Musica Clasica Vol.1 (Beethoven)

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| MP3 VBR Kbps| Incl.Covers |75 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01].Beetthoven - Sinfonia Numero 5 Do May [02].Beetthoven - Allegro Con Brio [03].Beetthoven - Andante Con Moto [04].Beetthoven - Romanza Para Violin [05].Beetthoven - Roamanza Para Orquesta [06].Beetthoven - Coriolano Obertura Download HERE PW : WeLove-music

Eduardo Niebla & Adel Salameh - Mediterraneo

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Eduardo Niebla & Adel Salameh - Mediterraneo
Adel Salameh: A master of the Arabian oud, a predecessor of the lute, Adel Salameh has expanded on the instrument's musical vocabulary. In addition to a solo album, Solo, released in 1996, Salameh has collaborated with Tangiers-born flamenco guitarist Eduardo Niebla and Northern Indian sarod player Krishnamurti Sridhar. Known for his rhythmic improvisations, Salameh continues to perform with the percussion-backed Jewish-Arab Duo. A native of Niebla, Palestine, Salameh resides in England. ~ Craig Harris, All Music Guide
| MP3 256 Kbps | All Covers | 95 MB | Fusi?n Guitarra Flamenca & Oud ?rabe Adel Salameh: 'Oud Eduardo Niebla: Guitarra flamenca Charib Ramadan: Derbake Sanji Jhala: Tablas TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Mediterraneo [02]. Andalucia [03]. Jardines Del Corazon [04]. Oasis Download Part One Download Part Two PW : WeLove-music

The Jazz Ladies

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[01].Billie Holiday - Baby Get Lost
[02].Ella Fitzgerald - Cry You Out Of My Heart
[03].Dinah Washington - Walkin And Talkin
[04].Julia Lee - Show Me Missouri Blues
[05].Myra Taylor - Tell Your Best Friend Nothing
[06].Dinah Washington - I Want To Cry
[07].Ivian Green - Red Light
[08].Helen Humes - Jet Propelled Papa
[09].Memphis Minnie - Fashion Plate Daddy
[10].Dinah Washington - Ive Got Bad News Baby
[11].Myra Taylor With Jimmy Keith's Orchestra - Take It Easy, Greasy
[12].Myra Taylor With JImmy Keith's Orchestra - The Spider And The Fly
[13].Cleo Brown - Boggie Woogie

| MP3 VBR Kbps | Front Covers | 2007 |


Sufi Ney & Gitar

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Sufi Ney & Gitar "Dogaç"..
(Turkish Sufi Meditation)


[01]. Vuslat
[02]. G?kku?a??
[03]. Rüya
[04]. Mevlana
[05]. Buse
[06]. G?nül Yolu
[07]. Seyyah
[08]. Sab?r
[09]. G?kyüzü
[10]. Sebep
[11]. ?ahadet
[12]. Seda
[13]. Semazen
[14]. Alem
[15]. Vefa

| MP3 256 Kbps | All CD Covers | 105 MB | 2005 |

Download Part One Download part Two

Sami Yusuf

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Mesut Kurtis - Salawat
Sami Yusuf is a British singer-songwriter of Iranian Azeri descent.He was born in July 1980, in Tehran, and raised in the United Kingdom. His first album, Al-Mu'allim, was released in July 2003 and attained huge success. His second album, My Ummah, which was released in 2005, comes in two versions, a musical version and one with just percussion. Yusuf's music comprises mostly of songs to do with Islam and being a Muslim in today's world. He also deals with many social and humanitarian issues in his music. At present he is fast becoming a very popular figure in the Islamic world, and has made several videos of his songs. Nevertheless, he has also sparked controversy due to the nature of his shows which critics claim have more in common with western pop concerts than Islamic spiritual values he claims to espouse. However he has published a rebuttal to these claims on his website. His international status has taken a clear enhancement on the second album with the participation of the trio of Outlandish on the track "Try Not to Cry". Biography Sami Yusuf was born in July 1980 in Iran. He was born into a musical family thus music played an integral part in his life. Sami’s initial training came from his father, who is a musician. Sami is also a practising Muslim who sees songs as a means of promoting the message of Islam and encouraging the youth to be proud of their religion and identity. Sami learnt to play several instruments at a very young age and gradually began to show a keen interest in singing and composing. He studied under several composers who had graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in London. Sami Yusuf has performed in UK, United States, Canada, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan , Germany , Egypt, Kuwait, UAE, France, Sweden, Holland, Turkey, Austria, Syria, Yemen, Jordan, Belgium, Qatar and some other countries. He has released five music clips and the sixth is still not on television yet, but it was viewed in the Trafalgar square in London. Official Website:
[01].Sami Yusuf - Al-Mu3alim | MP3 192 Kbps| Incl. Front Cover | 60MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Allahu [02]. The Cave of Hira [03]. Meditation [04]. Al-Mu'allim [05]. Supplication [06]. The Creator [07]. Who is the Loved One? [08]. Ya Mustafa Download HERE [02].Sami Yusuf - My Ummah | MP3 192 Kbps| Incl.Full Covers | 75 MB | TRACK LISTINGS [01]. My Ummah Intro [02]. My Ummah [03]. Hasbi Rabbi [04]. Ya Rasulallah [05]. Try Not To Cry (Featuring Outlandish) [06]. Muhammed [07]. Make a Prayer [08]. Eid Song [09]. Free [10]. Duâ [11]. Mother [12]. Muhammed Oart 2 (Bonus Trak) [13]. We Will Never Submit (Bonus Trak) Download HERE [01].Sami Yusuf - Hasbi Rabbi [Video] | AVI Video | Length: 05:48 | 720 x 576 Pixels | 60 MB | Sami Yusuf - Hasbi Rabbi [02].Sami Yusuf - Supplication [Video] | AVI Video | Length: 04:12 | 720 x 576 Pixels | 30 MB | Sami Yusuf - Supplication PW : WeLove-music Read the Lyrics @ :

Istanbul Calling

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Istanbul Calling Vol.2 | MP3 VBR H.Q kbps | Incl. Front Cover | 95 MB | 2007 | TRACK LISTINGS [01].Huseyin Bitmez - Her Daim (Zi Punt Sufidelic Mix) [02].Tansu Kaner - Sleeples Consstantinople [03].Zi Punt - Who Knows [04].Deniz Cuylan - Jour Et Nuit [05].Interlude By Zi Punt - Dawn At Golden Horn [06].Evren Uysal - A Votre Sante (Zi Punt Ethno Dnb Mix) [07].Demain & Emre - The Bird & The Sword [08].Flue - Velvet Pant [09].Chi K. - Name [10].Interlude By Zi Punt - Sunset From Maidens Tower [11].Selim Demirdelen - Mo Sibi Hat Aito [12].Norrda - Infinite Face [13].Mira - Bir Gun Gelir [14].Hakan Turkurer & Ali Sural Dem [15].Smadj - Inspire Par Une Ile [16].Mine - Cloud Of Tears [17].Tatu Fly - In This Room [18].Ali Sural - Follow Me Download Part One Download Part Two PW : WeLove-music

Marcel Khalife - Discography

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"Every serious and sincere musical work reflects revolution, the artist is by nature a rebel ; one must be rebellious with his writing and creative projects."

"Freedom, democracy and bread are the things we lack in our region"

It is difficult to think of another musician in the Arab world other than Marcel Khalifé who has so powerfully and successfully fused the aesthetics of his art with the cultural and political concerns of the age. His ability to free the oud as an instrument from its traditional bonds clearly mirrors his struggle to highlight the injustices of political and everyday life in the Arab world. When he was studying at the Beirut conservatoire, Khalifé used to pass by the Palestinian refugee camps. Wondering why these people were living in houses made of zinc, and what the circumstances were which led to them living in such poverty, he decided to learn more about the Palestinians, how they lost their homes, lands and rights. He became a supporter and now does not hesitate to show his support for their cause. During Lebanon's civil war, he risked his life performing in bombed-out concert halls, bringing his music and the great poetry of the Arab world to his war-ravished country. He was named UNESCO Artist for Peace in June 2005. Khalifé's song compositions are deeply rooted in lyrical texts. Through his association with great contemporary Arab poets, notably the Palestinian Mahmoud Darwish, he has sought to renew the character of Arab song, breaking its stereotypes and advancing the culture of the society that surrounds it. Although he has always avoided explicit lyrical responses to political events, he is nonetheless hugely articulate as a campaigning figure. In fact, though, his music has attracted controversy. In the song "Oh Father, I Am Yusuf," based on the poem by Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, Khalifé quotes passages from the Koran. The song created uproar among some who insisted that it was blasphemous. The charges against him were eventually dropped and the judge wrote in her decision "that the defendant has chanted the poem in gravity and composure that reveal a deep perception of the humanism expressed in the poem ornamented with the holy phrase." These events have further fueled Khalifé's advocacy of the freedom of the artist. He has also written music for the Caracalla Dance Troupe and soundtracks for documentaries and films directed by Sophi Sayhf Eddin, Maroun Baghdadi and Sami Zikra. Since 1982, Khalifé has written books on music that reflect his avant-garde compositions and musical scholarship, and his compositions have been performed by several orchestras, notably the Kiev Symphony Orchestra, the Academy of Boulogne Billancourt Orchestra and the San Francisco Chamber Orchestra. Some of his albums include Promises of the Storm, Ahmad Al Arabi, Weddings, Peace Be With You, Ode to a Homeland, Arabic Coffeepot, The Children and Body and Magic Carpet, a suite of 12 instrumental pieces written for the Caracalla Dance Troupe's theater shows Alisar the Queen of Carthage and Andalusia: The Lost Glory. —Tom Jackson
ALBUMS @128 kbps with Covers (Front & Back) (1.5 GB) More Reviews @ Marcel Khalife - Anthologie [Best of] [01].Marcel Khalife - Caress TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Caress/ Mouda'aba [02]. Al hambra [03]. Granada [04]. Tents [05]. With All The Love [06]. Popular Cafe [07]. Samai Bayati [08]. Paspport/ Jawaz Assafar Download HERE [02].Marcel Khalife - Ghina'iyat Ahmad Al Arabi TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Hands of Thyme and Stone [02]. Let the Siege Come [03]. The Wedding [04]. Ahmad Emerges From the Ancient Wounds [05]. I am Arab Ahmad [06]. Let the Siege Come [07]. My Song [08]. Ahmad Counts His Limbs [09]. Ahmad Awaits [10]. Resist [11]. Among Small Details [12]. Haifa Started Here [13]. Rise to Your Dream [14]. Rise [15]. We Shall Remain [16]. Ahmad the Refugee Camp [17]. Ahmad the Wind [18]. Go Deep [19]. You Will Die Near My Blood [20]. Oh Arab Ahmad [21]. Curves of Autumn [22]. Ahmad My Brother Download Part One Download Part One [03].Marcel Khalife - Taqasim TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Taqasim One [02]. Taqasim Two [03]. Taqasim Three Download Part One Download Part One [04].Marcel Khalife - JADAL (Oud Duo) TRACK LISTINGS Disc: 1 [01]. 1st Movement [02]. 2nd Movement Disc: 2 [01]. 3rd Movement [02]. 4th Movement Download HERE [05].Marcel Khalife - Magic Carpet (Bissat el-Reeh) TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Tribute to Baalbak (Haneen Overture) [02]. Mare [03]. Diwan of the Harem (Dance of the Scarves) [04]. Coronation in a Phoenician Shrine [05]. Love Duet (Inspired by Delibes' Lakme) [06]. Alisar's Escape, Tyre to Carthage [07]. Diwan of Decadence (Al-Bahrah) [08]. Diwan of Andalusia (Muwashahaat) [09]. Departure from Granada [10]. Reconquista [11]. Horsemen (Dabke dance) [12]. Spirit of Dance - Finale Download HERE [06].Marcel Khalife - Arabic Coffeepot TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Arabic Coffeepot [02]. After All That Happened [03]. Sing a Little, oh Birds [04]. Young Beauty [05]. Oh My Father, I am Yusif [06]. Passing Beauty [07]. Oh What a Country [08]. Coffee Trees Download HERE [07].Marcel Khalife - At The Border TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Strike [02]. Children and the Wolf [03]. Mirror Moon [04]. At the Border [05]. The Boy and the Plane [06]. Sparrow [07]. On to Beirut [08]. Beirut [09]. Deema [10]. Sleep little One [11]. Screem Download HERE [08].Marcel Khalife - Concerto Al Andalus TRACK LISTINGS [01]. al-Zaghareed [02]. Flamenco [03]. Bint el-Chalabiyah [04]. Ya Banat Iskandariya [05]. Qaduk al-Mayas [06]. Sirto Nakriz [07]. Granada [08]. Waltz Zangeran [09]. Waltz Tarzanween [10]. Taqseen Hijaz Kar [11]. Longa Nahawand [12]. Finale Download HERE [09].Marcel Khalife - Dreamy Sunrise TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Enshrouded [02]. Roses for You [03]. Dreamy Sunrise [04]. Land of the South [05]. Call of the Rooster [06]. Walking Tall [07]. Bird of the South [08]. I Chose You, My Homeland [09]. Beirut - Pictures in Black and White Download HERE [10].Marcel Khalife - Happiness TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Dream [02]. Memories [03]. Spaek Up [04]. Newspaper [05]. Mount Barouk [06]. My land [07]. You and the song [08]. Your hands [09]. happiness Download HERE [11].Marcel Khalife - Ode to a Homeland TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Ode to a Homeland [02]. You Were on My Mind [03]. My Home [04]. Anthem of Bread & Roses [05]. Childhood [06]. Afraid of the Moon [07]. Dance of the Gypsies [08]. Praying for Him Download HERE [12].Marcel Khalife - Peace Be With You TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Dewdrop [02]. A Child [03]. Poems Grow [04]. Poem of the Earth [05]. Peace Be With You [06]. salute of a Traveller [07]. Homeland of the Martyrs [08]. I Love You More [09]. Pigeon's Coo [10]. The Anthem Download HERE [13].Marcel Khalife - Promises of the Storm TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Promises of the Storm [02]. Passport [03]. Mother [04]. Rita [05]. Birds of the Galilee Download HERE [14].Marcel Khalife - Stripped bare TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Sunrise [02]. Street Vendors [03]. Traffic Police [04]. Beirut [05]. Road Noise [06]. I will write [07]. Sa'da [08]. Chauffeurs [09]. Salesman [10]. Sons of the Sea [11]. Don Quixote [12]. I Shall Name You Download HERE [15].Marcel Khalife - Summer Night's Dream TRACK LISTINGS [01]. Overture [02]. Beautiful Girl [03]. Capricio Orientale [04]. The City's Sadness [05]. Where the Sun Rises [06]. Magic [07]. Tango for My Lover's Eyes [08]. Kohl [09]. Dance in the City Square [10]. The Queen's Processions [11]. The Vendors [12]. Twilight [13]. Dance of the Harem " I " [14]. Dance of the Harem " II " [15]. King of Times Past [16]. Madness [17]. Bridal Procession " I" [18]. Bridal Procession " II " [19]. Salutation Download HERE [16].Marcel Khalife - The Bridge TRACK LISTINGS [01]. The Bridge [02]. The Returnee [03]. Departure of the Venders [04]. The Violins [05]. Madonna [06]. The Kafiyyas [07]. Beirut Our Star [08]. Invade [09]. The Qanoun Player Download HERE [17].Marcel Khalife - Best of TRACK LISTINGS [01].Oh my father, i am yusif [02].Bel akhdar kaffannah [03].Wa Ana Amshi [04].Enni Ekhtartoka Ya Watani [05].Tosbihouna Ala Watan [06].Jawaz Safar [07].Ommi [08].Rita [09].Qumi Atlaai Al-bal Download HERE [18].Marcel Khalife - Sharq (Elegie d’Orient) Download Mp3 Download Video PW : WeLove-music

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Yungchen Lhamo

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Yungchen Lhamo - 1996 - Tibet, Tibet

The sacred chants of Tibet's Buddhists are some of the most peaceful and transcendent songs in the world, perfect for meditation, contemplation, or simple relaxation. Although most recordings of these ancient chants are by (male) Buddhist monks, Yungchen Lhamo is Tibet's most inspiring female singer of devotional music. On Tibet, Tibet, Lhamo's pure, powerful voice rings clear and true with almost devastating beauty, giving heart to her spiritual devotion. A magnificent album that provides a perfect antidote for a stressful day. by Bret Love, All Music Guide

Yungchen Lhamo is one of the most courageous people in the world. As a child, she was enslaved in her native Tibet by the conquerors of that country. She clung to her religious beliefs, Tibetan Buddhism, and eventually escaped to India. From that refuge she launched her performing career. She sings traditional Tibetan folk songs that she learned from her family and original compositions -- mostly a cappella. On Coming Home she has some musical accompaniment, mostly soft and acoustic. Her sweet and gentle soprano is still the main attraction. Lhamo has every reason to be angry and bitter, but she shows her courage in her kindness, her smile, her unwavering faith, and her spirituality. This superb CD will appeal to fans of Vas, Sheila Chandra, and Loreena McKennitt. by Jim Brenholts

| MP3 128 kbps | Incl. Cover | 43 MB | 1996 |

Label: Real World


1 Om Mani Padme Hung 2 Lama Dorje Chang 3 Ari-Lo 4 Refuge Prayer 5 Par Panee Dawa Shar 6 Lhasa Pumo 7 Dorje-Den 8 Dradul Nyenkyon 9 Om Mani Padme Hung II 10 Gi Pai Pa Yul Chola

Download HERE

Yungchen Lhamo - 1998 - Coming Home

| MP3 128 kbps | Incl. Cover | 48 MB | 1998 |

Label: Real World


1 Happiness Is... 2 Sky 3 Heart 4 Per Rig Chog Sum 5 Khyab Sangye 6 Ngak Pai Metog 7 Dream 8 Defiance 9 Coming Home

Download HERE

Cengiz Onural

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Cengiz Onural - 2007 - Bir Nefes Hayat
Cengiz Onural was born in 1961 in Istanbul. He received a mechanical engineering education but after a seven years of professional experience as an engineer, he left it for music and he has been making music professionally since 1996. He plays guitar, kemenche, rebap and cura. Onural was a member of group Yeni Türkü from 1985 to 1997 as a composer, lyricist and musician. During this time, Onural worked in the production of nine albums with the group. Since 1985, Onural has been composing for and performing with his groups. His works include music for five films, twenty-six television films, seven documentaries, about twenty television series and five multimedia projects. Five amongst these works were released as soundtrack albums: Super Baba (with group Yeni Türkü), Babaevi (Cengiz Onural), Deliyürek 1 (with group Aria), Deliyürek 2 (with group Aria) and Ikinci Bahar (with group Incesaz). Onural founded Incesaz in 1997 and has been a member since. Other key members include Derya Turkan and Murat Aydemir.Onural has been collaborating with Muammer Ketencoglu, accordionist and researcher in Balkan Music, since 1986. Onural has been a member of his various ensembles such as Incesaz and DemBuDem, and participated in his albums as a composer, arranger and player.
Enstrumanlar: Gitar: Cengiz Onural; Ud: Erdem Şentürk, Murat Aydemir; Mandolin: Sumru Ağıryürüyen; Akordeon: Muammer Ketencoğlu; Keman: Baki Kemancı, Nilgün Ketenci; Ney: Aziz Şenol Filiz, Salih Bilgin; Kanun: Serap Çağlayan; Bendir: Uğur Yılgın, Türker Çolak; Tanbur: Murat Aydemir; Klasik Kemençe: Derya Türkan; Bağlama: Engin Arslan; Vurmalı Çalgılar: Türker Çolak, Ceyda Pirali; Buzuki: Cengiz Onural; Perdesiz Gitar: Cenk Erdoğan; Elektro Gitar: Cenk Erdoğan; Obua: Pelin Altınöz Piyano: Ceyda Pirali, Cenk Erdoğan; Balaban: Zafer Taşdan, Ertan Tekin; Klarinet: Hüsnü Şenlendirici, Serkan Çağrı; Mızıka: Cengiz Onural; Viyolonsel: Uğur Işık
| MP3 | 320kbps | Incl. Cover | 139 MB | 2007 |


1. Naz 2. Bir Nefes Hayat 3. Mühürlü Gözler 4. Eve Dönüş 5. Sandalım Bağlı Ayazma'ya 6. Mir'at 7. Yaprak Dökümü 8. Masalcı Dede 9. Efsane 10. Dut Ağacı 11. Ağıt 12. Benim Sırrım 13. Kıyı Kahvesi 14. Masumiyet 15. Gece Yolcuları 16. Yaz Masalı 17. Kırlangıç

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

Marcel Khalife - Anthologie [Best of]

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Marcel Khalifé - Taqasim Marcel Khalifé - Caress
Biography: The beginnings Marcel Khalife was born in 1950 in Amsheet, a small village on the coast in the North of Beirut where Ernest Renan used to live. His grandfather was a flutist and a fisherman. He lived among fishermen, peasants and Gypsies, with a double confessional influence : "Then I used to go to church and listen to Christian music, and also to Islamic recitations of the Qur'an. In Lebanon we have a marriage of Islamic and Christian culture. That really helped to form my musical awareness." His first lessons in music was with a retired military man, a teacher in his village, Hanna Karam, who advised the parents of the young boy to let him continue learning music. His mother died of cancer when he was 16 years old. He studied the Oud (Near Eastern Lute) at the National Academy of Music in Beirut. Instrument with strict technical rules, Marcel Khalife expanded the rules and the possibilities of the oud. From 1970 to 1975, he taught at the conservatory in Beirut and other local institutions and toured the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and the United States giving solo performances on the oud. In Beirut, he discovered the situation of the Palestinians, passing by the Palestinian refugee camps when he used to go to the conservatory. "When I used to attend the conservatory in Beirut, I used to pass by the Palestinian refugee camps. I wondered why these people were living in these houses made of zinc, and what the circumstances were which found them living in this kind of poverty. Some Lebanese families used to live there, too, mind you. I decided I wanted to learn more about the Palestinians, and learn how they lost their lands, lost their homes and their rights in Palestine. I became a supporter since their cause was a just one. Until now, I never hesitate to do anything at all in order to show my support for this great cause." In 1972, Marcel Khalife created a musical group in his native village with the goal of reviving its musical heritage and the Arabic chorale. The first performances took place in Lebanon during the Lebanese civil war in 1975. During the war, he risked his life in bombed out concert halls. "Since I was born, I’ve felt I had a rebel’s soul within me. I rejected things that might be inherited, but that were wrong." "I connected my artistic project with the fatherland, with life, society, and the people," "My music is for the service of humanity, and is intended to present a serious and sincere work for those tormented in this destructive war. My music was a sort of balm for those wounds." Al Mayadeen ensemble His work combines traditional Arabic music with Western elements like the piano. Mainly, Marcel Khalife uses modern Arab poetry (like Mahmoud Darwish) and muwashahat (music of Al-Andalus). He composes and sings the poetry of Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, songs on nationalism and revolution. 1976 saw the birth of Al Mayadeen Ensemble. Al-mayadeen is the plural of maydan, which can mean both battlefield and village square, the site of festive events, weddings, song and dance. Enriched by the previous ensemble’s musical experiences, Al Mayadeen’s notoriety went well beyond Lebanon, performing the songs Umi (My Mother), Rita w'al-Bundaqiya (Rita and the Rifle) and Jawaz al-Safr (Passport), based on Darwish's poetry. The band performed in Arab countries, Europe, the United States, Canada, South America, Australia, and Japan. Marcel Khalife has been invited several times to festivals of international fame such as: Baalbeck, Beit Eddine (Lebanon), Carthage, El Hammamat (Tunisia), Timgad (Algeria), Jarash (Jordan), Arles (France), Krems, Linz (Austria), Bremen (Germany), ReOrient (Sweden), Pavia (Italy), World Music Festival in San Francisco, New York, Cleveland (USA). He performed in many prestigious halls as the Palace of Arts in Montreal, Symphony Space and Merkin Concert in New York, Berklee Theatre and New England Conservatory in Boston, Royal Festival Hall, and Queen Elizabeth Hall in London,UNESCO Palace of Beirut, Cairo Opera House (Egypt). Instrumental works His recent works consist mainly of instrumental works like The Symphony of Return, Chants of the East,Concerto Al-Andalus Suite for Oud and Orchestra,Sharq the word means (Orient),it is a musical case-history or a musical memoir of the Arabic musical legacy written by Khalife for 100 choral singers and 100 players in a great orchestral shape , Mouda'aba (Caress), Diwan Al Oud, Jadal Oud duo, Oud Quartet, Al Samaa in the traditional Arabic forms and Taqasim, duo for oud and double bass. Marcel Khalife’s compositions has been performed by several orchestras, notably the Kiev Symphony Orchestra, the Academy of Boulogne Billancourt Orchestra, The San Francisco Chamber Orchestra, the Orchestra of the city of Tunis, and the Absolute Ensemble. "I realize myself more in music than in singing. This tendency is evident in several of my works, the last of which was the 'Oud Concerto,'" "When the text is absent, I find myself more comfortable in composing music, although this need not suggest that I am ignoring the song, which is essential to me. Rather, my real interest lies in musical composition. This was present in early compositions like Rita, Aaras (Weddings) and Tusbahouna ala Watan (Ode to Homeland). Each of these was a musical composition and not just music written for songs. In these works, whenever the lyrics stop the music continues; and whenever I feel the lyrics are incomplete, they are completed by music."
| MP3 128 Kbps | No Cover |370 MB | TRACK LISTINGS Marcel Khalife - Aal Bal (You Were on My Mind) Marcel Khalife - Ajmal Al Omahat Marcel Khalife - Al Hamra (AlHambra) Marcel khalife - Al Jareeda Marcel Khalife - Al Kahwa Ash-shaabyya (Popular Cafe) Marcel Khalife - Aliha Alli Aliha Marcel Khalife - Alla Ynajina Mnel'At Marcel Khalife - Ana Ahmad Al-Arabi Marcel Khalife - Ana yousoufo Marcel Khalife - Ardh al-janoub Marcel Khalife - Asafeer Al Jaleel Marcel Khalife - Asfoor Marcel Khalife - Atr ennada Marcel Khalife - Baad ill ken Marcel Khalife - Baiti Marcel Khalife - Bel akhdar kaffannah Marcel Khalife - Beyrout Bel aswad wal abiadh Marcel Khalife - Blady Marcel Khalife - Call Of The Rooster Marcel Khalife - Coffee-Trees Marcel Khalife - Dreamy sune rise Marcel Khalife - Elayki el ward Marcel Khalife - Enni Ekhtartoka Ya Watani Marcel Khalife - Fel bali Oghniyaton Marcel Khalife - Ghanny kalilan (Sing a Little) Marcel Khalife - Gharnata (Granada) Marcel Khalife - Ghinniyya min flastin (Music From Palestine) Marcel Khalife - Haifa badaat hona Marcel Khalife - Jabal Al-Barouk Marcel Khalife - Jadal (Oud Duo) Marcel Khalife - Jafrah Marcel Khalife - Jawaz Safar Marcel Khalife - Jawez Safar (Passport) Instrumental Marcel Khalife - Kamar Marcel Khalife - Kan Fi Marra Tifle Sghir Marcel Khalife - Kawem (Resist) Marcel Khalife - Khiam (Tents) Marcel Khalife - Li Beirut Marcel Khalife - Libsul-Kafafi (The Kafiyyas) Marcel Khalife - Lil Ladhi Marcel Khalife - Ma Baarifon Marcel Khalife - Maa Koll El Hobb (With All The Love) Marcel Khalife - Moudaabe (Caress) Marcel Khalife - Muwashiahaat Marcel Khalife - Nasheed el Khobz Marcel Khalife - Ommi Marcel Khalife - Passing-Beauty Marcel Khalife - Peace-Be-With-You The-Anthem Marcel Khalife - Qasidat Al Ardh Marcel Khalife - Qussitna Marcel Khalife - Rakwat Arabi (Arabic Coffeepot) Marcel Khalife - Rita Marcel Khalife - Salamoun Aliki - Peace be with you Marcel Khalife - Salutation Marcel Khalife - Samai Bayati Marcel Khalife - Shathe (Chaza) Marcel Khalife - Shaware3 Beirut Marcel Khalife - Shido El Himeh Marcel Khalife - Shrine Marcel Khalife - Taa Taa Marcel Khalife - Tiflon (A Palestinian Child) Marcel Khalife - Tosbihouna Ala Watan Marcel Khalife - Wa Ana Amshi Marcel Khalife - Wa'afooni Alhodude Marcel Khalife - Ya Ali Marcel Khalife - Ya balad (Oh-What-A-Country) Marcel Khalife - Ya Hadi Ala'Ees Marcel Khalife - Ya Oud Marcel Khalife - Ya Police Al Esharah Marcel Khalife - Ya tayra al-janoub Marcel Khalife - Yawmiyyat jorh flastini Ghunay ala falastee Marcel Khalife - Young-Beauty Marcel Khalife - Zalem Ya Gazal Download Part1 Download Part2 Download Part3 Download Part4 Download Part5 PW : WeLove-music

Claude Ciari - Plays Fairuz Habbeytak Bessayf

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Track Listings
Habbaytak Bissayf
Ya Tayr El-Wirwar
A'atini Al-Nay
Rij'it El-Shatwiyyi
Raqsit El-Badou
Addeysh Kan Fi Nas
Kan El-Zaman
Sa'alouni El-Nas
El-Ouda El-Minsiyyi
Tahiya Li Fairuz
Ya Dara Douri Fina

256 kbps including Covers


Sami Mansor - Sadness

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Mp3 320 Kb Track List
  1. Alhob Aldaye
  2. Wada'a
  3. Nadam
  4. Seneen
  5. Alhanen
  6. Ahat
  7. Ghorba
  8. Nehayet Hob
Download HERE Track List
  1. Shajan
  2. Domo'a Al Hob
  3. Awraq Al Kareef
  4. Kol Hatha Al Hob
  5. Etaab
  6. Wda'a
  7. Hanen
  8. Ashweq
Download HERE Track List
  1. Qalbak Khan
  2. Leh Ansak
  3. Azab Qalby
  4. Ashky Imen
  5. Ghdar
  6. Jathy Ana
  7. Hesab Al Senen
  8. Nar Hobak
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Abdullah Chhadeh & Nara - Seven Gates

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Abdullah was born in Damascus, grew up in a refugee camp in the Golan Heights, learned the oud and ditched that when he came upon the 81 string zither called the qanun, of which he is now the world’s foremost practitioner. From the Golan, back to Damascus and on to the Guildhall School of Music in London, and he’s now UK based. “Seven Gates” is his first studio recording. (The title refers to the seven stone portals, once gates, of Damascus). Abdullah’s band, Nara, consists of nay, accordion, bass, darbuka, daff and percussion and the five players come from Lebanon, Syria, Ireland, Britain and Palestine. Essentially, they blend the qanun, flute (nay) and ubiquitous accordion sounds into intricate swirls which suggest melodies but often leave no trace behind – strangely familiar but familiarly strange. So this is Syrian music and although the sleeve notes tell us that Abdullah has incorporated some Western elements into his musical world (jazz bass and western percussion) that’s not what comes through to this listener. Instead it sounds exactly like serious Middle Eastern music – the sit up straight and concentrate variety, as opposed to (say) the pumped up Arabic funk of (formerly Cheb but Cheb no longer) Khaled. Which means that it can easily appear to be no more than soundtrack impressionism on the one hand, or superior background for your favourite restaurant on the other. Definitely an album to have lying around when the Guardianistas come to call, but possibly a little specialist for the rest of us who like our music to cut a rug, mix it up, barge about and spill things

Mp3 . 320Kb Front Cover 84 mb Track List

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Ammar El Sherei - Plays Mohamed Abdel Wahab

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192 KB Front cover 59 Mb 01 - Gafnuhu 02 - Ahwak 03 - Ya Wabur Oully 04 - Etmakhtary Yakheil 05 - Ah Mennak 06 - Ana Wehabieby 07 - El Amh 08 - Abgad Hawaz Download HERE

Ammar El Sherei - Plays Farid El Atrach

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192 KB Front Cover 58 Mb 01 - Ana Wa Enta Lewahdina 02 - Ana Kount Fakrak Malak 03 - Ayak Min Hoby 04 - Wayak 05 - Yala Tawakalna 06 - Tuta 07 - Habib El Omr 08 - Bousat El Reeh Download HERE 192 Kb Front Cover 01 - Ala Baly 02 - Ahbabna Ya Ain 03 - Rakset El Gamal 04 - Zanouba 05 - Mesh Kafaya 06 - Ya Lail 07 - Azab 08 - Eeh Faydat Albi Download HERE

Ammar El Sherei - Plays Om Kalthom Nourik Ya Set El Koul

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| MP3 192 kbps | Front Cover | 64 MB |








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Ammar Al-Sherei - Plays Abdul Halim Hafez 5 Cds

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A master Egyptian melodist, born in Samalot - Menia governorate. He lost his sight early at childhood, ,but this did not impede him to struggle and to find his way in music realm. By correspondence he learned music composition and piano through American school concerned with blinds. " Ammar" began his artistic life as a player of accordion then org. At mid of 1970s he entered melodies field - "Hold the wood" was his first melody, sang by " Maha Sabri" and it met significant success. Then his melodies came in sequence for Egyptian and Arabian voices. Moreover, he specialized in program music of TV serials, and thanks may return to him in forming new audience for such type of music.
| MP3 192 kbps | Total 345 MB | 1. Day El Kannadil 2. Awel Marra 3. Wehyat Albi 4. Asmar Ya Asmarini 5. Touba 6. Ya Albi Ya Khali 7. Ya Sidi Amrak 8. Khosara Khosara 9. Gabbar 10. Leah Teshghel Balak Download HERE 1. 'Aqbalk Youm Meladak 2. Bahlam Beek 3. Hiya De Hiya 4. La Tlomni 5. Wahyat Albi 6. Ala Ad El Shouq 7. Asmar Yasmarani 8. Ana Lak Ala Toul 9. Shaghalouni 10. Malak Wu Mali Download HERE 01 - Ashanak Ya Amar 02 - Boukra Wou Baadou 03 - Naar Ya Habibi 04 - Kount Fen 05 - Esbaani Ya Albi 06 - Zalamouh 07 - Kan Fi Zaman Albain 08 - Taali Akoulek 09 - Eh Zanbi Download HERE 01 - El Helw Hayaty 02 - Safeeny Marah 03 - Khayf Marrh Aheb 04 - Sodfa 05 - Na'am Ya Habebe 06 - Doko El Shamassy 07 - Tekonoh 08 - Ya Helw Ya Asmar 09 - Beny We Benak 10 - Ahen Eleek 11 - Mashghool Wehyatk Download HERE 01 - Awel Marra 02 - Kount Fen 03 - Ala Ad El Shoug 04 - Esbaani Ya Albi 05 - Shagalouni 06 - Heya Di Heya 07 - Touba 08 - Leah Teshghel Balak 09 - Bahlam Beek 10 - Ya Albi Ya Khali Asmar Ya Asmarani Download HERE