree of musicality and dexterity. Other string instruments included on this recording are the guitar, the mandolin, the bandola, the harp, plus drums and maracas. The songs and dance and instrumental pieces are performed by Venezuela’s most renowned interpreters: Lilia Vera, the illustrious voice of Venezuelan folk music and winner of numerous national and international prizes; four thorough-bred musicians forming the Serenata Guayanesa who have been exploring their country’s musical tradition for 25 years and have become almost synonymous with Venezuelan music, from traditional rhythms to coffee house music; Fredy Reyna, who made the cuatro famous all over the world; and the Trio Llanero, who in the late 1970s became the highly successful heirs of the country’s harp-playing tradition.
| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl.Covers | 110 MB |

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World Network Vol. 41 Romania,
Wild Sounds from Transylvania, Wallachia & Moldavia
Decades ago, the WDR recording team travelled around Romania so as to capture the country’s wide range of folk music in pristine form. Taraf de Haiduks, a gypsy orchestra who meantime enjoy worldwide fame, have been invited to Cologne several times over the past years. These recordings confirm that music is still an essential element in everyday life in Romania and that ancient melodies that have been handed down orally are still surviving in "newer" arrangements without losing any of their charm. The CD introduces excellent musicians who have been playing since their childhood and have attained a remarkable virtuosity. Solo and ensemble pieces serve to unveil the complex and rich musical culture of Transylvania, Wallachia and Moldavia: the inimitable sound of the gypsy orchestra, called Taraf, with its vertiginous dance rhythms and heart-rending ballads; the warm, yearning tone of the singing, the flute, the ocarina and the taragot, a saxophone-like instrument; a "daemonic" violinist; the unfamiliar sounds of the vioara cu goarna or violin with a horn, of a female alpenhorn ensemble, and of the cimpoi, the Romanian bagpipes. In their sheer enjoyment of music Taraf de Haidouks almost explode, as do the Fanfare Ciocarlia, a brass band who introduce themselves as follows: "We are one of the last gypsy orchestras of our kind in Romania with a rich repertoire and an old tradition, and, we are the fastest." Little wonder that some experts say "the best party music is to be found in Romania".
| MP3 192 kbps | No Covers | 95 MB |

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World Network Vol. 42 Mali,
The Divas from Mali
These four outstanding veterans of the epic songs of Mali’s two largest ethnic groups spirit us far back into the history of the country’s ballad tradition. In the 13th century, Mali extended over an area that was almost the size of Europe. The singers look back with pride on this history. Whereas in former times music-making was the exclusive domain of men, since the country gained its independence women have secured themselves a position and range far ahead of the men on the popularity scale. It was Oumou Sangaré who made the Wassoulou sound with its funky rhythms world famous. She combines traditional and modern instruments and weaves new sound patterns into old melodies. A beautiful traditional recording introduces Sali Sidibé. Kandia Kouyaté is the grande dame of Manding song, and for many years she was the soloist with the National Ensemble. Under the starry canopy of the Sahara her powerful and seductive voice would charm any audience. Mah Damba too is from one of the country’s dynasties of great musicians. As in the case of Kandia Kouyaté, we hear her in the traditional trio ensemble with a balaphon player and a player of the "royal" kora or harp.
| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl.Covers | 110 MB |

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World Network Vol. 43 Haiti,
Ti-Coca, Toto Bissainthe
In Haiti, the most "African" country in the Caribbean, the drums are the guardians of voodoo, while the rhythms and songs of the local troubadours keep the Black heritage alive. Ti-Coca and his musicians take us to the roots of the Merengue, a high-tech variation of which is played in the neighbouring Dominican Republic. The Haitian version is smoother and less jittery. Other local dances evoke the music of voodoo ceremonies, bringing them to the dance halls. Simbi the sea god and Dambala the serpent god celebrate a party together. Ti-Coca is a caribbean dandy with a voice reminiscent of some of the great Cuban voices of the past. Accompanied by accordion, double bass, banjo and drums, he sings with a band whose understated approach gently revives traditional musical forms in a way that is truly sensational. By including recordings of the late Toto Bissainthe, we pay homage to this grande dame of Haiti whose vocal improvisations enthralled audiences in the 70s.
| MP3 320 kbps | Incl.Front Cover | 135 MB |

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World Network Vol. 44 Peru,
...,Los Romanticos de Sicay, A mi patria
Peru’s great geographic and ethnic diversity and its chequered history are all reflected in the enormous variety of its musical traditions. This CD is the first to present music from all over the country, providing a broad insight into the music of the coast and the mountains, played on a wealth of different flutes, percussion and stringed instruments and featuring such outstanding soloists as charango player Jaime Guardia and violinist M?ximo Dami?n. Down the centuries, since the days of the Spanish conquistadores, European and Black African musical elements have forged a fascinating synthesis. Carmen Fl?rez draws from the wellspring of Creole tradition and her voice can lend the simplest of songs all the depth of a cante jondo. Susana Banca, often described as the lyrical voice of Peru, proudly sings of the sufffering and rebellion of her forebears, in the rhythms of the sugar plantations and cotton fields of the north and south coasts and Lima’s ethnic melting pot. Guitarrist Félix Casaverde is renowned as one of the finest interpreters of Peruvian coastal music.
| MP3 320 kbps | Incl. Covers | 165 MB |

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World Network Vol. 45 Tunesia,
Sonia M’Barek Takht
This young Tunisian singer is one of the most interesting new talents to emerge in the world of classical Arab singing. She grew up in a family that she describes as "conservative but passionate in their enthusiasm for music" and, even as a child, accompanied by her grandmother, she sang maalouf. This traditional "classical" Tunisian musical form, so closely linked to the musical heritage of Libya, Algeria and Morocco, has its roots in medieval Andalusia. Traditionally sung by male choirs, it was not until the 1930s that women also began to perform it. Sonia M’Barek has made this genre into an intimate solo repertoire, developing it with her own distinctive approach. For this unique WDR recording session, she personally selected the finest of musicians to accompany her on violin and kementche, on the nay flute, the Arab qanoun zither, the oud lute, cello and percussion. Apart from a voice of enormous expressive power, she also has a thorough musical training. Little did she imagine, when she made her public debut at the age of eight, that by the age of twenty she would be leading her own ensemble. In Tunisia, she is a star. The French press (Figaro) has hailed her as a "modern diva", claiming that "this lovely young woman has enchanted the world with her sensual and enrapturing voice."
| MP3 320 kbps | Incl. Covers | 170 MB |

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World Network Vol. 46: Greece - Epirus,
Petro-Loukas Chalkia & Kompania
Scintered by high mountains, on the border to Albania, in north-west Greece, lies Epirus. Here, in this remote region, a musical tradition based on ancient Byzantine musical scales has survived. The main instruments are clarinet, violin, lute and the defi frame-drum. The laments, with their complex ornamentation, and the upbeat wedding dances, are legendary. The Chalkias brothers come from a long line of musicians, and their family has shaped the musical life of the region for centuries. As a young shepherd, Petro-Loukas made his first simple clarinet and performed at weddings. Today, he is regarded as the last living virtuoso in the great clarinet tradition of Epirus. Famed for his incredible improvisational abilities, he has toured worldwide and has been invited to countless festivals. His brother, Achilleas, accompanies him divinely on violin, with a touch as raw as it is sensual. They are joined by Christos Zotos on lute, a musician in great demand as a soloist for his skilful improvisations on the basis of traditional scales. These Network recordings, made in Athens, document a musical dialogue of enormous sensitivity.
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World Network Vol. 47: Armenia,
Heavenly Duduk
The warm, nasal tones of the duduk played by Djivan Gasparayan has enchanted us for years. Armenia’s most famous musician is a living legend, whose reputation has reached Hollywood, where he has created the soundtracks for The Crow, The Siege, The Russia House, for the films of Atom Egoyan and many others. He has won countless prizes, including UNESCO awards. Since the 60s, he has toured the world several times, even playing at the Kremlin for Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev. Brian Eno described one of his albums as "without a doubt one of the most beautiful and most soulful recordings I have ever heard". No wonder that many regard him as the world’s leading duduk virtuoso. There is probably no other woodwind instrument with a softer sound, and the folk music of Armenia seems to harbour a positively inexhaustible store of ballads, performed on this Netowrk recording by Djivan Gasparyan and his fellow musicians with tangible emotion.
Alt text
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World Network Vol. 48 Pakistan,
Sindhi Soul Session
Sindh, the southern province of Pakistan, is considered to be the true home of the wandering mystics and ascetics known as dervishes. Every year, the world’s biggest Sufi music festival takes place here. Hundreds of thousands of people gather at the shrine of Sufi mystic Shah Abdul Latif to mark the anniversary of his death. Music is a key element in the celebrations, for the night-long performances of music held by Shah Latif in the eighteenth century are legendary. This CD presents the most outstanding virtuoso musicians: the exalted voice of the legendary Sohrab Fakir; Mohamed Fakir, one of the last great performers of the extremely difficult stringed instrument surando, whose improvisations verge on pure jazz; soloists on the double flute alghoza and the bamboo flute bansuri that have been played here for thousands of years. The alghoza evokes, as no other instrument can, an image of endless camel rides through the heat of the Sindh desert. This is a truly impressive document of the ancient and still vital Sufi tradition.
| MP3 320 kbps | Incl. Covers | 150 MB |

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World Network Vol. 49 Japan,
Master Of Shakuhachi
It is hard to believe the sounds that can be produced by a bamboo pipe with five finger holes and no mouthpiece. In the hands of a master who has concentrated for decades solely on this "simple" instrument, the breath is modulated to describe the sounds of nature and the "singing bamboo" blossoms once again. Subtle changes in tonality create infinite variations on the long individual note, using an astonishingly broad range of microtones and dynamic shading to achieve a rich tapestry of sound that makes listening a fascinating new experience. Tajima Tadashi is such a master, an almost esoteric sorcerer of sound whose playing may be described as distinctly meditative and introverted. The solo repertoire of the shakuhachi allows the player enormous freedom to develop a highly individual sound. In Zen Buddhism, this instrument is regarded as a tool of meditation. Tajima Tadashi learned his art from one of the great masters and is regarded today as one of the best and most versatile shakuhachi players in all Japan. The winner of many awards, he presents his art at concerts throughout the world and also trains young players.
| MP3 VBR kbps | Incl. Covers | 105 MB |

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Arabianight 3 (Club & Chillout classics)

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| MP3 VBR kbps | Incl.Front Cover | 170MB | May 2007 | TRACK LISTINGS The casbah Disc: 1 01.Mohammed Reda - Machi Hak Alik 02.Cheikha Rimitti - Daouni 03.Cheb Mami Feat.Zaho - Halili 04.Ramy Sabri - Habeebi El Awalani 05.Dam - Al Huriye Unt'a 06.Malik Adouane - Love's Theme 07.Biyouna - Taali 08.Akli D - Ar Paris 09.Mohamed Mounir - Min Min 10.Feker - Einti 11.The Reg Project - Je T'aime (Wo Ai Ni) 12.Jannat - Gideed 13.Said Mrad - Nagham 14.Yara - Ayam 15.Rim Banna - The Voice the Fragrance and the Figure The majlis Disc: 2 01.Hamaki - Baaet Aada 02.Tamer Hosni - Ba'eech 03.Warda - An El Awan 04.Nancy Ajram - Oul Tani Eyh 05.Bilal - Kharejelha Tay Tay 06.Wael Jassar - Al Alb Ma'ak 07.Darine Hadchiti - Ba'ad Kelmi 08.Djamel Laroussi - Kifach Hilti 09.Jawanna Mallah - Menni 10.Eli Attieh - Ali Baba 11.Amine - My Girl(Arabic Version) 12.Bushra & Sherif - Makanak 13.Carole Samaha - Adwa'al Shohra 14.Soma - Abelna 15.Best of Belly Beats - Freedom Download Part One Download Part Two Pw : WeLove-music

Ricky King - Love Me Tender

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| MP3 VBR kbps | Incl.Covers | 70 MB | 2007 | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Love Story [02]. Love Me Tender [03]. Yesterday [04]. Goodbye My Love, Goodbye [05]. Doctor Zhivago - Main Theme [06]. Strangers in the Night [07]. Le Réve [08]. Maria [09]. Don't Cry for Me Argentina [10]. Samba Pa Ti [11]. Song Song Blue [12]. Verde [13]. El Condor Pasa [14]. Spanish Eyes [15]. If You Could Read My Mind [16]. Delilah Download HERE

Ultimate Jazz

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| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl.Covers | 55 MB |2007 | TRACK LISTINGS [01].Hauncey Morehouse & Frankie Trumbauer - Three Blind Mice [02].Cole Porter - Night And Day [03].Stephane Grappelli & Django Reinhardt - Black And White [04].Bob Haggart & Nappy Lamare & Matty Matlock - Dixieland Shuffle [05].Irving Berlin - Alexander's Ragtime Band [06].Irving Berlin - You'll First Have To Swing It [07].Charlie Parker - Steeplechase [08].Sidney Bechet With Hunphrey Lyttleton And His Band - I Told You Once I Told You Twice (Traditiona) [09].Clarence Williams - Lady Luck Blues [10].Dizzy Gillespie & Frank Paparelli - Interlude (A Night In Tunisia) [11].Ralph Raigner - Bluebirds In The Moonlight [12].Harold Arlen & Ted Koewler - Stormy Weather [13].Hoagy Carmichael - Stardust [14].Charlie Parker - Bird Of Paradise [15].Benny Goodman & Jack Teagarden - Texas Tea Party [16].Fred Ahlert - Mean To Me [17].Joe Mccoy - Why Don't You Do Right [18].Jerry Gray & Carl Sigman - Pennsylvania 6-5000 [19].Ben Bernie & Kenneth Casey & Maceo Pinkard - Sweet Georgia Brown [20].Thelonious Monk - Mysterioso [21].Eddy Duchin & Lew Sherwood - My Twilight Dream [22].Eddy Duchin & Lew Sherwood - Can't Help Loving Dat Man Download HERE

Secret Observatory & Electronic Atmospheres

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Credits to Araglin Between Interval - Secret Observatory 87 mb | 320 KBPS VBR Four long-form mixes of timeless dimensionless atmospheres, traverse the abyss of space, seeking - and finding - glimpses of other, distant worlds. Through a powerful imaginary "telescope" comprised of delicate harmonics, sublime electronic tonalities, and deep space atmospherics, trance-electronic composer Between Interval searches the skies, discovering beauty and darkness throughout, and revealing with real purpose the co-existence of the past, present, and the future. 01 Garden of the Divine (18:15) 02 Surreptitious Ritual (14:53) 03 Forested Veins (14:30) 04 Entropy (8:41) Download HERE Jordan Pontell - Electronic Atmospheres 96 mb | 320 KBPS VBR On this 70-minute instrumental disc, short repetitive lines play over vast droning harmonic tonal structures and dissolve into otherworldly atmospheres which unobtrusively draw listeners inward.Pontell's minimalist soundscapes are not "new-agey," although each track creates a calming sonic space, perfect for meditation, or yoga. Jordan Pontell is an accomplished multi-disciplinary artist and musician from New York, who now lives and works in Hollywood. He has studied nada-yoga (the yoga of sound) with Sri Hanuman and bass with Buddy Booker. Pontell has composed meditation music for Sarah Shapiro's Chakra Healing tape series, as well as scores for Claude Convers, artist Caitlin Masley and filmmaker Benjamin Landshoff. 01 Mahayoga (The Highest Union) (34: 52) 02 Kshara-Purusha (The Perishable World-Soul) Download HERE Medwyn Goodall - Medicine Woman III: The Rising 320 vbr, 70 MB 1. Invocation Part 3 2. Farewell To The Darkness 3. Faith 4. Sherpa 5. Divinity 6. Hymn For The Loss Of Innocence 7. Temple Journey Part 2 Download HERE

World Network Series Vol. [1-35]

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In the Western world, "World music" refers either to music that doesn't fall into the North American and British pop or folk traditions or to hybrids of various indigenous musics. Certain styles -- such as Jamaican reggae or Latin pop -- grew large enough to be classified as their own genre, but everything else, from traditional Chinese music to African folk, is classified as world music. Worldbeat is something different than world music, since it's usually the result of Western hybrids and fusions, yet it still falls under the world music umbrella because it borrows styles, sounds and instrumentation from various indigenous musics.
World Network Vol. 01: India: Raga Purya Kalyan World Network
World Network Vol. 02: Georgia World Network
World Network Vol. 03: Iran: Dastagh Chahargah World Network
World Network Vol. 04: Crete: Son Of Psiloritis World Network
World Network Vol. 05: Argentina: Quejas De Bandoneon World Network
World Network Vol. 06: USA: Conversation With The River - Blues World Network
World Network Vol. 07: Zimbabwe: Mbira World Network
World Network Vol. 08: Eurasia: Mitos World Network
World Network Vol. 09: South Africa: Cologne Zulu Festival World Network
World Network Vol. 10: Turkey: Caz Roman

World Network Vol. 11: Portugal: Variacoes-Guitarra Portuguesa
World Network Vol. 12: Korea: Seoul Ensemble Of Traditional Music
World Network Vol. 13: Colombia: Music from the Tropical Rainforest
World Network Vol. 14: USA: Parlez Nous A Boire - Cajun
World Network Vol. 15: France..Gypsy Music from the Heart of Europe
World Network Vol. 16: Ireland: Treasures of Irish Music
World Network Vol. 17: Brazil: Samba E Choro Negro
World Network Vol. 18: Madagascar: Music of Madagascar
World Network Vol. 19: Israel - Giora Feidman - Yiddish Soul
World Network Vol. 20: Pakistan: Raga Dabari Kanarra

World Network Vol. 21: Tuva:
Throat-Singing from the Center of Asia
At the "end of the world" or, to be more exact, in the geographical center of Asia, between Siberia and Mongolia, lies the small republic of Tuva. We would still know nothing of Tuva, were it not for this strange and remarkable song, even admired by the overtone experts of the west! The phenomenal overtone or throat-singing, which the Tuvians evoke from their throats and vocal chords, is among the most astonishing vocal forms in the world. But what may appear to the listener as throat-artistry, (how can a person sing two vocal lines at the same time?), is the expression and reflection of the centuries-old nomadic life of the herders and cattle-breeders in the solitude of the steppes, the remote mountain valleys, or the Taiga forests. With digital recordings straight from Tuva and the excellent studio recordings made by the WDR (West German Radio and Television Network), this CD presents a fascinating spectrum of the Tuvinian art of the Ch??mej, in which the magical sounds of horse-head violins and the Jew’s harp, carry you away, heart and soul, into the vastness of the Tuvinian landscape. "The Tuva Ensemble is one of the most incredible vocal ensembles in the world. When they open their mouths, you hear notes that you never even knew existed. This music has an almost surreal quality." (Toronto Star) "Anyone interested in that extraordinary instrument, the human voice, can hardly get around these recordings from Tuva." (FolkRoots)
| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl. Front Cover | 90 MB |

Download HERE

World Network Vol. 22: Mexico: Raiz Viva
This is authentic Mexican folk music both old and new, featuring the virtuoso harp music of the Huicani trio who skilfully interweave Andalusian and African influences, Amparo Ochoa and Los Folkloristas who are the leading representatives of the nueva canci?n and guardians of the rich heritage of Indian and Black musical traditions, and Los Camperos whose violinist the German music press has hailed as "the mountain Paganini". On a wide range of guitar-like and other string instruments, percussion, flutes, violins and harps, and with exquisitely arranged vocals, the musicians on this album provide a hitherto unparalleled survey of Mexico’s vibrant music scene.
| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl.Covers | 90 MB |

Download HERE

World Network Vol. 23: Gambia:
Salam-New Kora Music
Tata Dindin, whose real name is Ebraima Jobarteh, is descended from the family which, for generations, has produced the greatest kora players. True mastery of the kora harp, revered in West Africa as "the instrument of kings", requires enormous technical skill. In Tata Dindin’s performance, "a microcosm of African traditions is woven on the loom of magical rhythms and meditative playing". (Journal Frankfurt) In his hands, the strings of the kora produce sounds so plaintively songlike that they really get under your skin. Tata Dindin’s breathtaking virtuosity, his gentle and emotively expressive voice and his original compositions based on ancient traditions have made him one of the country’s most popular musician and a youth idol. "Tata Dindin draws warm, clear tones from the gourd of his kora and packs his lyrics with messages to the young people of the world, uniting the audience in an experience that defies description." (Mainzer Rhein-Zeitung)
| MP3 256 kbps |

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World Network Vol.24 - The Alps :
Music from the Old World
The authenic Alpine music presented on this album has a rich tradition. No archive in the world has a collection of classic Alpine folk music to vie with that of the German broadcasting corporation WDR. Keyboards and kitsch have been eschewed on this album, which is intended to introduce listeners to the region’s wide range of styles, instruments and traditions. Alphorn players, yodellers and "Schwyzer?rgeli" (accordian) players, the most famous bands and the Appenzeller Space Sch?ttl with their rather tongue-in-cheek approach to the music of their homeland. At their Cologne gig, the Cittoller Tanzgeiger from Steiermark astonished the audience with some truly electrifying centuries-old music, while the Familie Engel from Tyrol have a distinctly Baroque chamber music sound. The sentimental songs of the Inntaler S?nger are subtly accompanied on the zither. And if you never knew a saxophone could yodel, just wait until you hear the jazzy Bavarian folk music of the Interpreten.
| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | No Covers | 95 MB |

Download HERE

World Network Vol. 25: Spain
Carmen Linares - Desde el alma - Cante Flamenco en vivo

Alt text
| EAC-APE - 260 MB | Full Cover Scans | MP3 320 Kbps - 120 MB |


[01]. Fandangos De Huelva (Ya No VA Mi Nina)
[02]. Malaguenas Y Rondena (Ni A Trios)
[03]. Tangos (Por La Calle Vienen)
[04]. Seguiriyas (Sin Apelacion)
[05]. Romeras (De Que Te Sirve El Saber)
[06]. Martinetes (Por Que La Lunita Crece)
[07]. Tientos (Acordandome De Ti)
[08]. Cartagenera Y Taranta (Adonde Vamos Dios Mio)
[09]. Bulerias (A Mi Lucia)
Carmen Linares is widely acknowledged as the greatest living Flamenco singer. In Spain, where she has won many major competitions, including the Arte Flamenco, she is known as the Queen of Song. Her breathtakingly expressive voice vibrates with passion as she plumbs the dark depths and brilliant heights of the cante flamenco. Carmen Linares is accompanied by a percussionist and two guitarists who follow every nuance of her voice in the true Flamenco tradition, with an almost uncanny ability to anticipate each change of mood, however sudden or subtle. While Straight No Chaser, bible of the British acid jazz scene, claimed that "Linares has been the foremost exponent of Spain’s most intoxicating vocal style since 1968. There is an urgency and naked passion surrounding Carmen Linares’ work which defies all clichés"; this is how the London listings magazine Time Out put it: "She torques around the gaps of conventional diatonic tuning as a muezzin does. Her flamenco is so concentrated that you hear only music."
EAC-APE [ 260 MB]

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World Network Vol. 26:
Russia: Road Of The Gypsies
This is Russian gypsy music performed with consummate mastery. Their sell-out Frankfurt concert, recorded on this album, prompted the leading German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung to write: "Nobody wanted to let them leave the stage. Musicians through and through, they really gave everything in this concert. Virtuoso dances, gentle romances, melancholy minor keys and a capella song – Loyko know exactly how to draw out the very quintessence of musicianship. With sharp-witted irony, they interpret the musical treasures of Eastern Europe which have developed into an independent genre in Russia and have influenced Russian music. Loyko add their own special touch with some unique arrangements and skilful tempi." Another leading German daily, the Süddeutsche Zeitung, was no less enthusiastic: "With exquisite a capella singing the trio goes straight to the very soul of the audience."
Alt text

| MP3 320 kbps | Incl. Covers | 120 MB |

[01]. All the Cards
[02]. Heyka
[03]. Vagabond
[04]. Telema
[05]. Korobochka
[06]. Turn and Spin
[07]. Smelka
[08]. Kumushka
[09]. Road of the Gypsies
[10]. Who Goes There
[11]. Brahms
[12]. Brothers in Law
[13]. Lautary
[14]. Gulya

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World Network Vol. 27: Syria
Hamza Shakkûr & Ensemble al-Kindî,
Takasim & Sufi Chants from Damaskus
The recordings of the Ensemble al-Kindî provide a rare opportunity of discovering authentic Arabian music. The songs and instrumental pieces combine inner tranquility with a sensuality of great beauty. Sheikh Hamza Shakkûr, leader of the Whirling Dervishes of Damascus, is a singer who draws deep upon the living tradition of the Sufi. Le Monde has hailed him as "the greatest interpreter of Syrian Sufi singing." The Ensemble al Kindî do more than accompany Shakkûr’s singing; they highlight his technical and artistic skills superbly. The brilliant flautist °bd al-Salâm Safar has profoundly influenced a whole generation of flautists. Adil Shams al-Dîn is regarded as Egypt’s leading classical percussionist. Julien Jalâl al-Dîn Weiss, from France, has made a name for himself in the Arab world and elsewhere as a virtuoso qanun (zither) player.
| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps kbps | Incl.Covers | 90 MB |

Download HERE

World Network Vol. 28: Afghanistan:
A Journey To An Unknown Musical World
Shortly before Afghanistan was struck by the disaster of a war which has all but extinguished the country’s traditional musical culture, a team from the German broadcasting corporation WDR travelled the length and breadth of the land, making 200 individual recordings and documenting the vast diversity of local and regional styles. As the most detailed musical documentation ever to have been conducted in Afghanistan, it has saved the country’s musical heritage from total oblivion. Afghanistan’s musical styles are as diverse and fascinating as the many different ethnic groups who inhabit this country of contrasts. Through the centuries, at the crossroads of major cultures, Afghanistan has developed not only a virtuoso singing tradition, but also a highly sophisticated string instrumental style and exciting percussion styles. From the vast collection of the WDR archives, we have selected some of the most heart-rending ballads, the most trance-like violin and percussion cycles and the most bluesy call-and-response vocals.
| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | No Covers | 100 MB |

Download HERE

World Network Vol. 29 Senegal,
Yandé Codou Sène & Youssou N'Dour
With this CD, Network presents a world premiere in more than one sense. Sensational recordings of two of Africa’s great voices: Youssou N’Dour, according to Peter Gabriel "the most beautiful voice in the world", and Yandé Codou Sène, the diva of the Serer people, whose music has never been documented before. It has always been Youssou N’Dour’s dream to record with his idol. So it was hardly surprising that this connoisseur and fan of the WorldNetwork series immediately grasped the opportunity of inviting her to join him at the studio in Dakar for this truly historic meeting. We hear traditional songs by the praise singer of the former Senegalese president Leopold Sedar Senghor together with her choir, accompanied by drummers and the local riti fiddle. Even Youssou N’Dour was overwhelmed by the impromptu polyphonic music of the Serer women to which he responded with a praise song to the singer he had first heard as a child on the radio and who had inspired him ever since. The highlight of the recording is their intensely beautiful and poignant duet. "There is no alternative, we must return to the sources of our culture," Youssou N’Dour told us after the recordings. He presents these sources to us not only through his own compositions in traditional style, but also through his instrumental soli, and the percussion rhythms of Dakar’s finest drummers.
| MP3 128 kbps | Incl.Covers | 55 MB |

Download HERE

World Network Vol.30 - Cuba,
El Camino De La Salsa
With this CD, Network presents a world premiere in more than one sense. Sensational recordings of two of Africa’s great voices: Youssou N’Dour, according to Peter Gabriel "the most beautiful voice in the world", and Yandé Codou Sène, the diva of the Serer people, whose music has never been documented before. It has always been Youssou N’Dour’s dream to record with his idol. So it was hardly surprising that this connoisseur and fan of the WorldNetwork series immediately grasped the opportunity of inviting her to join him at the studio in Dakar for this truly historic meeting. We hear traditional songs by the praise singer of the former Senegalese president Leopold Sedar Senghor together with her choir, accompanied by drummers and the local riti fiddle. Even Youssou N’Dour was overwhelmed by the impromptu polyphonic music of the Serer women to which he responded with a praise song to the singer he had first heard as a child on the radio and who had inspired him ever since. The highlight of the recording is their intensely beautiful and poignant duet. "There is no alternative, we must return to the sources of our culture," Youssou N’Dour told us after the recordings. He presents these sources to us not only through his own compositions in traditional style, but also through his instrumental soli, and the percussion rhythms of Dakar’s finest drummers.
| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl.Covers | 115 MB |

Download Part One
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World Network Vol. 31,
Corsica: Sardinia: The Mystery Of Polyphony
This CD presents the miracle of the unique vocal tradition and compelling choral arrangements of Corsica and Sardinia. On both these islands, a unique choral tradition has developed over the centuries. The repertoire includes religious songs, folk songs, love songs, shepherd’s songs, and madrigals from several centuries. The polyphonic singing of Sardinia and Corsica is virtually unknown in the rest of Europe. An article in the leading German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung described this music as an "infinite wonder of tonal beauty and archaic phrasing" and went on to claim that "the musical development often has something of the majestic architectural quality of a liturgical chant." The collection presents Sardinia’s five leading choirs, collected during a WDR recording tour, and the launneddas playing of Luigi Lai. The Tenores di Bitti, currently recording in Peter Gabriel’s Realworld-Studios, were greatly admired by none other than Frank Zappa. The revival of traditional culture by Canta u Populu Corsu & A Filleta has contributed towards a new Corsican self-awareness. The five singers of Donnisulana, outstanding soloists of Corsican polyphonic music, are the islands’ only female choir.
| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl.Covers | 100 MB |

Download HERE

World Network Vol. 32 Scotland,
Tunes from the Lowlands, Highlands & Islands
This CD takes the listener on a journey through the various musical traditions presented regularly by the Scottish Folk Festival. "A healthy blend of living tradition and lust for adventure" was how the Berliner Morgenpost described this festival whose tours of Germany get longer and longer, playing to capacity halls and recorded, of course, by WDR. We have selected some of the highlights and added a few further recordings: Hebridean songs by Catherine-Ann MacPhee whose poignant and powerful voice goes straight to the heart; the sheer genius of Phil Cunningham, one of the finest accordion players alive; Coelbeg’s contemporary interpretations of folk music, and the ethereally enigmatic sound of the harp duo Sileas. "The concentrated talent of the Poozies," enthused the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, "opens up a whole world of beauty and commitment and is bound to bring them international recognition as a major female group." The sensational duo Catriona MacDonald & Ian Lowthian have developed a strictly structured chamber music based on the fiddle music of the Shetland islands. Ishbel MacAskill presents Gaelic songs with solemn dignity. Urbn Ri really can set feet tapping to any tune. Finally, historical recordings of legendary fiddler Aly Bain and Dick Gaughan, round off this Network CD’s presentation of major highlights in Scottish music.
| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | No Covers | 95 MB |

Download HERE

World Network Vol. 33: Iran,
Nowruz - Traditional & Classical Music
The stunning performance presented by vocal virtuoso Sharam Nazeri for the New Year festival of "Nowruz" is widely acknowledged by connoisseurs as his finest recording. Even as a young man, he was called to meetings of the Sufi brotherhood to recite the texts of the great Sufi poets. The extraordinary beauty of his voice and the vibrant warmth of his song never fail to enchant his audience. Nazeri is one of the great masters of classical song, who also likes to perform folk songs of Kurdistan or weave elements of Kurdistani music into classical Persian compositions. Together with Nazeri, an ensemble of eight outstanding musicians took the stage at the Gürzenich concert venue in Cologne to play to a capacity audience. Headed by the virtuoso tar lute player Hossein Alizadeh, they celebrated a truly fantastic sound on stringed instruments, flutes and drums, creating an electrifying atmosphere.
| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | No Covers | 105 MB |

Download Part One
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World Network Vol. 34 Rajasthan,
Music from the Desert Nomads
In the rugged wastes of the Thar desert, there is an extremely rich and diverse folk tradition of performing arts. Yet the music and dance of this region is virtually unknown in the western world. The members of the Kohinoor Langa Group belong to a caste of musicians that has shaped the musical landscape of Asia for centuries. The focus is on vocal soli of astonishing virtuosity, including highly professional performances by a boy of only twelve, irresistible percussion rhythms and lyrical sarangi string passages. The sheer plasticity of the musical texture brings the lyrics vividly to life in the mind’s eye, and the listener can easily imagine the magnificent beauty of an opulently ornamented camel, the deep yearning of a woman whose man is far away, or the boundless joy of a wedding celebration.
| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl.Front Cover | 105 MB |

Download Part One
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World Network Vol. 35 Bali,
A Suite of Tropical Music and Sounds
From time to time, the WDR recording team travels to far-away countries to undertake a comprehensive documentation of musical styles which are threatened with extinction. These have included the highly lauded World Network recordings of the music of Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Tuva. Recently, the WDR team spent several months on Bali, and brought back some previously little known rarities from this beautiful island whose cultural heritage is vast and varied. The recordings include the hypnotic sounds of processional music, midnight concerts of cicadas and frogs, almost forgotten flute and jaws-harp music, the evocative vocals of the "Wayang Kulit" shadow theatre, and the famous ketchak (huge vocal ensembles who sing themselves into a trance). These are recordings of virtuoso ensembles capable of a truly incredible wealth of nuances on every instrument and in every vocal style. We hear flirt- dances, inimitable scat-song, bamboo flutes, and recordings from the fertility temple of Pejang. This CD delves deep into the endless cosmos of Balinese music, which most Europeans have hitherto associated only with gong and gamelan.
| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl.Covers | 110 MB |

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Tortoise: Chinese Feng Shui Music

Posted By MiOd On Sunday, May 06, 2007 3 comments
Here is some lovely majestic Chinese Feng Shui music for your entertainment. I use it when I am treating my patients to help them to relax. This is not "too heavy" and will appeal to the majority. I hope you enjoy another cut from the vaults of Sifutony.
Quiet, tranquil notes spill from the cd player, easing tensions. Like water running over a stone, gradually, the hard edges are worn away, and you are left feeling smooth and refreshed. The rhythmic flow of the violins, the soothing, bird-like tones of the flute...you feel as though your mind and body are being transported downstream towards a large accepting sea of tranquility. We use this album a lot to ease down after a tense day, and use it almost every night to lull our six-month-old baby to sleep. She finds it very relaxing as well.
| MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl. Front Cover | 105 MB | TRACK LISTINGS 01-Tortoise - Part I 02-Tortoise - Part II Download HERE

Chinese New Years Music

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Heart of the Dragon Ensemble - Chinese New Years Music | MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Front Cover | 65 MB | 2007 | TRACK LISTINGS [01].Celebration [02].Lion Dance [03].Happiness [04].New Year Is Coming [05].Feng Yang Drums [06].Steps High [07].Fireworks [08].Tea Picking Girls and Butterfly Dance [09].Guo Xin Nian [10].Ying Chun Flowers [11].Happy Man [12].Spring Festival [13].Birds Over the Southern River Download HERE

Omar Khairat - Golden Set

Posted By MiOd On Thursday, May 03, 2007 3 comments
Egyptian Composer and Pianist Omar Khairat
Omar Khairat: Born in Cairo to a musical family, Omar Khairat was destined for a life of fame and fortune. Khairat joined the Conservatoire in 1959 and applied himself in studying piano. Once he got his degree in piano and musical theories, Omar Khairat started composing music for television, theater and cinema. This talented musician started taking big steps towards recognition by composing music for the Cairo Ballet Troupe in 1988. His ultimate fame and popularity, however, came when he started putting together sound tracks for numerous television series and movies. Omar Khairat was born in Cairo and belongs to an artistic family. His uncle Abu Bakr Khairat, a music composer, was the founder of of the Music Academy and was its first Dean. In 1959, Omar joined the Academy and studied the piano and musical theory. After graduating, he continued his studies at Trinity College in London. In parallel, he became involved with international popular music and jazz and played the drums for one of the top bands in Cairo, "Le Petit Chats". This experience added another dimension to his musical influences. His career as a pianist began in 1979, when his various works started to gain recognition from both listeners and critics.
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