Verve Jazz Masters Vol. [11-20]

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Verve Jazz Masters 11: Stephane Grappelli
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Violinist Stéphane Grappelli's maturity is nicely mapped by this Verve Jazz Masters compilation containing 14 recordings made between September 1966 and May 1992. A skilled improviser whose lengthy career began in the '30s when he co-led the Quintet of the Hot Club de France with Django Reinhardt, Grappelli had a very productive comeback during the time period covered by this collection. The cast of creative collaborators includes guitarists Diz Disley, Ike Isaacs, and Larry Coryell, pianists Michel Legrand and George Shearing, and bassists Eberhard Weber and Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen. ~ arwulf arwulf, All Music Guide

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Verve Jazz Masters 12: Billie Holiday
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Part of the label's top-notch series of roundup discs, Verve Jazz Masters 12: Billie Holiday cherry-picks the best of Holiday's '50s stretch under Norman Granz's watch. At her autumnal best, Holiday particularly shines on "Good Morning Heartache," "Yesterdays," and "Speak Low." The disc also spotlights the stellar playing of Harry "Sweets" Edison, Tony Scott, Ben Webster, Jimmy Rowles, and Barney Kessel. For fans already familiar with Holiday's earlier and more popular Columbia sides, this generous and commendable collection makes for the perfect introduction to her more pathos-rich later work. ~ Stephen Cook, All Music Guide

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Verve Jazz Masters 13: Antonio Carlos Jobim
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Jobim's Verve Jazz Masters is probably the most beautiful and deep-hearted album of the entire Verve Jazz Master collection. A very lovely music, extremelly well played by Jobim with people like Luis Bonfa, Stan Getz, and Astrud Gilberto, that makes our souls happy for one our, and probably the rest of the day.Astrud Gilberto sings so softly and sweetly in Corcovado that the listener feels that something is making ripples in his/her chest. Stan Getz plays a counterpart tenor-sax to Jobim's deep vocals in "So Danco Samba" and Elis Regina makes the same with him in Aguas De Marco.If you don't buy it as soon as possible, then you are missing the BEST chance to listen to the greatest Brazilian composer of all time at his BEST moment: The Bossanova explosion of the 60's, if Jobim had a low moment after that.Which one is the best song of this brilliant CD? I bought the album two years ago and I still don't know. The entire album is just the most wonderful love song (One Hour Song, Man!). It's a shame that the rate only reachs five stars. This album deserves 10.I can't say anything but: "brother, sister, buy it. You don't know what you are missing".Fascinating rhythym, Oh Won't you stop thinkin' bout me...

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Verve Jazz Masters 14: Wes Montgomery
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Shedding the temptation of bop purist revisionism that creeps into most assessments of Wes Montgomery, this Jazz Masters volume gives newcomers a good cross-section of his Verve recordings, the orchestral Wes along with the small-group Wes. The sequencing, though out of chronological order, is quite clever and musical. Someone who has never heard Montgomery before will be drawn in most enticingly with Wes' brief yet unforgettably catchy hit with Oliver Nelson, "Goin' Out of My Head." That is followed by the burnin' "Impressions" with the Wynton Kelly Trio live at the Half Note, which in turn gives way to a luscious Bumpin' outtake with strings, "My One and Only Love," the Latin-grooving "Tequila"...and the sequence rolls on smoothly and with considerable diversity from there. There are omissions -- nothing from the two albums with Jimmy Smith, nothing from the A&M catalog (which Verve's parent corporation PolyGram owns and could have easily drawn from). But one can still get an idea of how Wes's awesome technical facilities and magical melodic touch dazzled the musicians and wooed the general public of his time. If you don't watch yourself, buying this CD might lead to a full-blown Wes addiction. ~ Richard S. Ginell, All Music Guide

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Verve Jazz Masters 15: Charlie Parker
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For those who haven't yet invested in Definitive's excellent four-CD set Charlie Parker: The Complete Norman Granz Master Takes, Verve Jazz Masters 15 may serve as a useful sampler containing some of this master improviser's best performances recorded between January 1946 and July 1953. In addition to Jazz at the Philharmonic jams ("I Can't Get Started" clocks in at over nine minutes), collaborations with orchestras led by Machito, Joe Lippman, Jimmy Carroll, and Neal Hefti, Bird is heard in the company of the best modern jazzmen of the day. By virtue of the excellent material compiled herein, this potent package rates as one of the best entries in Verve's Jazz Masters series. ~ arwulf arwulf, All Music Guide

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Verve Jazz Masters 16: Oscar Peterson
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Vol. 16 of the Verve Jazz Masters series features pianist Oscar Peterson, who recorded prolifically for them from his start in the early '50s up to the early '70s. A single CD could never do Peterson justice, but this one, featuring 15 solid tracks, is evenly balanced between trio and guitar-accented small ensembles, with three big-band tracks added in. The hottest numbers are "Woody 'n You," his original (one of only three of his compositions) "Evrev," and "The Honeydripper." The jazz orchestras nearly consume Peterson during "West Coast Blues," "O.P.," and the stringy "Someday My Prince Will Come." No matter; it's the brilliant voice that listeners admire and are awed by that always shines through, and even though his discography for Verve is gigantic

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Verve Jazz Masters 17: Nina Simone
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Nina Simone's inclusion in Verve's Jazz Masters series is a bit suspect; there was a lot of jazz in Simone, true, but wasn't there quite a bit of pop and soul as well, not to mention some blues? Anyway, this is an excellent survey of her mid-'60s work, with 16 tracks spanning 1964 to 1966 that find Simone at her most versatile and assured. Quite a range is encompassed here: traditional folk ("Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair"), R&B (her jazzy rendition of "I Put a Spell on You"), Jacques Brel ("Ne Me Quitte Pas"), Billie Holiday ("Strange Fruit"), the Gershwins ("I Loves You, Porgy"), Rodgers & Hart ("Little Girl Blue"), and modern jazz (Nat Adderley's "Work Song"). Other highlights are the mesmerizing "See Line Woman" and the original version of "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood," which was a hit for the Animals shortly afterwards. On the two original compositions, "Four Women" and "Mississippi Goddam," Simone confronts racism in a head-on fashion rare for the time. Discographical details: the version of "Little Girl Blue" is a mono alternate take, and the recording of "My Baby Just Cares for Me" is not from the mid-'60s, but a 1987 live album. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

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Verve Jazz Masters 18: Sarah Vaughan
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Vol. 18 of the Verve Jazz Masters series features Sarah Vaughan for the most part singing bop and swinging pretty hard. Though not known at all as a Verve artist (only At Mister Kelly's), these tracks were mined from her dates in the '50s and '60s for Mercury/EmArcy and Roulette. Of the 16 selections, there's a good mix of small-group sessions with such notables as trumpeter Clifford Brown and saxophonist Cannonball Adderley and big bands led by Quincy Jones or members of the Count Basie Orchestra. Nary a string section is heard until the closer, "Misty." You get pure swing, not the sappy Sassy, during "Cherokee," "Shulie a Bop," "Lullaby of Birdland," "Just One of Those Things" (from the At Mister Kelly's date), and "Sassy's Blues," among others. This is a very good compilation to find and keep. ~ Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide

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Verve Jazz Masters 19: Dinah Washington
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Dinah Washington's Verve Jazz Masters, Vol. 19 may not be a definitive overview of her time at the label, but it's nevertheless a good 16-track sampler, containing excellent versions of such songs as "What a Difference a Day Makes," "Please Send Me Someone to Love," "Cold, Cold Heart," "This Can't Be Love," "A Foggy Day," "Pennies from Heaven," "Our Love is Here to Stay" and "Unforgettable." ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

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Verve Jazz Masters 20: Introducing The Jazz Masters
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Recorded between 1950 and 1972. Includes liner notes by Chris Albertson, David Dunn, Benjamin Franklin V, Carl Woldeck, Francis Davis, Peter Pullman, Scott DeVeaux, Kevin Whitehead, Kenny Washington, James Gavin, Jon Schapiro, Art Lange, John ... Full DescriptionLitweller, John McDonough and Jessica Raimi.INTRODUCING THE VERVE JAZZ MASTERS is a sixteen-track sampler of cuts by artists who are part of the Verve Jazz Masters series. INTRODUCING... is this series' twentieth release.

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Egyptian Composer and Pianist Omar Khairat

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Omar Khairat (Arabic: عمر خيرت; also spelled Omar Khayrat) is an Egyptian musician. He was born in Cairo in 1949 and belongs to an artistic family. His uncle the composer Abu Bakr Khairat, was the founder of the Egyptian Conservatory institution and was its first dean. In 1959, Khairat joined the Conservatory (Cairo Conservatoire) and studied piano and musical theory. After graduating, he continued his studies at Trinity College of Music in London.[1] In parallel, he became involved in international popular music and jazz and played the drums for one of the top bands in Egypt, Les Petits Chats. This experience added another dimension to his musical influences.

After receiving his degrees in piano and musical theory, he started composing music for the Egyptian Cinema, Television, and Theatre. In addition, he wrote music for Egyptian Ballet. His music was influenced by Arabic and European classical music, Egyptian and African traditional music and also, jazz, pop and blues. What makes his music different is his way of combining western and eastern musical instruments.

His career as a pianist began in 1979, when his various works started to gain recognition from both listeners and critics. His first major work was the musical score for the very popular movie, "The Night of Fatima's Arrest". The music of that movie was his first hit and it was widely loved by the public.[2] It was the first time in the music industry of Egypt to have a movie score be reproduced as an audio cassette, which became a milestone in the middle eastern music industry as whole.

Besides his compositions, he rearranged and performed with his orchestra several music for an older famous Egyptian composer,Mohammed Abdel Wahab
Omar Khairat (2008)

Examples of the rearranged music:

* Emta hanebtedy el Hekaya
* Enta Omry
* El Hob Gamil
* Emta El Zaman yesmah ya gamil
* Men Gheirl Leh
Alt text

Music I always liked because it is the only language all people understand irrespective of race, culture and creed.Music is not related or connected to nations and their borders, neither geographical nor political. Music is the language of life, love and peace. That is why I adapt the music of the world in my music.If the world succeed to speak one language, misunderstanding between people would diminish. I like to be at the seashore and share far away, thinking about what is happening at the other side of the sea, thinking about the what is happening at the other side of the see, thinking about the other nations around and I want to communicate by means of music. I turn to my piano where sea and music help me to overcome my sorrow and help me to understand the other. Then I become the human being I want to be.
I sincerly hope my music can and will be a step forward to a world where people will have freedom to open up and understand and respect each other.
Omar Khairat

[01].Omar Khairat - Fatima

[01]. Fatma
[02]. Yearning
[03]. Escape
[04]. Silent Night
[05]. Fatma 2
[06]. Sparation
[07]. A Brave Woman
[08]. Farewell
[09]. A Fearless Heart
[10]. Fatma (Repeat)
[11]. Fatma (Repeat)

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[02].Omar Khairat - Am Ahmed

[01]. The Case Of Am Ahmed
[02]. Objection
[03]. The Snake
[04]. Don't Lose Your Mind
[05]. Executing The Dead
[06]. Am Ahmed Case.2
[07]. The Snake.2
[08]. The Maid

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[03].Omar Khairat - Bangles

[01]. In The Depith Of Night
[02]. Bangles (The Beginning)
[03]. No More Talk
[04]. The Stranger
[05]. Bangles (The End)
[06]. A Storm In Spring
[07]. Young Wives 1
[08]. Homly Secrets
[09]. Young Wives 2
[10]. A Date With Destiny

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[04].Omar Khairat - Mrs. Hikmat's Conscience

[01]. Mrs. Hikmat's Conscience 1
[02]. You Are My Life
[03]. The Miser
[04]. Sweet Bileels
[05]. Every Arab Land
[06]. The Eternal River
[07]. What's Going On
[08]. Something Strange
[09]. Hell Under Water
[10]. Do You Know
[11]. Mrs. Halmat's Conscience 2
[12]. Mrs. Halmat's Conscience 3
[13]. Egypt... The Purest Heart

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[05].Omar Khairat - Arabian Rhaspody

[01]. Neighbour
[02]. Slumber In Honey
[03]. The Meeting
[04]. Love And Aggression
[05]. 100 Years Of Cinema
[06]. The Era Knights
[07]. The Terrorist (LoveScene)
[08]. Law Of Islam
[09]. Arabian Rhaspody 1
[10]. Arabian Rhaspody 2

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[06].Omar Khairat - The Second Meeting

[01]. The Second Meeting 1
[02]. In The Depth Of Night
[03]. The Days
[04]. Infatuation 1
[05]. The Rotating Time
[06]. No More Time
[07]. Infatuation 2
[08]. The Second Meeting 2
[09]. The Stranger
[10]. Sarseb
[11]. Bangles 1
[12]. Young Wives
[13]. Homely Secrets
[14]. A Date With Destiny

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[07].Omar Khairat - The Sorceress And The Magical Perfume

[01]. The Sorceress And The Magical Perfume
[02]. Descendants In Conflict
[03]. Women Tramps
[04]. Love Also Dies
[05]. Alexadria

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[08].Omar Khairat - The Vision

[01]. Infatuation 1
[02]. The Days
[03]. Infatuation 2
[04]. The Rotating Time
[05]. Infatuation 3
[06]. The Second Meeting
[07]. Sarseb
[08]. The Second Meeting 2
[09]. This Man
[10]. A Place In The Heart 1
[11]. The Broken Road
[12]. The Forbidden Times
[13]. A Place In The Heart 2

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[09].Omar Khairat - Panorama

[01]. Panorama October
[02]. The Soul Of October
[03]. The Fox
[04]. Egypt The Purest
[05]. Egyptian Overture
[06]. The Soul Of October 2
[07]. Every Arab Land
[08]. Panorama (The Full Version)

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[10].Omar Khairat - The Modern Woman

[01]. The Modern Woman 1
[02]. Pains Of The Sole
[03]. Grand Children In Conflict
[04]. Time Of The Forbidden
[05]. The River Of Fear
[06]. Escape
[07]. Insufficient Evidence
[08]. The Modern Woman 2
[09]. Escape 2
[10]. Alah Ya Alah
[11]. Saber
[12]. Descendants In Conflict

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[11].Omar Khairat - Wahabeyat Gadeda

[01]. Kont Feen
[02]. La Mesh Ana Elly Abky
[03]. Hasadony
[04]. Leelat El Qabd Ala Fatma
[05]. Kol Da Kan Leeh
[06]. Emra2a Mutallaqa

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[12].Omar Khairat - Egyptian Overture

[01].The Storm (AlA'asefa)
[02].Miss Hekmat
[03].In The Serenity Of Night (Haweed Al Leil)
[04].Take Care Of Your Mind (Khaly Balak)
[05].Like Love (Zay El Hawa)
[06].Egyptian Overture
[07].Three Pieces For Piano And Orchestra
[08].Mafia (Hebaha)
[09].The Miser (El Bakheel)
[10].100 Years Cinema (Meet Sana Cinema)
[11].Encores (Am Ahmed - El Masry)

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[13].Omar Khairat - Ghawayesh

[01].Ghawayesh 1
[02].Zay Elhawa
[03].Fi Hawed Eleyl
[04].Door Ya Zaman
[06].El Helm
[07].Elsheraa Elmaksoor 1
[08].Elsheraa Elmaksoor 2
[11].Ghawayesh 2

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[14].Omar Khairat - Cleopatra Chillout

[01]. The Meeting
[02]. Rotating Time
[03]. Infatuation 1
[04]. No More Talk
[05]. Mrs.Hickmat Conscience
[06]. Every Arab Land
[07]. Pains of The Soul
[08]. Love Also Dies
[09]. The Case of Am Ahmed 1
[10]. Escape
[11]. You're My Life (Inta Omry)
[12]. The Case of Am Ahmed 2
[13]. Ya
[14]. Infatuation 2
[15]. Alexandria
[16]. Egyptian Overture
[17]. A Date with Destiny
[18]. Fatima
[19]. Sarseb
[20]. Arabian Rhapsody

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Ensemble Al Kindi & Sheikh Habboush - Aleppian Sufi Trance

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Sheikh Habboush/El-Kindi Ensemble/Julian Weis

Sheikh Ahmed HABBOUSH Shaykh Habbush inherited his mystical knowledge from his father who was also a Sufi shaykh. He was initiated in several mystical traditions, but the tariqa Qadiriyya and the tariqa Rifa‘iyya are the main sources of his mystical teachings and of the ritual structure of his dhikr. The Rifa‘i influence on shaykh Habboush can be seen on the presence in his zawiya of the iron skewers used in the performance of the darab al-shish. While he is entitled by his initiation in the Rifa‘iyya to perform the darab al-shish in his disciples, he usually prefers other forms of evaluation of their advance in the mystical path.

Sufi Trance Music by the master Sheikh Habboush from Aleppo Syria, and Esemble Al Kindi. London, Nov 2005.

Le Chant du Monde appears to have taken a leaf from the book of the Network label for this double set. There's a long-box package, extensive notes in French and English, and a luxurious, artistic set of photographs. And, thankfully, the music to match. This is an outing into the traditional Sufi trance music, part of which involves the dancers known colloquially as "whirling dervishes." It's fascinating stuff, although definitely for converts or the very curious, as two and a quarter hours of music would prove taxing for the only mildly inquisitive. The ensemble, featuring the hammered dulcimer called the qanun, the oud, ney, riqq, derviche, and voices, truly does create mesmerizing music, whether for the dance or in their instrumental taqsims, where the players truly get a chance to shine. But no one ever forgets that this is ritualistic, sacred music, made for a higher purpose. The sense of beauty and awe is continuous, and draws the listener inward and onward. Don't play this when you're trying to do something else; it needs full attention. This is a case where the music deserves the package -- and vice versa. ~

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Taqsim Nay Maqam Rast, Improvisation On Flute, Tahtirat 'Qef Wastame Dhikra Man Anwaruhu Lama'at', Prayers, 'Listen To The Momory Of One Whose Lights Twinkled'
2. Bashraf Rast 28/4, Rythme Dawr Kabir, Ancient Instumental Prelude, Muwashshah: 'God's Messenger. O! You Who' Muwashshah: 'We Have To Start Working'
3. Sama I Maqam Rast, Instrumental Prelude, Musashshah: Measured Classical Song, 'Time Gave Me What I Wished'
4. Djoubi, Ostinato In Irakian Rythm With Taqassim And Qacida Mawzouna
5. Qacida Falet, Maqam Rast, Free Vocal Improvisation On A Classical Poem: 'I Ask Mercy For'
6. Ughniya, Popular Chants: 'People Likes You...', 'Muhammad, Light Of All', 'Muhammad'
7. Taqsim Nat Et Samai Houzam, Flute Solo And Instrumental Prelude
8. Qacida Falt, Improvised Poem
9. Fasl Aj Jalale, Muwashshahat Suite On Ascending Ostinato: 'If She Had Appeared To Me', 'Prayers On The Shaded'
10. Tarqiyat Madad, Recitation Of Soufi Saints, Muwashshah: When He Quenched My Thirst', 'My Brother', 'Be Generous, You Merciful', 'Separation', 'Me Dearest'
11. Qacida Mawzun, Improvised And Measured Classical Poem Maqam Bayati Re

Disc: 2
1. Taqsim 'Ud Maqam Bayati, Luth Improvisation
2. Qacida Falet Maqam Bayati, Vocal Improvisation On A Classical Poem
3. Fasl Maqsoum, Muwashshah Suite On Ascending Ostinato: 'Qui'il Soit Loue', 'Nostalgia', 'Our Lord', 'When I Approach', 'To Me', 'Splendor', 'Between Naqa And...', 'From Mekka', 'Extreme Beauty', 'My Friend I Lost Patience', 'My God A Sight'
4. Taqassim Qanoun Et 'Oud, Zyther And Luth Duo
5. Qacida Sheikh Habboush, Maqam Rast Re, Vocal Improvisation On Classical Poem
6. Fasl As Sawi, Muwashshah Suite On An Ascending Ostinato With Percussion: Daff, Drum, Cymbals, Riqq, Brotherhood Tabl. Taqassim Mazouna Nay, 'Oud Et Qanoun, Madadiyat Sheikh Habboush. Qacida Mawzouna. Maqam Rast Do, Improvisation On Classical Poem...
7. Fasl Khammar, Vocal Suite With Percussion: Taqassim Nay Et Qanoun, Qacida Sab'awi 'Maqam Nahawand Re, Maqam Hijaz - La'
8. Muwashshah: 'I'm Astonished', 'Canary's Song', 'You Who Sees And Is Not Seen'
9. Fasl Bahlul, Vocal Suite With Percussion: Taqassim 'Oud, Qanoun, Nay Et Qacida Mawzouna Sheikh Habboush Maqam Bayat - La
10. Muwashshah: 'My Heart, Trust In Allah', 'A Long Time Ago', 'Before Greatness'
11. Ritual Final Prayer Of Dervish Hamami

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Mohamed Mokhtari - Violon du Maghreb

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Mohamed Mokhtari - Violon du Maghreb

Bitrate: 222-259 kbps (VBR) - Encoder: LAME 3.97

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Pink Martini - Hang On Little Tomato

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About - The Band - Hang On Little Tomato It would be easy to liken Pink Martini's music to the lounge and swing revivals of the '90s. However, the 12-piece mini-orchestra's mix of jazz, classical, Latin, and vocal pop sounds more organic than the work of, say, Combustible Edison. Like the Squirrel Nut Zippers -- who were always more than just a straightforward swing revival band -- Pink Martini do more than just rehash their influences; by dabbling in different sounds that they love, they've come up with their own. And even on the most theatrical moments of their second album, Hang On Little Tomato, such as the Yma Sumac-meets-chamber jazz of "U Plavu Zoru" or the smoky Italian ambience of "Una Notte a Napoli," a lot of genuine sentiment shines through. Though most of Hang On Little Tomato -- named after a vintage Hunt's Ketchup ad -- consists of originals, a few well-chosen covers stake out Pink Martini's sonic territory: the festive "Anna (El Negro Zumbon)"; Villa-Lobos' "Song of the Black Swan"; a downright swellegant version of "Let's Never Stop Falling in Love"; and "Kikuchiyo to Moshimasu," which features Hiroshi Wada, the slide guitarist who played on the original recording of the song. Amid all the multiculturalism, Hang On Little Tomato emphasizes the French and Cuban elements of Pink Martini's sound, with "Dansez-Vous" and the lovely "Autrefois" nodding to the former, and the ever-so-slightly mischievous ballad "Lilly" tipping its hat to the latter. The album's moods are almost as wide-ranging as its sounds, spanning the innocence of the title track's '30s pop and the Bacharach-esque sweetness of "Clementine" to the world-weary "Veronique" to the smoky romance of "Aspettami." A more full-fledged album than the band's debut Sympathique, Hang On Little Tomato offers a charmingly populist approach to music. ~ Heather Phares, All Music Guide

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Pink Martini - Sympathique

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“Pink Martini is like a romantic Hollywood musical of the 1940s or 50s – but with a global perspective which is modern,” says founder and artistic director Thomas M. Lauderdale. “We bring melodies and rhythms from different parts of the world together to create something which is new and beautiful.” About The Band Sympathique

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Instrumental Quartet - Oriental Melodies

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Instrumental Quartet - Oriental Melodies

Track Listings
1. Telet Ya Mahla noorha
2. 02-El Helwa De
3. Ya Salat El Zeen
4. Zorooni
5. The Wind (Lamma Bada Yatathana)
6. Dolab Rast - Ya Tera Teeri
7. Maqam Nahawand
8. Taqasim

Bitrate: 192 kbps (VBR) - Encoder: LAME 3.98


Chemirani Trio & Néba Solo - Falak

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With the initiative of Philippe Conrath, the artistic director of the the Africolor Festival, Néba Solo, a well known group from Mali founded around a family of Balafon virtuosos, meets the Chemirani Trio, originally from Iran and a family of Zarb virtuosos . it was at Sikasso in Mali, that the very first rehearsals took place, and as result of this fabulous reunion, they have left us the magnificent and spectacular recording Falak as testimony.



Chemirani Trio - Trio de Zarb

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Djmachid Chemirani learnt to play in Iran with the great zarb master, Hossein Teherani, whose revolutionary work changed the zarb from an accompaniment to a solo instrument. Recognised himself as a master of the classical school, Djamchid Chemirani was also seen as a modernist, open to new ideas and styles.

The classical Persian drum, the Zarb, originated in northern Iran, before travelling across Africa and Asia where it became popular with musicians from Turkey, Eastern Europe and North Africa. One of the Middle East's major instruments of percussion, it is also considered a melodic instrument, since it's played the fingers rather than the palm of the hand. With as many notes as a piano, the combinations between melody and rhythm are limitless.

Djmachid Chemirani learnt to play in Iran with the great zarb master, Hossein Teherani, whose revolutionary work changed the zarb from an accompaniment to a solo instrument. Recognised himself as a master of the classical school, Djamchid Chemirani was also seen as a modernist, open to new ideas and styles. When he decided to leave Iran and move to France, he was already one of the only two living zarb masters in the world. Not only a great musician but also a devoted teacher, Djamchid''s most promising and inspiring pupils were none other than his two sons, Keyvan and Bijan. This new generation would broaden their scope to include other Middle-Eastern frame drums such as the Daf, Bandir and Udu. In 1999, Djmachid decided that his sons'' skills were sufficient for them to turn professional. They founded the Chemirani Zarb Trio and have been entertaining delighted audiences at their concerts ever since.

1. Saint Maime I
2. Molla Nasr'din
3. Saint Maime II
4. Mardjane
5. Maryam

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Adib Dayikh & Al-Kindi Ensemble

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Adib Daiykh 1938 - 2001
Adib Daiykh : Born in Aleppo in 1938, belongs to a highly reputated à une lignée de chantres (munshid) réputés. Highly valued from Middle East to Maghreb, this native aleppian, has rarely travelled abroad, but music lovers made copies of the cassettes and passed them around like a treasure. They transmitted a new style of expression that was broadly imitated by Arab singers. He is quoted as a real musical monument : altogether vocal phenomenon and a fount of knowledge in maqâmat, his art of modulation from one maqâm to another and his perfect mastership of an immeasurable classical repertoire. He might be the only contemporary singer whose voice reminds of the arab singers from the beginning of the century. The high-pitched and youthful tessitura of his voice is called al-farkha (the cheeping of baby birds) and applies to men and women alike.Capable of going from the lowest to the the highest notes with great ease, his ambitus covers three octaves.


Maria del Mar Bonet - El Cor Del Temps

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María del Mar Bonet was born in the island of Mallorca (Balearic Islands) where she learned traditional Balearic songs as a small child. She moved to Barcelona around 1967 and began to sing with “Els Setze Jutges,” an important group of Catalan singer-songwriters, with whom she made her first stage appearances.




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Alt text

Tibetiya ist seit Jahren das Herzstück meiner meditativen Musiksammlung.Immer und immer wieder nehme ich sie zur Hand und höre sie mir an. Sie ist einfach genial- entspannend -und verzaubert sofort die Atmosphäre im Raum.Doch nicht nur für Yoga und Meditation geeignet.Einfach für alle Menschen, die sehr gute Musik mögen!

01. eMAo
02. A walk into Tara's Valley
03. Legend of a white stupa
04. Karmapa Jenno
05. Mansarovar Pure
06. Chenresie, flame of peace
07. And compassion
08. New Horizons
09. Bodhisattva Child
10. Himalayan sky
11. Pahcho
12. Tichinabet 2222
13. Echoes of Potala
14. Cutting trough
15. Rinpoches of Ladakh
16. Out of Bardo

256 kbps including full scans

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100 Songs For Children - Sing-A-Long Favourites

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100 Songs For Children - Sing-A-Long Favourites
Alt text

Disque : 1
01. I'm A Little Teapot
02. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
03. Grande Old Duke Of Your
04. London Bridge Is Falling Down
05. Baa Baa Black Sheep
06. Little Miss Muffet
07. One Finger One Thumb
08. Here We Go Gathering Nuts In May
09. Oh Susanna
10. Three Red Cherries
11. Cockles & Mussels
12. Four Currant Buns
13. One Potato Two Potato
14. A Frog The Would A-Wooing Go
15. The Runaway Train
16. Olive The Ostrich
17. Round And Round The Village
18. I Went Out To A Farm One Day
19. What Shall We Do
20. Ladybird, Ladybird
21. Three Little Ducks
22. I Saw Three Ships
23. Creep Little Mouse
24. Who Built The Ark
25. Polly Put The Kettle On
26. A Hunting We Will Go
27. Teddy Bear
28. Peter Hammers With One Hammer
29. An Elephant
30. Jelly And Jam
31. Daisy Daisy (Daisy Bell)
32. Oats And Beans And Barley Grow
33. I Had A Little Nut Tree
34. Hurrah For Billy Bumble
35. Ride A Cock Horse
36. Six Little Speckled Frogs
37. Lavender's Blues
38. I'm A Little Sandy Girl
39. One Little Finger
40. Millie Millipede
41. This Old Man
42. See The Horses
43. Au Clair De La Lune
44. Punchinello
45. Eyes Of Brown
46. Five Little Fairies
47. The Leaving Of Liverpool
48. Fuzzy Wuzzy
49. Hey Diddle Diddle
50. Rock-A-Bye Baby On The Tree Top

Disque : 2

51. Jack And Jill
52. Little Bo Peep
53. Humpty Dumpty
54. Ring A Ring Of Rose
55. My Grandfather's Clock
56. Two Little Dicky Birds
57. Old Mac Donald Had A Farm
58. Sing A Song Of Sixpence
59. The Farmer's In His Den
60. Here's A House
61. Oranges And Lemons
62. Do You Know The Muffin Man
63. Kalinka
64. Snail
65. One Man Went To Mow
66. A Fox Went Out On Chilly Night
67. Hickory Dickory Dock
68. I Sent A Letter To My Love
69. Little Rabbit On A Hill
70. Here We Go Lobby Loo
71. Dora The Donkey
72. Orange Tango
73. Hickety Pickety My Black Hen
74. Row, Row, Row Your Boat
75. The Gypsy Rover
76. Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside
77. Bing
78. One Two Three Four Five
79. Yankee Doodle
80. Ten Little Dinosaurs
81. Before You Cross The Roa
82. Frere Jacques
83. Pop Goes The Weasel
84. In And Out The Dusty Bluebells
85. Hot Cross Buns
86. One Two Buckle My Shoe
87. Little Boy Blues
88. Starfish Song
89. Bound For South Australia
90. The Wheels On The Bus
91. Poor Jenny Sits A Weeping
92. The Train Is Carrying Coal
93. Spikey & Spiney & Prickly
94. Eight In The Bed
95. Old Mother Hubbard
96. The Big Ship Sails On The Alley Alley O
97. Oh There Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone
98. Auld Lang Syne
99. Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush
100. Incy Wincy Spider

CBR 128 Including Covers

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100 Hits - Kids
Alt text

Disk One

01. Charlie and Lola - Charlie and Lola Theme Tune
02. LazyTown - When We Play In A Band
03. Dora the Explorer - Waltzing Matilda / Kookaburra
04. Fifi and the Flowertots - Fifi's Lemonade
05. Peppa Pig - Peppa Pig Medley
06. Pitt & Kantrop - Pitt & Kantrop Theme
07. Shaun The Sheep - Life's A Treat (Wool Mix)
08. Pocoyo - Pocoyo Theme
09. Me Too! - Me Too! Theme - Riverseafingal
10. Jim Jam & Sunny - Jim Jam & Sunny Theme
11. Finley The Fire Engine - Hey Hey Finley
12. The Beeps - The Beeps Opening Titles
13. Mama Mirabelle - Mama Mirabelle Title Theme
14. Mister Maker - Mister Maker Theme
15. Bratz Babyz - Feel The Power
16. Something Special - Let's Make Music
17. Tweenies - Right Here, Right Now
18. Go Diego Go! - Morning In The Rainforest / Diego Theme
19. The Backyardigans - The Backyardigans Theme Song
20. Bob the Builder - Right Tool For The Job

Disk Two

01. Space Pirates - Space Pirates (Extended Theme)
02. Charlie and Lola - The Bestest in the Barn
03. Big Barn Farm - Big Barn Farm Theme
04. Balamory - If You Need A Little Rhythm
05. Mama Mirabelle - Five Senses
06. Brum - Who'd Ya Call?
07. Postman Pat - Postman Pat Medley
08. Jakers! - Main Title - Jakers! Theme
09. Rupert Bear - Rupert Bear Follow The Magic
10. Something Special - I Am The Monkey
11. Jim Jam & Sunny - Wriggle Song
12. Tweenies - Do The Lollipop
13. Teletubbies - Jumping For Fun
14. Those Scurvy Rascals - Those Scurvy Rascals Theme
15. Fimbles - We Are Fimbles, How D'you Do?
16. Finley The Fire Engine - Friends To The End
17. Hana's Helpline - Hana's Helpline Theme Tune
18. The Magic Roundabout - The Magic Roundabout Theme
19. Bob the Builder - Let's Get Busy
20. Fun Song Factory - Fun Song Factory Theme

Disk Three

01. Fifi and the Flowertots - We Love To Salsa
02. Me Too! - Bobby's Boogie
03. Fimbles - It's Fun To Fimble
04. Little Tikes - Let's Play Together
05. Basil Brush - Boom Boom
06. Carrie & David's Popshop - Carrie & David's Popshop Theme
07. Noddy - Let's Parade
08. Big Cook Little Cook - Big Cook Little Cook Theme
09. Get Squiggling - Get Squiggling Theme
10. Boogie Beebies - Motown Mix
11. Bratz Babyz - We Can Do It
12. Muffin The Mule - Where's Willy?
13. Postman Pat - Greendale Anthem
14. Bill and Ben - Bill and Ben Theme
15. Pablo The Little Red Fox - Pablo The Little Red Fox Theme
16. Vampires Pirates and Aliens - Vampires Pirates and Aliens Theme
17. Balamory - Cheer You Up
18. SpongeBob Squarepants - SpongeBob Squarepants Theme
19. Crazy Frog - Popcorn
20. Teletubbies - Say Eh Oh (2007 Remix)

Disk Four

01. Me Too! - My Time Too (Granny Murray)
02. Tweenies - Bananas
03. Fimbles - Do The Fimble Dance
04. The Wonder Pets! - The Wonder Pets Theme
05. Balamory - Jump A Little Higher
06. Boogie Beebies - Reggae Mix
07. Bob the Builder - Bobs Line Dance
08. Tommy Zoom - Tommy Zoom 2007 Extended Theme.
09. Fun Song Factory - The Rhythm Of The Music
10. Bird Bath - Bird Bath Opening / End Titles Medley
11. The Hydronauts - The Hydronauts Theme Tune
12. Teletubbies - Clouds
13. Ethelbert The Tiger - Ethelbert The Tiger Theme Tune
14. Skunk Fu! - Skunk Fu!
15. Little Tikes - When You Least Expect It
16. The Beeps - Beep Beep Tree Song
17. Watch My Chops - Watch My Chops Theme Tune
18. Noddy - The Noddy Nod
19. Crazy Frog - Axel F
20. Space Pirates - Auld Lang Syne Remix

CBR 192 Including Covers

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EMILIO CORRAL-Airinos da gaita

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EMILIO CORRAL (gaiteiro mayor) a duas gaitas-Airiños da gaita

| Mp3 320 kbps | 2005 | 99,5Mb | Folk | Covers | 
01. Alborada de Pontecaldelas 
02. Danza de Espadas de Redondela 
03. Jota Vella 
04. Abrente en Cordobelas 
05. Danza de mareantes e labradores 
06. Maitiña 
07. Muiñeira de Bergantiños 
08. Jota da Montaña 
09. Pandeirada típica de Toras 
10. Fandango Muradan 
11. O Fachendoso 
12. Pandeirada Gaiteira 

Verve Jazz Masters Vol. [1-10]

Posted By Jazzmen On Tuesday, February 24, 2009 4 comments
Verve Jazz Masters 1 Louis Armstrong
Alt text

Louis Armstrong recorded for Verve during the years 1956 and 1957. As he approached his 60th year, he was becoming more famous as a charismatic contrabasso profundo vocalist than as an archetypal jazz man whose style and persona shaped the course of jazz and popular music throughout the first half of the 20th century. Released in 1994, volume one in the Verve Jazz Masters reissue series contains 15 examples of Louis Armstrong at his warmest and most accessible. The more intimate material was drawn from his collaborations with pianist Oscar Peterson and Ella Fitzgerald; other selections find him singing in reverb backed by a polished, sometimes string-laden orchestra arranged and conducted by Russell Garcia. As if to reconnect with the essence of his original role in the development of classic jazz, Armstrong & His All Stars close the set with the old Dixieland war horse "When the Saints Go Marching In." This little Satchmo sampler is a serviceable introduction to the mature Louis Armstrong that will ensure ready access to a leisurely, nearly nine-minute rendering of Cole Porter's "Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)." ~ arwulf arwulf, All Music Guide

Verve Jazz Masters 2 Count Basie
Alt text

Verve Jazz Masters 2 focuses upon the music made by Count Basie and his orchestra between January 1952 and April 1962 (with most of the material dating from the year 1956), drawn from the Mercury, Clef, and Verve albums Count Basie and His Orchestra Collates, The Band of Distinction, April in Paris, The Swinging Count!, Basie Rides Again!, Count Basie at Newport, and Lil' Ol' Groovemaker After scaling his ensembles down during a period of widespread postwar big-band dissolution, Basie put together a powerful team that essentially reinvented the big-band format at a time when Duke Ellington was accomplishing similar triumphs in his own manner. Champion participants include Joe Newman, Charlie Shavers, Thad Jones, Frank Foster, Frank Wess, Lockjaw Davis, Lester Young, Paul Quinichette, Jimmy Rushing, and Joe Williams. This is a magnificent sampler of great big-band jazz from Basie's third decade as a leader. It closes with a smokin' nine-minute jam on the "One O'Clock Jump" recorded live at the Newport Jazz Festival on July 7, 1957. A good solid dose for those who don't possess Mosaic's Complete Clef/Verve Count Basie Fifties Studio Recordings. ~ arwulf arwulf, All Music Guide

Verve Jazz Masters 3 Chick Corea

Alt text

Not all of the installments in the Verve Jazz Masters series contain material originally issued on Verve. Verve Jazz Masters 3, for example, consists of 14 examples drawn from seven Chick Corea LPs released on the Polydor label during the years 1972-1978. Six of these come from Corea's Return to Forever period. The backbone of this collection (tracks one, seven, ten and fourteen) are selections from the highly acclaimed album Light as a Feather (1972) and there are excerpts from Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy (1973) and No Mystery (1975). The other eight titles are traceable to Corea's theatrically costumed and somewhat heavy-handed production albums The Leprechaun (1975), My Spanish Heart (1976), Friends (1978) and The Mad Hatter (1978). This disc will be useful as a vintage jazz fusion sampler or more specifically as an overview of what Chick Corea was up to during the Nixon/Ford/Carter years. ~ arwulf arwulf, All Music Guide

Verve Jazz Masters 4 Duke Ellington
Alt text

This album has some classic performances, some amazing writing from an amazing composer... I won't bring out the hyperboles when others have written with greater knowledge and style on the Duke, but I do want to focus on one of the exemplary tracks on the disc: 'Going Up', which is a real beauty, a shimmeringly clear classic of progressive jazz movement.From this tiny claw one could hypothetically infer the lion (that is the Duke).The recording has a great wide sound, simple stereo; great virtuoso flute riff-tripping and striding buoyant bass. The track has got it all, simple structure hiding a nicely complex call and response, subtle behind-the-scenes leadership with a dexterous piano lead: very active and involved (even by Duke's standards), very on top of it knowing everyone is "on", and almost every other solo ends on a refrain. Real working-band stuff, intimate yet professional. Great interplay with a slightly tensed-chorus and relaxed and loosed-up solos. And plenty of space in the middle of the mix to lend it all an air of clean abstraction - just the ride cymbal with the bass below it, and all them horns in wide stereo, an exercise in group swing genius.There is so much familiarity and bright ease in the whole movement that you get a taste of the power of the Duke at work.

Verve Jazz Masters 5 Bill Evans
Alt text

Vol. 5 of the Verve Jazz Masters series features Bill Evans, who recorded a handful of interesting studio, live in concert, and individualistic projects in his mid-career from 1962-1969. This was a bridge period when he recorded for Verve, after his initial efforts on Riverside and before his return to that recording company with subsequent albums on the Riverside-affiliated Fantasy imprint. There are several different trios featured here among the 13 selections, but not exclusively triads, as a duet or quartet session is tossed in for good measure. Only two of his compositions are present, most particularly "Funkallero," as well as a modicum of standards, the pop tune "Alfie," and zingers like Thelonious Monk's "Bemsha Swing," Joe Zawinul's "Angel Face," and Denny Zeitlin's "Quiet Now." All are played with the typical restraint and melodic brilliance you consistently expect from Evans. The sole standout soloists are guitarist Jim Hall and tenor saxophonist Stan Getz. The collection showcases a sliver of Evans experimenting with different aspects of his then well-developed musical voice. ~ Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide

Verve Jazz Masters 6 Ella Fitzgerald
Alt text

If u have never met ella, u r in for a paradigm breaking treat, a cannonical woman in the jazz genesis: silk voice in a room full of curveous lipsticked gals and polished pointed-shoe gents, molecules of whiskey and perfurme scenting the air, and a fluttering of the heart and other body parts. she's an ointment of love, with a voice that bedevil, twirl, and enamours. u can either wake up with her, and embrace the lovely day, spend a stormy afternoon with the blues in high, or go to bed with her, her lips in a tune. ella, the ultimate dream girl, black blue or white.

Verve Jazz Masters 7 Erroll Garner
Alt text

If u have never met ella, u r in for a paradigm breaking treat, a cannonical woman in the jazz genesis: silk voice in a room full of curveous lipsticked gals and polished pointed-shoe gents, molecules of whiskey and perfurme scenting the air, and a fluttering of the heart and other body parts. she's an ointment of love, with a voice that bedevil, twirl, and enamours. u can either wake up with her, and embrace the lovely day, spend a stormy afternoon with the blues in high, or go to bed with her, her lips in a tune. ella, the ultimate dream girl, black blue or white.

Verve Jazz Masters 8 Stan Getz
Alt text

Vol. 8 of the Verve Jazz Masters series features Stan Getz in a wide variety of settings. Of the many recordings he did for the label, it would be hard to pin down his greatest tracks, but what is included on this collection has depth and substance, if not being altogether familiar. The CD is bookended by his most famous bossa nova hits, "Desafinado" and the immortal "The Girl from Ipanema." In between, you get a cross section of bop, ballads, and a little string-sweetened music. The cuts that stand out are the swinger of Duke Jordan's "Jordu," Chick Corea's sprightly waltz "Windows," and European organist Eddy Louiss and Getz doing the soulful "Dynasty." The brilliant but obscure guitarist René Thomas is also present. What could easily be expanded to a double or triple CD is condensed into an intriguing mix of tunes that faithfully showcases the cool and more energetic tenor of Getz. It's a good purchase. ~ Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide

Verve Jazz Masters 9 Astrud Gilberto
Alt text

the songs on this on this album range from festive (felicidad) to somber and fatalistic (Quiet night of Quiet Stars). Its a good collection that showcases Gilberto's unique brazilian voice. One major disapointment for me was the live recording of her major hit, Stan Getz's "Girl from Ipanema". There is a microphone glitch at the beginning of the song that really annoys me. Other than that, the rest of the stuff is pretty good

Verve Jazz Masters 10 Dizzy Gillespie
Alt text

Dizzy Gillespie's many collaborations with producer Norman Granz resulted in an impressive body of work that forms the basis for Verve Jazz Masters 10, a grab bag of bop, big band, and mainstream modern jazz recordings made between the years 1950 and 1963. The impressively packed roster of participants includes Roy Eldridge, Charlie Parker, and Sonny Stitt. In a sensible and very effective maneuver, the collection opens with the famous "Manteca" performed by Gillespie's big band at the Newport Jazz Festival. This single seven-minute performance will tell you everything you need to know about Dizzy Gillespie. Every aspect of his musical persona appeared to the people during that exciting open-air Afro-Cuban jam. It is hoped that exposure to this Roman candle version of "Manteca" and the rest of the excellent music on this CD will encourage listeners to pursue the rest of Gillespie's amazing recorded legacy. ~ arwulf arwulf, All Music Guide

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