Egyptian Composer and Pianist Omar Khairat

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Omar Khairat (Arabic: عمر خيرت; also spelled Omar Khayrat) is an Egyptian musician. He was born in Cairo in 1949 and belongs to an artistic family. His uncle the composer Abu Bakr Khairat, was the founder of the Egyptian Conservatory institution and was its first dean. In 1959, Khairat joined the Conservatory (Cairo Conservatoire) and studied piano and musical theory. After graduating, he continued his studies at Trinity College of Music in London.[1] In parallel, he became involved in international popular music and jazz and played the drums for one of the top bands in Egypt, Les Petits Chats. This experience added another dimension to his musical influences.

After receiving his degrees in piano and musical theory, he started composing music for the Egyptian Cinema, Television, and Theatre. In addition, he wrote music for Egyptian Ballet. His music was influenced by Arabic and European classical music, Egyptian and African traditional music and also, jazz, pop and blues. What makes his music different is his way of combining western and eastern musical instruments.

His career as a pianist began in 1979, when his various works started to gain recognition from both listeners and critics. His first major work was the musical score for the very popular movie, "The Night of Fatima's Arrest". The music of that movie was his first hit and it was widely loved by the public.[2] It was the first time in the music industry of Egypt to have a movie score be reproduced as an audio cassette, which became a milestone in the middle eastern music industry as whole.

Besides his compositions, he rearranged and performed with his orchestra several music for an older famous Egyptian composer,Mohammed Abdel Wahab
Omar Khairat (2008)

Examples of the rearranged music:

* Emta hanebtedy el Hekaya
* Enta Omry
* El Hob Gamil
* Emta El Zaman yesmah ya gamil
* Men Gheirl Leh
Alt text

Music I always liked because it is the only language all people understand irrespective of race, culture and creed.Music is not related or connected to nations and their borders, neither geographical nor political. Music is the language of life, love and peace. That is why I adapt the music of the world in my music.If the world succeed to speak one language, misunderstanding between people would diminish. I like to be at the seashore and share far away, thinking about what is happening at the other side of the sea, thinking about the what is happening at the other side of the see, thinking about the other nations around and I want to communicate by means of music. I turn to my piano where sea and music help me to overcome my sorrow and help me to understand the other. Then I become the human being I want to be.
I sincerly hope my music can and will be a step forward to a world where people will have freedom to open up and understand and respect each other.
Omar Khairat

[01].Omar Khairat - Fatima

[01]. Fatma
[02]. Yearning
[03]. Escape
[04]. Silent Night
[05]. Fatma 2
[06]. Sparation
[07]. A Brave Woman
[08]. Farewell
[09]. A Fearless Heart
[10]. Fatma (Repeat)
[11]. Fatma (Repeat)

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[02].Omar Khairat - Am Ahmed

[01]. The Case Of Am Ahmed
[02]. Objection
[03]. The Snake
[04]. Don't Lose Your Mind
[05]. Executing The Dead
[06]. Am Ahmed Case.2
[07]. The Snake.2
[08]. The Maid

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[03].Omar Khairat - Bangles

[01]. In The Depith Of Night
[02]. Bangles (The Beginning)
[03]. No More Talk
[04]. The Stranger
[05]. Bangles (The End)
[06]. A Storm In Spring
[07]. Young Wives 1
[08]. Homly Secrets
[09]. Young Wives 2
[10]. A Date With Destiny

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[04].Omar Khairat - Mrs. Hikmat's Conscience

[01]. Mrs. Hikmat's Conscience 1
[02]. You Are My Life
[03]. The Miser
[04]. Sweet Bileels
[05]. Every Arab Land
[06]. The Eternal River
[07]. What's Going On
[08]. Something Strange
[09]. Hell Under Water
[10]. Do You Know
[11]. Mrs. Halmat's Conscience 2
[12]. Mrs. Halmat's Conscience 3
[13]. Egypt... The Purest Heart

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[05].Omar Khairat - Arabian Rhaspody

[01]. Neighbour
[02]. Slumber In Honey
[03]. The Meeting
[04]. Love And Aggression
[05]. 100 Years Of Cinema
[06]. The Era Knights
[07]. The Terrorist (LoveScene)
[08]. Law Of Islam
[09]. Arabian Rhaspody 1
[10]. Arabian Rhaspody 2

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[06].Omar Khairat - The Second Meeting

[01]. The Second Meeting 1
[02]. In The Depth Of Night
[03]. The Days
[04]. Infatuation 1
[05]. The Rotating Time
[06]. No More Time
[07]. Infatuation 2
[08]. The Second Meeting 2
[09]. The Stranger
[10]. Sarseb
[11]. Bangles 1
[12]. Young Wives
[13]. Homely Secrets
[14]. A Date With Destiny

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[07].Omar Khairat - The Sorceress And The Magical Perfume

[01]. The Sorceress And The Magical Perfume
[02]. Descendants In Conflict
[03]. Women Tramps
[04]. Love Also Dies
[05]. Alexadria

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[08].Omar Khairat - The Vision

[01]. Infatuation 1
[02]. The Days
[03]. Infatuation 2
[04]. The Rotating Time
[05]. Infatuation 3
[06]. The Second Meeting
[07]. Sarseb
[08]. The Second Meeting 2
[09]. This Man
[10]. A Place In The Heart 1
[11]. The Broken Road
[12]. The Forbidden Times
[13]. A Place In The Heart 2

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[09].Omar Khairat - Panorama

[01]. Panorama October
[02]. The Soul Of October
[03]. The Fox
[04]. Egypt The Purest
[05]. Egyptian Overture
[06]. The Soul Of October 2
[07]. Every Arab Land
[08]. Panorama (The Full Version)

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[10].Omar Khairat - The Modern Woman

[01]. The Modern Woman 1
[02]. Pains Of The Sole
[03]. Grand Children In Conflict
[04]. Time Of The Forbidden
[05]. The River Of Fear
[06]. Escape
[07]. Insufficient Evidence
[08]. The Modern Woman 2
[09]. Escape 2
[10]. Alah Ya Alah
[11]. Saber
[12]. Descendants In Conflict

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[11].Omar Khairat - Wahabeyat Gadeda

[01]. Kont Feen
[02]. La Mesh Ana Elly Abky
[03]. Hasadony
[04]. Leelat El Qabd Ala Fatma
[05]. Kol Da Kan Leeh
[06]. Emra2a Mutallaqa

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[12].Omar Khairat - Egyptian Overture

[01].The Storm (AlA'asefa)
[02].Miss Hekmat
[03].In The Serenity Of Night (Haweed Al Leil)
[04].Take Care Of Your Mind (Khaly Balak)
[05].Like Love (Zay El Hawa)
[06].Egyptian Overture
[07].Three Pieces For Piano And Orchestra
[08].Mafia (Hebaha)
[09].The Miser (El Bakheel)
[10].100 Years Cinema (Meet Sana Cinema)
[11].Encores (Am Ahmed - El Masry)

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[13].Omar Khairat - Ghawayesh

[01].Ghawayesh 1
[02].Zay Elhawa
[03].Fi Hawed Eleyl
[04].Door Ya Zaman
[06].El Helm
[07].Elsheraa Elmaksoor 1
[08].Elsheraa Elmaksoor 2
[11].Ghawayesh 2

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[14].Omar Khairat - Cleopatra Chillout

[01]. The Meeting
[02]. Rotating Time
[03]. Infatuation 1
[04]. No More Talk
[05]. Mrs.Hickmat Conscience
[06]. Every Arab Land
[07]. Pains of The Soul
[08]. Love Also Dies
[09]. The Case of Am Ahmed 1
[10]. Escape
[11]. You're My Life (Inta Omry)
[12]. The Case of Am Ahmed 2
[13]. Ya
[14]. Infatuation 2
[15]. Alexandria
[16]. Egyptian Overture
[17]. A Date with Destiny
[18]. Fatima
[19]. Sarseb
[20]. Arabian Rhapsody

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Part 2


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