Diva of Arab Music - The Gold Collection

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She is the Maria Callas of the arab world. Although I can't understand a word she sings, her heart connects to mine with a piercing, touching, moving, eloquent, urgent, terrifying, lilting, sexual, virile and I could go on - voice. This is no easy listening, and you can do nothing else while listening to her. But her musical personality is such that it does transcend language barriers. The selection could appear long and aimless, so my recoomendation would be - give it a second chance, and forget about looking for a western structure. Instead, listen for the nuance, the shade more than the light. I know a few of her recordings, and this double CD is exemplary.

Pour un European qui ne parle pas la langue Arabe, la trés belle voix de Umm Kulthum me révéle, toutefois, trés clairement, les sentiments exprimés. N'est-ce pas vrai que le coeur s'exprime dans une seule langue universelle? Je suis sûr que la compréhension des mots ne ferait que renforcer ma conviction de que j'écoute, non pas une Callas, ni une Edith Piaf ni une Amália Rodrigues (Portugal) mas plutôt, la voix du coeur du monde!

Disque : 1
[01].GADET HOBAK LEIH (Ahmed Rami - Riad el Soumbati)
[02].AKBAL EL LAYAL (Ahmed Rami - Riad el Soumbati)

Disque : 2
[01].AL NIL (Ahmed Shawqi - Riad el Soumbati)
[02].HADEETH AL ROUH (Mohamed Ikbal - Riad el Soumbati)
[03].GHAREB ALA BAB EL RAGA (Taher abu Fasha - Kamal el Taweel)

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Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe Vol. 1-7 [Box-Set]

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Credits to "calaf" =)
Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie [Best of] [5 CD set]

Oum Kaltsoum - Anthologie de la Musique Arabe : Volume I : (1926)
Oum Kaltsoum - Anthologie de la Musique Arabe : Volume II : (1926-1927-1928)
Oum Kaltsoum - Anthologie de la Musique Arabe : Volume III : (1930-1931)
Oum Kaltsoum - Anthologie de la Musique Arabe : Volume IV: 1931
Oum Kaltsoum - Anthologie de la Musique Arabe : Volume V: (1931-1932)
Oum Kaltsoum - Anthologie de la Musique Arabe : Volume VI : (1933-1934-1935)

Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol. VII

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Track No:/Title Tracktime

[01]. [Om Kalsúm ('Umm Kulthûm)] Mine Elli Qal (Abderrahmane Fayad, zakaria Ahmed)
[02]. [Om Kalsúm ('Umm Kulthûm)] Ennoum Ida'eb (Ahmed Rami, Riyad Sombati)
[03]. [Om Kalsúm ('Umm Kulthûm)] Ya Nassim Alfagr (Ahmed Rami, Oum Kaltsoum)
[04]. [Om Kalsúm ('Umm Kulthûm)] Emta Elhawa (Yahya Mohamed, Zakaria Ahmed)
[05]. [Om Kalsúm ('Umm Kulthûm)] Yalli Râït Elouhoud (Ahmed Rami, Zakaria Ahmed)
[06]. [Om Kalsúm ('Umm Kulthûm)] Lamma Enti Naouiya (Ahmed Rami, Riyad Sombati)
[07]. [Om Kalsúm ('Umm Kulthûm)] Haïrana Leh Ya Doumou'i (Ahmed Rami, Mohamed Kassabgi)
[08]. [Om Kalsúm ('Umm Kulthûm)] Yama Nadeït (Ahmed Rami, Mohamed Kassabgi)
[09]. [Om Kalsúm ('Umm Kulthûm)] Ya ritni kount ennassim (Ahmed Rami, Mohamed Kassabgi)

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Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol. VI

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Credits to "calaf" =)

Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol. I
Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol. II
Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol. III
Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol.IV
Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol.V

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Track No:/Title Tracktime

[01]. [Om Kalsúm ('Umm Kulthûm)] Yalli Techki Melhawa (Ahmed Rami - Zakaria Ahmed)

[02]. [Om Kalsúm ('Umm Kulthûm)] Fine Elouyoun (Ahmed Rami - Mohamed Kassabgi)

[03]. [Om Kalsúm ('Umm Kulthûm)] Leh Ya Zaman (du film WIDAD (1935)(Ahmed Rami - M.Kassabgi)

[04]. [Om Kalsúm ('Umm Kulthûm)] Ala Balad Elmahboub..du film WIDAD (Abdou Sarrouji - Riad Sombati)

[05]. [Om Kalsúm ('Umm Kulthûm)] Ya Tir Ya Ayech Assir..du film WIDAD (Ahmed Rami - M.Kassabgi)

[06]. [Om Kalsúm ('Umm Kulthûm)] Yalli Widadek Safa Li du film WIDAD (Ahmed Rami - M.Kassabgi)

[07]. [Om Kalsúm ('Umm Kulthûm)] Ya Bachir Elouns..du film WIDAD (Ahmed Rami - M.Kassabgi)

[08]. [Om Kalsúm ('Umm Kulthûm)] Ayouha Arraïhou..du film WIDAD (Charif Erradi - Zakaria Ahmed)

[09]. [Om Kalsúm ('Umm Kulthûm)] Ya Lil Nougoumek..du film WIDAD (Ahmd Rami - Zakaria Ahmed)

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Hossam Ramzy - Discography

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[01]. Hossam Ramzy - Source of Fire

An album of emotional compositions delving into the un-tapped, heartfelt melodies that have been burning inside Egypt's most virtuoso soloists, the "Hossam Ramzy Egyptian Ensemble". While Source of Fire follows Hossam's high standard in dance pieces it washes onto the shores of ethnic and world music with a hypnotic and exotic flavour. With the thought of a "soulful creation" in mind, Hossam used his extensive experience to introduce the finest of Middle Eastern music to the rest of the world.

1. Sehr Oyounik (The Magic in your Eyes)
2. Manbaa Innar (Source of Fire)
3. Hobbik Feyya Haram (Your love for me is Forbidden)
4. Men El Bourkan (Out of the Volcano)
5. Hayah Baad Hayyah (Life after Life)
6. Sahara Groove
7. Domoua El Farba (Tears of Joy)
8. El Gabbar (The Supreme One)

320 kbps including Covers


[02].Hossam Ramzy - El Amar - featuring Mohsen Allaam on Accordion

An album of the most beautiful love songs that make you just want to dance. Featuring the incredible Quarter Tone Egyptian Accordion player Mohsen Allaam, in collaboration with Egypt's Ambassador of Rhythm, Hossam Ramzy, The Sultan Of Swing. These pieces were created in the best of ARC Music's high standard of digital sound recording and arranged and performed by the world renowned Hossam Ramzy Egyptian Ensemble just for you. MOHSEN ALLAAM Born in Shobra, Cairo, Mohsen Allaam began his musical career at the age of 8 when he learned to play accordion at school. By the age of 12 he was recognized as a virtuoso player and asked to play at many Baladi weddings. He recalls having to use a cushion on the seat so that he could be seen and a box to put his feet on. In 1978 he began working in the night clubs of the famous Pyramids Street in Cairo, where only top musicians perform, playing with many headline artists such as Ahmed Adaweya, Katkoot El Amir, Khaled Aggag and Mohammed El Helw. Mohsen's style attracted the attention of some of Cairo's great dancers such as the legendary Azza Sherif, HAla El Safy, Nelly Fouad and Mervat Badr. Mohsen Allaam is also a touring artist. His work and musical contributions to many well known orchestras and artists have taken him across the globe to almost all of the Middle East, Europe and the USA.

1. Sanatein Wanahayel Feek! (I Have Pleaded With You for Two Years)
2. Habibi Baladi, We Zay El Amar (My Beloved Is Baladi, and Is As Beautiful As A Full Moon)
3. Bey-Olouly Tooby (They Are Telling Me to Give Up Loving My Beloved)
4. Ammoura
5. Be Tes' Al Leh Alayya (Why Are You Inquiring About Me?)
6. Henni Ya Amar (Have Mercy. My Beloved)
7. Yammal-Amar Aalbab (Mother, the Moon Is at Our Doorstep)
8. Amar Baladi (The Moon Is My Country/My Beloved Is a Baladi Girl)

[03].Hossam Ramzy - Faddah

FADDAH('Silver') is an album of brand new classical style Egyptian Dance compositions, created by Hossam Ramzy, the 'Sultan of Swing'. Creating music for a dance routine is rather complex and requires vision and innovation. You have to be able to see the dancer in your mind while writing such music for her, counting her every step, caring about her every move and working out rhythmically, melodically and making sure it flows from mode to mode, from beat to beat with logically worked-out transitions.

1. Faddah (Silver)
2. Khatwet El Ghazaalah (The Graceful step of a Doe)
3. Tublet Hossam Hattra-Assna (Hossam's Tabla Will Make Us Dance)
4. Sowar El Habibah (Pictures of My Beloved)
5. Mahasin Essodaf (The Most Pleasant Coincidences)
6. Wesh El Fagr (The Crack of Dawn)
7. Sabla Tolo I
8. Sabla Tolo II

[04].Hossam Ramzy - Secrets of the Eye

Further soulful compositions from Hossam Ramzy can be found here on this album - the follow up to "Source of Fire". Including performances by some of Egypt's finest soloists just about every track features a different instrument, such as the "Magrouna" (Egyptian double reed flute), trumpet, saxophone, accordion, Oud, etc., all powered and carried by the rhythmic drive of Hossam's Egyptian percussion. New Egyptian classics!

1.Asrar El Ein :: Secrets Of The Eye
2.El Gamal Wel Gammal :: Camel And Its Keeper, The
3.El Hob Halal :: Love Is Not Forbidden
4.Oyouni Sham-A :: My Eyes, A Candle
5.Amwag El Neel :: Waves Of The Nile
6.Aazab :: Suffering
7.Gamaal Oyounik :: Beauty Of Your Eyes, The
8.Maa El Salama :: Go In Peace
9.Maalehsh :: Never Mind

[05].The Best of Hossam Ramzy

Media, the world over have praised Hossam Ramzy as the "Sultan of Swing" and "Egypt's Ambassador of Rhythm". Here is a collection of Hossam's finest pieces, selected by the great master himself. This is for belly dancers as well as for fans of Egyptian music.

(01). Khusara Khusara (What a Loss)
(02). Sallam Allay (My Beloved Greeted Me)
(03). Bamoot Feeki (I Adore You)
(04). Sehr Oyounik (The Magic in Your Eyes)
(05). Mawwal El-Oshaa (The Lover's Chant)
(06). Enta Omri III (You are my Life)
(07). Eshta
(08). Night Foal
(09). Aziza
(10). Gamil Gamal (Such Beauty)

320 kbps including Covers


[06].The Best of Hossam Ramzy, Vol II

This glorious album is an update since Hossam Ramzy’s first “Best of…” album -released in 1997- a collection of the most popular new Oriental dance music from the “Sultan of Swing”. Gamaal Oyounik, Henni Ya Amar, Amiret El Sahara, Tublet Hossam Hattra-Assna, Maalehsh, Tool omri ba-hebbak (Kamal Al Taweel), Raqs El Khayyalah, Alwan El Neel and more.

1. Gamaal Oyounik
2. Henni Ya Amar (Hossam Ramzy/Mohsen Allaam)
3. Amiret El Sahara
4. Tublet Hossam Hattra-Assna
5. Maalehsh
6. Tool omri ba-hebbak (Kamal Al Taweel)
7. Raqs El Khayyalah (Mohamed Naiem/Hossam Ramzy)
8. Alwan El Neel (Maged Serour/Hossam Ramzy)
9. Amar El Sahara 10. Raqset El Assaya

320 kbps including full scans


[07].Hossam Ramzy & Rafat Misso - Ahlamy

This album is a mixture of fabulous old-time classics, folkloric and baladi pieces, as well as new compositions by Rafat Misso who is a master of the saxophone from Cairo. The focus on the saxophone on this album is fascinating. Originally a Western instrument, the saxophone was transformed into a quarter-toned instrument and blends in beautifully with the more traditional Middle Eastern instruments. This album is useful for all dancers, teachers and students who are interested in exploring the art of musical interpretation, the focus on the saxophone really allows you to study the music to help you become more at one with your music while dancing.

1. Sallam Allay (My Beloved Greeted Me)
2. Sama Billeyl (The Sky at Night)
3. Ala Rimsh Oyounha Abilt Hawa (While Looking at Her Eye Lashes,I Met With Love)
4. Ya Tamr Henna (Hey, Tamr Henna)
5. Hanim (Her Ladyship)
6. Lamma Ramatna el Eyin (When I Was Captured by the Look of the Eye)
7. Shouma (The Saidi Dancing Stick)
8. Baladi Youkal (The Baladi Is Edible)

320 kbps including Front Cover


[08].Hossam Ramzy - A Tribute to Samy El Bably

Personnel include: Hossam Ramzy (percussion); Farouq Mohammed Hasan (accordion); Mohamed Aly (nay); Rafat Misso (saxophone); Samy El Bably (trumpet); Osama El Hendy (keyboards, bass instrument, sequencer).

1. Waheshny (I Miss You)
2. Kol el Aalam (Finjan Qahwa) (The Whole World (Cup of Coffee))
3. Manbaa Innar (Source of Fire)
4. Naima's Desert Castle (Naimas Wüstenschloß)
5. Asrar el Ein (Secrets of the Eye)
6. Maalehsh (Never Mind)
7. Mawwal El-Oshaa (The Lover's Chant)
8. Malek Farouk (King Farouk)

320 kbps including Front Cover


[09].Hossam Ramzy & Pablo Carcamo - Latin American Hits for Bellydance

This and the original "Latin American Hits for Bellydance" are two of my favorite albums to practice Middle Eastern dance around the house. As a Spanish-speaker, it is really fun to hear familiar traditional or popular latin songs with a middle eastern flavor. The songs are instrumental only, but I find myself singing along in Spanish. I think the first album is a little better because it has the more common songs people recognize, but this one is lots of fun too. I especially enjoy their version of Gloria Estefan's "Conga" and Gipsy King's "Bamboleo".

1. Conga
2. Moliendo Café
3. Maracaibo
4. No Sé - No Sé (I Don't Know)
5. Cuando Calienta el Sol (When the Sun Is...)
6. Bamboleo
7. Delicado
8. E O Tchan
9. Mas Que Nada (More Than Nothing)
10. Ave María No Morro (Ave Maria of the Hill)

320 kbps including Covers


Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol.V

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Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol. I
Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol. II
Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol. III
Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol.IV

| EAC-Flac,cue ( 235 MB), OR 320 kbps, MP3 (150 MB) | All Covers & Booklet (Français & English) | 1931-32 |

Track No:/Title Tracktime

[01]. Gannat Naïmi (Ahmed Rami - Daoud Hosni)

[02]. Oukazibou Nafsi (Bikr Ibn Nattah - Aboulala Mohamed)

[03]. Hou dha Ikhallas (Badi Khairi - Zakaria Ahmed)

[04]. Ellil Ahou tal (Mustapha Nagib - M.Kassabgi)

[05]. Akoun Saîd (Hossein Sobhi - Riad Sombati)

[06]. Leh Tilaw'ini (Ahmed Rami - M.Kassabgi)

[07]. Malek Ya Qalbi (Ahmed Rami - Zakaria Ahmed)

[08]. Elazoul (Hossein Sobhi - Zakaria Ahmed)

[09]. Ayouh Alfoulk (Ahmed Rami - M.Kassabgi)

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Belly Dance With Farid El-Atrache 2

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Track List
[03].Talatin Ya Habibi
[04].Sana Wa Sanatein
[05].Raksat Al Gamal
[06].Raksat Kahramana
[07].Raksat Leila
[08].Ma Alli Wa Oultilou
[09].Ya Gamil


Hossam Ramzy Presents Gypsies of the Nile ( Rahhal)

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Hossam Ramzy Presents Gypsies of the Nile

They traveled through the years, accumulating cultures as they in their path, leaving their home country, India with a single goal in mind. “To spread the beauty and aesthetics of music, song and dance”. They sailed up the river Nile and they settled for short periods in some villages that are now rich with their history the story left behind on the river banks. The one thing that none of them could have expected or anticipated is that they might come across cultures who do not hold the message they were bringing in high regards. It is a deep inner struggle filled with self-sacrifice. Carrying your spiritual and artistic message to others wishing to spread peace, harmony and beauty, to a culture that look down at you, and treat you as a lower class citizen. The Gypsies around the world, not just in Egypt, had and still have to endure this racial discrimination. "RAHHAL" (Traveler) is an album by a group of traveling artists, who through all the above have even forgotten from where they originally emanated. They live, currently, 65 miles into the desert west of a small village called Janaklees, famous for its grape vines and wine making, which is also about another 60 or so miles outside of EL BEHEIRA province of Egypt. They travel all over the country, up and down the Nile performing in weddings, festivals and religious celebrations.

| MP3 224 Kbps | 127 MB |

Track List
1 Yarit Etjiny Yaghaly (I wish you would come home to me, my beloved)
2 Wein Ergady (If only I could go to sleep)
3 Nally Addeit (I am the one who passed by my beloved's tent) - Mostafa Abdalla
4 Leit el Ghaly Leya Ye Oud (I wish my precious one would return)
5 Sharetny Oyounha (Her eyes bewitched me) - Mostafa Abdalla
6 Loumi Ala Leiyam/Men Kotr Ghalak Alaya (Medley)(I blame the days for hi
7 Min Nar Oyounik Ya Nesma (Because of the fire in your eyes, Nesma)
8 la, la, la, Omri Manhounik (No, no, no, I would never give you up easil) - Mostafa Abdalla
9 Weinak Ya Awwal Habib? (Where are you, my first love?) - Mostafa Abdalla
10 Gypsy Dance (Instrumental) - Hossam Ramzy

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Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol.IV

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Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol. I
Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol. II
Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol. III

| EAC-Flac+.cue ( 240 MB), OR 320 kbps, MP3 (150 MB) | All Covers & Booklet (Français & English) | 1931 |

Track No:/Title Tracktime

[01]. Hosni Tob'i Elli Fatenni (Kamal Elkholai - Daoud Hosni)

[02]. Koli Mayezdad (Daour)(Daoud Hosni)

[03]. Enti Nassiani (Ahmed Rami - Mohamed Kassabgi)

[04]. Ya Fayetni (Ahmed Rami - Mohamed Kassabgi)

[05]. El Bood Alemni (Ahmed Rami - Daoud Hosni)

[06]. Konti Khali (Kamal Elkholai - Daoud Hosni)

[07]. Qalouli Emta Qalbak (Ahmed Rami - Zakaria Ahmed)

[08]. Ya Ghaïbane (Ahmed Rami - Mohamed Kassabgi)

[09]. Yalli Enta Gembi (Ahmed Rami - Mohamed Kassabgi)

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Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol. III

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Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol. I
Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol. II

| EAC-Flac+.cue ( 250 MB), OR 320 kbps, MP3 (150 MB) | All Covers & Booklet (Français & English) | 1930-31 | info+tracklist |

Track No:/Title Tracktime

[01]. Charraf Habib Elqalb (Ahmed Rami - Daoud Hosni)

[02]. Rohi Wa Rohek (Husein Wali - Daoud Hosni)

[03]. Mahtar Ya Nas (Ahmed Rami - Mohamed Kassabgi)

[04]. Ya Ma Amar Elforaq (Ahmed Rami - Zakaria Ahmed)

[05]. Elli Habbak Ya Hanah (Ahmed Rami - Zakaria Ahmed)

[06]. Ya Qalbi Kan Malek (Yahya Mohamed - Zakaria Ahmed)

[07]. Yalli Gafak Elmanam (Ahmed Rami - Mohamed Kassabgi)

[08]. Youm Elhana (Ahmed Rami - Daoud Hosni)

[09]. Khassamatni (Ahmed Rami - Mohamed Kassabgi)

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Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol. II

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Oum Kalsoum - Anthologie De La Musique Arabe - Vol. I
The most famous Arab singer of the twentieth century. Umm Kulthum performed for more than fifty years, beginning in the villages and towns of the Egyptian delta in the early twentieth century and continuing until her final illness in 1973. In the course of her long career, Umm Kulthum recorded over three hundred songs and appeared in six films. She performed throughout the Arab world and is often considered the most accomplished singer of her time. She was born in the Egyptian village of Tammay al-Zahayra in the province of Daqhaliya to Shaykh Ibrahim al-Sayyid al-Baltaji (died 1932), the imam of the village mosque, and his wife, Fatima al-Maliji (died 1947). Her father augmented his income by singing religious songs for local celebrations. Umm Kulthum learned the songs while listening to him train her brother Khalid as his accompanist. Impressed with the power of his young daughter's voice, Shaykh Ibrahim eventually included her along with Khalid and their cousin Sabr in his performances. The young girl with the very strong voice became the family's star attraction. To protect her reputation, the father had her wear a boy's coat and head covering, and he conducted all business on her behalf. By 1917, the family began to consider a serious singing career for Umm Kulthum and in about 1922 they moved to Cairo to launch her in the commercial music business. In Cairo, Umm Kulthum was not an immediate success. Compared with the women already established as successful performers and recording stars, including Munira al-Mahdiyya and Fathiyya Ahmad, she was viewed as unsophisticated and countrified. She engaged music teachers and endeavored to copy the manners of the elite women in whose homes she sang. Like other aspiring performers, she was aided and schooled by a number of mentors, including singer Shaykh Abu al-Ilah Muhammad, poet Ahmad Rami, and the amateur musician Amin al-Mahdi. By 1928, she surpassed the popularity of her competitors and remained at the top of musical society for the remainder of her career. Umm Kulthum began to make commercial recordings in 1924. Although recording companies were usually conservative and disinclined to take a chance on an unknown singer, they vied with each other for the largest possible share of the market; as a result the relatively unknown Umm Kulthum was recruited by Odeon Records and recorded fourteen songs in 1924 and 1925. These were immediately successful, for, as she later explained, her long years of performing in the delta provided her with a larger audience outside Cairo than most other singers. This experience awakened Umm Kulthum to the nature of her potential audience. During the late 1920s and the 1930s she began her lifelong involvement with the mass media: commercial recording (1924), radio (1934), film (1934), and television (1960). Commercial recordings had been circulating in Egypt since about 1904 and, despite the relatively high cost of phonograph players and records, were widely accessible. They were installed in public places, such as coffee houses, where even those who could not afford the equipment could hear the records. (Later, radios, televisions, and cassette players were similarly shared.) From 1937 until her final illness, her concerts on the first Thursday of each month were broadcast live to an ever growing audience. These concerts were certainly her best-known professional activity and allowed Umm Kulthum to count among her audience millions of listeners beyond the ticket-buying audience in Cairo. She started with a repertoire of traditional, predominantly religious songs as a child; in the late 1920s and 1930s, she began to sing new virtuosic songs, often composed for her by Muhammad alQasabji on the romantic poetry then in vogue by Ahmad Rami. During her golden age in the 1940s and 1950s, she sang colloquial songs of populist expression written by Zakariyya Ahmad and Bayram al-Tunisi and serious neoclassical songs by Riyadh al-Sunbati and Ahmad Shawqi; these have become her best known. In the late 1950s and 1960s, she commissioned new love songs by younger poets and composers and finally collaborated with her colleague and rival, Muhammad Abd al-Wahhab; they produced ten songs, which retain great popularity to the present day. In her later years, she was recognized as an important public figure, in general, and a symbol of authentically Egyptian and Arab culture and art. She served seven terms as president of the musicians' union and as a member of the selection committee for radio and of several national commissions on the arts. After the Egyptian defeat in the Arab-Israel War (1967), she initiated a series of benefit concerts in Egypt and throughout the Arab world designed to replenish the Egyptian treasury. She appeared in Morocco, Libya, Sudan, Lebanon, Abu Dhabi, and Tunisia, and her trips to these countries took on the character of diplomatic visits. Health problems that had plagued Umm Kulthum for much of her life worsened as she aged, and she spent most of the last year of her life under medical treatment. She died on 3 February 1975. http://www.answers.com/Umm+Kulthum?cat=entertainment

| EAC-Flac+.cue (190 MB), OR 320 kbps, MP3 (140 MB) | All Covers & Booklet (Français & English) | 1926-28 | info+tracklist | Track No:/Title Tracktime
[01]. [Um Kalsum] (1926) - Kam baatna (Ibrahim Hosni Mirza -A.Sabri Najridi)
[02]. [Um Kalsum] Dzikra saad (Ahmed Rami - Mohamed Kassabgi)
[03]. [Um Kalsum] Ya assiya elhay (Ismail Sabri -Aboulala Mohamed)
[04]. [Um Kalsum] (1927) - Ala aini elhagr (Ahmed Rami - Oum Kalsoum)
[05]. [Um Kalsum] (1928) - Qol lilbakhilati (Qacida de Aboulala Mohamed)
[06]. [Um Kalsum] Afdihi in hafidza elhawa (Ibn Annabih Almasri - Aboulala Mohamed)
[07]. [Um Kalsum] Echek yahyi elgharam (Ahmed Rami - Mohamed Kassabgi)
[08]. [Um Kalsum] Amana ayouh al qamar (Ibn Annabih Almasri - AboulalaMohamed) [09]. [Um Kalsum] Tebi'ini leh (Hussein Hilmy Monastirly - Mohamed Kassabgi)

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Hossam Ramzy - Introduction to Egyptian Dance Rhythms

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This is an education in Egyptian Dance rhythms.. Hossam invites you to join a workshop about the rhythms of Egypt. First he explains the instruments used for the rhythms; Tabla, Darbouka, Mazhar, Doff, etc. Hossam also explains how to play them. Then he explains the rhythms themselves: Masmoudi, Maqsoum, Malfuf..

(01). Masmoudi
(02). Maqsoum
(03). Saaidi
(04). Fallahi
(05). Zaar
(06). Malfuf
(07). Karachi
(08). Elzaffa
(09). Three Four Time
(10). Samaai
(11). Abu el Khamsa

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Oriental Music - Music Khan El Khalil

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1. Rakset El Gazia
2. Rakset El Topa
3. Rakset El Mambatia
4. Aaze Men Eniy
5. Khan El Khalily
6. Kasr El Showk
7. Slamat Ya Eniya
8. Plad El Mahpop

| MP3 224 Kbps | 77 MB |

Part 1 | Part 2

Arabica Latina - Gypsy Ramla

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| MP3 320 Kbps | 124 MB | TRACK LISTINGS 01. Arabica Latina 02. Bajate Al moro 03. El Ladron De Bagdad 04. Las Mil Y Una Noches 05. Dime Tu Que Lo Sabes 06. Mi Camello Badaoni 07. Rona 08. La Morita El Gitano 09. Por Las Calles De Estambul 10. Samara 11. Amor En Marrakesh 12. Alli Deje Mis Suenos 13. Jamila 14. Lolai (ya habibi ya eyni) P 1 Download HERE P 2 Download HERE

Arabesque - Danca do Ventre

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| MP3 192 Kbps | Front Covers | 85 MB | TRACK LISTINGS 1. Serpente do Nilo 2. Rakkadu 3. Suspiro del Moro 4. Yasmin Namu 5. Atlas 6. Asmar 7. Sahra 8. Al Salamah 9. Farah 10. Ah ia Zen Download HERE

Hossam Ramzy - Sabla Tolo I&II

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[01].Hossam Ramzy - Sabla Tolo, Journeys into Pure Egyptian Percussion

A celebration, a fireworks of Egyptian rhythm and percussion! Powerful, exhilarating, with lots of groove and drive! Hossam Ramzy presents Egyptian rhythms like they have never been played before: thirteen new compositions of Tabla and percussion solos for belly Dance! Covering a wide range of rhythms from Egypt, the Middle East, all the way across to Morocco with new rhythms created by Hossam for the Egyptian dance. The booklet contains explanations for each of the solos with rhythms, time signatures, numbers of bars, etc. for dancers. This is THE standard for Egyptian percussion!

[01].West Naima (Naima's Hip)
[02].Kholkhal Taheyya (Taheyya's Ankle)
[03].Khatwet Serena (Serena's Step)
[04].Amiret El Sahara (Desert Princess)
[05].Sha-Awit Katie (Katie's Cheeky Playfulness)
[06].Samya's Solo
[07].Brazilian Pearls
[08].Belhadawa Walla Belshaawa (Rough or Cool?)
[09].Lucy, the Magnificent
[10].Dalloua (The Coy, Spoiled One)
[11].We Baadin Ommaal
[12].E Genneyya (The Djinni)
[13].Ghareeb (How Odd)

| MP3 320 Kbps | Incl. Covers | 110 MB |


[02].Hossam Ramzy - Sabla Tolo II, Further Journeys into Pure Egyptian Percussion

SABLA TOLO”, it has become very clear to me that a second one is needed, as I have so much rhythm that I want to share with you and so many new ideas and rhythmic places I wanted to take you to. Once again, this is an album of percussive vision into the Egyptian women’s solo dance. The Tabla Solo is an exciting feature in any dance routine, and it can also be the bucket of water tossed over the fire, if it is not done properly. Above all questions there is one that has been burning in my mind : WHY DO A TABLA SOLO? Many dancers do it to impress the audience, or to show off, or just because it happens to be what everyone else is doing at the moment. But.. Can a Tabla Solo be inspiring? Can it be emotional? Can it be musical in it’s concept as well as performance. Is it an aesthetic thing? Or is it just wild drumming followed by a sudden stop? The very first Tabla Solo was invented by the late Master AHMED HAMMOUDA. He was the brother of my beloved Tabla teacher, the late Master MAHMOUD HAMMOUDA. Ever since that first solo he did for Nagwa Fouad, many have copied the same solo over and over and over again with little variety or imagination. “SABLA TOLO 2” is another humble gift to the dancers of the world and is a collection of solos that have never been recorded before. Authentic, original, emotional, aesthetic and dynamic in their essence, covering a wide range of rhythms as well as regions from Egypt and the Middle East as far as from Kuwait all the way across to Morocco with various new rhythms created by Hossam for the Egyptian Dance such as : EL SETTATY (The one for the ladies /also meaning of the sixes = 6/8), ABU EL SEBAA (Father of the lions / also meaning of the sevens 7/8), TESAAWY(of the nines 9/4). EDDASTA ( The dozen 12/4 ) , MAHZOUZ ( Mr. Lucky 13/8 ), Just as he did with his original rhythm: ABU EL KHAMSA are his new gift to the world of Egyptian rhythm for the new millennium.

[01].Wana Be-Ied Annak (Whe I am not Near You)
[02].Harrira & Basboosa
[03].My Brazilian Pearl
[04].El Esma Wel Ma-Soom (Our Fate)
[05].Amar El Sahara (The Moon of the Sahara)
[06].Wady Sama Ala El Malfuf (Samba over Malfuf)
[08].Oyoun El Fallaha (The Eyes of a Fallaha)
[09].Ya Gama-a (Calling all the Group)
[10].Hawary Al Qahira (The Back Streets of Cairo)
[11].La' Bel Hadwa (No, Cool and Gently, Please)
[12].Ya Sha-Eyya (You Naughty, Playful Girl)
[13].Rakataka 3:59

| MP3 320 Kbps | Incl.Covers | 120 MB |


Hossam Ramzy - Flamenco Arabe I & II

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[01].Flamenco Arabe 1
An interesting fusion between Arabic music and flamenco. Though it's been done before (by Al Tall and Muluk el-Hwa), it's an enticing sort of fusion to listen to again. Some of the pieces are most straightforward flamenco with some additional Egyptian percussion, thanks to Hossam Ramzy. In other parts, it reverts to a straightforward Egyptian dance rhythm with some careful Spanish guitar in the background. It's when the two mesh that the sound is something worth hearing. Despite the relative obscurity of Rafa Tachuela (actually a German flamenco artist, hence the obscurity), the skill is certainly present to power the music forward. There is some able help from Said Kamal and Mohamed Naiem, providing the Egyptian sounds beyond Ramzy's percussion, and in the end, some help from the Sabri brothers (sons of Sabri Khan, not to be confused with the qawwal duo of the same name) in the addition of a touch of Indian music, as the artists attempt to explore the roots of flamenco through Egyptian music and the roots of Egyptian music through its Indian forebearers. Given that the rise of flamenco came after the Iberian peninsula had been taken over by the Moors, the links between North African music and flamenco are somewhat expected. When the two forms are brought back together to play in tandem, though, something more than the sum of its parts emerges. An excellent addition to the collection of any world music fusionist. ~ Adam Greenberg, All Music Guide

Flamenco Arabe traces back to the old silk and spice routes to find the origins of Arabian, North African and Flamenco Music. It reaches deep into history to find the incredible journey of these Nomadic Tribes that caused the conception and birth of such magnificent styles of musical compostion. Today, Arabian Music has many influences that stamped their expressions upon its forehead, caused by the numerous invasions and colonisations. Flamenco music has experienced similar changes to it's original routes. A special dance piece created for this album incorporates the above styles. Track # 10 The Silk Route Suite will take you through many dance forms such as Indian Kathak, Egyptian Classical to the famous Flamenco Siguerias. It finally ends in a big Jam session where all the artists from the various nations add thier influence and colour. This is a perfect piece for a performance of these dance styles.


[01]. Al Quantara (The Bridge)
[02]. Ahlam Ghernatah (Memories of Old Granada)
[03]. Al Vuelo (Flying) [Bulerias for Taranto]
[04]. Rumbapa ("Father of Rumba")
[05]. Ráfaga de Viento (Gust of Wind)
[06]. Kebrieaa Samet (Silent Pride) [Masmoudi]
[07]. Amor Perdido (Lost Love)
[08]. Men el Belad (From Our Country) [Saidi]
[09]. Zambra Por Nadejda (Zambra for Nadejda)
[10]. Silk Route Suite: Kathak
[11]. Silk Route Suite: Egyptian
[12]. Silk Route Suite: Sol y Sal (Sun and Salt) [Siguiriya]
[13]. Silk Route Suite: Juntos (Together)

Musicians :
Rafa El Tachuela (flamenco guitar and oud) ,
Hossam Ramzy (Egyptian and world percussion) ,
Saied Kamal on Egyptian violin,
Mohammed Naiem on Nay and kawala flutes,
Maged Serour on qanun,
Ossama El Hendy on keyboards,
Ghoulam Sarwar Sabri on Indian tabla,
Ismail Sabri on sarangi,
Featuring Danny Thompson and Duddley Phillips on Double Bass.

FLAC tracks(EAC Rip): 430 MB | MP3 - 320 kbs: 180 MB | Scans

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

OR MP3 320 kbps
Part 1 | Part 2

[02].Flamenco Arabe 2, Hossam Ramzy & Jose Luis Monton

Flamenco Arabe 2 is a unique recording by master Egyptian percussionist, composer and arranger Hossam Ramzy (Peter Gabriel, Ricky Martin, Chick Corea, Loreens McKennit, Rober Plant/Jimmy Page) - “Sultan of Swing” Rhythm (UK), and celebrated Spanish flamenco guitarist José Luis Montón - “…a stunningly intuitive musician…” ABC (Spain). This exhilarating CD fuses pulsating Arab rhythms and percussion with fiery Andalusian flamenco. The result is a captivating and romantic Spanish/Arabian sound. Recorded in Egypt, Spain and UK, this album crosses all the barriers between the Middle Eastern sounds and the world of Flamenco music, song and dance. It attempts to bring history into the present. Moorish migrations, North African flavours, passionate flamenco with Egyptian tabla, palmas (clapping), oud, nay, guitar, qanun and violin solos that melt the heart.

The album features top-class musicians; María Toledo - vocals, Aziz Jorge - violin, Mohammed Fouda – nay, Mohammed Naiem and, Saber Abdel Sattar - qanun, Hazem Shaheen - oud, Miguel Rodrigañez - double bass, and Atef Sobhy - bass and programming, Ossama Al Hendy - keyboards & bass and Wael Naggar – accordion.

| MP3 320 Kbps | Incl. Covers | 130 MB |

[01]. Caballo (Intro)
[02]. Caballo (On Horseback)
[03]. Awtar W' Haneen (Strings and Longing)
[04]. Nilo (Nile)
[05]. Men Teeba l' el Andalus (From Thebes to Andalusia)
[06]. Casa de Barry (Intro)
[07]. Casa de Barry (Barry's House)
[08]. Sahret Ghawazy (Gypsy Night of Celebration)
[09]. Arena (Sand)
[10]. Hombre y el Saidi (Intro)
[11]. Hombre y el Saidi (The Macho Man, The Saidi)
[12]. Pensando en Ti (Thinking of You)
[13]. Amil
[14]. Trompetta (Baby Trumpet)


PW : WeLove-music

Shahrazat - Turkish Bellydance

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Track List 1. Sen Hayatsin Ben Omur 2. Beni Unutma 3. Selam Ver Yeter 4. Istanbul'a Selam 5. Sehrazat 6. Benden Sana 7. Camlicadan Bakinca 8. Beyoglunda Bir Aksam Download HERE

Marrakech Express I&II

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Marrakech Express Vol.1 Track List 1.Exodus - Vittorio Mou 2.Marrakech - Lino Cannavacciuolo 3.Ana Leik - Samo Zain 4.Eshebo (Chebba) - Alabina 5.El Layali - Nawal Al Zoughbi 6.Abdel Kader 7.Ya Rayah - Rachid Taha 8.Serapis - Lino Cannavacciuolo 9.Kidda - Natacha Atlas 10.Youm Wara Youm - Samira Said 11.A'ayshalak - Elissa 12.Wahahtu - Vittorio Mou Download HERE Marrakech Express Vol. 2 Track List 1. Frederick Rousseau - "Across" (The Desert) 2. Ashma Ari - "Heroes" 3. Dzihan & Kamien - "Just You & I" 4. Coup De Bam - "Esta Direccion" 5. Little Red - "Sevgilim" (feat Ozlem) 6. Dhafer Youssef - "Seventh Heaven Suite" 7. Michy Mano - "Shkoun Li Mes' Oul" 8. Bliss - "A Quiet Conversation" 9. Duke B vs Sussan Deyhim - "Dukebox" 10. Cay Taylan - "Ciftetelli" 11. Nelson - "Zindagi" 12. Vittorio Muo - "Il Maestro" 13. Dna - "Bukora" (More) P1 Download HERE P2 Download HERE

Om Kalthoum - Baid Anak

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MP3 192 Kbps - 56 MB Download HERE

Nour-Eddine-Saoudi - Nouba - RAML- MAYA

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L'art poetique et musical andalou
Track Listings
[01].Inqîlab - In manaâtoum ânna
[02].Meceder - Ya zahrat el ounssi
[04].Btayhi - Âla chouhoub el âchiya
[05].Istikhbar - Ya ahl el andaloussi
[06].Dardj - Saha essahaer
[07].Insiraf - Roubba leïli
[08].Insiraf - Tarahhalou
[09].Khlass - Ya aâla laou kountou adri
[10].Khlass - Hin nashar
[11].Khlass - Ya saqi oua sqi habibi

MP3 192 kbps including Booklet Scans


Dean Martin - Forever Cool .The Ultimate Memorial Tribute

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To honor Dean Martin's broad appeal and countless contributions to modern entertainment via his legendary music, stage, film and television career, many of the world's top artists have recorded new collaborative tracks with him on Dean Martin: Forever Cool. Forever Cool's 14 tracks pair Martin's original vocals with new arrangements and an all-star group of collaborators in a salute to the unparalleled talent and charisma of the man known around the world as "Dino".
TRACK LISTINGS 01.Who's Got The Action? - (with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy) 02.Ain't That A Kick In The Head - (with Kevin Spacey) 03.I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face - (with Chris Botti) 04.Baby-O - (with Paris Bennett) 05.Who Was That Lady? - (with The Capitol Studios Orchestra) 06.Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone - (with Robbie Williams) 07.I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me - (with Joss Stone) 08.Just In Time - (with Dave Koz) 09.Baby, It's Cold Outside - (with Martina McBride) 10.King Of The Road - (with Kevin Spacey) 11.You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You - (with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy/Shelby Lynne) 12.Arrivederci Roma - (with Tiziano Ferro) 13.Everybody Loves Somebody - (with Charles Aznavour) 14.Brahm's Lullaby Download HERE

Oriental Fever 9

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TRACK LISTINGS 01. Hamaki-Wahda Wahda 02. Diana Haddad-Azab El Hawa 03. Rebal Al Hadi-Al Fostan 04. Ziad Issa-Hob&Ghazal 05. Soma-Dheket Liya Sineey 06. Amir Adam-Halla Jeet 07. Ramy Sabry-Layali 08. Carole Samaha-Adwa Al Shohra 09. Cheba Maria-Mon Amour 10. Samara-Ahbab Galbi 11. Ahmed Sherbini-Kolohoum Habbouk 12. Warda-An El Awan 13. Darine Hadchiti-Ma Za'althak Taradeek 14. Jawanna Mallah-W Beyou'dooni 15. Darine-Nassini El Madi 16. Walid Toufic-Abuki Meen (Remix) Download HERE

Farid El Atrache - Legend . The Best Of

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| MP3 192 kbps | Covers | 95 MB | TRACK LISTINGS 01. Hebeena Hebeena 02. Alachan Malich Gheirak 03. Laktob Aawerak El Chagar 04. Y aHabaYbi Ya Ghaybeen 05. Fog Ghosnek Ya Lemona 06. Betomar Al Wass Wal Ain 07. Ya Bou Dahka Guenan 08. Ya Salam Ala Hobbi Wa Hobbak 09. Ziena Zinea 10. Ana Ou Anta Ou Bass 11. Menheremch El Omr P1 Download HERE p2 Download HERE

Ali Mazbouh & Koko B - Arabian Dance Fever

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| MP3 192 kbps | Covers | 95 MB | TRACK LISTINGS 1. Ya Hayati 2. The Lebanese Bride 3. Mizmar Dance 4. Egyptian Belly Dancer 5. Arabian Dance Fever 6. In the Corner 7. Welcome Home 8. Moulayiten 9. Nay Illusion Download HERE

Beats Antique - Tribal Derivations

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Beats Antique creates a definitive union between the old and new. Tribal Derivations is centred in Middle Eastern bellydance, down tempo hip hop, old school jazz, classical Indian and North African Gnawa music. Zoe Jakes, an innovative tribal and tribal fusion belly dancer, has co-produced, with Sidecar Tommy and David Satori, a refreshing musical take on an antique aesthetic. | MP3 224 kbps | Incl. Covers | 91 MB | TRACK LISTINGS 01. Battle 02. Lantern, The 03. Tabla Toy 04. Rabat 05. Slow 06. Deriviation 07. Trinkit 08. Break Me 09. Nau-Ashta 10. Intertwine 11. Relic 12. Discovered 13. Untitled Track Download P1 Download P2

Amina Alaoui : Discographie

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Amina Alaoui has had a major impact on the evolution of Middle Eastern classical music. A virtuoso pianist, Alaoui has performed in concert with such Moroccan artists as Djamchid Chemirani, Pedro Soler, Hameed Khan, Pablo Cueco, Hughes de Courson, and Luis Llach and has composed and played music for many of the country's top choreographers. Born in Fez, Morocco, Alaoui enrolled in the Conservatory of Rabat at the age of six. In addition to studying classical piano, she studied traditional Arabic-Andalusian music and Moroccan and Middle Eastern dance. She published his first collection of poems at the age of ten. Although she studied philosophy and linguistics (Arabic, French, and Spanish) at the University of Rabat, Alaoui continued to focus on music. She studied Persian classical music with Djalal Akhbari and European medieval music with Henri Agnel. ~ Craig Harris, All Music Guide

[01].Amina Alaoui - Alcantara
Amazon.com's Best of 1998
The ancient Andalusian poetry that Moroccan singer Amina Alaoui brings to radiant life in Alcantara has been in her family for generations. Her relatives sang the 500-year-old poems at gatherings and her grandmother murmured them while working on embroidery. The CD, whose title means "the bridge," takes listeners over time and land to the Muslim dynasties of medieval Spain and the music created there. This unique, melodious music along with Alaoui's aromatic voice makes Alcantara one of the best CDs of 1998. --Karen Karleski Alcantara is a testament to the beauty of simplicity. This CD holds deliciously exotic music spun from the lovely singing of Moroccan vocalist Amina Alaoui and light but expressive guitar and percussive accompaniment from Henri Agnel and Bijan Chemirani. Empty of any sublime pretensions or girlish Western tone, Alaoui sings simply and maturely--with the love for her Anadalusian heritage spilling naturally through. Her style reminds one of Cesaria Evora--not singing to impress but to preserve and celebrate her culture's music. Rooted in a Muslim dynasty of Spain that ruled from the 8th to the 15th century, Andalusian music has a distinctly ancient, Arabic feel that's not particularly melancholy, certainly not solemn--just lyrical and elegant. And Alaoui portrays these qualities with a rare grace and expertise. To mine for more gems of Amina Alaoui's talent, check out her first U.S. release, Gharnati: Arabo-Andalusian Music of Morocco. --Karen Karleski

| MP3 256 kbps | All Covers & Booklet | 115 MB |
[01]. Ode D'ibn arabi
[02]. Ya 'Ouchaq'
[03]. Amours ou trop tard me suis pris
[04]. Lamento de Tristan
[05]. Istikhbar zidane (prŽlude : mode Zidane)
[06]. Ya racha fattan
[07]. Maravillosos
[08]. Baha stibari
[09]. Ya man lahou
[10]. Batahouvat el qama bachahar
[11]. Hija mia
[12]. Ya'Adili billah
[13]. Ya mouqabil / Amchi ya rassoul
[14]. El hourm ya rassoul allah

Download Part One
Download Part Two

[02].Arabo-Andalusian Music of Morocco / Gharnati by Amina Alaoui and Ahmed Piro

This is music from El Andalus at its best. Gharnati, which can be translated as "music from Granada" is filled with sensual longing and old memories; through Amina's voice the old ghosts take place here in this world with dignity and grace. Amina herself is rather amazing - she has degrees in philosophy, philology and dance and her spiritual beauty and wisdom show themselves in her voice and in this sublime album. Highly recommended.

[01]. Li Ayyi Sabab
[02]. Li Habiboun
[03]. Ya 'Adili Billah
[04]. An Hwakoum
[05]. Ya Badi' Al Hosn
[06]. Ya Badi' Al Hosn
[07]. Ana Qad Kana Li Khalil
[08]. Wa Lamma Fana Sabri
[09]. Saaltak Ya Badi'
[10]. Bittou Achkou
[11]. Ya Lawnal 'Assal
[12]. Ya Lailatan
[13]. Lachjar Barza
[14]. Tahallala L-Kawnou
[15]. Ra 'Allahou
[16]. Ida Yahij

| MP3 256 kbps | All Covers | 95 MB |


Al-Andalus Collection [3]. Eduardo Paniagua - JARDIN DE AL-ANDALUS

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Biography: Eduardo Paniagua is among the more interesting musicians to have led dual careers: as a conductor, wind player, and percussionist he has received enthusiastic praise for his concerts and numerous recordings of music of Medieval Spain, but he is also quite an accomplished architect. One might further add businessman to his résumé, since he is the founder of the Spanish record label Pneuma. Paniagua was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1952. He came from a musical family and as a child displayed unusual musical talent. By 14 he was playing in Atrium Musicae, an ensemble devoted to various kinds of early music from Europe. In that group Paniagua performed with three brothers, Luis, Carlos, and Gregorio (the group's director). Eduardo played various kinds of flutes and percussion instruments in the ensemble and by 16 had made four recordings. Paniagua remained a member of Atrium Musicae from 1966 to 1983, a period during which he also founded two other groups devoted to early music, Calamus and Hoquetus, the former a vocal/instrumental ensemble focusing on Medieval Arab and Andalusian music and the latter a vocal group devoted to the performance of various Medieval works. In 1994 the busy Paniagua founded two more ensembles, Musica Antigua and Ibn Baya. Again, the repertory of these groups focused primarily on ancient music, with the latter group taking in Arab-Andalusian works as a specialty. By now Paniagua and his ensembles had developed a large following, both among the concert-going public and record buyers. Sony Classics signed Paniagua to a contract in 1995 that would yield 14 CDs by the end of 1998. Ten of them featured Musica Antigua in a series of Cantigas (Cantigas de Italia, Cantigas de Francia, et. al.), and four of them were with Ibn Baya in various Maluf (Andalusi) works. It was around this time, too, that Paniagua founded the label Pneuma, which he later used to re-release the 10 Cantigas recordings made for Sony. By 2006 Pneuma had issued more than 40 titles. In 1997 Paniagua was nominated for Best Classical Music Artist by the Academy of Spanish Music. He received the same nomination in 2000 and 2004. Paniagua's later recordings include El Camino De Santiago (2005), and Lo Mejor de las Cantigas (2006), both featuring collections of Cantigas made with Musica Antigua for his Pneuma label. ~ Robert Cummings, All Music Guide

JARDIN DE AL-ANDALUS (Al-Andalus Garden) - Artist: Eduardo Paniagua - Wafir Sheik - Jamila Ghalmi - Luis Delgado
"When the breeze touches the garden the branches look like dancers swaying in green washy* dresses and striped materials from Yemen" Husam al-Dawla Ibn Razin *(flowery patterns)
Arab-Andalusian music from Medieval Seville in the tradition of the Maluf from Tunisia and of the Oriental Moaxajas. The warm voice of Jamila Ghalmi engages the soft and hard sound of Wafir Sheik's lute. Content:
  1. Moaxaja oriental: Laili Al Wasl - The nights of the rendezvous (instr.)
  2. Trad.
  3. Taqsim 'ud: Console me (instr.)
  4. Tunisian song, Maluf 18, al-Rizqi
  5. Uadda?uni - Console me at dawn, my dears!
  6. Tunisian song, Maluf 11, al-Rizqi
  7. Talilatu al watia - The Birth of the Prophet (Instr.)
  8. Trad.
  9. Taqsim 'ud: Beyati (instr.)
  10. Instrumental opening of the n?ba asba'ayn, Mal?f
  11. Bashraf samaï asba'ayn (instr.)
  12. Anon., Maluf 25, al-Rizqi
  13. Tunisian song with improvisation: Eh chicas, mi coraz?n emocionado y dolorido (Hey girls! my heart is moved and hurt) (instr.)
  14. Trad.
  15. Taqsim 'ud: Green washy dress (instr.)
  16. Anon.
  17. Moaxaja oriental en ritmo masmudi maqam Hidyaz Kar: Zarani al-Mahbub - My loved one visited me
  18. Tunisian song Maluf 12, al-Rizqi
  19. Talilatu al-arusa - The single girl (Instr.)
  20. Instrumental opening of the n?ba Sika, samaï taqil 10/8 rythm, Harbi samaï d?rij 6/8 - Mal?f
  21. Bashraf samaï sika (instr.)
  22. Anon.
  23. Taqsim 'ud: The Dawn (instr.)
  24. Andalusi lullaby from Tunisia, taqil rythm, r?hawi mode
  25. Ninni, Ninni j?hanum - nana andalus? (instr.)
  26. Trad..
  27. Taqsim 'ud: Bid me farewell (instr.)

Playing time: 59' 30"

Performers: M?sica Antigua [Wafir Sheik ('ud (la?d), suisen, viola, darbuga, tar, palmas), Jamila Ghalmi (voice, palmas), Luis Delgado (c?ntaras, naqarat, darbuga, panderos, tar, qaraqebs, palmas), Eduardo Paniagua (fhal (qasba), nay, flauta de ca?a, bendir, pandero, agual, tar, gongs, c?mbalos, qaraqebs, ajorcas, palmas)] - Eduardo Paniagua, dir.

| APE & CUE - 310 MB | MP3 320 Kbps - 150 MB | All Covers (H.Q) |

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

OR MP3 320 kbps
Part 1 | Part 2

Egypte: Les Musiciens Du Nil - Discographie

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Issued from the furthest reaches of Upper-Egypt, The Musicians of the Nile have criss-crossed Europe over the last 20 years. Like the ancient bards of time past, the difference is that they move through space and cultures as comfortably on an airplane as on the back of a donkey Discovered in 1975 by Alain Weber, who has been their artistic director ever since, The Musicians of the Nile is a group whose talent has always included some of the greatest figures of the Upper Egyptian tradition . Well before the World Music wave, The Musicians of the Nile were the first so-called "Arab Music" group to attain widespread popularity. Frequently imitated and sometimes plagiarized, The Musicians of the Nile have kept up with the parallel currents in music ever since the Chateauvallon Festival in 1975, where they met some of the greatest jazz musicians of the time including Sun Ra and Keith Jarret. They were a part of the first WOMAD (World of Music Arts and Dance) in 1983, which brought World Music to international attention. Recently, the film "Latcho Drom" directed by Tony Gatlif, which traces the great musical voyage of the Gypsies from India to Spain, has made even more listeners aware that The Musicians of the Nile are a part of the Gypsy tradition.

Biography: The Musicians of the Nile have shared the musical traditions of the Sudan with international audiences for more than a quarter of a century. The group continues to weave a sound that Mojo described as "one hundred years of Egyptian spirituality in one neat package," and has been toasted by such jazz/avant-garde musicians as Keith Jarrett and the late Sun Ra. A concert by the Musicians of the Nile was described by Run Productions as "the shrill of the mizmar, the abrupt narrative voice, the incisive rhythm of the tabla, the modal melancholy of the arghul, transforming the stage into a village feast." Formed in the Egyptian city of Abu-al-Djud (now Luxor), the Musicians of the Nile reflect the singing tradition of Egypt's gypsy families. Their first steps toward global success were taken after they caught the attention of ethno-musicologist Alain Weber, who agreed to become their manager. With his support, the band began to tour throughout Europe. Their performance at the first WOMAD Festival (World of Music and Dance Festival) in 1983 led to the band being signed by Peter Gabriel's RealWorld-Caroline record label and their guest appearance on Gabriel's album Passion. The Musicians of the Nile appeared at the Gypsy Festival in Florence in 1991 and the Gypsy Festival in Lucerne in 1995. ~ Craig Harris, All Music Guide

Press « Les musiciens du Nil, célèbres dans le monde entier, cultivent les restes de la tradition tsigane(...) Ils font la part belle à la danse et à la négritude de ce sud profond. » V.MORTAIGNE – Le Monde, juillet 1997 « Leur musique remonte à l’époque pharaonique et reste de nos jours une des formes d’expression populaire les plus prisées en Haute-Egypte. »

Youssef Bakash : swing and Duff Osman Fawy : Rebab Fawzy Hafez : Suffara Mohammed Ali ibrahim Sayed : Derbouka Atta Ramadan : Mizmar Mahmoud Masoud : Mizmar Bikhit Kinawy : Mizmar Mohammed Mourad Migally : Rebab Yousef Ali Ramadan : swing and Rebab Yehya Hassanein : Arghul

[01].Musicians of the Nile - Ensemble Mizmar Baladi

The music of contemporary Egypt has come a long way from the villages of the Egyptian Nile. But its roots are in the flutes, the oboes, the two-stringed fiddles, and impassioned vocalism and drumming of a peasant culture with strong Gypsy roots, in which popular and classical met. ~ David L. Mayers, All Music Guide
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[01].Aamedat el Karnak [Les Colonnes De Karnak]
[02].Ya Faraoule [O Fraise]
[03].Zarhat el Luxor [Rose De Louxor]
[04].Abou Zeïd el Hilali
[05].Taksim Arghoul [Petit]
[06].Taksim Arghoul [Tayaram]
[07].Taksim [Mizmar]

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[02].Musicians of the Nile - From Luxor to Isna

The Musicians of the Nile are a professional troupe of gypsy musicians hailing from Upper Egypt. Their dazzling mix of traditional songs is perfectly showcased on this early Real World release, which was taped in both France and England during the late '80s. With the dusky strains from the rababah (traditional fiddle), the mizmar (an oboe-like instrument), and the tablah (a hand drum similar to the darbouka) filling the air, the group delivers an array of trance-inducing long-players, including ensemble pieces as well as solo spotlights like the tablah feature "Zahrafat Al Sa'id" (Rejoicing in Upper Egypt) and the arghul (double-reed clarinet) vehicle "Kol Elle Qalboh Ankawa" (Everyone Has Had a Broken Heart). An essential disc for world music connoisseurs. ~ Stephen Cook, All Music Guide


(01) [The Musicians Of The Nile] Al Bahr Al Gharam Wasah (Love Is As Vast As A River)
(02) [The Musicians Of The Nile] Zahrafat Al Sa'id (Rejoicing In Upper Egypt)
(03) [The Musicians Of The Nile] Ya Tir 'ala Shadjarah (Oh Bird Upon The Tree)
(04) [The Musicians Of The Nile] Horse Steps
(05) [The Musicians Of The Nile] Al Nahla Al 'ali (The Tall Palm Tree)
(06) [The Musicians Of The Nile] Kol Elle Qalboh Ankawa (Everyone Has Had A Broken Heart)
(07) [The Musicians Of The Nile] Yunes Wa 'Azizah (Yunes And Azizah)
(08) [The Musicians Of The Nile] Al-Aqsur-Isna (From Luxor To Isna)

Mohamed Abu Harãdji (Mizmar), Alain Weber (Liner Notes), Shamandi Tewfiq Metqâl (Vocals), Heather Angel (Photography), Musicians of the Nile (Performer), Mustafa Abdel Aziz (Performer), Hanafi Mohamed'ali (Tabla), Francis Drake Jr. (Photography), Djad Al Rab Mahmud (Tabla Baladi), Dave Ambrose (Photography), Alain Weber (Engineer), Metqâl Qenâwi Metqâl (Rababah), Michel Bosser (Engineer), Kevin Metcalfe (Engineer), Shamandi Tewfiq Metqâl (Rababah), David Bottrill (Engineer), David Bottrill (Editing), David Bottrill (Mixing), Mustafa Abdel Aziz (Doholla), Djad Al Rab Mahmud (?), Alain Weber (Rababah), Mustafa Abdel Aziz (Arghoul), Richard Chappell (Assistant Engineer)

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[03].Musicians of the Nile - Charcoal Gypsies
This disc documents masters of Egyptian spiritual music traditions. The Musicians of the Nile have been known worldwide for two decades. Liner notes go into detail on the group's history and three of the musicians. The music features mesmerizing trills coaxed from a bizarre horsehair- and coconut-stringed instrument by the "Jimi Hendrix of the East," Metqal Qenawi Metqal. ~ Thomas Schulte, All Music Guide
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[01].Bitnadini Tani Lih [Why Are You Calling Me Again?]
[02].Eb'at Djawaben [I Sent You a Letter, Why Haven't You Answered?]
[03].Suq Al-Manadil [The Handerchiefs Market]
[04].Mawwal-Doha/Rais Al-Bahr [The Captain of the Boat Is Led by the Curre] [05].Al-Ward Al-Foll [The Perfume of the Rose]
[06].Ramla [Sand Dollar Mix]
[07].Salamat [I Wish You Good Health]
[08].Walla Zaman [It's Been So Long!]


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Dalida : Éternelle..DVD ~

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Dalida’s extraordinary life story begins in the Cairo suburbs, where she grew up in total anonymity as the young daughter of a bourgeois immigrant family. After being crowned Miss Egypt at the age of 19, Dalida went on to launch a singing career, scoring a phenomenal hit with the song "Bambino". In the course of her 30-year career Dalida became an enormous international star, ending up as the Maria Callas of the "variété" world. The immensely popular diva, who died a tragic death in 1987, has now become a cult figure for a whole new generation of fans who were not even born when Mademoiselle Bambino first rocketed to fame in the 1950’s.
Although best known as a pop singer, Dalida also appeared in a dozen movies during an entertainment career lasting just over 30 years. Born Yolande Christina Giglioti in Cairo, Egypt, in 1933, she won the title of Miss Egypt in 1954, which included a role in a movie as part of the prize. She made her first credited screen appearance in the Egyptian-made feature Sigarah Wa Kas, directed by Niazi Mostafa. At that time, Giglioti started using the stage name Delila, owing to a resemblance between her and Hedy Lamarr in the role of Delilah in the Hollywood epic Samson and Delilah. Having quickly risen as far as she could in the Egyptian film industry, she went to Paris in hopes of expanding her movie career and got a role in the feature Le Masque de Toutankhamon, directed by Marco De Gastyne. She also altered the spelling of her stage name to Dalida and it stuck. She was discovered by Bruno Coquatrix, a producer at the Olympia Theater, radio producer Lucien Morisse, and record company owner Eddie Barclay, and was transformed over the next year into a singing star -- her second single, "Bambino", sold over a million copies in France and throughout Europe during 1956. Dalida continued appearing in movies through the late '50s and early '60s, playing straight acting roles in vehicles ranging from the spy thriller Rapt Aux Deuxieme Bureau (1958) to frothy sex comedies such as Menage Italian Style (1965). Most of these were not released in America (or were given only the most limited distribution), but were major successes in Europe. Although music was the major focus of her career from the early '60s onward, she never entirely gave up movies and, in 1986, the year before her death, she returned to her native Egypt to make a film, The Sixth Day, with director Youssef Chahine, an old friend from her early career, in which she gave what critics felt was a superb performance. Dalida was a larger-than-life presence in French and European popular culture. Vocally, she was somewhere between Petula Clark and Astrud Gilberto, but her personal life was closer to that of Judy Garland, marred by divorce, the suicide of one lover and also of her ex-husband. In 1967, she was hospitalized following a suicide attempt. Twenty years later, while seemingly in the midst of another comeback, she took her own life with an overdose of barbiturates. ~ Bruce Eder, All Movie Guide


[01]. Jusqu'au bout du rêve
[02]. Il venait d'avoir 18 ans
[03]. Salma Ya Salama
[04]. Pour ne pas vivre seul
[05]. Lambeth Walk
[06]. Génération 78
[07]. Les enfants du Pirée
[08]. Monday, Tuesday (laissez-moi danser)
[09]. Finie la comédie
[10]. Rio Do Brazil
[11]. Je suis toute les femmes
[12]. Tico Tico
[13]. A ma manière
[14]. Comme disait Mistinguett
[15]. Danza
[16]. Besame mucho
[17]. Je suis malade
[18]. Il faut danser reggae
[19]. Gigi L'amoroso
[20]. Le jour le plus long
[21]. Avec le temps

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Claude Challe-the Best of [Box-Set]

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He May Not have Invented the Lounge CD Collection, but He Might as Well Have. Claude Challe Perfected the Concept of a Music Soundtrack Played in the Clubs, Restaurants and Lounges that When Sequenced Properly, the Mix Itself Became King. He Started with the Set for "Les Bains", on to the Rai House Fusion "Flying Carpet" and Eventually Landing in the "Buddha Bar. The First of the Buddha Bar Series is Regarded as the Epitomy of the Lounge Collection, Incorporating Music from Obscure Sources and Helping Bring them to the Listener Conditioned on Pop. This Triple Disc Set Draws the Best Tracks from all of Challe's Many Collections and Compiles the Creme in One Fantastic Ear Opening Set
Track List
CD 1(Love)
01. Pink Martini - La Soledad
02. Jose Alberto - And I Love Her
03. Rhythm & Sound with Cornel Campbell - King in My Empire (King Version)
04. Salif Keita & Cesaria Evora - Yamore
05. Andres Linetzky y Ernesto Romeo - Sentimientos
06. Lili Boniche - Ana Fil Houb
07. Said M'Rad - Crying Angels
08. Pascal of Bollywood - La Vie en Rose... Indien
09. Craig Armstrong - Weather Storm
10. Claudine Longuet - A Man and a Woman
11. Steve Beresford - Vous Qui Passez San Me Voir
12. Los Chicharrons - Love Magic (Original 12' Mix)
13. Touch & Go - Straight To... Number One (Dreamcatcher's Mix)
14. Claude Challe - Wake Up My Love
15. Nino - Amor Amor


01. Transglobal Undergroud - Taal Zaman
02. Zehava Ben - Ya mama (Deep dive corp' remix)
03. Karmix - Voyager
04. Malik Adouane - Shaft (Version Orientale)
05. Gypsy Soul - Czardasz
06. Senao Coconut / Showroom dummies
07. Suba - Felicidade
08. Suntrust - How insensitive (Original Mix)
09. Da Silva - Soledad
10. Audio Deluxe - 60 second
11. Nikos Diamantopoulos - Everytime
12. Jerk House Connection et Akram - Each and every day
13. Claude Challe & Adam Plack - Carmenita Dancing


CD 3(Dance)
01. Louis Vega - Louie Vega Jungle fever
02. Goran Bregovic - Goran Bregovic Cajesukarije Cocec
03. Willy DeVille - Willy DeVille Demasiado Corazon
04. Sidestepper - Sidestepper Logozo
05. Angel Tears - Angel Tears Inshalla
06. Hovannes K. - Hovannes K. La Cumparsita (Tang'Oriental House Mix)
07. The R.E.G. Project - The R.E.G. Project Batwannis beek
08. T.C. 1992 - T.C. 1992 Funky Guitar
09. Hombre - Hombre Shake The Body (Remexe O Corpo)
10. Silicone Soul - Silicone Soul Right on
11. Ralphi Rosario - Ralphi Rosario Maula (Bhangra-Hydrate Vocal Mix)
12. A Guy Called Gerald - A Guy Called Gerald Humanity (Ashley Beedle's Love & Compassion Mix)
13. Delerium - Delerium Silence (Faede's Sanctuary Mix)


Espagne : les Riches Heures du Flamenco

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Pepe De La Matrona
Les Riches Heures Du Flamenco
Recorded at the time of a recital in the Sorbonne, this disc is a rare part for the aficionados of art flamenco. It is not necessary to insist on the high artistic behaviour ensured by the three prestigious names that are “Joselito”, Jacinto Almaden and Pepe of Matrona, last holders of the true flamenco and the young person Pedro Soler who is already the guide of predilection of the Masters of this art. Their meeting constitutes a memorable event; but what still makes this recording more invaluable, it is what certain would call the appearance of the “Duende” during the evening of recording, this “genius” which fills up the atmosphere of heat, of sincerity, and which makes it possible to the artists to give the maximum of themselves to exceed itself to sublimate their art. It there had happiness to find between “pure”, perhaps even as wine which heats and often awakes the “Duende” and to which Pepe of Matrona did not make sad figure, and here is that this evening there one forgot the microphones and the wired for sound walls of the studio confused with the walls with the white lime of a Andalusian patio. What one will not be able to forget of this disc, it is this state of grace of four artists which, without any artifice, deliver deepest to be to them and of their art. Cough from Pepe from Matrona, its step even spluttering from Almaden when it asks to the guitarist “echa ahi perlitas” to send its “small pearls to him” (beaded notes) which inspire it, the few failures of Pedro Soler, come with the remainder. The songs succeed the dances and even rare thing on these occasions, the improvisation mèle with the festival. Thus is born Farruca, for the first time sung and danced, Taranta to which Almaden gives a tearing emotion while Joselito, removes in an irresistible dash. Soleares, prints of nobility and dignity finish in a movement sharp and impassioned without however moving away from the starting style. Pepe of Matrona reaches a top of the emotion in Seguiriyas where its voice breaks in a sob contained. Of a difficulty of execution which limits the number of its truths interpreters, Malaguenas which sings Almaden express the pain of unhappy love affairs with one moving decency that the final song of Juan Breva comes to crown virility. Tientos which Pepe of Matrona interprets, poetry of nature and the heart are also very of emotion contained. Whereas Bulerias por Soleares shout the spite of a disappointed love. Alegrias where flamenco tries to express the joy are often tinted of melancholy, Taconeos of Joselito give here a strength full with nuances and dignity. One of the “major” moments more of this evening was the “mano has mano” of Martinetes, songs of the blacksmiths where the singers stimulate themselves mutually and where the difference in personality of these two artists appears clearly. Fandangos de Huelva reveal us the poetic improvisation in the singer, here, Almaden famous in the first verse its friendship for Joselito and Pedro Soler.

[01]. Soleares
[02]. Malaguena
[03]. Seguiriya
[04]. Martinete
[05]. Fandango de huelva
[06]. Taranta
[07]. Tientos
[08]. Farruca
[09]. Buleria
[10]. Alegrias

Performer: Pepe De La Matrona, El Nino De Almaden, La Joselito, Pedro Soler

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