Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol. I

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Called by some kawkab al-sharq (star of the East) and by others 'empress of Arab tunes,' Umm Kalthum, with a voice powerful and clear, can still be heard daily on radio stations in the multitudes of coffee shops and taxis all over the Arab world. Even though she died over two decades ago, her love lyrics, national odes and religious chants continue to affect millions of people. Her audience, as if on cue, hums along or cries in despair in reaction to her range of pitch, filled with nostalgia and yearning, touching the very Arab soul.
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Track No:/Title Tracktime

[01]. Araka Assi Addam'i [6:06]
[02]. Mali Foutintou [7:42]
[03]. Wahaqqika Enta Elmouna [6:12]
[04]. Li Ladhathoun [7:30]
[05]. Tichouf Oumori [6:13]
[06]. Terai Ghiri [6:17]
[07]. Inna Hali Fi Hawaha Agab [6:20]
[08]. Akhdzt Soutek Min Rohi [6:17]
[09]. Aiqazti Fi Awatifi [6:25]

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PW : WeLove-music


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This stunningly packaged box set from leading jazz label Enja is one of the most lavish and beautiful CD collections I have ever seen. Over four discs, we are treated to the highlights of this festival, dedicated to new and old works for the oud or Arabic lute by the leading players of the Arabic world. The first CD is for solo oud, the second is oud and voice and the third and fourth are for oud and orchestra and feature some newly commissioned works. All of this comes in an elaborate oriental-style cardboard slipcase and (weighing in at 1 kg) shows the way in how to present a musical genre artistically and in depth.

The Muscat Oud Festival, held from November 29 to December 1, 2005 in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, was the first of its kind worldwide. It was organised as part of the cultural renaissance in the Sultanate of Oman that started around 1970. For the first time in history, this festival has featured on one stage the whole Arabic world's today's most admired players of the oud, the Arab lute, which has been the symbol of Arabic music since ancient times. Even today the oud plays an outstanding role in the traditional education of young Arabic musicians: Playing and singing, rhythms, music theory and melodic modes are taught on this instrument. At the festival, the oud was presented both as a virtuosic solo instrument and as a singer's instrument for self-accompaniment. Last but not least it was also presented as a concerto instrument with symphony orchestra -- a very recent development, now forced by the Sultanate's belief in cultural modernization. Beside Atiyya Sharara's oud concerto of 1983, two more orchestral works with the oud were brought to stage, composed especially for the festival by Egyptian Ammar El-Sherei who also played the oud part along with the Royal Oman Symphony. However, the first Muscat Oud Festival not only proves the rich possibilities of the oud but the wealth of Arabic music as a whole that has many musical genres and more than 150 melodic modes. Above all, the festival's overwhelming performances show the irresistible power of "al tarab", the Arabic concept of "enchantment" which means communicating joy and sadness to the audience in a deep, spontaneous, heart-gripping manner. Arabic musicians are noted for their ability to improvise in singing, playing or poetry and to move the listener by the sheer expression of the moment's feelings. Al Tarab reveals the blues and soul of the oriental world.

Track Listing

Disque: 1
[01].Salim bin Ali al-Maqrashi - Taqasim, Maqam Nahawand
[02].Salim bin Ali al-Maqrashi - Longa Nahawand, Maqam Nahawand
[03].Salim bin Ali al-Maqrashi - Taqasim, Maqam Rast
[04].Salim bin Ali al-Maqrashi - Samai Rast, Maqam Rast
[05].Salim bin Ali al-Maqrashi - Taqasim, Maqam Kurd
[06].Salim bin Ali al-Maqrashi - Musiqa Qasidat "al-Karnak"
[07].Said Chraibi - Musiqa, "hawatir andalusiyya"
[08].Said Chraibi - Musiqa
[09].Said Chraibi - Taqasim, Maqam Rast
[10].Said Chraibi - Samai Rast, Maqam Rast
[11].Mamdoh El Gebaly - Musiqa, Hawatir Misriyya, Maqam Rast
[12].Mamdoh El Gebaly - Taqasim, Maqam Higaz-Kar
[13].Mamdoh El Gebaly - Samai Rahat Al-Arwah, Maqam Rahat Al-Arwah

Disque: 2
[01].Abadi al-Johar - Musiqa
[02].Abadi al-Johar - Ughniyat
[03].Abadi al-Johar - Taqasim, Maqam Rast
[04].Abadi al-Johar - Musiqa Ughniyat
[05].Abadi al-Johar - Taqasim, Maqam Higaz Kar
[06].Abadi al-Johar - Ughniyat
[07].Ahmad Fathi - Taqasim, Maqam Nahawand
[08].Ahmad Fathi - Ma'zufah In Adani Rhythm, Maqam Nahawand
[09].Ahmad Fathi - Musiqa
[10].Ahmad Fathi - Mazufat
[11].Ahmad Fathi - Ughniyat
[12].Ahmad Fathi - Ughniyat
[13].Ahmad Fathi - Ughniyat

Disque: 3
[01].Alaa Hussein Saber - 1st Concerto For Oud And Orchestra. I.Allegro
[02].Alaa Hussein Saber - 1st Concerto For Oud And Orchestra. II.Andante
[03].Alaa Hussein Saber - 1st Concerto For Oud And Orchestra. III.Allegro [04].Safwan Bahlawan - Taqasim, Maqam Rast
[05].Safwan Bahlawan - Taqtuqat
[06].Safwan Bahlawan - Taqasim, Maqam Nahawand
[07].Safwan Bahlawan - Qasidat
[08].Safwan Bahlawan - Taqasim, Layali & Mauwal
[09].Safwan Bahlawan - Taqasim, Layali & Mauwal
[10].Safwan Bahlawan - Qasidat

Disque : 4

[01].Ammar El-Sherei - Dialogue Between Oud And Orchestra. I.Allegro Moderato Maestoso
[02].Ammar El-Sherei - Dialogue Between Oud And Orchestra. II.Andante
[03].Ammar El-Sherei - Dialogue Between Oud And Orchestra. III.Allegro
[04].Ammar El-Sherei - Variations On Arabic Melodies

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Hussein El Masry - Belly Dance In Luxor "Ataif"

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Hussein El Masry is a composer, singer and also a virtuoso oud player. Born in 1952 in Cairo, Egypt he studied in Cairo’s Institute of Arab Music. He moved to Paris, France in 1977.

He participated in the International Oud Meeting held on November 29th and 30th and December 1st 2002 which took place in the Municipal Theater of Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Greece with Yurdal Tokcan, Simon Shaheen and Haig Yazdjian among other oud players.

Actually he lives with his wife and daughter in Montpellier, France.

fast lively modern belly-dance music for the experienced dancer

1. Yaward Sabah
2. Yasmarani
3. Ataif A
4. Tabeli
5. Charquia Walla
6. Eternal Voyage
7. Norose Sawa

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Hussein El Masry - Belly Dance in Cairo

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Hussein El Masry is a composer, singer and also a virtuoso oud player. Born in 1952 in Cairo, Egypt he studied in Cairo’s Institute of Arab Music. He moved to Paris, France in 1977.

He participated in the International Oud Meeting held on November 29th and 30th and December 1st 2002 which took place in the Municipal Theater of Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Greece with Yurdal Tokcan, Simon Shaheen and Haig Yazdjian among other oud players.

Actually he lives with his wife and daughter in Montpellier, France.

fast lively modern belly-dance music for the experienced dancer

1. Sydi Ya
2. Rakasni Ya
3. Dina
4. Yafoleya
5. Lelital
6. Haguere
7. Falafell

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Oriental Fever [4 CDs]

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Track Listing
01 - Cheba Maria - Celibataire
02 - Mohamed Reda Feat Dj Youcef - Wana Dima
03 - Bakr El Ghir
04 - Rima Feat Cheb Rayan - Dana Dana
05 - Douzi - Sultana
06 - Fadela - Habibi
07 - Cheb Hakim - Riri Rayek Tkelchi
08 - Reda Taliani - El Moudja Li Datou
09 - Hanino - Douar Zine
10 - Cheb Karim - Al Jara Remix
11 - Djeloul - Super Antiya
12 - Med Alia - Manich Nebghi
13 - Maminou - Accord D'amour
14 - Nadim - Toute Option
15 - Kamel - Mon Amour

01 - Leslie Et Amine - Sobri 2
02 - Cheb Nadir - On Va Se Ballader
03 - Relic Feat Mohammed Rissani - maghrÚbins Sans Frontieres
04 - Mohamed Reda Feat Raiss - Hakda Ana
05 - Jalal Feat Driver - Nzour Nebra
06 - B.A.S. - Saveurs D'hier
07 - Samira Feat Kass Et Style - Ton Choix Sera Le Mien
08 - Pit Baccardi Feat Cheb Bilal - Salama
09 - Akil Feat Kybla - amitiÚ
10 - Prince D'arabie Feat Rim K - Flow Da Thei
11 - Ol Kainry - Un Pied Dans Le Bizz
12 - La Caution - thÚ Ó La Menthe
13 - Lotfi Double Kanon - Tofla Boumba
14 - Fez City Clan - Party Fkhima
15 - Sly Et Robbie Feat Cheb Tarik - Tarik Bonus Track

01 - Thievery Corporation - Supreme Illusion Remix
02 - Natacha Atlas - Dub Yalil
03 - Claude Challe - Psyche Paradise
04 - Le Grand Orchestre Du Comptoir De Marrakech - Hollywood Gnawa
05 - Antoine Clamaran - Landscape Wind Club Mix
06 - Casa Mecca - Soultani Club Mix
07 - Edouard De Tricasse - Taj Mahal Wind
08 - Dj Youcef - Sous Houss
09 - Babylon Experience - Desert String
10 - Dune - Mirage Remix
11 - Africanism - Samourai Theme
12 - Martin Solveig - Edony
13 - David Vendetta - Cleopatra
14 - Oriental Dream - Egyptian
15 - Bebe Lilly - Allo Papy Bonus Track

01 - Rachid Taha - Ya Rayah
02 - Cheikha Rimitti - Nouar
03 - Billal - Chabiba
04 - Cheb Mami - Sair Fer
05 - Khaled - La Camel
06 - Akil - Gaa Malade Mentale
07 - Fella - Rani Jay
08 - Takfarinas - Salamet
09 - Kader Et Hanane - El Credit
10 - Abdelhak - Alabina
11 - Cheb Zahouani - Fatima
12 - Benchenat - Arssam Wahran
13 - Cheb Nassro - Nargoud Ala Wadnia
14 - Hasni - Alache Ya Ainia
15 - Dahmane El Harrachi - Ya Rayah Version Originale

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Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass - Passages

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Passages is a musical album in the style of chamber music co-composed by Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass and released in 1990 by RCA Victor. The album's content is a hybrid of Ravi Shankar's signature sitar playing & Hindustani classical music and Philip Glass's distinct American minimalist contemporary classical style.

1. Offering
2. Sadhanipa
3. Channels and Winds
4. Ragas in Minor Scale
5. Meetings Along The Edge
6. Prashanti

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Cafe Belly Dance [2006]

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1 A'LAYKI EL DALAL - Composed & arranged by Joseph Juha
2 KALA TABLAH - Composed & arranged by Dr. Fathallah Ahmed
3 JOZI TJAWAZ ALAI - Composed & arranged by Dr. Fathallah Ahmed
4 NAGESH EL HENNA - Composed & arranged by Joseph Juha
5 SAHARA - Composed & arranged by Joseph Juha
6 HABIBA - Composed & arranged by Joseph Juha
7 BELLY DANCE RHYTHM - Composed & arranged by Dr. Fathallah Ahmed
8 MOHSEN MARADONA - Composed & arranged by Tabali Ya Moallem
9 LAILA - Composed & arranged by Radwan Rajab
10 AL DALUAA - Composed & arranged by Dr. Fathallah Ahmed
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Hussein El Masry - arabian EMOTIONS

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Hussein el-Masry was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1952 and is a virtuoso oud player, composer and singer. He studied at the Institute of Arab Music in Cairo. In 1977 he moved to Paris. He now lives in Montpellier, France with his wife and daughter.


[01].Ra'etak (I Protected You)
[02].Wa Hallaftak (I Asked You)
[03].Ela Awwel Ma Habena (Our First Love)
[04].Wah'hashtani (I'm Longing For You)
[05].Ya Wabour El Saa (Oh You Twelve O'clock Train)
[06].Tismah Te Olly (Please Tell Me)
[07].Allah Alik Allah
[08].Meddy I'dek (Give Me Your Hand)

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The Network Anthologies 8:Hommage A Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

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Hommage à Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - [Another marvellous & generous issue from World Network]

«14 original compositions dedicated to the memory of one of the greatest singers of our time»
Beyond Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan October 12, 1998: In a 13th-century Sufi poem a sage explains that "music is the shrieking of the doors of Paradise." "I don't like the shrieking of doors!" complains a "narrow-minded fool," to which the sage replies, "I hear the doors how they open, but you hear them when they are closed." That ancient wisdom may apply to two lavish compilations of Sufi music, Echos du Pardis: Sufi Soul and Hommage à Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (both on Network). Some listeners will readily ascend to music lovers' heaven; others will remain below wondering what all the fuss is about. But if you're one of millions worldwide who have been moved by Pakistani qawwali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, it's a chance worth taking. Nusrat opened the doors. These two double-CD sets, and the photographs and text that accompany them, give a glimpse of what lies beyond. Sufism is a mystical sect of Islam that includes some 50 million people from Morocco to Southeast Asia. Its disregard for religious formalities, its goal of inspiring a union between human beings and God, and its outpouring of artistic expressions have earned it the scorn of mullahs throughout the Muslim world. But the beauty of Sufism is at times almost enough to counterbalance all the bad PR that international terrorists have brought to misunderstood Islam. The music on Hommage à Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is equally good, and more accessible. Nusrat opens the collection, and a number of other qawwals contribute recent works in tribute to him. Some shed light on Nusrat's influences, like that of Punjabi singers Salamat and Shafqat Ali Khan. The elder Salamat was one of Nusrat's idols, and in his improvisations you can hear elements of North Indian vocal music that Nusrat incorporated. And others, like Asif Ali Khan, offer eulogy in the form of a furious miasma of joyful grieving: "My beloved has returned home/I forgot everything, including the prayers/Bring bowls of wine, let us celebrate." Some of Hommage draws from farther afield, like the track by the Kamkar Ensemble, a Kurdish family orchestra from Iran. Their melodious singing has an almost Latin sensibility, and the eight instruments provide lush, stately backing. The biggest surprise comes from rising Senegalese star Cheikh Lo, a member of the Baye Fall sect, an African offshoot of Sufism. Acoustic guitars tangle in a vaguely Eastern mode, and the song evolves a sing-along refrain that nicely melds Nusrat's gift for a hook with Senegalese folk music. Lo's clear, keening vocal also does Nusrat proud. By Banning Eyre (see http://weeklywire.com/ww/10-12-98/boston_music_5.html)
The late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was one of the greatest, and most passionate performers of qawwali music in all time. His performances showed the world the incredible beauty and intensity of Sufi music, the mystical traditions of the Islamic faith. These traditions have taken hold not only in Pakistan, but across the Islamic world, from the coast of West Africa to the islands of Indonesia, so it is only fitting that other Sufi musicians from around the world have gathered together on this two-CD set to pay their respects to one of the greatest masters of qawwali music. Lovingly packaged and complete with a booklet about the artists and the life of the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (including a picture of his tomb), this set contains a hauntingly beautiful collection of devotional music. The first CD opens with an older performance by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan himself, "Na Ruk Te Hai Aansoo" or "Love Has No Destination", and continues with performances by other Sufi artists. Sheikh Hamza Shakkur of Syria and Julien Jalal al-Din Weiss perform classical Arabic music of the Mawlawiyah brotherhood, Azeri singer Alim Qasimov performs a mournful mugham, Munadjat Yulchieva sings an Uzbek poem, and Senegalese pop singer Cheikh Lo (himself a Mouride) offers the zikr song traditionally used to introduce Sufi ceremonies. Two outstanding Pakistani performers are included, Abida Parveen and Shafqat Ali Khan, along with Kurdish singer Sharam Nazeri who draws upon the poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi. The second CD opens with Punjabi singing from Mehr and Sher Ali, themselves Chistiyya Sufis like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. It then continues forth with a classical north Indian performance of dhrupad from the Mallik Family, another poem from Alim Qasimov, classical Persian rhythms of the Kurdish Kamkar Ensemble from Iran, another Uzbek song from Munadjat Yulchieva and a duet between Salamat Ali Khan and Shafqat Ali Khan. This second CD shows some of the best examples of classical and devotional music from the Indian subcontinent. The CD closes with a performance of the famous "Mera Pia Ghar Aaya" (My Beloved Has Returned Home) done by Asif Ali Khan. This CD set is beautiful, intense and ephemeral. There is a depth of emotion here rarely seen in music these days, no doubt because this collection is focused on love and loss, devotion and divinity. It also showcases the mystical side of Islam, pure love of God, something that western news media tries to exclude from the public these days sadly. This set is an essential buy for fans of the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, something that will bring back memories of one of the greatest qawwali performers of all time. But it also introduces a number of other great Sufi singers, and showcases some of the greatest musicians from across the Muslim world. Odds are you will fall in love with their performances and go seeking out more from, say, Cheikh Lo, Abida Parveen, Sheikh Hamza Shakkur, the Kamkars Ensemble or Alim Qasimov. If you liked this CD, I'd also recommend checking out Sufi Soul: Echos du Paradis, and Ambiances du Sahara: Desert Blues, both from the same label. Both are boxed sets featuring two CDs. The former focuses on global Sufi music, and includes some of the same artists featured on this CD (Munadjat Yultchieva, Sheikh Hamza Shakkur & Ensemble al-Kindi, and of course Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) alongside many other well known Sufi singers. The second focuses on music from the deserts of north and west Africa, inlcuding performances by Youssou N'Dour, Baaba Maal, Dimi Mint Abba, Abdel Gadir Salim, Aster Aweke, Hamza el Din and Mahmoud Ahmed. Both are excellent compilations, and I strongly recommend them.


Disc: 1

[01]. Love Has No Destination - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
[02]. The Heart Has Ceased To Beat, Body, Be At Peace - Sheikh Hamza Shakkur & Julien Jalal Al-Din Weiss
[03]. I Know You Will Never Return - Alim Qasimov
[04]. Burning In The Flames Of Love - Munadjat Yulchieva
[05]. I Have Lost My Heart - Sharam Nazeri & Ensemble Dastan
[06]. A Prayer For His Soul In Paradise - Cheikh Lo
[07]. Lovers Can Never Sleep - Abida Parveen
[08]. Life Is Not The Same Without You - Shafqat Ali Khan

Disc: 2

[01]. Oh My Beloved - Mehr & Sher Ali
[02]. When The Boat Has Sunk - The Mallik Family
[03]. Tears Flow From My Eyes Like Rain - Alim Qasimov & Ferganah Qasimova [04]. Anxious Heart - Kamkar Ensemble
[05]. Where Is She? - Munadjat Yulchieva
[06]. Taraana - Salamat Ali Khan & Shafqat Ali Khan
[07]. My Beloved Has Returned Home, My Nusrat Has Returned Home - Asif Ali Khan

World Network - Compilation by Christian Scholze and Jean Trouillet - 1998 Artists: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Pakistan) Alim Qasimov (Azerbaijan) Sheikh Hamza Shakkûr (Syria) Ferganah Qasimova (Azerbaijan) Julien Jalâl al-Dîn Weiss (France) Cheikh Lô (Senegal) Sharam Nazeri (Iran) Kamkar Ensemble (Iran) Abida Parveen (Pakistan) Salamat Ali Khan (Punjab) Munadjat Yulchieva (Uzbekistan) Shafqat Ali Khan (Punjab) Mallik Family (India) Mehr & Sher Ali (Pakistan) Asif Ali Khan (Pakistan)

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BRATSCH - Discography

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One of the bands from the header picture of We Love Music. Loving Bratsch music means not only to love music but to enjoy in music. So ... it's music for hedonists : -) With masterly skill Bratsch has revived the musical art of the European Gypsies. With stirring emotion, poignant melodies and subtle arrangements, they create a new acoustical music in which the "nostalgia of Eastern Europe, the vibrancy of the Mediterranean, the dexterity of the Gypsies and Yiddish irony all converge. Music without border!" (Le Monde) 1989 - Notes de voyage (128 kbps) 1990 - Sans domicile fixe (224 kbps) 1993 - From heart of Europe (192 kbps) 1994 - Correspondances (192 kbps) 1996 - Ecoute ça chérie (128 kbps) 1997 - Transports en commun (192 kbps) 1998 - Rien dans les poches (192 kbps) 1999 - On a rendez-vous (192 kbps) 2001 - La vie, la mort, tout ça (cd 1 - 128 kbps; cd 2 - 192 kbps) 2003 - Mangeur de lune (192 kbps) 2003 - Nomade en vol 1988 - 1994 (192 kbps) 2005 - On a rendez-vous live (192 kbps) 2007 - Plein du monde (320 kbps) François Castiello (accodéoniste de Bratsch) - Solo album Bratsch are: Dan Gharibian: Bouzouki, Guitar, Vocals Bruno Girard: Violin, Vocals François Castiello: Accordion, Vocals Nano Peylet: Clarinet, Vocals Pierre Jacquet: Double Bass Gilles Arrachart: Sound Jean-Maurice Dutriaux: Light design All albums (no password) except Plain du monde Plain du monde part 1 Plain du monde part 2 Password for Plain du monde: WeLove-music Previews - www.bratsch.com NOTES DE VOYAGES 01. Choubi 02. Freilach Suivi De Sha Still 03. Danse Yiddish 04. Ya Milava 05. Danse Bulgare 06. Django 07. Ara Vaï 08. Sirba D’accordeon 09. Ela Ela Suivi De Matchmakers 10. Macha 11. Hora Roumaine1 12. Paploma 13. Sirba De Violon 14. Yes Kou Rimet Tchem Guidi SANS DOMICILE FIXE 01. Opa Tsupa 02. Doina 03. Sirba D’accordeon 04. Ivouchki 05. Maminka 06. A Romalei Te Djilas 07. Joulik 08. Hora Roumaine. Lady Be Good 09. Dicav A Dro Soune 10. Genchina 11. Opa Ni Nanai 12. Noubar 13. Odessa Bulgar 14. Dona Dona 15. Dan’s Freilach 16. Hora. Aven Nachass Tussa 17. Hora Lui Sile. Place De Brouckere 18. Django 19. Nie Bouditie GYPSY MUSIC FROM THE HEART OF EUROPE (LIVE) 1. Le Rindovani 2. A Romalei Te Djilas 3. Joulik 4. Joc-Hummus Blues 5. Sari Siroun Yar 6. Bayat/Danse Grecque/Rabiz 7. Avreimel, Der Marwicher/Chiar Daca Dau De Necaz 8. Opa Tsupa 9. Les Noces 10. Maruzella 11. Nane Tsora CORRESPONDANCES 01. Détournement roumain - François Castiello 02. Bi Divanosko - Paroles et musique Dan Gharibian 03. Fratelli - Paroles et musique François Castiello 04. Nevo Inja - Bruno Girard 05. a Bayat - Dan Gharibian - b Traditionnel arrangement Dan Gharibian 06. Irinaki - (dédié à Nicole Djian) (Panos Tountas) arrangement Dan Gharibian 07. Nomades - Paroles et musique Bruno Girard 08. Zarbi - (traditionnel) arrangement François 09. Faoussora - Nano Peylet 10. Rhythm futur - arrangement Pierre Jacquet 11. Blounoumache - Paroles et musique Nano Peylet 12. Ligo ligo tha mé sinithis - Ménidiatis - S. Kollitiris - arrangement Dan Gharibian 13. Na Mi Naz Ouni - (Achough Cheram) arrangement Dan GharibianO ECOUTE CA CHERIE 01. L’HEUREUX LOUP DANS LA FORET - Paroles : Nano Peylet, Musique : François Castiello 02. ARMENIAN WALTZ - Paroles et Musique : Dan Gharibian 03. LES GÉANTS PARALLÈLES - Musique : Bruno Girard 04. RIEN DANS LES POCHES - Paroles et Musique : Bruno Girard 05. DOINA IVOIRE - Musique : Bruno Girard 06. SIRBA IVOIRE - Traditionnel : Arrangement Bratsch 07. PAPIR IZ DOKH VAIS - Traditionnel : Arrangement Bratsch 08. MAZ L - Droits réservés 09. L’AURA DES BALEINES - Musique : Nano Peylet 10. L’ALMEE PHENOMENE 11. AVANT CHRISTOPHER - Musique : François Castiello 12. CHRISTOPHER COLOMBUS - Musique : Léon " Chu " Berry, Andy Razaf 13. APRÈS CHRISTOPHER - Musique : François Castiello 14. LU MOUNDE APPARTEI A QUI L’ECOUTO - Paroles et Musique : Nano Peylet 15. BISTER ODJES KAY NACHEL - Paroles et Musique : Dan Gharibian 16. JOHNNY - Paroles : Francis Lemarque, Musique : Les Paul 17. YA TON YOSSIF - Musique : Nano Peylet 18. AVENASTO TRAPEZIMOU - Traditionnel : Arrangement Bratsch TRANSPORTS EN COMMUN 01. NANE TSORA (Chant traditionnel tzigane. Argt. : D. Gharibian) 02. DETOURNEMENT BULGARE - Paroles : D.Gharibian - F.Castiello Musique : F.Castiello 03. SARI SIROUN YAR - Chant arménien. Auteur : G.Achot Argt. D.Gharibian 04. SICAR MANGUE DROM - Musique : B.Girard 05. LE RINDOVANI - Paroles et Musique : B.Girard 06. ER NEMO KLANTZ - Air traditionnel Noumache Musique : N.Peylet 07. AVREML DER MARVIKHER - Auteur : Mordechaï Gebirting. Chant et Argt. : B. Girard 08. CHIAR DACA DAU DE NECAZ - Musique traditionnelle Roumaine. Argt. : B. Girard 09. JOC - Musique Traditionnelle Roumaine. Argt. : B. Girard 10. HUMMUS BLUES - Musique : F.Castiello 11. Monologue pour MIMILO - Musique : F.Castiello. Argt. : B. Girard 12. SANKE MENA PALIKARI - Traditionnel Rébético grec. Argt. : D. Gharibian 13. RABIZ - Paroles et Musique : D.Gharibian 14. MARUZELLA - M : R.Carosone Par. : E.Bonagura Chant et Argt. : F. Castiello 15. KALINA MALINA - Chant traditionnel tzigane. Argt. : N. Peylet RIEN DANS LES POCHES 01. NEDA - François Castiello 02. YOSSIK - Nano Peylet 03. HASSAPOSSERVICO - trad./arr. By Bratsch 04. BRUNOSAURE - François Castiello 05. RIEN DANS LES POCHES - Bruno Girard 06. JOHNNY - Francis Lemarque/Les Paul 07. MAJOR TO MINOR - Stian Mevik/arr. By Angelo Debarre 08. EGHNATIOS TETRAKOSSI EXI - Grigoris Bifikotsis/Kostas Virvos 09. VICTOR’S DOINA - François Castiello 10. EDERLEZI - trad./trad. 11. HANANE - trad./trad./arr. By Bratsch 12. NEUF BROUILLE - Bruno Girard 13. TEKEZ / SKOPOS TIS GAIDAS - trad./trad. 14. CHOUBI ON A RENDEZ-VOUS imitleri to praktorio on a rendez-vous Ŕ la roumaine... batuta de la saucesti trink bruder tarra's freilach hé tchavaleď raivl trez eghnatias tetrakossiaexi LA VIE LA MORT, TOUT CA... CD 1 01. La chope des puces 02. Roumskat 03. Boubasko pranisko 04. Montagnes russes 05. Oyfn veg 06. En attendant Madeleine 07. Exosept 08. Kani vour djanim CD 2 01. Caravan petrol 02. Doïna lea 03. Hora lui mihalea 04. C'est maintenant 05. Rugby 06. Troisième mi-temps 07. Kriti woman 08. Taves bartalo 09. Materemo LA MANGEUR DE LUNE 1. Mangeur de Lune 2. Danse de l'Alcool 3. Volière 4. Marcel et Popov 5. Cirque Dousky [Samba] 6. Cirque Dousky [Kalinka] 7. Cirque Dousky [Hora with Onions] 8. Dan's Freilach [Instrumental] 9. Rencontre 10. Noce 11. Bartalo Drom 12. Brunsky 13. Générique 14. Dan's Freilach 15. Envol 16. Marcel Samba 17. Abdahl 18. Métamorphose 19. Valse de l'Aigle NOMADE EN VOL CD1 (1988 - 1994) 01. Sirba d'accordéon 02. Paploma 03. Yes kou rimetian) 04. Joulik 05. A romalei te djilas 06. Maminka 07. Er nemo klantz 08. Avreimel der Marvikher 09. Chiar dace dau de negaz 10. Humus blues 11. Le rindovani 12. Maruzella 13. Nane tsora 14. Bayat 15. Irinaki 16. Fratelli 17. Dan's freilach 18. Dan's freilach 2 19. Mangeur de lune CD2 (1995 - 2003) 01. Doina Ivoire 02. Sirba Ivoire 03. Johnny 04. Hassapo servico 05. Yossik 06. Rien dans les poches 07. Hanané 08. Mélodie si hora lautareasca 09. Postor 10. To proktorio 11. Roumskat 12. Kani vour Djanim 13. Bi lovengo 14. Jira Jira 15. Frago sîryani 16. Peylet's freilach ON A RENDEZ-VOUS (LIVE) 01. Imitleri 02. To praktorio - paroles: Nikos Gastos, musique: Stavros Xarqhakos 03. On a rendez-vous - paroles: François Castiello et Nano Peylet. musique: François Castiello. 04. A la roumaine - arrangement Bratsch 05. Batuda de la saucesti - arrangement Bratsch 06. Trink bruder (chanté en Yiddish) 07. Tarra's freilach - musique: Dave Tarras 08. He tchavaleï - arrangement Bratsch 09. Yabat - musique : Dan Gharibian 10. Tekes 11. Stopos tis gaïdas - traditionnel grec, arrangement Bratsch 12. Les géants parallèles - musique Bruno Girard 13. C'est la vie - paroles :Simon Abkarian musique: François Castiello 14. Melodie si hora lautareasca (traditionnel roumain) - Arrangement Bratsch 15. Postor - musique: Bruno Girard 16. Marchand de rêves - chanté en arménien 17. Postor - musique: Bruno Girard 18. Lu moundé apparteï a qui l'écouto (pré traditionnel Limousin) 19. Hanane (traditionnel Arménien) 20. Maroquinerie horo(traditionnel Bulgare) 21. Paploma (chanson grecque) Arrangement Bratsch 22. Bulg. 12 - Musique: François Castiello 23. Gradischtensko horo (Traditionnel Bulgare) Joué par l'orchestre PLEIN DU MONDE 01. « Bilovengo » avec KHALED 02. « L'almée phénomène » avec OLIVIA RUIZ 03. « Tavès bartalo » avec SANSEVERINO 04. « Mangeur de Lune » avec DEBOUT SUR LE ZINC 05. « Nié boudité » avec LHASA 06. « Oyfn veg » avec TETE 07. « Au bar est barré Papa » avec LA RUE KETANOU 08. « Fratelli » avec NERY 09. « S'envoler Loin » avec NOURITH 10. « Paroles en l'air et pas perdus » avec JULIETTE 11. « Erjaii ya alf Laïla » avec KHALED 12. « La goutte d'eau » avec CHARLES AZNAVOUR 13. « Enfants d'la bise » 14. « Bien roulée » avec BALBINO MEDELLIN 15. « Nous chantons » avec OLIVIA RUIZ, NOURITH, LA RUE KETANOU, DEBOUT SUR LE ZINC


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onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://www.onlinestuffs.com/pictureupload/bild10/i17seu30yt52r5aoyb8w.jpg">TANGO MOTION - NEO TANGO CHILL II
Tango rhythms have you move to the foreground these days, out of to their strictly dancing domain and into clubs, bars and living rooms. Here, DJ Network Buddha you compile 17 tracks by various artists, some new compositions, some remixes of originals by the king, Astor Piazzolla.

[01].Amando Amargo - Strange
[02].Sudestada Tango Lounge - Linea D
[03].TangoFusionClub - Bandoneon Acorazado
[04].Groupo Maron - Tango Fantasia
[05].Sudestada Tango Lounge - Titite
[06].Romolo Chiapucci - A Media Luz
[07].Otros Aires - La Pampa Seca
[08].Orchestra Industrial Automatica - Correr Y Correr
[09].Ensemble Ethique - Pacana
[10].DNA - Tango Minimal
[11].Sudestada Tango Lounge - Caminito
[12].Meloscience Corp. - Fuga Y Misterio
[13].Sudestada Tango Lounge - El Chocio
[14].Band (O) Neon - Staqueando
[15].Dany Vila - La Frafua De Peppe
[16].Orchestra Industrial Automatica - Los Ojos Del Gato

| MP3 VBR Kbps | Incl.Front Cover | 95 MB | 2007 |


Richard Clayderman - The Best of [Vol.1-6 ]

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With his lush, sophisticated, instrumental, approach to pop music, Richard Clayderman (born: Phillipe Pages) is, according to The Guinness Book of World Records, "the most successful pianist in the world." Clayderman's albums routinely sell millions of copies and his concerts are quickly sold out. In a review of his 1985 Carnegie Hall concert, Variety wrote, "(Clayderman's) main appeal lies in his youth and boyish good looks...coupled with his gentlemanly charm and his thick French accent, they promise to rope in the romantically inclined middle-aged Yank ladies who cotton to this ilk of soothing entertainment." Nancy Reagan referred to Clayderman as "the prince of romance." Instructed in classical piano by his father, Clayderman enrolled in the Paris Conservatory of Music at the age of twelve. Four years later, he placed first in a piano competition at the school. Despite his classical background, Clayderman opted for popular music when he launched his professional career. A tour as opening act for French rock musician Johnny Hollyday introduced him to an international following. Clayderman's debut album, Ballade Pour Adeline, recorded at the urging of producers and composers Oliver Toussaint and Paul De Senneville in 1977, sold more than twenty million copies and was distributed in 38 countries. Clayderman, who took his stage name from his Swedish grandmother, has continued to tour throughout the world to enthusiastic audiences. A live concert, broadcast on Chinese television in 1987 attracted more than 800 million viewers.

[01].The Best of Abba

01 - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
02 - The Winner Takes It All
03 - Chiquitita
04 - Fernando
05 - Mamma Mia
06 - Dancing Queen
07 - I Have A Dream
08 - Super Trooper
09 - Knowing Me, Knowing You
10 - S.O.S.
11 - Money Money
12 - Waterloo

[02].The Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber


01 - The Phantom Of The Opera
02 - The Music Of The Night
03 - Love Changes Everything
04 - High Flying Adored
05 - Seeing Is Believing
06 - All I Ask Of You
07 - Don't Cry For Me Argentina
08 - Another Suitcase In Another Hall
09 - Tell Me On A Sunday
10 - I Don't Know How To Love Him
11 - Memory
12 - Take That Look Off Your Face

[03].The Best of Carpenters

01 - We'Ve Only Just Begun
02 - Yesterday Once More
03 - Only Yesterday
04 - Rainy Days And Mondays
05 - (They Long To Be) Close To You
06 - There'S A Kind Of Hush (All Over Thge World)
07 - Top Of The World
08 - For All We Know
09 - I Won'T Last A Day Without You
10 - Solitaire
11 - Sing
12 - Please Mr. Postman

[04].The Best of Cinema

01 - Chariots Of Fire
02 - Love Story
03 - Up Where We Belong
04 - How Deep Is Your Love
05 - Medley-Maria-Tonight-America
06 - Flashdance...What A Feeling
07 - The Way We Were
08 - A Time for Us
09 - Medley-Lady In Red-Take My Breath Away
10 - Moon River
11 - People
12 - Lara'S Theme (Doctor Zhivago)

[05].The Best of Cassical

01 - Piano concerto no.1 in B-flat Minor op23
02 - Elvira madigan Piano concerto no.21 C Major
03 - Cornish Rhapsody
04 - Liebestraum (reve d'amour)
05 - La Pathetique
06 - Fur Elise
07 - Arabesque
08 - Badinerie
09 - Claire de lune
10 - Piano concerto in A minor
11 - Nocturne in E-Flat Major op9 no.2
12 - 18th Variation

[06].The Best of Love Songs

01 - When a Man Loves a Women
02 - Careless Whisper
03 - Every Time You Go Way
04 - Hello
05 - I Want to Know What loves Is
06 - Save The Best For Last
07 - Woman in Love
08 - Bridge Over Troubled Waters
09 - Just The Way You Are
10 - Sailing
11 - Stardust
12 - Yesterday

| MP3 256 kbps | Incl.Full Covers | 500 MB |

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Xie Sheng Yi - The Sword

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| MP3 VBR kbps | Incl. Covers | 70 MB | 2007 |

[01].Rain Spattering On The Banana Leaves
[02].Lament Of A Lady
[03].Clouds Chasing For The Moon
[04].The Cranes Are Flying
[05].San Liu
[06].The Sword
[07].The Moon In A Isolate City
[08].Summer's Thunderstorm
[09].Relaxed And Happy

Part 1 | Part 2

Network - Special Projects 17: Sandy Lopicic Orkestar , Balkea

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It has taken three years for this multi-cultural big-band to follow up their widely ce-lebrated debut CD Border Confusion. In that time, they have received numerous awards, given countless concerts and been lauded by critics and audiences alike: "These musicians from the Balkans perform their repertoire with a lot of humour: a marvellous alternative to Emir Kustrica's No Smoking Orchestra!" (Le Monde). And their new repertoire is brim-full of imaginativeness. Besides numerous compositions of their own, it includes exciting renderings of great traditional Balkan music. And it again crosses borders, playing about with themes from Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Albania and Turkey. The band, consisting of a five-man brass section, drums, violin, hurdy-gurdy, accordion and three fantastic female vocalists, sways it audiences with a well-defined big-band sound, jazzy solos, and virtuoso arrangements in smaller line-ups. And above all this hover the "magic voices" (taz) and filigree harmonies of the three singers, one from Serbia, one from Bosnia and one from Kosovo, "each of whom adds her own particular touch, in terms of charisma and timbre: full of joie de vivre and soul, fragile and melancholic, elegant and erotic" (Badische Zeitung). The trail-blazing Balkan DJ Shantel (Bucovina Club/Electric Gypsyland) is wild about these new recordings: "Balkan Groove of the highest order, at the interface between East and West".


[01]. Balkea
[02]. Bugarka
[03]. Rampiri
[04]. Cocek 4
[05]. Djavolce
[06]. Hurry Up
[07]. Makedonsko Devojce
[08]. Ka Pom Ja
[09]. Kupi Mi Majko Top
[10]. Maja
[11]. Crven Fesic
[12]. Vranje
[13]. More Soko Pije
[14]. Los Ne Svice Rujna Zora

| MP3 320 kbps | Incl.Covers & Booklet | 100 MB |

Part 1 | Part 2

Network - Special Projects 16: Batata y su Rumba Palenquera ı Radio Bakongo

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The flames of a new musical fire are spreading from the Caribbean coast of Columbia: Champeta criolla. The spark was ignited in the tiny village of Palenque, inhabited since the seventeenth century by Africans fleeing slavery, and their descendants. In Palenque, the traditional African rhythms and rituals survived unbroken, making the village a magnet that attracted not only lovers of music from the coastal regions. More recently, the advent of Cuban labourers brought Son Montuno to the region, while seamen from Africa introduced their old Highlife and Soukous records. A thrillingly revolutionary blend of styles was born. From its beginnings in the Black ghettos, Champeta has stormed throughout Columbia and beyond. The legendary percussionist and singer Batata is regarded as the King of Champeta. Exclusively for this major Network project, Batata and Lucas Silva invited to the studio the finest Cumbia musicians, brass players from the best bands, Highlife and Soukous guitarists, percussionists and the most talented of the animators who are such an important part of this music- that is an explosive burst of Creole Soukous, Columbian Highlife and tropical Afrobeat.

[01]. Radio champeta cartagena - radio bakongo (intro)
[02]. Ataole (feat. kassiva, milton mendoza & makambile)
[03]. Arriba voy, abajo vengo (son palenquero) (feat. kassiva, milton & makambile)
[04]. El cascabel (cumbia soukous) (feat. kassiva, milton mendoza & makambile) [05]. La vida es muy bonita (son palenquero)
[06]. Fuego (son palenquero)
[07]. Clavo y martillo (porro champeta) (feat. dally kimoko & 3615 code niwau) [08]. La maya (son palenquero)
[09]. Las cruces de palenque (son palenquero)
[10]. La reina de los jardines (soukous tropical) (feat. luis towers, viviano torres, kassiva, milton)
[11]. Pobre mi corazon (son palenquero)
[12]. Macaco mata el toro (porro highlife) (feat. rigo star & 3615 code niawu, luis towers & viviano torr

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Network - Special Projects 15: Sexteto Mayor -Trottoirs De Buenos Aires

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Since their WorldNetwork CD "Quejas de Bandonéon" (WorldNetwork 5: Argentina) which was awarded the German Phonographic Critics Prize, and their performance in the Broadway production "Tango Pasion", Sexteto Mayor have been world famous. Given their age - between them, the six musicians can add up 400 years - it is astonishing how much vivacity and unfettered joy they have poured into this journey through the history of tango and their own musical past. Hailed as the "best tango line-up in decades" (FR) to emerge from Buenos Aires, their latest CD is a virtuoso homage to the history of tango, from Gardel to Piazzolla. The tracks range from the early tango music of the bars and brothels to new arrangements from the 30s and culminates in exuberant compositions of their own and works by contemporary masters. As one critic noted, "Carlos Gardel would be delighted at the way his music continues to develop".(FR) Guest artist on a number of tracks is Adriana Varela, currently the top tango singer. With her smokey voice, her fiery temperament and her deep emotions, she is enthusiastically feted in Argentina. At the end of the recording session, she said, "Ever since I was a child, I have dreamt of recording with these titans of tango. It was great fun to discover just how they can bring these great moments of tango history alive with so much passion and feeling." Together, these artists "transport the vision of paradise regained in tango."

01. Tanguera
02. Paris otonal
03. Invierno porteno
04. Del 73
05. Uno
06. Silbando
07. Volver
08. Libertango
09. Don juan
10. Rapsodia de arrabal
11. Trottoirs de buenos aires
12. La cachila
13. Como dos extranos
14. Malena
15. Milonga de mis amores
16. Organito arrabalero
17. El dia que me quieras
18. Verano porteno
19. Fuga y misterio

| MP3 128 kbps | Covers | 55 MB |