Network - Special Projects 14: Bratsch - Rien Dans Les Poches

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Bratsch - Rien Dans Les Poches

Bratsch has been enjoying something of a cult status in France, recently they played to full houses in Paris over a period of three weeks. In Germany too, their concert tours are also consolidating the reputation of this band, whose "rousing spirit is reminiscent of a gypsy wedding" (Süddeutsche Zeitung); the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung/FAZ speaks of "party intensity". On Rien dans les poches these "remarkable improvisers" (FAZ) give free rein to their passion for the music of Central Europe. With an ear to the East, another to the West, and an eye to the South, Bratsch continues on its journey through different musical cultures. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of these wily acoustics experts, Network made one of their long-standing dreams come true: Budapest, Cologne and Paris became the scenes of unique musical encounters in an exuberant atmosphere marked by harmony and intensity. During the studio recording sessions Bratsch were joined by the phe-nomenal "Gypsy Swing" guitarist and heir to Django Reinhardt, Angelo Debarre, the perceptive gadulka player Stanislav Petkov Panayotov (of the Bulgarian All Star Orchestra), Serge Rosenberg and Todor Vukmirovicz, two brass players from the Parisian gypsy/klezmer band "Luda Familia". Also included were the Iranian master drummer Keyvan Chemirani, and the Budapest ensemble Ando Drom with their wonderful singer Mitsou. Bratsch fans in Germany have collected one Pfennig coins which now adorn the CD sleeve, filling in for the O in poches ("rien dans les poches" = "nothing in your pockets"). Like their colleagues -- the gypsy musicians of the Balkans -- Bratsch are energised by their travels through time, regions and cultures, the inspiring fruits of which is a compelling and delightfully presented debate with the many facets of Central European music-making: Rembetiko meets the blues, Romanian dances come up against jazz, Eastern European traditions such as klezmer undergo a renaissance, as do the roots of "Jazz Manouche/Gypsy Swing", made world famous by Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli. Greek and Armenian songs, plus a chanson by Edith Piaf, are im-bued with soul. Thanks to their great sensitivity and subtle arrangements, Bratsch create a new acoustic music which they themselves call "dreamed music" or "imaginary folklore". In this way, they impel musical traditions characterised by improvisation into the next millennium, at the same time informing these traditions with new structures, sounds, and above all, a lively urban spirit.


[01]. Neda
[02]. Yossik
[03]. Hassapo servico
[04]. Brunosaure
[05]. Rien dans les poches
[06]. Johnny
[07]. Major to minor
[08]. Eghnatios tetrakossi exi
[09]. Victor's doina
[10]. Ederlezi
[11]. Hanané
[12]. Neuf brouillé
[13]. Tekez/skopos tis gaidas
[14]. Choubi

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Network - Special Projects 13: Istanbul Oriental Ensemble - Sultan's Secret Door

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For the past two years, the Istanbul Oriental Ensemble has been touring the concert halls of Europe with resounding success. Wherever they appeared -- at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, the World Music Festival in Nantes, the Summer Festival in Hamburg or the Casino Festival in Basel -- they met with rapturous applause, standing ovations and endless calls for encores. The music press has been equally enthusiastic. London´s Mojo magazine described them as "breathtaking magicians of sound", while Le Monde claimed that "the Istanbul Oriental Ensemble headed by one of the world´s most virtuoso percussionists opens up a whole new dimension in Turkish gypsy music". In Germany, the Hamburger Morgenpost reported on their music as "highly erotic, great listening and incredibly conducive to trance," while the Stuttgarter Nachrichten wrote of "a lesson in the joys of life" and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung described their "distinctive musical texture of unique virtuosity" as a "major cultural achievement". Following their first CD "Gypsy Rum", which won both the German Phonographic Critics´ Prize and the prestigious French critics´ Choc de la Musique accolade, the Istanbul Oriental Ensemble now invites listeners to a musical abduction into the seraglio. Passing through the Sultan´s Secret Door, they take up their instruments to accompany a sumptuous banquet, weaving a wondrous web of classical oriental melodies and intoxicating their audience beyond the midnight hour with the sheer artistry of their ballads and instrumental suites. As the revellers carouse, the musicians go along with the mood of abandon, striking up a wittily tongue-in-cheek song. The ladies of the harem are enchanted by the seductive sounds of yearning, and one of the women escapes under cover of secrecy as they play their irresistibly erotic belly dance. On the way home, the musicians meet up with the Greek group Prosech?s and take the opportunity of a joining them in a unique session.


[01]. Mahur Oriental
[02]. Nihavent Oriental
[03]. Nihavent Oyun Havasi
[04]. Roman II
[05]. Fasulye
[06]. Sultaniyegâh Sirto
[07]. Roxelana
[08]. Eve D?nüs
[09]. Ke Jati Den Ma to Les - Ta Lefta/Indim Havuz Basina

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Network - Special Projects 12: Ghalia Benali & Timnaa , Wild Harissa

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Ghalia Benali from Tunisia is one of the musical surprises to emerge from the Arab world at the turn of the millennium. A successful actress, she played a leading role in the film "La saison des hommes". Her highly acclaimed concerts in Tunis, Paris and Brussels had the record companies queuing to sign her up, but she preferred to wait until she had found her dream line-up. And now she has - Timnaa is an international ensemble whose virtuoso fiddles, flamenco guitars and Arab percussion carry her expressively smoky and profoundly emotional voice from Tunisia to Andalusia and back again, via the Balkans and Brazil. Ghalia herself describes her new project as "Arab music in new forms, sometimes festive but never profane, occasionally ro-mantic and elegiac, or even classical and medieval, and sometimes wild and over the top - a passport to many cultures, a microcosm that merges the centuries into some-thing new".

[01]. Divas
[02]. Tiflatan Arabiyan
[03]. Baidha
[04]. Hanine
[05]. Awaddu
[06]. Luiza
[07]. Apsara/Dinèra
[08]. Leyça
[09]. Shaima
[10]. Anissia
[11]. Kaalia
[12]. Ya Rachiq
[13]. Oyrana

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Network - Special Projects 11: Djivan Gasparyan & Ensemble - Armenian Fantasies

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Before we had even finished recording the WorldNetwork CD "Heavenly Duduk" (WorldNetwork 47 Armenia: Djivan Gasparyan) presenting Armenia's living legend as a brilliant soloist on the national instrument duduk, it was agreed that there should be a follow-up project showcasing the country's boundless treasures of soulful music, played by a larger ensemble. The Network team flew to Yerevan to record this powerfully evocative music in all its intensity and profundity, and were greeted there with unforgettable hospitality and generosity. Armenia is a country where music is as much a necessary part of life as the very air we breathe. That is reflected in the tracks on this CD. Djivan Gasparayan has taught at the conservatory in Yerevan for more than 30 years, and has performed with the Kronos Quartett, Brain Eno, Peter Gabriel and a number of film soundtrack composers. For this album, he has gathered together an exquisite ensemble consisting of some of the leading soloists on the kamantcha fiddle, the kanon zither, the tar and oud lutes, several duduks and percussion. These haunting compositions come to us like echoes from the mountains and valleys of Armenia. A particularly interesting aspect is the blend of early Christian and oriental melody unique to this region at the foot of Mount Ararat, where Noah is said to have landed with his ark. These are melodies that transform mourning into hope, accompanied by the warm sound of the duduk, a woodwind instrument that is widely regarded as the mystical voice of the barren highland plateaus between the Caucasus and the Taurus.

[01]. Armenian Suite
[02]. Kamantcha Blues
[03]. Armenian Romances
[04]. Lyric Melodies & Dances for Women

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Network - Special Projects 10: Loyko - Gypsy Times for Nunja

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Network - Special Projects 1: Abaji - Oriental Voyage Network - Special Projects 2: Istanbul Oriental Ensemble ? Gypsy Rum Network - Special Projects 3: Istanbul Oriental Ensemble ? Grand Bazaar Network - Special Projects 4: Sandy Lopicic Orkestar - Border Confusion Network - Special Projects 5: Istanbul Oriental Ensemble ? Caravanserai Network - Special Projects 6: Abyssinan infinite - Zion Roots Network - Special Projects 7: Melina Kana ? Portrait Network - Special Projects 8: Tartit ? Ichichila Network - Special Projects 9: Ankala & World orchestra - Didje blows the games THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS RUSSIAN GYPSY ENSEMBLE INTRODUCING A NEW LINE-UP
The world's most famous and internationally successful Russian Gypsy ensemble presents a new and extended line-up. The "devilish fiddler" Sergei Erdenko, whose "fingers sweep across the strings like a leopard’s claws across a tree" (FAZ), is joined by the sensitive fiddler Georgy Osmolovsky, famed for his improvisational talent, the guitarist Alesha Bezlepkin, who is strongly influenced by Django Reinhardt, and the celebrated singer and dancer Leonsia Erdenko who is hugely popular in Moscow. This album spans a broad range of Russian Gypsy music in all its melancholy, joy and ecstasy – from the polyphonic songs of the nomads to filigree violin duets that echo the sounds of the forests and birdsong, and from instrumental pieces incorporating elements of Gypsy Swing in complex parables to the smouldering vocals of Leonsia as she sings of the freedom-loving Gypsies, their yearnings and their pleasures.
| MP3 160 kbps | Incl. Covers | 70 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Gambrinus [02]. Gypsy Time [03]. Gypsy Street [04]. The Return of the Gypsy Maestro [05]. Novo Bersh [06]. Marjanja [07]. Vishnya [08]. Moroz [09]. Osen [10]. Christmas Present for Nunja [11]. Shel Me Versty Download HERE PW : WeLove-music

Network - Special Projects 9: Ankala & World orchestra - Didje blows the games

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Network - Special Projects 1: Abaji - Oriental Voyage Network - Special Projects 2: Istanbul Oriental Ensemble ? Gypsy Rum Network - Special Projects 3: Istanbul Oriental Ensemble ? Grand Bazaar Network - Special Projects 4: Sandy Lopicic Orkestar - Border Confusion Network - Special Projects 5: Istanbul Oriental Ensemble ? Caravanserai Network - Special Projects 6: Abyssinan infinite - Zion Roots Network - Special Projects 7: Melina Kana ? Portrait Network - Special Projects 8: Tartit ? Ichichila Ankala & World-Orchestra ? Didje Blows the Games
The didjeridu, one of the oldest of all known instruments, embarks on an international journey with this CD. In the year of the second Olympic Games to be held on Australian soil, a bridge is spanned between the 40,000 year-old musical culture of the Aborigines and contemporary music. The brilliant didjeridu players Mark Atkins and Janawirri Yiparrka of the Australian group Ankala (featured on WorldNetwork CD 36 Australia: "Rhythms from the Outer Core") are masters of the art of circular breathing. They have recorded some fantastic grooves with pounding rhythms, dramatic breaks, animal sounds and lyrical passages. Added to that are the sounds of violin, accordion, percussion, saxophone, flute and vocals featuring musicians from every continent on the planet. For this didjeridu world sound, Mark Atkins and Janawirri Yiparrka teamed up to jam with top American saxophonist David Murray, who has already been involved in other crossover projects combining jazz and ethnic traditions. Accordionist Francois Castiello and violinist Bruno Girard of the French group Bratsch let the primordial rhythms inspire them to breathtaking musical dialogues. Flautsist Peter Fassbender has lived in Australia for some time and has worked with Janawirri before. Vocalist Christiane Niemann is known as an experienced blues and gospel singer. The powerful rhythm formation is made up of legendary Brazilian percussionist Don Romao, Ghanaian master drummer Kofi Ayivor and Indian tabla virtuoso Shankar Lal. The result is a compelling conversation in music, to which each individual musician has contributed his own personality and distinctive sound, creating a truly global work of art.
| MP3 128 kbps | Incl. Covers | 60 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Journey [02]. Corroborree [03]. Whistling Wind [04]. Ochre [05]. On the Road [06]. Buskin' Song or Didje Meets Gypsy Caravan [07]. In the Night [08]. Da Funk [09]. West Wind East [10]. Rhythm [11]. Midnight [12]. Summer Breeze [13]. Signature Download HERE PW : WeLove-music

Network - Special Projects 8: Tartit , Ichichila

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Network - Special Projects 1: Abaji - Oriental Voyage Network - Special Projects 2: Istanbul Oriental Ensemble ? Gypsy Rum Network - Special Projects 3: Istanbul Oriental Ensemble ? Grand Bazaar Network - Special Projects 4: Sandy Lopicic Orkestar - Border Confusion Network - Special Projects 5: Istanbul Oriental Ensemble ? Caravanserai Network - Special Projects 6: Abyssinan infinite - Zion Roots Network - Special Projects 7: Melina Kana ? Portrait Ichichila: Original Desert Blues from Malian Tuareg Artiste : Ensemble de Femmes Tartit
For the past forty years, the enigmatic Tuareg have been struggling for survival. They are menaced by state repression and by the natural catastrophe of constant drought. Yet thanks to their poetry, music and dance, the culture of this desert people lives on. The all-woman group Tartit — the name means "united" — comes from Mali. To hear their ballads and their compelling call-and-response songs is to be transported into the endless expanses of the Sahara. You can hear the flames crackling as you listen to the entrancing voices of these women and the sound of tehardent and imzad — ancient precursors of the guitar and the violin. In accordance with Tuareg tradition, only the women play the tindé drum. Its vibrant rhythms are complemented by two male instrumentalists on tehardent and guitar. The album, which was recorded using the highest quality mobile recording technology at the Centre Culturel Francais in Bamako, Mali, provides a fascinating survey of a music that seems both plaintive and joyous at one and the same time. These are truly desert blues. They come sweeping in with the sand and engulf you with all the brilliance of the desert sky at night — a phenomenon as unique as the ancient culture of the Tuareg. Apart from their international tours, some members of Tartit are actively involved in lobbying to improve the lot of Tuareg women, as they explain in the accompanying booklet. The text outlines the history and current situation of the Tuareg and presents some of the songs. Webpage:
| MP3 192 kbps | Incl. Covers | 65 MB | TRACK LISTINGS 01. Aïtma 02. Iya heniya 03. Ikbayene 04. Ichichila 05. Buloululba 06. Elan heyelan 07. Ofous d'ifous 08. Taliyate 09. Aï hele dumahele 10. Holiyane holiyana 11. Tagnanine 12. Egad desouf 13. Hamoye Download HERE PW : WeLove-music

Network - Special Projects 7: Melina Kana - Portrait

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Melina Kana - Portrait
Ten years ago the seductive voice and graceful looks of a young woman from Thessaloniki took critics and audiences by storm. Melina Kana, a student of philosophy at the time, was already well known in the youth scene. With her first album she became a household name throughout Greece and was hailed as the rising star of the Greek music world. Melina Kana is widely acknowledged as the top voice in her country. Her numerous CDs have all become bestsellers. Her expressive, crystalline voice is both gentle and strangely familiar. In the tradition of great female vocalists, she controls her voice with consummate skill, running the gamut of emotional and musical expression. She has the gift of transforming lyrics into living musical images, walking the tightrope between imagination and reality. The more you listen to the fascinating patchwork of sounds and traditions, the more it becomes a part of you. According to one critic, "Melina Kana's albums are shaped by the honesty of her heart and soul. In the spirit of the songs she sings, she looks into the eyes and the soul of her listener and communicates with her audience in an honest and authentic interpretation." Melina Kana works with the best of contemporary composers (including Nikos Xidakis, Thanasis Papakonstantinou) whose elegant arrangements and unforgettable harmonies also appeal to us directly. They combine eastern and western musical traditions and even dare to forge a link between Greek-Mediterranean and Central Asian-Oriental music. The ancient roots of the music of Thessaloniki and the folk music of the Balkans and Rembetiko are in there too. This painstakingly edited Network anthology presents a 70-minute portrait featuring the finest recordings from the past ten give a deeper insight into these touching songs.

(01). Alkoolika Stichakia
(02). Na Valo Ta Metaksota
(03). Metho Ke Talantevome
(04). Logia, Tsigara
(05). Tou Christara
(06). Fairuz
(07). Otan Tragoudao
(08). Argonaftes - Pezonaftes
(09). Ah! Na Perasi O Piretos
(10). Tessera Filia
(11). Milo Gia Sena
(12). Ta Lafira Tis Nichtas
(13). Aleksandra
(14). Psachno To Tragoudi
(15). Deka Lefkes
(16). Me Meli
(17). I Fregada
(18). Mideia

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Network - Special Projects 6: Abyssinan infinite - Zion Roots

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Network - Special Projects 1: Abaji - Oriental Voyage Network - Special Projects 2: Istanbul Oriental Ensemble ? Gypsy Rum Network - Special Projects 3: Istanbul Oriental Ensemble ? Grand Bazaar Network - Special Projects 4: Sandy Lopicic Orkestar - Border Confusion Network - Special Projects 5: Istanbul Oriental Ensemble ? Caravanserai Abyssinia Infinite featuring Ejigayehu "Gigi" Shibabaw ? Zion Roots ETHIOPIAN SOUL MUSIC
On the musical map of the world, the music of Ethiopia is virtually uncharted. Two years ago, the Ethiopian singer Ejigayehu "Gigi" Shibabaw released an album destined to become an international bestseller. The hypnotic modulation of her voice caught the imagination of audiences and critics alike: "A voice that wafts around you like the intoxicating perfume of a plant” (New York Times). Now Gigi has joined forces with producer Bill Laswell (renowned for his work with Peter Gabriel, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Manu Dibango) to realise a longstanding dream, exclusively for Network: "Abyssinia Infinite". A project that melds the music of her homeland with West African and East African elements. The supreme sensuality of her soprano voice has an emotional depth that cannot fail to touch anyone who hears it. On the album, she is accompanied by outstanding masters of traditional instruments such as the kirar harp and the washint flute as well as other top musicians from the international music scene, including the magical Senegalese percussionist Aiyb Dieng, the virtuoso tabla player Karsh Kale, the guitarrist/accordionist Tony Cedras (known for his work on Paul Simon's Graceland project) and the Ethiopian saxophonist Moges Habte. This unique album presents the harmonious sounds of the Ethiopian musical cosmos - a musical culture stretching back to biblical times. This is Ethiopian soul at its very finest.
| MP3 320 kbps | Incl. Covers | 70 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Bati bati [02]. Gela [03]. Alesema [04]. Monew natana [05]. Embe ashafergne [06]. Gole [07]. Aba alem lemenea [08]. Gedowa [09]. Lebaye [10]. Ethiopia Download HERE PW : WeLove-music

Network - Special Projects 5: Istanbul Oriental Ensemble - Caravanserai

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Network - Special Projects 1: Abaji - Oriental Voyage Network - Special Projects 2: Istanbul Oriental Ensemble ? Gypsy Rum Network - Special Projects 3: Istanbul Oriental Ensemble ? Grand Bazaar Network - Special Projects 4: Sandy Lopicic Orkestar - Border Confusion
Following our highly accoladed musical excursion beyond the Sultan's Secret Door (Istanbul Oriental Ensemble: Sultan's Secret Door, Cat.-No. 25.830, which was awarded the German Phonographic Critics' Prize and the Choc du Monde de la Musique) the Roma Ensemble of Istanbul, hailed as "pulsating, multi-facetted and dynamic" (Frankfurter Rundschau) now invites listeners to join them on a desert caravan. They play slow pieces that evoke the weary trail of the thirsting camels through the seemingly endless desert. They let us join the exuberant festivities of the Roma celebrating around the campfire, and hear the erotic belly-dance music for the hot-blooded market women. And they accompany the hustle and bustle of the camel market. For the first time, the group also plays mystical songs invoking the colours of the sunset. This CD is dedicated to the memory of Ferdi Nardaz, one of the finest of Roma clarinettists, who tragically died just after completing these recordings. He can be heard on this album playing the kaval flute, whose yearning sounds he modulated so brilliantly. A solo by band leader and master percussionist Burhan ?çal in which his fingers fly like magic across the skins of his darbukka concluded this foray into the desert with the "magicians of sound" (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung).
There's no mistaking the royal pedigree. This luxurious, highly ornamented mixture of hand drums, kanun zither, violin, oud, and clarinet is as sumptuous as a fatty-food feast, heady as a pot of frankincense, and intoxicating as a shot of 151-proof rum. Percussionist Burhan ?çal and his rip-roaring ensemble specialize in the forgotten Gypsy music of Thrace with roots in an older repertoire designed to pamper the Ottoman sultans. Apart from preserving Turkish musical traditions during periods of Islamic opposition to music, Gypsy performers also added outside elements to the stew. Thus Ferdi Nadaz's microtonal clarinet flights on "Askin Sarabi" recall the Bulgarian wedding music rave-ups of Ivo Papasov, while the melodic motifs of "Bozkirda Dugun" suggest Yiddish klezmer. Scattered violin flourishes echo Indian sarangi phrases, and "Halli Dokuyan Kiz" with its sensuous zither and violin textures could easily pass for East African taarab. Holding it all together are the belly-dancing rhythms that punctuate the refined atmosphere with a healthy dose of hip-wiggle. Every note seems to promote well-being, but not without an accompanying naughty wink. --Bob Tarte
| MP3 256 kbps | Incl. Covers | 120 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Katar [02]. Carsida [03]. Hali Dokuyan Kiz [04]. Bozkirda Dugun [05]. Gelinin Oynamasi [06]. Basbasa [07]. Ates Basinda [08]. Askin Sarabi [09]. Ya Kerim! [10]. Kor Gibi Darbuka [11]. Orient Ekspres Download Part One Download Part Two PW : WeLove-music

The Best Irish Folk

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[01].Whiskey In The Jar
[02].Bold O'Donogue
[03].The Isle Of Innisfree
[04].The Wild Rover
[06].The Old Bog Road
[07].Dirty Old Town
[08].I'll Take You Home Again Katheleen
[09].The Black You Home Again Kathleen
[10].The Town I Love So Well
[11].Molly Malone
[12].The Old Oak
[14].The Irish Rover
[15].Danny Boy
[16].Mother Machree
[17].When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
[18].Spancil Hill
[19].Red River Valley
[20].Goodnight Irene

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Ognjen i Prijatelji - Benzen jazz

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2007 | 320 kbps CBR | 142 MB | jazz, ethnojazz | Serbia Tracklist 1.New beginning 2.My little angels 3.De si sada 4.To Eddie 5.Song for Zorica 6.Chickoneste 7.Adagio 8.Ti-da-da di-di-da 9.Danube ballad 10.Swinging mile 11.Suparate 12.Hora DOWNLOAD PART 1 DOWNLOAD PART 2 Other 3 Ognjen albums can be found here Ognjen lives in Panchevo, most contaminated city in Serbia because it's center of chemistry industry and many times during the last year Panchevo was contaminated with very high concentrations of benzen (C6H6) and that's why he gave the name to his new album Benzen Jazz. Reminder ..... Ognjen Popovic graduated from the Munich School of Music in 1999, gaining distinction on the clarinet. Soon after this he incorporated into his own compositions the music of his homeland of Serbia and the Balkans. In his native town of Pancevo in 1998 Ognjen with some friends put together a band to play a 'concoction of everything inherent to the Balkans: a rebellious nature, despair, wailing, immense sorrow, unrestrained temperament and a joy for life.

Indestructible Balkan Beats

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| MP3 192 kbps | only front cover| 84,2 MB | Tracklist: 01 Mahala Rai Banda - Kibori 02 Baghdaddies Vs. Mandragora - I Like It! 03 Shukar Collective - Malademna 04 Gaetano Fabri Vs. Kocan Orkestar - Siki, Siki Baba 05 Eastenders - Uino Uino 06 Mitsoura - Lei Toi 07 Transglobal Underground - Isis K 08 Fanfare Ciocarlia - Asfalt Tango 09 Besh O Drom - Space Maudi 10 Ensemble Ethnique - Sponde 11 L.C. Rulez - Krista [Remix] 12 Catherine Ambach - Lina 13 Warsaw Village Band - Joint Venture in the Village 14 Taraf de Haidouks - Dumbala Dumba Download Part One Download Part Two Sleevenotes: Something’s been stirring in the Balkans, and its roving gypsy allure is starting to have serious repercussions on dance floors around the globe. Mainstream interest in East European gypsy music has been growing ever since Romanian band Taraf de Haïdouks appeared in the film ‘The Man Who Cried’ alongside American heartthrob Johnny Depp. Although the Balkan states have long been a source of fascination to many musicologists, there’s little doubt that Depp’s interest gave this vibrant music a very potent international platform from which to spread the gospel of the Roma. German dance producer Shantel was one of the first to formulate the idea of merging gypsy and club beats when he returned to his Moldavian family roots after developing a passion for Romanian music. He set up the Bocovina Club at a Frankfurt theatre, and Belgium label Crammed Discs quickly cottoned onto the idea of letting dance remixers loose on their gypsy back catalogue. Even the most hardened traditionalists liked the results, and the door was opened for a new generation of genre bending Balkan producers and musicians. Until a few years ago, East Europe was the last great, untapped resource for club culture. However, visits from international acts and record companies such as Transglobal Underground, Nelson Dilation, and Nation Records, helped spawn a new passion for global dance culture. Hungary’s most influential club organisers Cine Trip contributed to this new movement by hosting a series of club nights, whilst Budapest based label Gypsy House Entertainment showcased a series exciting new producers such as Amb and L.C. Rulez, intent on stretching the boundaries of Balkan music. The message has quickly spread across the Balkan states, and who could argue that what’s emerging isn’t some of the most exciting music in recent years? Listen and be inspired.

Indestructible African Beats

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| MP3 192 kbps | only front cover| 100 MB | Tracklist: 01 Arthur - Haai Bo 02 Ikwunga - Di Bombs 03 Tinariwen - Qualahila Ar Tesninam 04 Alif - Dakamerap 05 Issa Bagayogo - Kalan Nege 06 Daara J - Boomerang 07 Ba Cissoka - Kounkoure 08 Daddy Sajj - Corruption 09 Mapaputsi - 2626 10 Konono Ns1 - Massikulu 11 Adama Yalombo - M'bora 12 Manou Gallo - Iniyu 13 Salif Keita - Madan (Remix By Gekko) 14 H2O - It's Wonderful Download Part One Download Part Two Sleevenotes: ‘Indestructible Beat’…now where did we first hear that? Why, stutter back weak signals from the DJs’ memory banks, it’s off those oh-so-legendary ‘Indestructible Beat of Soweto’ 80s & 90s compilations of Trevor ‘Il Miglior Fabbro’ Herman (still available and totally compelling on Earthworks/Sterns). They set a standard for compilations to which the rest of us can only aspire in terms of their musical quality and their mission: an earth shaking celebration of a then little known music, culture and struggle – a message from the heart of the African war against the Apartheid state. Here in the middle of the first decade of the 21st Century the African struggle continues. A struggle for survival, peace, justice and recognition; a struggle against exploitation, neo-colonialism and the related blights of disease, corruption and war. The 14 tracks of ‘Indestructible African Beats’ celebrate the victories, reflect on the pain, sing of progress and joy, war and peace, love, sex, religion and getting on down …the beating heart of a continent whose time is coming, whose time is here.

Network - Special Projects 4: Sandy Lopicic Orkestar - Border Confusion

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THE INCREDIBLE SANDY LOPICIC ORKESTAR INVITES YOU ON A WILD JOURNEY THROUGH THE BALKANS Network - Special Projects 1: Abaji - Oriental Voyage Network - Special Projects 2: Istanbul Oriental Ensemble ? Gypsy Rum Network - Special Projects 3: Istanbul Oriental Ensemble ? Grand Bazaar
The multicultural diversity of the Balkans appears in a whole new light in the elegiac songs and the wilder pieces by the Sandy Lopicic Orkestar. Under the leadership of pianist and arranger Sandy Lopicic, what we have here is a non-dogmatic fifteen piece big band whose music disregards all borders. Even the line-up is spectacular: the three fantastic female vocalists from Bosnia, Serbia and Kosovo achieve a perfect harmony while maintaining their individuality. These three nightingales are joined by one bunch crazy of musicians: a five-part wind section, piano, bass, drums, accordion, violin and hurdy gurdy. "Brilliant, simply overwhelming," so the Salzburger Nachrichten. This may remind many of Goran Bregovic or Emir Kustirica's No Smoking Orchestra, but we certainly would not hesitate to place the well-honed and masterfully played arrangements and movingly rendered songs of the Sandy Lopicic Orkestar ahead of those two celebrities.
| MP3 320 kbps | Incl.Full Covers & Booklet | 125 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Da Zna Zora [02]. Jane Sandanski [03]. Djelem Djelem [04]. Apo Hapi Syte [05]]. Bugarski Cocek [06]. Ljuba [07]. Fanfare [08]. Usti, Usti Babo [09]. U Stambolu Na Bosforu [10]. Last-I [11]. Last-II [12]. Kales Bre Andjo [13]. Le Rindovani [14]. Martesa Download Part One Download Part Two PW : WeLove-music

Network - Special Projects 3: Istanbul Oriental Ensemble - Grand Bazaar

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Network - Special Projects 1: Abaji - Oriental Voyage Network - Special Projects 2: Istanbul Oriental Ensemble ? Gypsy Rum
Turkey’s most internationally successful ensemble takesus by surprise with this thrilling CD played by afreshline-up incorporating conservatory-trained young musicians whohave injected anastonishing burst of new energy into the group. Takingtheir inspiration from Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar – the world’s biggestcovered market – they present arrangements with a contemporary feel thatecho theatmosphereof this vibrant city on the boundary betweenorient and occident whilestill respecting the great tradition ofOttoman music.Virtuoso and at times filigree solos on clarinet, ud, kanunand fiddle are underpinned by groovy percussions. With their liveperformance from the repertoireof this CD at the triumphant finale of theWorld Music concert series in Frankfurt Palmengarten these“breathtaking magicians of sound”(Mojo, London) had the audience, youngand old alike, in a frenzy. It was a rare highlight of live world musicthat plumbed the depths and scaled the heights of musical aesthetics. Webpage:
| MP3 320 kbps | Incl.Covers | 100 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. From Hand To Hand [02]. Pascha Selim [03]. Grand Bazaar [04]. The Belly Dancer [05]. Blue Violin [06]. Bazaar At Night [07]. Kanun Improvisation [08]. Roxelana's Cry [09]. The Love Of The Sultan [10]. Istanbul By Night Download Part One Download Part Two PW : WeLove-music

George Dalaras - Live & Unplugged

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160 kbps | 84,5 MB | 1998 | folk | Greece Tracklist

1. Tribute To G. Zambetas
2. Enas Kompos I Hara Mou
3. Yparchi Logos
4. Logia Klidomena
5. Agrigento
6. Taxidi Sta Kythira
7. Idolo
8. Karanti
9. Ta Vegalika Sou Matia
10. I Balada Ton Esthiseon Ke Ton Paresthiseon
11. Limani - Anastasia Moutsatsou
12. To Pepromeno
13. Klirothika
14. Ta Matoklada Sou Lamboun (Your Eye-Lashes Are Shining)
15. Arapia
16. Dui Dui
17. Moneda Le Di
18. Voices - Joan Faulkner
19. Wooden Horse/Periplanisi - George Dalaras, Joan Faulkner
Download Doesn't matter if you don't understand Greek. Listen to the spirit of a nation, a voice like the sea, the passion, the pain, the joy. The only thing better is actually being at a Dalaras concert. This album never got less than maximum points.

Richard Clayderman - Mon Amour

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| MP3 VBR Kbps | Incl.Covers | 175 MB | 2006 | TRACK LISTINGS Disc: 1 [01]. Friends [02]. Medley Place se Sun Airport Lis [03]. Medley Sea of Tears Hard To Dec [04]. A Singers Applause [05]. New Dream of The Lover [06]. Fall In Love [07]. Flowing On The Time [08]. Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence [09]. Kampai [10]. Dango Sankyodai [11]. Winter Sonata [12]. Invisible [13]. Like Rain Like Music [14]. The Red Sun [15]. I Love Tain An Men [16]. Just Love Me [17]. Falling Rain [18]. Katakanlah [19]. Ed Ladki Bheegi Bhagi Si Disc: 2 [01]. La Vie En Rose [02]. Plaisir DAmour [03]. I Know Him So Well [04]. Greensleeves [05]. I Do not Know How To Love Him [06]. Muss I Denn Muss I Denn [07]. Ach Wie Ists Moglich Dann [08]. Lady of Spain [09]. Cafe de Manha [10]. Aquarela [11]. Volare [12]. Ti Amo [13]. Star Spangled Banner [14]. Sing [15]. Waltzing Matilda [16]. I Still Call Australia Home [17]. Seninle Bir Dakika (One Minute [18]. Children of The Wind Download Part One Download Part Two PW : WeLove-music

Južni kvartet - Prošlost se nastavlja

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1998 | 192 kbps | 77 MB | Jazz, ethno jazz | Serbia download MILIVOJE - MICA MARKOVIC - alto sax, klarinet Born 1939, musician, composer, arranger. Graduated at College of Music-Jazz Department in Graz (Austria). In 1971 a member of the European All Stars Orchestra. Eight years editor at Belgrade Television, and after that Vice President of Radio-Television Belgrade Record Company. Composer of large number for films and TV serials, and leader of the "Markovich-Gut Sextet". Appearances at the "Northsea Jazz Festival" in Hag, Middelheim Jazz Festival in Belgium, Ivrea-ltaly, and numerous festivals and concerts in Europe, Russia, Asia and Cuba. From 1989. conductor of the Radio-Television Belgrade Big Band. He played with Clark Terry, Machito, Dusko Gojkovich, Ernie Wilkins, Eddie Harris, Kenny Drew, Philly Joe Jones... MILOS PETROVIC - piano and prepared piano ("BUMA / STEMRA") Versatile activities of Milosh Petrovich as a performing artist (harpsichord, piano, chamber music), and a composer (electro-acoustic music, multi-media works and jazz compositions) have significantly distinguished him among the contemporary Yugoslav music artist of younger generation. He graduated piano in 1974, at the Piano Department, Faculty of Music in Belgrade, and acquired M. Mus degree in 1988 at the harpsichord Department in the class of Prof. Olivera Djurdjevich. Since couple of years he's been professor and teaches harpsichord and chamber music at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. His work, as a composer, consist among the other things, cycle "History of Byzantium 1-2" ethno-jazz oriented. Speciality of this project is the author's approach to folk music of the different nations that used to live under Byzantine Empire, such as: Greeks, Armenians, Serbs, Turks, Arabs, etc. As a jazz-pianist, he had the performances in France and Germany. VLADIMIR NIKIC - bass and accordion He graduated High School of Electrotehnics. Since he was fourteen he played accordion, acoustic and bass guitar as a member of different folk orchestras. He took part in numerous European folk Festivals. During the years of studying he attended different seminars of jazz music in Yugoslavia and abroad. VELJKO NIKOLIC - "Papa Nick" - percussions and vocal In 1974 he founded the experimental group "Institute" together with Sai Fraparega, promoting "Neo Neo Fluxus" (Music, Arts and Everything). Since 1980 intensive work with various groups in Belgrade. In 1988 he played with Lamine Konte. papa Nick" is a graduated architect, and shows big interest in African music.

Lajko Felix es zenekara - Koncert '98

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192 kbps | 94 MB | 1998 | avangarde, violin, ethno | Hungary, Serbia Tracklist: 1. Play 1 (6' 16") 2. Single (14' 04") 3. Play 2 (12' 28") 4. String Quartet (12' 15") 5. Solo (8' 31") 6. Finale (11' 21") Duration (64'53") Download Musicians: Félix Lajkó - violin Zsolt Kelemen - viola Michael Babinchak - cello Ferenc Kurina - double bass Tibor Takács - drums There can be little doubt that Felix Lajko is an incredible violinist with an exceptional talent. Félix Lajkó was born in Yugoslavia on December 17th in 1974. He started playing the zyther when he was 10 and won all the possible prizes in this category in Yugoslavia and Hungary. He first had a violin in his hand when he was 12, and completed the six years of musical school in just three years time. He then finished his formal studies and turned towards concerting. Played jazz with Dresch Quartet, contemporary music with the Hungarian piano composer and player Szabados György and was a member of the Ensemble Ritual Nova of Boris Kovac. He is playing regulary with Boban & Marko Markovic orchestra. 'I had heard that Lajko is regarded with awe in the Balkans, but was still unprepared for the impact of hearing and seeing him at such close quarters.... he attacks his violin with such ferocity that broken threads cascade from his bow during each number. There is a tendency for Balkan musicians to fit into one of several generic categories – gypsy, folk, Klezmer, etc – but Lajko seems to have invented a style of his own, and any reference to existing genres would be misleading. Each of his instrumental songs had a clear structure, and yet each seemed open to the spirit of the moment.' Charlie Gillett, BBC LDN "My music is based on the delicacy and colourfulness of my instrument. I do not play any new types of musical genre, I only follow my own path and improvise and write music. I cannot see differences between musical styles and ways, so I play folk-, classical-, rock-, blues-, and improvisational music. I have written music to several theatre plays and films for Yugoslavian and Hungarian directors. I wrote a musical piece for the festival commemorating the Sarajevo Cultural Olympics." Felix Lajko

Paul Mauriat & His Orchestra - The Best of Romantic Classics

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James Last & His Orchestra - The Best Of Romantic Classics
French composer/conductor Paul Mauriat is a classically trained musician who decided to pursue a career in popular music. His first major success came in 1962, as a co-writer of the European hit "Chariot." In 1963, the song was given English lyrics, renamed "I Will Follow Him," and became a number one American hit for Little Peggy March. Mauriat is best remembered for his 1968 worldwide smash "Love Is Blue." Mauriat's ancestors were all classical musicians and he originally planned to follow in their footsteps, studying the music as a child and enrolling in the Conservatoire in Paris when he was ten years old. As a teenager, he became infatuated with jazz and popular music, which made him stray from his initial career path. At the age of 17, he formed an orchestra and began touring concert halls throughout Europe. These concerts earned him the attention of vocalist/songwriter Charles Aznavour, who hired Mauriat as an arranger and conductor. Through Aznavour, he began working with a variety of other French artists. For the remainder of the '40s and the '50s, he worked primarily as an arranger for other musicians. Mauriat began a solo career in the early '60s, recording a series of instrumental albums that were distinguished by their sweeping, melodic strings and gently insistent contemporary rhythms. Using the pseudonym Del Roma, he co-wrote "Chariot," which became a hit for Petula Clark in 1962. The following year, the song was given a new, English lyric by Arthur Altman and Norman Gimbel and was recorded by Little Peggy March as "I Will Follow Him"; it became a number one hit in the U.S. Throughout the '60s, Mauriat continued to record his pop instrumental albums, which became more popular as the decade progressed. His popularity peaked in 1968, when his version of "L'Amour Est Bleu" (Love Is Blue), which was Luxembourg's submission to the 1963 Eurovision Song contest, became an international hit, reaching number one on a number of charts, including America. The single was supported by Blooming Hits, an album that featured a selection of '60s pop hits; the album was massively popular and it is estimated that it sold in excess of two million copies worldwide. Mauriat became an international recording star, touring North and Latin America, Europe, and Japan, and making television appearances in several countries. Although Mauriat's popularity dipped in the early '70s -- he only had two other U.S. hit singles, "Love in Every Room" and "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," which were both minor -- he continued to sell respectably throughout the world, particularly in Europe. After the '80s his recorded output slowed as his Western audience dwindled, but in the Far East he found a loyal following. Tours of Russia, China, and Japan would continue until 1998 when the conductor gave his last live performance in Osaka. A year later, former lead pianist Gilles Gambus would become conductor of the orchestra, and then in 2005 French horn player Jean-Jacques Justafre would be handed the baton. On November 3, 2006, Mauriat died in the southern French city of Perpignan. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine & Kenneth M. Cassidy, All Music Guide
| MP3 320 Kbps | Incl. H.Q Covers |175 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01].Badinerie 1986 Bach [02].Carmen (Medley) 1987 Bizet [03].Symphony Ne 40 In G Minor k550- 3. Menuet 1987 Mozart [04].Ave Maria 1987 Schubert [05].Cantata No 147 1987 Bach [06].Melody In F Opus 3 No 1 1987 Rubinstein [07].Danse D Anitra (Anitra S Dance) 1987 Grieg [08].Le Quattro Stagioni- La Primavera 1987 Vivaldi [09].Adagio D'Albinoni 1987 Giazotto,Albinoni [10].Humoresque Opus 101 No. 7 In G Flet 1987 Dvorak [11].Prelude 1987 Albeniz [12].Etude In E 1987 Chopin [13].Zigeunerweisen Opus 20 1987 P. de Sarasate [14].La Traviata- Prelude 1985 Verdi [15].Aria 1986 Bach [16].Symphonie No. 3 1986 Brams [17].Liebestraum No. 3 1995 Liszt [18].Piano Sonata No. 8 In C Minor Opus 13 «Pathetique» 1985 Beethoven [19].Moonlight sonata 1985 Beethoven [20].Zaide 1986 Mozart [21].Symphony No. 5 In C Minor Opus 67 1986 Bethoven Download Part One Download Part Two PW : WeLove-music

The Network Anthologies 7: The Diaspora of Rembetiko ,“Greek Blues”

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After years of research, a dream has at last come true: the world’s first major anthology of Rembetiko – the “Greek Blues”. Presenting 31 ensembles from 13 countries, the album showcases the leading representatives of Rembetiko in its many forms throughout the world and traces its development over the years. Rembetiko emerged in the early 1920s in the port cities of Piraeus and Thessaloniki where hundreds of thousands of Greek refugees arrived from Asia Minor. They brought with them their own lifestyle and their oriental music. In the taverns, or tekedes, they smoked hash, made music, and dressed in a distinctive way. It was a subculture that went against the grain. Banned under various dictatorships and later ideologically rejected, Rembetiko still survived in various forms, eventually becoming an integral part of Greek identity. From Greece, Rembetiko spread among the immigrant communities of North America, Australia and Western Europe. This musical journey through the world of Rembetiko presents the best groups, including Apodimi Compania from Australia, Prosechos, Salto Orientale and Zotos Kompania from Germany, Kudsi Ergüner and Melihat Gülses from Turkey, Diamanda Galas and the Projekt Café Aman Amerika from the USA, Taximi from Sweden, Palio-Paréa from Holland, The Rembetika Hipsters from Canada and such icons of recent Greek musical history as Mikis Theodorakis, Dionyssis Savopoulos, Nikos Xydakis, Niki Tramba and Ross Daly at the Café Aman and Stavros Xarchakos with music from the legendary film „Rembetiko“. Double CD, 33 tracks, 9 of which are released for the first time on this anthology or taken from no longer available productions.


Disc: 1
[01]. Prologos - Mana Mou Ellas
[02]. O Pinoklis
[03]. Rosenbuskens Blad - Taximi
[04]. Yedikule - Kudsi Erguner Ensemble
[05]. Kegome
[06]. Bayat/Irinaki - Bratsch
[07]. San Pethano Sto Karavi
[08]. Bouzouki Mou Diplochordo [#]
[09]. I Giren
[10]. Afou Chis Allon Stin Kardia - Ross Daly, Labyrinth
[11]. Cafe Izmir - Ankala
[12]. Mes Tis Polis to Hammam
[13]. For Rita - Evening Take - Abaji
[14]. To Blues Tou Paliokaravou
[15]. Sta Pervolia - Grigoris Bithikotsis, Mikis Theodorakis

Disc: 2

[01]. Doctor - Apodimi Compania
[02]. Thalassa Lipisou [#]
[03]. Ego Mangas Phenomouna
[04]. Anoixe - Diamanda Gal's
[05]. Pali Kiapopse Skeftikos [#]
[06]. Diki Mou Ine I Ellas
[07]. I Ladades - Michalis Jenitsaris
[08]. Psila Ta Parathyria Sou - Bill Fotiades
[09]. Tou Votanikou O Mangas
[10]. Plimyra
[11]. I Fantasia Stin Exousia - Louisiana Red,
[12]. San Pothano Paragelno - Solon Lekkas
[13]. Zeybekiko
[14]. Emai Orfanos Apo Paidhi - Ross Daly, Labyrinth, Niki Tramba
[15]. Barba Yannakakis (Kurban)
[16]. Stin Ipoga (Extract from Rembetiko Medley) - Roberto Zanisi
[17]. I Manges Den Iparchoun Pia - Nikos Papazoglou, Manolis Rasoulis, Nikos Xydakis
[18]. Zeybekiko

| MP3 320 Kbps | Covers | 240 MB |


The Network Anthologies 6: Souffles de l'âme , Balkan Blues

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Over the years, Network’s book-format anthologies have charted the "blues" inherent in a variety of musical cultures throughout the world, documenting this expressive form in music, text and photos. This time, the Network team has spent two years researching the vast treasures of Balkan music. The resulting Balkan Blues anthology sheds a new and different light on the deeply rooted cultural traditions and views that have so often sparked political and religious conflict in this region, for this double CD clearly shows that the music of the Balkans knows no national or ethnic boundaries. Balkan Blues is a musical journey through seven different countries, tracing two aspects of the Balkan soul – on the one hand, ballads that tell of pain and hope, and on the other hand the magical exuberance of the virtuoso performances that accompany joyous celebrations. From Romania, we hear the melancholy ballads of the great masters Toni Iordache and Dumitru Farcas on cimbalon and taragot, and the legendary fiddler Stoican. We hear the inimitable vocal polyphony of Bulgaria and Albania, as well as a Wallachian Suite by the Bulgarian All Star Orchestra and some incredible solos on ancient instruments such as the gadulka, the kaval and the gaida. Greece brings us the highly accoladed clarinetist Petro-Loukas Chalkias with his Kompania, traditional remebtiko songs with original instruments, maverick lyra player Psanrantonis, and the gently poetic songs of Loudovikos. Serbia’s favourite musicians present the wild side of totally unfettered celebration. From the Bosnian mountains, we hear a heart-rending ballad of love. Macedonia is represented by Esma Redzepova, queen of Roma song, and by the brass orchestral sound that is to be found only in the Balkans, as well as by legendary clarinetist Ferus Mustafov, who composed the title track specially for this anthology. More than half the tracks in this collection have never been recorded before, or are recorded here on CD for the first time. The lucid text was written by Professor Dr Manfred Bartmann of the University of Salzburg, a recognised authority on Balkan music. As he writes, "The 34 tracks on this CD eloquently document that the musical styles of the Balkans were never really "national" styles. In this awareness lies a glimmer of hope."


Disc: 1

[01]. Livezile Lui Ion - Achim Mica
[02]. Sâmbra Oilor Din Maramures - Dumitru Farcas
[03]. Si Hora - Ion Petre Stoican
[04]. De la Hulbesti (Si Voce) - Vasile Pandelescu
[05]. Geamparallele Lui Haidim - Toni Iordache
[06]. Mikro Kopelidaki Mou - Psarantonis & Ensemble
[07]. Afou 'Heis Allon Sti Kardia - Ross Daly
[08]. Mana - Loudovikos Ton Anoyion
[09]. Tesko Oro - Ensemble Rakija
[10]. Chelipe (Kolo) - Aleksander Sisic
[11]. Aven Romalen, Aven Cavalen - Vladimir Kandic
[12]. Edinaesetorca - Kocani Orkestar
[13]. Balkan Blues, Pt. 2 - King Ferus Mustafov, Milan Safkov
[14]. Cherenije - Esma Redzepova
[15]. Asene, Sinko - Mladen Kojnarov
[16]. Bavna Melodija I Râcenica - Dimitar Petrov
[17]. Stujan Otgore Vârvese - Komna Stojanova
[18]. Thëllëzë Që Shkel Mbi Vesë - Ensemble Tirana

Disc: 2

[01]. I Ag?pi Traguidiéte P?nta - Loudovikos Ton Anoyion
[02]. Emai Orfan?s Ap? Paidh? - Ross Daly, Nick Tramba
[03]. Skaros - Petro-Loucas Chalkias & Kompania
[04]. Oilor - Luca Novac
[05]. Inel, Inel, De Aur - Dona Dimitru Siminica
[06]. Balada Haiduceasca - Toni Iordache
[07]. Cantec de Maja - Vasile Vasilescu
[08]. Hora Be la Constanta - Ion Petre Stoican
[09]. Usti, Usti, Babo, O Davulja Maren - Olivera Katarina I Orkestar "Romalen" [10]. Oh Ljubav, Ljubav - Ensemble Rakija
[11]. Preserka [#] - Blehorkestar Bakija Bakic
[12]. Balkan Blues - King Ferus Mustafov, Milan Safkov
[13]. Wallachian Suite - Brazilian All-Star Orchestra
[14]. Radka E Fljala V Gradina - Sestri Georgievi
[15]. Vito Pëllumbesha - Ensemble Tirana
[16]. Besèna Rovèna - Rromano Dives

| MP3 192 Kbps | Covers | 210 MB |


The Network Anthologies 5: Golden Afrique I&II

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Golden Afrique Vol. 1 L'age d'or de la musique africaine (1971-1983)

It was the most exciting period of recent African history. From the late 1950s onwards, one African country after another gained independence. Independence had its own literature and its own soundtrack. It was the dawning of the golden age of African pop music. In the 1970s and early 1980s, local traditions, modern western styles and instruments combined to create an exciting new sound that expressed the euphoria and pride of a newfound freedom. The Golden Afrique series dives into this vast musical ocean of and comes up with its finest, rarest pearls. The series opens with music from Guinea, Mali, Guinea-Bissao, Gambia, Ivory Coast, Chad and Senegal – many of the tracks are available on CD for the very first time. Youssou N’Dour takes his first tentative steps, creating the mbalax sound that will later spread around the world, Salif Keita raises his golden voice, Baobab de Dakar and Bembeya Jazz National from Conakry take the big band sound to new heights, the Super Eagles of Gambia sing of African unity, the Amazones de Guinea form the first all-woman big band line-up, Miriam Makeba sings in her own language from her Guinean exile, Super Mama Djombo have to fly from Guinea to Moscow to make their groundbreaking recordings, Maitre Gazonga from Chad has a huge hit and disappears... Fom Afrocuban styles to local rhythms, soul and blues influences, Golden Afrique is an exhilarating journey through the musical history of Africa , full of sheer joy and totally danceable. Double CD .. 2 ½ hours playing time.

Disc: 1

[01]. Jaloux Saboteurs
[02]. Amie
[03]. Taximen
[04]. Ziboté - Ernesto Djédjé
[05]. Lonlon Nyeku
[06]. Dis-Moi la Vérité
[07]. Beni Haminanko - Ousmane Kouyate
[08]. Bolola Sanou - Les Ambassadeurs du Motel
[09]. Rail Band - Rail Band
[10]. N'Toman

Disc: 2

[01]. Dissan Na M'Bera (Suur Di No Pubis)
[02]. Yaye Boye
[03]. Mane Kouma Xol - Etoile de Dakar
[04]. Thiely - Etoile de Dakar
[05]. Autorail - Orchestra Baobab
[06]. Yaye Boye
[07]. Warteef Jiggeen
[08]. Aliou Gori-Mami - Super Eagles
[09]. Gambia/Zambia - Super Eagles
[10]. Paulette - Balla et Ses Balladins
[11]. Malouyame - Miriam Makeba
[12]. Kadia Blues
[13]. Samba - Les Amazones de Guinee
[14]. Tentemba - Bembeya Jazz National

Golden Afrique Vol. 2 l'Age d'or de la musique africaine ( 1956-1982 )

A brilliant edition The critical acclaim that was heaped on Golden Afrique Vol.I has spurred our team of editors. They have now completed a second volume dedicated entirely to Congolese dance music. The very finest of performers chart the history of Central African guitar music from African Rumba to the early forms of Soukous music. Here, then, is the music that has conquered all of Africa, even toppling Highlife from its throne as the pan-African party sound. From the beginnings of the outstanding Ngoma label to Kabasele’s “Indépendance Cha Cha Cha” – a 1960s single that set the whole of Africa dancing – and featuring an early recording by Manu Dibango, the ports of call on this musical journey are the sounds of the great and the good: Tabu Ley Rochereau, Franco, a musical heavyweight whose death was mourned across an entire continent, Sam Mangwana, who continues to roll back the boundaries in his indefatigable quest for new sounds and combinations, Dr. Nico, known simply as the “god of guitar”, Nyboma, whose productions even had West Africans dancing the Congolese Soukous. All this and more: as an absolute rarity, the album also features excellent songs from less famous artists, some of whom can be heard on CD for the very first time.

Disc: 1

[01]. Coopération - Franco, Sam Mangwana
[02]. Doublé-Doublé - Nyboma
[03]. Africa Mokili Mobimba - African Jazz, Joseph Kabasele
[04]. Indépendance Cha Cha Cha - African Jazz, Joseph Kabasele
[05]. Siluwangi Wapi Accordeon - Camille Feruzi, Franco, OK Jazz Band [06]. Marabenta (Vamos Para O Campo) - Sam Mangwana
[07]. Machette - Les Bantous de la Capitale
[08]. Lina - Franco, OK Jazz Band
[09]. Tcha Tcha Tcha de Mi Amor - Franco, OK Jazz Band
[10]. Exhibition Dechaud - Docteur Nico, Orchestra African Fiesta
[11]. Pauline - Docteur Nico, Orchestra African Fiesta
[12]. Bawayo - Tiers Monde Coop

Disc: 2

[01]. Pele Odija - Mose Se 'Fan Fan'
[02]. Mambo Ry-Co - Ry-Co Jazz
[03]. Cha Cha Cha Bay - Camille Feruzi
[04]. Bibi Yangu - Vibes
[05]. Ndaya - M'Pongo Love
[06]. Bika Nzanga - Vibes
[07]. Como Bacalao - Sam Mangwana, Tabu Ley Rochereau
[08]. Mazé - Tabu Ley Rochereau
[09]. Ekedy - Manu Dibango
[10]. Mu Nzila N'Sona - K.P. Flammy
[11]. Mami Yo (Kuruze Ya Campus) - Nyboma
[12]. Aon-Aon - Tabu Ley Rochereau
[13]. Kahagwe - Camille Feruzi
[14]. Yaka Mama - Lucie Eyenga
[15]. Basi Banso Tapale - Manuel D'Oliveira

| MP3 VBR Kbps | Covers | 450 MB |

Vol.1 Part One
Vol.1 Part Two

Vol.2 Part One
Vol.2 Part Two

Gandalf - Lotus Land

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As you listen to Gandalf's music, you know exactly why this "painter of musical landscapes" chose his name, years before J.R.R. Tolkien's cult-epic Lord of the Rings captivated filmgoers around the world. Austrian by birth, Gandalf has traveled widely through Europe, North and South American and Asia. The more cultures he has come in touch with, the more he has been touched by the realization that far more things unite than separate the various peoples on our planet. His goal in composing and recording is to create music that dissolves boundaries. Gandalf's music is inspired by the beauty of nature and by the wisdom and myths of various cultures. He tells sound stories and describes moods and magical moments that point to other realities behind the scenes in this fast-paced modern world. He wants us to discover our incomparable and individual selves as we relax and "lose" ourselves in the listening. The music is intimate, tender, rich with grandeur and always heart opening. Gandalf plays many and varied instruments (acoustic and electric guitars, sitar, saz, charango, bouzouki, balaphon, piano, synthesizers and sample-keyboards, and various percussion), blends acoustic with electronic and spherical sounds and weaves folk-elements into symphonic structures to create his unmistakable and unique style. He has worked with international artists, including former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett, Tunesian vocalist and oud player Dhafer Yossef and English cellist and vocalist Emily Burridge a.k.a. White Horse, whom he met while on a concert tour in Brazil. Gandalf has also written music for theatre and film. Product Description Music being played from the very depth of the heart sometimes reflects a glimpse of the secret paradise within all of us, the boundless and eternal Lotus Land.


[01]. A Seed Dreaming Inside
[02]. Life is Love
[03]. Where the Heart Finds a Home
[04]. Love Opens the Gates
[05]. Just a glimpse of Paradise
[06]. Mystic Voyage
[07]. A Heavenly Gift
[08]. The Lotus Unfolds
[09]. Waves of Delight

MP3 VBR kbps Covers


BBC Radio 3 Awards For World Music (5 albums)

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VA - BBC Radio 3 Awards For World Music 2003 320 VBR | 237 MB Tracklist: Disc: 1 1. Madan - Salif Keita 2. Bana Congo - Papa Noel & Papi Oviedo 3. Sagal Ko (Honor Her) / Tu Dois La Proteger - Youssou N'dour 4. Pretty Ploughboy - Eliza Carthy 5. Lalo Lalo - Ustad Mahwash & Ensemble Kabhoul 6. The Return - Kayhan Kalhor 7. Through The Mist Of Your Eyes - Yair Dalal 8. Shinanay - Omar Faruk Tekbilek (With Steve Shehan) 9. Maria Lisboa - Mariza 10. Sabou - Bembeya Jazz 11. Chiquichaca - Yusa 12. Dancing Voices - Sergey Starostin 13. Kassi Kasse - Kasse Mady 14. Mama Tonkara - Elilika & Solo Disc: 2 1. Kaluaja - Kimmo Pohjonen 2. Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre) - Gotan Project 3. Se Me Van Los Pies - Susana Baca 4. Eparapo - Tony Allen 5. Pyar Ka Matlab - Alka Yagnik (With Sonu Nigam & Udit Narayan) 6. Quien Engana No Gana - Ojos De Brujo 7. Sr. Judas - Los De Abajo 8. Racailles - Duoud 9. Sale Sorbando - Lila Downs 10. Jin Ma Jin Ma - Orchestra Baobab 11. Alamagoto - Te Vaka 12. Min Youmi (Since Always) - Samira Said 13. Witness To Marriage - Trilok Gurtu 14. Seven Brothers - Oi-Va-Voi Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 VA - BBC Radio 3 Awards For World Music 2004 CD 1 - 192 kbps | CD 2 - 128 kbps | 178 MB Tracklist Disc: 1 1. Santa Massa Chegou!!! - DJ Dolores, Orchestra Santa Massa 2. Jatt Ho Giya Sharabee - Panjabi MC 3. Nar-I Ney [Edit] 4. Boomerang - Daara J 5. Yala - Oumou Sangare 6. Ya Nas - Kazem Al Saher 7. No Prego - Cibelle 8. Voltando [the Cocktail Party Mix] - Zuco 103 9. Tiempo de Soleá [DJ Panko Remix] - Ojos de Brujo 10. Adolat Tanovari - Sevara Nazarkhan 11. Velha Infancia - Marisa Monte, Tribalistas 12. Gedawo - Abyssinia Infinite, Ejigayehu "Gigi" Shibabaw 13. Eastern Journey - Trilok Gurtu 14. Racine d'Énnéade - DuOud 15. Gypsy - Oi Va Voi 16. Mr. Bobby - Manu Chao Disc: 2 1. Bel el Madhi (The Gate of the Past) - Souad Massi 2. Outlandish Knight - Jon Boden, John Spiers 3. Kôté Don - Rokia Traoré 4. Cansoneita - Tamara Obrovac, Transhistria Ensemble 5. Rojo y Negro - Omar Sosa 6. Hay Que Entrarle a Palos a Ése - Ibrahim Ferrer 7. Monte Cara - Césaria Évora 8. Elli Yeddi Haq Ennas - Radio Tarifa 9. Raba-Raba - Khalèd 10. Yer-Yer - Munadjat Yulchieva 11. Tagore Street Blues [Edit] - Debashish Bhattacharya, Bob Brozman 12. AA Shuu de Kei-Oo [Live] - Huun-Huur-Tu, 13. Childhood - Kroke 14. Do Ciebie Kasiuni (To You Kasiunia) - Warsaw Village Band 15. Barcas - Think of One 16. Cucurrucucu Paloma - Caetano Veloso Part 1 Part 2 VA - BBC Radio 3 Awards For World Music 2005 320 kbps VBR | 212 MB Tracklist Disc: 1 01 Tinariwen - Aidbecben Manin 03:55 02 Severa Nazarkhan - Yallajonim (My Dearest Song) 04:13 03 Lhasa - Anywhere On This Road 04:37 04 Bebel Gilberto - Aganju 04:47 05 Thandiswa - Labl' Umlemze (Feat. Appleseed) 06:13 06 Lila Downs - Viborita 04:18 07 Ba Cissoko - Wawata 03:58 08 Gotan Project - La Del Ruso (Calexico Remix) 07:05 09 Amparanoia - En Algun Lugar 04:30 10 Bajofondo Tango Club With Compo - Mi Corazon 04:26 11 Ojos De Brujo - Rememorix 04:53 12 Mercan Dede - I Tarab 06:19 13 Clotaire K - Ya Saryan 04:11 14 Bjoerk - Who Is It 03:58 Disc: 2 01 Kaushiki Chakrabarty - Raga Misra Mand Thumri (Edit) 07:42 02 The Chehade Brothers - Al Nashal 04:03 03 Youssou N'dour - Touba Daru Salaam 05:51 04 Khaled - Ya Galbi 04:33 05 Enzo Avitabile - Dance With Me 03:48 06 Souad Massi - Ghir Enta (I Only Love You) 05:09 07 Yasmin Levy - La Alegria 05:17 08 Bebo And Cigala - Lagrimas Negras 05:31 09 Chango Spasiuk - Tierra Colorada (Red Land) 03:01 10 Ivo Papasov - Fairground 04:10 11 Andrew Cronshaw - Sofia The Saracen's Daughter 05:07 12 Rokia Traore - Sara 05:55 13 Sainkho Namtchylak - Adimiral 02:25 14 Faiz Ali Faiz - Lal Shahbaz Qalandar 05:35 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 VA - BBC Radio 3 Awards For World Music 2006 320 kbps VBR | 226 MB Tracklist Disc: 1 1. Ai Ga Bani - Toure, Ali Farka & Toumani Diabate 2. Kelimanta - Toure, Daby 3. Ladji - Keita, Salif & Buju Banton 4. Artistiya - Amadou & Mariam 5. Elengwen - Jal, Emmanuel & Abdel Gadir Salim 6. Amazon - Mia (3) 7. Same Song - Raman, Susheela 8. Footprints - Sawhney, Nitin 9. Konono No 1 - Ndonga, Lufuala 10. Optikus - KTU & Kimmo Pohjonen 11. Ab-I Lal - Dede, Mercan 12. Hajti Fi Gurini - Sabbah, Cheb I. 13. Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles - Kuvezin, Albert & Yat Kha 14. Let The Factories Open - Armenian Navy Band 15. Bucovina - Shantel 16. Tekitoi - Taha, Rachid Disc: 2 1. Nuevo Manto - Sosa, Omar 2. Ekta Deshlai Kathi Jwalao - Kronos Quartet & Asha Bhosle 3. Difficult Paths - Zahor, Sain 4. Woyatina - Seck, Thione & Rehab 5. Inspiration - Massi, Souad 6. Carry The Sun Inside - Avitable, Enzo & Bottari 7. Alili - Fanfare Ciocarlia 8. Meu Fado Meu - Mariza 9. Jennette - Jiminez, Flaco & Ry Cooder 10. Tive Razao - Jorge, Seu 11. Abiani - Gnahore, Dobet 12. Mundo Es Nos - Lura 13. Baghdad - Madfai, Ihlam Al 14. Naci En Alamo - Levy, Yasmin 15. Akhian Udikdian - Faiz, Faiz Ali 16. Yabay - Youssef, Dhafer Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 VA - BBC Radio 3 Awards For World Music 2007 224 kbps | 224 MB Tracklist: Disc: 1 01. Ta Douleur (Europe) - Camille 02. Kura Uone (Africa) - Bongo Maffin 03. Feira De Mangaio (Culture Crossing) - Think Of One 04. Cha Cha (Club Global) - Balkan Beat Box 05. Single (Africa/Album Of The Year) - Toumani Diabate 06. Soobax (Newcomer) - K'naan 07. Hayati Inta (Mid. East And N. Africa) - Natacha Atlas 08. Belomi Benna (Africa) - Mahmoud Ahmed 09. Napas (Club Global) - Mercan Dede 10. La Cumbia Del Mole (Americas/Album Of The Year) - Lila Downs 11. Bobine (Da Lata Remix) (Edit) (Culture Crossing) - Ska Cubano 12. Not A Crime (Americas) - Gogol Bordello 13. L'Alawi (Mid. East And N. Africa) - Les Boukakes 14. This Room (Asia/Pacific) - Fat Freddy's Drop 15. Esh 'Dani, Alash Mshit (Constantine Remix) (Club Global) - Cheb I Sabbah 16. Khadri (Culture Crossing) - Aida Nadeem 17. Better Way (Americas) - Ben Harper Disc: 2 01. Lagartija Azul (Americas) - Fonseca 02. Cigil (Newcomer) - Nuru Kane 03. Sultanas De Merkaillo (Europe) - Ojos De Brujo 04. Un Grand Voyage (Europe) - Lo'Jo 05. Aanandam (Edit) (Asia/Pacific) - Debashish Bhattacharya 06. Penda Yoro (Africa/Album Of The Year) - Ali Farka Toure 07. Locura (Mid. East And N. Africa) - Yasmin Levy 08. Oh! Ma Belle (Edit) (Culture Crossing) - Maurice El Medioni, Robert Rodriguez 09. Primavera (Europe) - Mariza 10. Balance (Newcomer) - Sara Tavares 11. Jordan (Album Of The Year) - Bellowhead 12. In The Setting Of The Sun (Asia/Pacific) - Dadawa 13. Kom Bina Hana Al Humaya (Mid. East And N. Africa) - Ghada Shbeir 14. Surbajo (Edit) (Newcomer) - Etran Finatawa 15. Celos (Club Global) - Gotan Project 16. Naked (Asia/Pacific) - Anoushka Shankar Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

World Network Vol. 15 France

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Bratsch - Gypsy Music from the Heart of Europe
Bratsch have taken the music of the European Gypsies and turned it into something all their very own, bringing it to life with masterly skill in their atmospheric and compact concerts. Their music brings new vitality to both the traditions of Eastern Europe and the roots of "Tsigane Jazz", as made world famous by Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli. With great emotion, poignant melodies and subtle arrangements, they create a unique acoustic music, which, for years, has been enthralling both the French audiences and the press in equal measure. Their first live album is a rare document, recording their very first German concert. "These vagabonds carry the nostalgia of Eastern Europe in their bundles, the vibrancy of the Mediterranean, the dexterity of the Gypsies and the irony of the Jews. Music without frontiers." (Le Monde) "A wondrous journey from West to East with a band of joyously abandoned nomads, who poke fun at all restraints. Whether the tunes they play are Gypsy, Russian, Armenian, or Yiddish, or their own original songs, they have the audience on its feet, shouting for more." (L’Express) "The music of Bratsch is vital, lyrical, raw and romantic, but never sentimental and certainly never saccharine."

[01]. Le Rindovani
[02]. A Romalei Te Djilas
[03]. Joulik
[04]. Joc-Hummus Blues
[05]. Sari Siroun Yar
[06]. Bayat/Danse Grecque/Rabiz
[07]. Avreimel, Der Marwicher/Chiar Daca Dau De Necaz
[08]. Opa Tsupa
[09]. Les Noces
[10]. Maruzella
[11]. Nane Tsora

| MP3 320 kbps | Incl. Covers | 135 MB |


Oliver Shanti & Friends - Listening To The Heart

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A way of the self identification. This album can open hearts. Discovered and left untouched hundredthousand of listeners the secret of the language of their heart stress, depression and commonplacenesses simply outside.

1. Waves Of Symphony
2. Beating Heart
3. Listening To The Heart
4. Rainbow Liberty
5. Mirror Sea Reflects The Mind
6. Maha Maha Maha Deva
7. Kriya Galaxy

320 kbps including full scans