The Institut Du Monde Arabe Series [Re-Up]

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The Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA) or Arab World Institute (AWI), in English, was established in 1980 in Paris, when 18 Arab countries concluded an agreement with France to establish the Institute to disseminate information about the Arab world and set in motion detailed research to cover Arabic and the Arab world’s cultural and spiritual values. The Institute also aims at promoting cooperation and cultural exchanges between France and the Arab world, particularly in the areas of science and technology, thus contributing to development of relations between the Arab world and Europe. Libya joined the agreement in 1984.
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Egypte (Series)
Syrie (Series)
Yemen (Series)
Morocco (Series)

Credits to "King Firas, AmbroseBierce, goldfinger, salahudin ,R & Others..many thanks" =)


Kochaye.Kharabat said...

Another Gold collection soon to be add to my ever growing collection. Such music are needed to be shared and encouraged and even be thought to the next generation so they dont forget their amazing musical culture. I always believed if we carred more about our each others musical culture, this world will ever get into wars. It is only in the melody of other cultures music that I can truly understand them. You do not need to be Arab nor know the culture to understand the beauty in this music. That is why I love music, as you can enjoy it no matter what. Of course knowing a little about the culture and the reason behind the music will only expand on the enjoyment of it. From bottom of my heart thank you.

Anonymous said...

Could you re-up your great collection in Flac?

Anonymous said...

oh my god this is heaven on earth ! thank you I will pray for your sake everyday I am at work and celebrating ramadhan between strangers that dont believe in my own faith

Anonymous said...

thanks ! great collection !

OV said...

page for Sudan has been deleted.

otherwise very nice post.

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