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Kočani Orkestar (in Macedonian: Кочани Оркестар) also credited under the names: Kocani Orkestar, Kocani Orchestra, Kochani Orkestar and Kochani Orchestra is a Romani brass band from Kočani, Republic of Macedonia led by Naat Veliov.

Kocani Orkestar are among the funkiest exponents of the Balkan brass band style which is found across ex-Yugoslavia and is a direct descendent of the music once played by Turkish army bands. They come from the city of Kocani, in the Republic Of Macedonia. Their music is based on Gypsy tunes from various parts of the Balkans and on Turkish rhythms, with a sprinkle of Latin flavour.

Their song "Siki, Siki Baba" is featured on the soundtrack for the movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan although it has no connection to the Music of Kazakhstan. Together with the Romani singer Esma Redžepova, Naat Veliov has filed a lawsuit for the producers of the movie for an unauthorised use of the song.

(01) [Kocani Orkestar] Speed
(02) [Kocani Orkestar] Kocani Dans
(03) [Kocani Orkestar] Peking Delire
(04) [Kocani Orkestar] Nevestinsko Staro
(05) [Kocani Orkestar] Trno Mome
(06) [Kocani Orkestar] Nostalgie d´Amour
(07) [Kocani Orkestar] Lovdiski Cacak
(08) [Kocani Orkestar] Orient Ex-Ju
(09) [Kocani Orkestar] Berlin Melodij
(10) [Kocani Orkestar] Kalamatija
(11) [Kocani Orkestar] Se habla espanol
(12) [Kocani Orkestar] Pink Cocek
(13) [Kocani Orkestar] GipsyFolies

Alt text

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Khaled - N'ssi N'ssi

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Many people think Algerian pop is something you hear through tinny speakers in crowded marketplaces, but with N'ssi N'ssi, Cheb Khaled creates highly polished danceable tracks. Many tunes on this disc are produced by Don Was, which attests to Khaled's international renown.

[01]. Serbi Serbi
[02]. Kebou
[03]. Adieu
[04]. Chebba
[05]. Les Ailes
[06]. Alech Taadi
[07]. Bakhta
[08]. N'ssi N'ssi
[09]. Zine A Zine
[10]. Abdel Kader
[11]. El Marsem

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Ali Akbar Khan - The 80 Minute Raga - 1969

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Audiences in India sit motionless for hours, hypnotized and exalted by the limitless imagination and virtuosity of the unbelievable Ali Akbar Khan as he plays monumental performances of the great traditional ragas, Now, after the outstanding success of the Forty Minute Raga (CS-2008), another uniquely Indian performance, in the orignal uncut version, is available. In this two-record set of Rag Kanara Prakaar, India's greatest living musician, Ali Akbar Khan, evokes a musical intensity that transcends the normal concert experience.
Side-1 Rag Kanara Prakaar - Alap (Part 1)
Side-2 Rag Kanara Prakaar - Alap (Part 2)
Side-3 Rag Kanara Prakaar - Gat (Part 1)
Side-4 Rag Kanara Prakaar - Gat (Conclusion)

Vinyl Rip MP3 - 117 mb - Scans
Part1 | Part 2

Yash Chopra - The Golden Collection

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Fortunately for us, this Golden Collection, preserves the music of one of the greatest romanticists of all times, Yash Chopra has always believed in the beauty and harmony of the man woman relationship. He has constantly articulated his emotional beliefs into musical idioms that transcend temporal values. And then when you listen to "Chal Kahin door nikal jayen" in Doosra Aadmi you realise how Yash Chopra's songs have taken us far beyond routine dimensions of musical experience.
Sleeve notes by Subbash K. Jha


Disc 1
1. M. Rafi - Tu Hindu Bane Ga Na Musalman Bane Ga
2. Mahendra Kapoor - Tumhare Aankhein
3. Manna Dey - Ae Meri Zohra Jabeen
4. Asha Bhosle, Mahendra Kapoor - Zindagi Itefaq Hai
5. Kishore Kumar - Mere Dil Mein Aaj Kya Hai
6. Lata Mangeshkar - Jab Bhi Jee Chahe
7. Lata, Mukesh - Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein
8. Lata, Kishore, M. Rafi - Chal Kahin Door Nikal Jayen
9. Lata, Nitin, Mukesh - Aaja Re
10. Lata, M. Rafi - Bahor Mein Teri
11. Lata, Nitin, Mukesh - Tumhari Palkon Ki Chilmanon Mein
12. Asha Bhosle - Sab Ki Nigah Main Sawal Hai
13. Lata Mangeshkar - Tu Mere Sath Rage Ga
14. Lata Mangeshkar - Om Namab Shivaye
15. Lata Mangeshkar - Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum

Disc 2
1. Lata, Kishore - Dekha Ek Khawab To
2. Lata, Kishore - Ham Chup Hain
3. Lata, Kishore - Badal Pe Chalke Aa
4. Lata Mangeshkar - Mitwa
5. Lata Mangeshkar - Choriyan Khanak Gayen
6. Lata Mangeshkar - Kabhi Mein Kahon
7. Lata Mangeshkar - Tu Sawan Mein Pyas Piya
8. Lata Mangeshkar - Yeh Raat Khushnaseeb Hai
9. Udit - Jaadu Teri Nazar
10. Lata Mangeshkar , Udit - Tu Mere Samne
11. Pamela Chopra, Manpreet Kaur - Ghar Aa Ja Pardesi
12. Lata Mangeshkar, Kumar Sanu - Tujhe Dekha To Yeh
13. Lata Mangeshkar, Udit - Dil to Pagal Hai

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Ustad Amjid Ali Khan-small collection

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He was all of 6 years old, when Amjad Ali Khan gave his first recital of Sarod. It was the beginning of yet another glorious chapter in the history of Indian classical music. Taught by his father and guru, the great Haafiz Ali Khan of Gwalior, Amjad Ali Khan was born to the illustrious Bangash lineage rooted in the Senia Bangash School of music. Today he shoulders the sixth generation inheritance of this legendary lineage.
A little info about the collection: This is a simple collection of various music I found in various sites, blogs. It is approximate 1 GB and I am sure any fan of the dear maestro shall enjoy this :)


L.Subramaniam - L.Subramaniam en Concert

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One of the undisputed masters of Carnatic violin work, L. Subramaniam recorded this album live at a hotel in 1983. The album was originally released by Harmonia Mundi in 1985 and re-released by Ocora in 1989. The raga used in the concert was primarily "Raga Kalyani," though others were used in the customary South Indian concert ending. As in all South Indian classical concerts, there are three major portions of the concert: the Ragam, in which the raga is freely explored without rhythmic accompaniment (similar to the Hindusthani alap); the Tanam, where a small amount of rhythm is added; and the Pallavi, which itself has four main parts but is primarily the main exposition of the raga. The four major features of the Pallavi consist of the neraval (ornamentation on and experimentation with the pallavi proper); the tri-kalam, where the tempo of the pallavi line is varied to three stages; swara-kalpana (an improvised section along with the drummer); and the raga-malika ending (literally, garland of ragas -- multiple ragas are each given a short exposition, here "Raga Satyapriya," "Raga Desh," and "Raga Ramapriya," and then the pallavi is returned to). Subramaniam plays with a fair amount of virtuosity here, as can be expected, with good runs of powerful Carnatic playing abounding throughout the album. Fans of the Carnatic music styles would most likely be thrilled at the playing, as might fans of the Hindusthani tradition. Those unaccustomed to Indian classical music, though, might be put off by the extensive length of works in the genre.

[01]. Ragam
[02]. Tanam
[03]. Pallavi

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Purvi Thaat - The Source Of All Ragas

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Ustad Rashid Khan: Rampur Sahawan Grandson Of The Legendary Ustad Inayat Hussain Khan Sahib, He has been hailed as an assurance for the future of Indian Vocal Music by no less A Geniu Than Bhimsen Joshi with a fine blend of technicle virtuoslty, creative restrainst and rich voicehe aptly suits the honor. Pandit C.R Vyas: Agra, Gwalior And Kirana With an emphatic personal style that incorporates the best of the three Gharanas, he is a pleasure to listen to his performances are always absorbing spontaneous apporachable. Ustad Amjad Ali Khan: Gwalior Born into music very literally his name is synonymous with the instrument he playes with his consummate artistry Adn Unique style of playing Sarod, he imparts a rate listening experience to his audience
1. Rage Puriya Dhanashree - Ustad Rashid Khan
Khyal In Madhya Lay Teental Tabla - Tanmoy Bose Harmoniun - Surinder Singh
2. Raga Vasant - Pt. C.R. Vyas
Khyal In Madhya Lay Teental Tabla - Omkar Gulwadi Harmonium - P. Walawalkar
3. Raga Shree - Ustad Amjad Ali Khan
Madhya Lay Gat In Jhaptal & Teental

121 MB | MP3 - 320 kbps | Scans
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Banda taurina - Los mejores pasobles taurinos vol. 2

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**| Flac - 279 MB | MP3 - 113 MB | 2005 | Covers | lougyl.com |**

Listado :
[01]. Manolete
[02]. La Giralda
[03]. El Vito
[04]. Domingo Ortega
[05]. Viva el Rumbo
[06]. Belmonte
[07]. Bajo mi cielo andaluz
[08]. Cuna Cañi
[09]. Macarena
[10]. Campanera
[11]. Dauder
[12]. El Cordobés
[13]. Pozo estrecho
[14]. Torero Macarenas
[15]. Joaquin Pedro
[16]. Pepita Creus

Fleuve Jaune - Musique instrumental chinoise

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Le groupe Fleuve Jaune (Huang he) est un des seuls ensembles hors de Chine à jouer le grand répertoire. Composé de personnalités fortes, professionnels confirmés, c'est un ensemble à géométrie variable, du solo à l'orchestre, du grave à l'aigu, de l'intime au puissant, à la mesure de l'immense Chine. La musique que joue le groupe Fleuve Jaune est à l'image majestueuse du grand fleuve, riche de multiples affluents, riche d'un terroir fertile, riche d'une tradition qui a su dompter les crues, traversant des contrées tantôt désertiques, tantôt riantes, pour se jeter dans l'océan de la musique universelle. Car telle est l'ambition de ces professionnels en exil: faire vivre une culture dont les racines sont immenses et dont les fleurs s'épanouissent au regard de quiconque a des oreilles pour entendre, assumant et transfigurant l'exotisme.

Fondé en 1984, le groupe Fleuve Jaune a pour vocation de rassembler les musiciens, chanteurs, danseurs et acrobates chinois vivant à Paris, sans distinction de nationalité. En 1986 il accompagne le Voyage en Chine intérieure de Gilberte Tsaï en Avignon. Le compositeur Chen Qigang fait appel à lui pour la musique du film Chine, ma douleur de Dai Shijie. En juin 1989, l'ensemble est au cœur du concert Chine, je n'oublie pas qui rassemble au Zénith, musiciens chinois et français épris de liberté. Un an plus tard, il organise à l'Arche de la Défense une grande fête populaire, dans la tradition de la Chine du nord. Il s'est produit également à Radio France, dans la grande salle de l'Unesco, au festival international des musiques traditionnelles de Rennes, au carnaval des enfants de Bordeaux et au festival de Ris-Orangis.

(01) [Fleuve Jaune] Gusu Xing (Jiang Xianwei) Journey to Suzhou - dizi & ensemble
(02) [Fleuve Jaune] Pingsha Luoyan (Guan Pinghu version) The wild geese land on the beach - qin, xiao, erhu, pipa
(03) [Fleuve Jaune] Pu'an Zhou (trad.) Incantantion of Pu'an - qin & qing, yanqing
(04) [Fleuve Jaune] Da lang tao sha (Abing) The wave sweeps the beach - pipa
(05) [Fleuve Jaune] Fei hua dian cui (trad.) Petals snowing on the grass - pipa
(06) [Fleuve Jaune] [BEYOND THE GREAT WALL - pipa & xiao] - 1. Qiu Si - Thoughts of Autumn
(07) [Fleuve Jaune] 2. Zhao Jun Yan - Laments of Zhao Jun
(08) [Fleuve Jaune] 3. Si Han - Regret of the Han
(09) [Fleuve Jaune] Nisang qu (trad. arr. Wu Suhua) The feather rainbow-colored robe - erhu, xiao
(10) [Fleuve Jaune] Hangong Qiuyue (trad.) Fall moon at the Han Palace - erhu & yangqin
(11) [Fleuve Jaune] Yue ye (Liu Tianhua) Night moon - erhu & zhonghu, zheng
(12) [Fleuve Jaune] Mumi Xinge (Jian Guangyi) The shepherd's new song - dizi & ensemble
(13) [Fleuve Jaune] Sizhu Diao (trad.) The purple bamboo - Ens.(erhu, pipa, zhongruan & daruan, yangqing, percussions)
(14) [Fleuve Jaune] Ying Zhong Niao (Liu Guanyue) Birds in the forest - dizi & ensemble
(15) [Fleuve Jaune] Jinse Kuang Wu (trad.) The golden serpent's dance - ensemble

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Samvel Yervinian

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Samvel Yervinyan, born January 25, 1966 in Yerevan, Armenia is a musician and composer. He plays the violin. He began studying at the age of 7 in Spenderian Music School under the tutoring of Armen Minasian. In the competitions he participated, he won all the first place prizes in his age group. He played Henry Vietan's 2nd concert on his graduation day and received a standing ovation from all the faculty members. He continued his studies at Tchaikovsky’s Music Conservatory, under the guidance and tutoring of Maestro Edward Dayan. In the following years he became the professor's pride and strongest prospect for future concert violinist. At his graduation, he played several classical compositions including, Bach's Adagio and Fugue in G Minor, Mozart's violin concert No. 5 in A Major, Paganini's Caprice No. 21 in A Major, and Sarasarte's Gypsy Melodies. In 1993 Mr. Yervinyan earned his PhD from Yerevan State Musical Conservatory in Republic of Armenia. He has performed during the 2003 and 2004 Ethnicity world tours with Yanni, as well as the 2005 Yanni Live! tour. He appears on Yanni's live album and video, Yanni Live! The Concert Event.

Centaur - Imigailotz

Axiom Of Choice: Unfolding / Niya Yesh

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Axiom of Choice are based in Los Angeles, but their music springs from the Persian classical music of Iran. "Valeh," a haunting track from their first album, Beyond Denial, was a popular selection on many world-music samplers a few years ago. Iranian born guitarist Ramin Torkian and singer Mamek Khadem were both trained as mathematicians, and that's where the group gets its name. The axiom of choice is a principle stating that the mathematician has the right to choose elements without explanation, and Torkian and Khadem have expanded this theory's freedom into their eclectic musical choices. Eschewing their more high-energy, Middle Eastern grooves in favor of languid moods, Axiom follow up on the sound of "Valeh" on Niya Yesh, which is Farsi for "gnosis." On a custom quarter-tone guitar, Torkian weaves a flamenco-Persian filigree while Khadem's voice creates a wraithlike wail of wordless vocalese on pieces such as "Chaos of Paradise" and "Greener Than God's Dream." "Rain Drops" is a gentle lullaby while "The Calling" is the only track that really kicks into rhythmic gear. Tambouras, cellos, frame drums, kamancheh (spike fiddle), Buddhist chants, and ney flutes create a global chamber music sound on Niya Yesh, all framing Khadem's voice, her dark timbres seeming to rise like heat off the floor of the Persian desert. --John Diliberto.


Unfolding - Niya Yesh

Dastan Ensemble & Homayoun Shajarian - Mayeh-ye Dashti & Mayeh-ye Isfahan

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Narration of Masnavi of Rumi

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Bare in mind that this is no musical collection. It is the narration of the poems of Rumi.
Also note it is not in English and the narration is done in Farsi.


Prayers On Tanbour

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A breathe taking Tanbour performance. This CD is truly amazing as finally we can hear the women understanding of the Tanbour, and finally this amazing instrument of heart speak the emotions of a women. This killer combination of the instrument of emotions and the emotion of womens together will effect any one who can feel and sense. Superb


The New Oriental Sounds

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Produced in 2006 to first launch the collection, it features 13 tracks from bands and artists from Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan & Egypt

01. Melangerie by Marwan Abado from Circles – Palestine, 3:03
02. Nahawand by Sharkiat Fathy Salama, from Sultany – Egypt, 6:36
03. ‘Abir by Andre Msane, from Nassim Al-Shark – Lebanon, 4:36
04. Hal Asmar Ellon by Lena Chamamyan from Hal Asmar Ellon – Syria, 5:22
05. Nights at Naï by Sign of Thyme, from Like All People – Jordan, 4:33
06. Zayy El Moga by Masar from El Aysh Wel Melh – Egypt, 5:28
07. Arabia by Ziad Al Ahmadieh & Fun Jan Shaï from Beyond Traditions – Lebanon, 6:24
08. Hawdag by El Dor El Awal from Qarar Izala – Egypt, 8:19
09. ‘Oubour by Mohsen Subhi from Mawasem – Palestine, 2:16
10. Organza by Bassem Rizk from Echoes From The Past – Lebanon, 4:31
11. Khala Shakou by Macadi Nahas from Kan Ya Ma Kan – Jordan, 3:44
12. Ink by Hewar, from Hewar – Syria, 5:08
13. Sama’I Sultan Yakah by Riad Abdel-Gawad from El Tarab El Asseel – Egypt, 10:40

Total playing time: 70:40


Antoine Farah & Oriental-Arabic Ensemble - Oriental Dream

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01 - Sama'i In Hijazkar Mode
02 - Assakia (Water Spring)
03 - Sama'i In Shattarban Mode
04 - Darb Assayadi (Hunter's Way)
05 - Ghazal (Passion) Sama'i In Rast Mode
06 - Al Houlm (Dream)
07 - Sama'i In Ajam Oushayran Mode
08 - Al Masa' (Evening)
09 - Sama'i In Zinkoulahmode
10 - Shawk (Longing) Bashraf In Hijaz Mode

سماعي من مقام الحجاز كار/ أنطوان فرح 2.الساقية/ وليد غلمية 3.سماعي من مقام الشت عربان/ جميل الطنبوري 4.درب الصيادي/ أنطوان فرح 5."غزل" سماعي من مقام الراست/ وليد غلمية 6.الحلم/ بسام صالح 7.سماعي من مقام العجم شيران/ جورج فرح 8.المساء/ أندريه الحاج 9.سماعي من مقام الزينكولاه/ وليد أبو مرجال 10."شوق" بشرف من مقام الحجاز/ أنطوان فرح.
في مطلع الثمانيات، تسلل إلى آذاننا موسيقى جديدة، موسيقى "الهاردبيت" و"الهارد روك". فبادر بعض الملحنين الشباب إلى تقليد هذا النمط الصاخب، مقلدة النمط الغربي ليس بالإيقاع فحسب بل في الألحان والتوزيع أيضاً. ذلك ما حداني إلى التفكير في تكوين فرقة موسيقية صغيرة مهمتها تقديم حفلات موسيقية بحت أي دون غناء، تتضمن برامجها القوالب الموسيقية التقليدية كالبشرف والسماعي واللونغه، كذلك، الأنماط الموسيقية التراثية نظراً لجمالية ألحانها الشرقية وهدوء إيقاعاتها، خاصة وأن الجماهير العربية قد افتقدت منذ زمن طويل متعة الإستماع إلى الموسيقى البحتة، حتى أنه ساد في العقود الماضية مفهوم لدى الناس بأن الموسيقى هي لخدمة الكلمة ترافق الغناء فقط. وفي الختام يقال بأن الموسيقى هي موهبة وعلم ورياضيات وممارسة وعمل دؤوب... إلخ، كل ذلك صحيح، ولكن في نهاية المطاف أقول بأن الموسيقى هي في الأداء الجميل والإحساس المرهف.
أنطوان فرح

Mohsen Sobhi - Mawasem

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A compilation of Subhi's renowned oud pieces, accompanied by percussion, bass, cello and piano. Instrumental.
Mohsen Subhi grew up in Ramallah, Palestine, and currently living between the USA and Palestine He began studying music at the age of seven. He studied the oud (Middle Eastern plucked lute) with master oud player Hatem Al-Afghani. After coming to the United States he took courses at the Longe School of Music in Boston and the Berklee School of Music in Cambridge. He worked as the Music Director of the Palestinian National Music and Dance Troupe (El Funoun) and composed the music to their popular production “Zaghareed.”
Mohsen Subhi has a very personal way of playing the oud, due to his previous experience as a percussionist and his subtle assimilation of Indian, African and Mediterranean influences. The album has received popular and critical acclaim in Lebanon: “It is difficult not to fall helplessly in love with Mohsen Subhi’s bewitching album ‘Mawasem’. Subhi’s masterful oud playing is akin to a mystical art, making this CD breathtaking listening.”
Tracks: 1. 'Al bal 2. Nafetha (to a friend) 3. 'Oubour 4. Ta'ammol 5. Hewar 6. Irtijal 7. Takassim 8. Bila enwan 9. Zikrayat


Oumeima El Khalil - 4 Albums

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Born in Al Fakiha in 1966, Oumeima El Khalil started her career as a singer at twelve. She lived in an art-loving family; this is how she was discovered at an early age in the singing world.
El Khalil pursued her secondary studies in the Bekaa, and then moved to Beirut where she studied music theory and vocal techniques.
Meeting Marcel Khalifé at an early age was a good occasion for Oumeima to venture into the world of singing as it gave her the opportunity to sing as a solo in his "Al Mayadin" band where she showed a high level of professionalism in the domain.
The 12-year old girl had her own songs that she interpreted worldwide for over 27 years at high-level concerts in which Marcel Khalifé and his band participated.

Khalleeni Ghanneelak

1. Ijtah
2. Idayk
3. Dima
4. Inta wil Ghenniyeh
5. Il Hilwa Dee
6. Al Kamanjat
7. Rah Sammeek
8. Ilet Bekteblak
9. Meenon Hinn


1. Mazaj
2. La Tdik
3. Asfour
4. Ya Habibi
5. Nasma
6. Bo'di Illi Bahibbo
7. Marrat
8. Albi Il "Atshan
9. Al Hawaa'
10. Zourouni
11. Nasma
12. Ya Habibi 1940

Oumeima ya... Whirling like a derwish

1. Ya Sidi
2. Daret El Kahwe
3. Ouhibouka Akthar
4. Ila Akhirihi
5. Leh (Why?)
6. Shab W Sabiye
7. Iyam
8. Laff (Instumental)
9. Mazaj


A Child - Asfour - I Love You More - Sleep little One - The Returnee (Vocal)
Aasfour (First version) - Children and the Wolf - Mirror Moon - Shodi Alike

1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Enrico Macias - Hommage à Cheikh Raymond

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Hommage a Cheikh Raymond - Algeria, France
Enrico Macias
Accompagne par Taoufik Bestandji et par l'ensemble Foundok

This hommage to Enrico Macias' father in law has been my musical discovery of the year. Not only is it a very touching, enlightning, delicate and marvelous journey into andaluso-arabic music, but its beauty also makes you dream of a time when both sides of the mediterrenean sea used to share their treasures instead of fighting, a time of tolerance, as it was also expressed in the beautiful Youssef Chahine's movie "Le Destin"... I can only hope such a magnificiency will contribute to a better understanding and opening to the arabic culture and people.

Nouba Zidane
[01]. Bacheraf Zidane
[02]. Istikhbar
[03]. Inqlab Zidane 1: Ya Bahi el Jamel (Merveille des merveilles)
[04]. Inqlab Zidane 2: Gharamek (Ammour chagrin)
[05]. Final-Khlac Zidane: Djamalouhou (Divine Beaute

Nouba cika
[06]. Istikhbar cika
[07]. Inqlab 1er:Qalbi Ebtala (Noir Desir)
[08]. Inqlab 2eme: Ya sahib el ouyoune (Les yeux fardes)
[09]. Inqlab 3eme: Men Ya'ti qalbou (Patience)
Les Quatrains
[10]. Ghzali wainou (ou-es tu ma gazelle)
[11]. Qoudam Darek (Demeure du coeur)

Varietes Orientales
[01]. Istikhbar mode Iraq
[02]. Ya bellarej (cicogne)
[03]. Haouzi Inqlab Dhil (douloureux silence)

Inqlab Dhil (feur d'amandiers)
[04]. Istikhbar Dhil
[05]. Inqlab Dhil/Modal
[06]. Waine enbatou (Nuit d'amour)

La Nouba Rahaoui
[07]. Istikhbar Rahaoui
[08]. Valse Bilah ya hamami (Le messager)
[09]. Quatrains wat'habini (M'aimes-tu?)
[10]. Final: Bettar ouel oud (Nouba)
[11]. Koum Tara
Duo Enrico Macias/Cheb Mamio

Musiciens concert Bourges et "Koum Tara":
Enrico Macias: guitare
Taoufik BESTANDJI Direction d'orchestre et artistique-Alto, luth, percussions et choeurs
Hamidou Abdi: flute (jouaq), hautbois (zourna) et choeurs
Lakehal Belhaddad: Cithare (Qanoun)
Zouheir Yahyaouia: darbouka
Nacer Bousaboua: tambourin

Musiciens concert Bourges:
Ahmed Aouabdia: luth (oud) et choeurs
Kamel Labaci: guitare flamenca et choeurs
Jose de Suza: violoncelle

Mucisiens "Koum Tara":
Brahim Djelloul: violon
Galiere Nicolas: violoncelle
Seguin Remy: alto
Tarbour Jean-Claude: violon
Jean-Claude Ghrenassia: Batterie, basse, arrangements cordes

Ape (EAC Rip): 660 MB | MP3 - 320 kbs: 260 MB | Covers

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

OR MP3 320 kbps
Part 1 | Part 2

CURRO MALENA (Con la guitarra de Monolo Sanlucar)

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**|Mp3 320 kbps - 100 MB | Flac - 212 MB | 2005 | Flamenco | Covers | lougyl.com |**


[01]. Alevantate Serrana (Bulerías)
[02]. Ya no siembro más pejuales (Tangos)
[03]. Cuando viene en busca mia (Soleá)
[04]. No sé qué tiene España (Bamberas)
[05]. El gitano cariñoso (Tanguillo)
[06]. Tiene mi corazón madre (Martinete)
[07]. Campanas del silencio (Seguiriyas)
[08]. Mis mulas van sonando (Coplas de Trilla)
[09]. El molinero del puente (Bulerías)
[10]. Embajadores (Caracoles)
[11]. Un día yo me aparté (Malagueña)
[12]. De noche cuando me acuesto (Petenera)

Romantic jazz

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Alt text

[01]. Glenn Miller - In The Mood
[02]. Dave Brubeck - Take Five
[03]. Duke Ellington - Take The 'a Train
[04]. Glenn Miller - Moonlight Serenade
[05]. Wes Montgomery - Caravan
[06]. Stan Getz - Corcovado
[07]. Miles Davis - Summertime
[08]. George Benson - My Heart Is Dancing
[09]. Gary Mulligan - The Shadow Of Your Smile
[10]. John Coltrane - Naima
[11]. Ben Webster-Solitude
[12]. Jimmy Smith - Watermelon Man
[13]. Count Basie - April In Paris
[14]. Michel Petrucciani - Besame Mucho
[15]. Us 3 - Cantaloop
[16]. Jimmy Smith - Papa's Got Brand New Bag
[17]. Michel Petrucciani - Caravan
[18]. Louis Armstrong - Go Down Moses
[19]. Astrud Gilberto - The Girl From Ipanema
[20]. E Fitzgerald & L Armstrong - Summertime
[21]. Manhattan Trncefer - Offbeat Of Avenues
[22]. Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole - Unforgettable
[23]. Sarah Vaughan - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
[24]. Dinah Washington - Mad About The Boy
[25]. Nat King Cole - Nature Boy
[26]. Diana Krall - I've Got You Under My Skin
[27]. Ninma Simone - Don't Explain
[28]. Peggy Lee - They Can't Take That Away From Me
[29] .Ella Fitzgerald - September Song
[30]. Cassandra Wilson - I've Grown Accustomed
[31]. New York Voices - Oh, Lady Be Good
[32]. Shirley Horn -I Got Lost In His Arms
[33]. Natalie Cole - A Song For You
[34]. Bobby Mcferrin - Sightless Bird
[35]. Dee Dee Bridgewater - Angel Eyes
[36]. Helen Merrill - Baby Ain't I Good To You
[37]. Dinah Washington - Unforgettable
[38]. Louis Armstrong - Hello, Dolly!
[39]. Nina Simone - My Baby Just Cares For Me .
[40]. Matt Bianco - Whose Side Are You On 9
[41]. Ray Charles - Baby Don't You Cry
[42]. Shirley Bassey - Goldfinger
[43]. Zachary Breaux - The Thrill Is Gone
[44]. Al Jarreau - Since I Feel For You
[45]. George Benson - Marvin Said
[46]. Notalie Cole - Don't Get Around Mush Anymore
[47]. Sarah Vaughan - Summertime
[48]. Stan Gets & Joad Gilberto - Garota De Ipanema
[49]. Frank Sinatra & Antonio Jobim - I Concentrate On You
[50] .Elle Fitzgerald - Mack The Knife
[51]. Shirley Horn - This Can't Be Love
[52]. Nat King Cole - Fascination .
[53]. Louis Armstrong - Cabaret
[54]. Peggy Lee - Fever
[55]. Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind
[56]. Louis Prima & His Band - I Wanna Be LikeYou
[57]. Astrud Gilberto & Antonio Jobim - Agua De Beber
[58]. Fourplay - East 2 West
[59]. Paul Hardcastle - Rainforest
[60]. Denny Jiosa - Europa
[61]. Group 3 - Uncle Darrows
[62]. Bob James - Five O'clock Chateau
[63]. Denny Jiosa - II Dolce Per Due (Dessert For 2)
[64]. Shakatak – Driftin
[65]. Gregg Karukas - Your Sweet Smile
[66]. Joyce Cooling -Whenever The Rain Falls
[67]. Bill Sharpe - One Time
[68]. Mighty Bop - On The Moon
[69]. Will Downin – Is This Love
[70]. Jeff Kashiwa - Simple Truth
[71]. Peter White -Midnight In Manhattan
[72]. Randy Crawford - Give Me The Night
[73]. Gerald Albright - Creepin
[74]. Ronnie Jardan - After Hours
[75]. The Mighty Bop - Tell Me
[76]. Brian Culbertson - You'll Never Find
[77]. Norman Brown - Just Between Us
[78]. Steve Cole - It's Gonna Be Alright
[79]. Chuck Loeb - The Music Inside
[80]. The Mighty Bop - What Now My Love
[81]. Dave Koz - In The Name Of Love
[82]. Paul Taylor & Peter White - Come Morning
[83]. Spyro Gyra - The River Between
[84]. Nelson Rangell – Reasons

MP3 256(CBR) Kbit, no scans [580 MB]

Music of the land of Iran:Naghmehaye Iran Zamin

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This collection of 8 various language that are used in Iran. This great collection well take you to one comprehensive experience of Iran and to an extend the old Persia as most of the music are closely linked to those of the Arabs, the Afghans and the Turkmen. It is a must have.
  1. CD1:Music of South of Iran, music of Jonub
  2. CD2:Music of North eastern of Iran-Azari music
  3. CD3:Musif of West of Iran-Chahar Mahal o Bakhtiari
  4. CD4:Music of North of Iran-Music of Gilan
  5. CD5:Music of East of Iran-Khorasan
  6. CD6:Musif of North west-Kordi music
  7. CD7:Music of South West-Music of Loristan
  8. CD8:Music of South east-Sistan o Balochestan

Many thanks to our friends from the bidel blog for providing us this albums

Twais - Insan

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Essam Rafea created the group in 2004. TWAIS Quartet, as the classical takht (oriental quartet) is composed of Oud, Qanoon, Nay, and Percussions. Twais was the first singer of the Islamic era who was praised for the beauty of his voice and his originality as he introduced Iqaa (beats) into singing in the 7th century. He was born in Al Madina Al Munawra (Currently in Saudi Arabia), and died in Sweida – Syria. It is this spirit of innovation and originality that the Quatret is aspiring and striving to represent. The project of the musicians is to search the roots of the Arab and Oriental Music with focus on the instrumental music and to include them in contemporary forms, using different musical schools and contemporary compositions, in an attempt to create a unique style of music. Twais performed so far in Germany (Achen) – France (Fontainebleau, Festival d’île de France, Marseille, Cité de la Musique)– Kuwait and in Syria (Damascus, Opera House, Hammam Fat'hi, Goethe Institut, and Aleppo). Always searching for new experiments and unexpected encounters, the group also participated in the last Album of the German Accordion player Manfred Leuchter, as well as in the album “Pelligrino” with the French Baroque music group, Musiques des Lumières XVIII-21 led by Jean-Christophe Frish. They launched their first album in 2008.
رباعي طويس طويس أول مغني في العصر الإسلامي، وقد اشتهر بجمال صوته وقوة ابتكاره، يرجع أصله إلى المدينة المنورة في الجزيرة العربية وهو الذي أدخل الإيقاع مع الغناء للمرة الأولى في القرن السابع الميلادي. فطويس يعني روح ابتكار وتجديد وجرأة، وهذا ما يسعى الرباعي لتحقيقه بمشروعه الموسيقي. أسس عصام رافع الرباعي عام 2004 بهدف البحث في جذور الموسيقا العربية والشرقية وخصوصاً الآلية منها لسبر أغوارها، وإخراجها بنهاية المطاف بأسلوب جديد ومعاصر، مستفيدين من تجارب المدارس الموسيقية المتعددة، ومحاولة خلق حالة موسيقية فريدة ضمن هذا التخت. والتخت هو أحد التشكيلات أو المجاميع الموسيقية في الموسيقا العربية والموسيقا الشرقية عموماً. أما رباعي طويس فهو مشكل من عود - قانون - ناي - إيقاع. أحيا الرباعي عدة حفلات داخل وخارج سوريا (ألمانيا - دمشق وحلب - الكويت - فرنسا) شارك الرباعي في الألبوم الأخير لعازف الأكورديون الألماني مانفرد لويشتر. ألبوم مع فرقة الأنوار الفرنسية بقيادة جان كريستون فريش صدر الألبوم الأول لطويس في 2008

Ardeshir Kamkar & Matthaios Tsahouridis - Raz-e-negah

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Bitrate: 56 kbps - Encoder: FhG MPEG-2 layer 3

Album - Ghateh Ritmik (.flv)

Paco de Lucia & Ramon de Algeciras - 12 Hits Para 2 Guitarras

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In the year 1969, the brothers De Lucia & Alecira recorded two albums. This is one of them. Both recordings are based on an intelligent selection of popular pieces interpreted by two flamenco guitars.

Download Album

Al Dawr Al Masri - 5 CDs

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قالب غنائي مصريّ المولد والنشأة والصنعة والتطور ظھر في القرن التاسع عشر وزھا وتطور في النصف الأول من القرن العشرين. يعد أھم فقرات الوصلة الغنائية التقليدية التي تبدأ بالدولاب ثم السماعي ثم الموشح ثم الدور

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Mari Goubran

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I could not find appropriate biography in english so you can translate it by Google, though it may looks weak
From asharq alawasat newspaper 19/06/2008

يصنف النقاد صوت ماري جبران بأنه من الأصوات القوية المعروفة بالسوبرانو، مع اتصافه بخصائص جمالية، توازي أم كلثوم، صوتاً وأداء، ويقال انه لو امتد بها العمر لكان لها شأن آخر. هذا ما جعلها تتربع على عرش مطربات عصرها، واعتبارها سيدة مطربات بلاد الشام، كما أنها أكدت موقعها في الغناء كصاحبة موهبة كبيرة، في زمن الحروب وانحطاط الفن، فرفعت من مستواه.

وحسب التقديرات، ولدت جبران في بيروت عام 1907، ونتيجة لظروف المجاعة والحرب الأولى هاجرت العائلة إلى دمشق، إلا أن أباها يوسف جبور، عاجله الموت تاركاً أسرته تواجه ظروفاً صعبة، دفعت والدة ماري لتلبية دعوة أختها الممثلة المشهورة حينها ماري جبران (الخالة) للعيش معها في القدس. وهكذا قدر للصغيرة ماري ذات العشر سنوات النشوء في وسط فني وهناك اكتشفت موهبتها باكرا، فأخذت تغني في المسرح وترقص برشاقة وتضرب الصنوج، وتعلمت العزف على العود فبرعت. ثم عملت مطربة في فرقة الممثل المصري «علي الكسار» التي كانت تتجول في يافا وحيفا وبعض مدن شرق الأردن، بعد انتهاء الموسم في القاهرة.

ذاع صيتها في القدس، وأقبل عليها المعجبون ولقبت بـ «ماري الصغيرة» تمييزاً لها عن خالتها ماري الكبيرة، إلا أن الأخيرة غارت من نجاحها، فأساءت معاملتها ودفعتها للعودة إلى دمشق بعد تسع سنوات، مكنت ماري من سلوك طريق الاحتراف.

في دمشق، عملت بملهى «قصر البلور» عدة شهور، ثم وبسبب الظروف المضطربة في سورية جراء الانتداب الفرنسي والثورة السورية الكبرى، انتقلت إلى بيروت وعملت في ملهى «كوكب الشرق». عندما هدأت الأوضاع عام 1927، عادت إلى دمشق لتعمل في ملهى «بسمار»، ثم غادرت إلى حلب واشتغلت في ملهى «الشهبندر». بعد سنة عادت مرة أخرى إلى دمشق، للعمل في ملهى بسمار، وكان يعج بالمعجبين بفنها، وبلغ أجرها الشهري أكثر من خمسين ليرة ذهبية.

في أوائل الثلاثينات، تعرفت على الفنانة المعروفة بديعة مصابني في سهرة خاصة بدمشق وعرضت عليها العمل في القاهرة، هناك فتنت الناس بجمالها وقوة صوتها لتغدو بين ليلة وضحاها قبلة الأنظار، فأطلقوا عليها اسم ماري الجميلة وماري الفاتنة. شهرتها السريعة ونجاحها أثارا غيرة مصابني، فأنهت التعاقد معها متذرعة بأوهى الأسباب. ورغم محاربة مصابني الشرسة لها، مكثت ماري في القاهرة تغني سبع سنوات ضمن ظروف جيدة، وعندما تركت القاهرة مقررة العودة إلى دمشق، لم تُعرف الأسباب الحقيقية لذلك. أواخر الثلاثينات عملت في ملهى العباسية بدمشق بمبلغ مائة وخمسين ليرة ذهبية شهرياً.

حتى هذا التاريخ، كانت ماري جبران تغني أعمال مشاهير الملحنين كأدوار سيد درويش وداود حسني وزكريا أحمد وأبو العلا محمد، من التي تؤديها سيدات الطرب آنذاك كفتحية أحمد وأم كلثوم ومنيرة المهدية ونادرة الشامية. كما وغرفت من ألحان محمد القصبجي ورياض السنباطي ومحمد عبد الوهاب في المونولوج والقصائد والطقاطيق، وبعض الأعمال التراثية الشامية في الموشحات والأدوار والأغاني الخفيفة. وكانت تستعذب من الغناء القديم الأدوار المشهورة (دع العذول ده من فكرك/في البعد ياما كنت أنوح/ياما انت وحشني) والموشحات (يامن لعبت به الشمول/ حبي دعاني/ منيتي عز اصطباري/ صحت وجداً).

اعتبرت من أكثر المطربات تميزاً لغنائها على أصول الوصلات التي تخصص فيها الرجال، كما غنت الموشح والليالي والموال والدور، بشكل سلسلة منتظمة وهو نظام الفصول الغنائي الذي كان سائداً قبل 100 عام. ويقول النقاد ان ابرز مواهب ماري الفنية أنها تستطيع بصوتها المرسل إنشاد الليالي بجولات تصويرية رائعة.

في دمشق اكتشفت ضرورة أن يكون لها أغانيها الخاصة. اتصلت بمشاهير المطربين من أمثال صابر الصفح ومحمد محسن ورفيق شكري وزكي محمد ونجيب السراج، لتبدأ معهم المرحلة الأخيرة في حياتها الفنية.

ارتاحت لألحان زكي محمد، فغنت من تأليفه عدداً كبيراً من القصائد والمونولوجات والأغاني العاطفية الدارجة. وأول لحن غنته له مفتتحة به حفلاتها الشهرية في عام 1937، مونولوج رومانسي ناعم بعنوان «الشباب» من نظم أحمد مأمون، ثم تتالت أعماله لها، وبخاصة القصائد التي حلقت بها، مثل «زنوبيا» من شعر زهير ميرزا. وقد غنتها عام 1949.

بلغت ماري قمة مجدها الفني في سورية، وكرمت بانتخابها نقيبة للموسيقيين سنة 1950. لكن ذلك جاء متأخرا جدا، وبعد أن لم يعد هناك فائدة من الشهرة في حياة بدأت باليتم والفقر والترحال وآلت إلى مرض الأم ومن ثم فقدان الابن الوحيد، لتنتهي بإصابتها بمرض عضال توفيت من جرائه عام 1956. واليوم ونحن نستعيد ذكراها من خلال مشروع دار الأسد، نزين حياتنا بصوتها العذب وفنها الفريد، دون أن ننسى أن كل آه انطلقت من حنجرتها نبعت من ألم جارح ومعاناة طويلة.

Download Album

Mohamad Abd AlKarim - Prince of bouzouk - 10 CDs

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Following the post of 2CDs Best of Mohamad Abd AlKarim "see the link"
here the complet collection of his works documented by the Syrian Opera
Track 5 in CD 6 is recommended as one of his most beautiful oriental tango music

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

Luis Delgado - Alquibla - Música Original De La Série De TVE

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Luis Delgado has worked with all kinds of groups, like Iman (Andalusian rock), Atrium Musicae (antique music), Babia (East-West fusion), Finis Africae (ethnic fusion), C?lamus (Spanish medieval music), La Musga?a (traditional music), Spanish-Moroccan group "Ibn Baya" etc. Born July 16, 1956, in the Chamberi quarter of Madrid, Luis Delgado did his first concert at the age of 14 with the orchestra of La?des, Gaspar Sanz, whose director, D. Manuel Grand?o, taught him most of what he knows about music. Luis also took classes in Hindu, Iranian and Andalusian music, as well as in African percussion. The musical spectrum of this Spanish multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer ranges from ambient to different kinds of traditional and ethnic music, and even includes medieval and ancient music.

Luis Delgado has composed and produced various soundtracks for television programs. Outstanding is the soundtrack of Alquibla, a serial about the Arabian world, written by Juan Goytisolo and directed by Victoria Prego.

1 El Musem (1:52)

El Cairo, Diptico Urbano
2 Cairo Mokatam (1:39)
3 Al Muski (1:25)
4 Al Jalifa (2:30)
5 Mantis Religiosa (0:54)

Istanbul, La Ciudad Palimpsesto
6 Hgya Sophia (1:16)
7 El Bosforo (2:21)
8 Top Kapi Saraji (2:23)

El Espacio En La Ciudad Islámica
9 Cives Blancas (0:38)
10 Basora (1:30)
11 Kotubia (1:51)
12 Xmaa L'Fnaa (2:52)

Gaudí En Capadocia
13 Reflexión (3:00)

El Desierto, Realidad Y Espejismo
14 Beduinos (1:15)
15 El Tambor Del Sol (1:00)
16 El Baño Lustral (2:24)

Gaudí En Capadocia
17 Profecía (2:56)

Itinerario De Un Campeón
18 Kispit (1:06)

Ver Sin Ser Vista, La Mujer En El Islam
19 Mujeres Beduinas (1:30)
20 El Serrallo (2:00)

El Islam, Realidad Y Leyenda
21 Inquisición (0:15)
22 Meca (2:20)

Zagüias Y Cofradias Islámicas
23 Hadra (1:17)

24 El Musem (1:52)

FLAC (EAC Rip): 240 MB | MP3 - 320 kbs: 110 MB | Booklet Scans

Archives have 5% of the information for restoration

Part 1 | Part 2

OR MP3 320 kbps

Maria De Barros - Dança Ma Mi: Dance With Me

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Along with Cesaria Evora and Lura, Maria de Barros represents the West African island nation of Cape Verde. Her new CD follows her debut recording, Nha Mundo. Like her musical sisters, she sings her native land's mournful morna, the festive funana/ferro, and peppery coladeira rhythms and song genres. But where Evora and Luna are more tradition-bound, De Barros can mix things up, as evidenced by her salsa-fied number "Bo Ke Nha Boy," the samba-like syncopations of "Sol Di Manha," and her hypnotic version of the French Caribbean classic, "Caresse Moi." Her voice has a light and airy ring to it, which sounds good in her native, Afro-Portuguese Criuolo language – and complements the, synths, horns, accordion, percussion, and the ukulele-like cavaquinho. All told, de Barros, like her contemporaries, is poised to take her country's music to the future, without, it is hoped, forgetting its past. --Eugene Holley, Jr.

(01) [Maria de Barros] Amor Luz
(02) [Maria de Barros] Oh Menel
(03) [Maria de Barros] Bo Ke Nha Boy
(04) [Maria de Barros] Espaço Infinito
(05) [Maria de Barros] El Tambem J'dame
(06) [Maria de Barros] Caresse Moi
(07) [Maria de Barros] Pazinho Laxa
(08) [Maria de Barros] Um Tem Um Amor
(09) [Maria de Barros] Nos Tradiçon
(10) [Maria de Barros] Rosinha
(11) [Maria de Barros] Sol Di Manha
(12) [Maria de Barros] Oumai

Flac(EAC Rip): 400 MB | MP3 - 320 kbs: 210 MB | Scans

Archives have 5% of the information for restoration

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

OR MP3 320 kbps
Part 1 | Part 2

Ravi Shankar & Ali Akbar Khan - The Master Musicians Of India

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Alt text

If you have thought about starting to listen to Indian Raga music and don't know where to start check this out. This recording has spiritual depth and feeling many other Raga recordings too often lack. The tracks are long and slow and make you feel like you are in some ancient religious temple or a high religious state. I weigh the other Shankar recordings to this.

(01) [Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar-Kan] Raga Palas Kafi
(02) [Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar-Kan] Raga Bilashkani Todi

EAC-APE [210 MB]

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

MP3 320 Kbps [100 MB]



Posted By Kochaye.Kharabat On Friday, September 11, 2009 1 comments

A great collection of some of recently popular Sufi songs. Enjoy


Cuatro Varas - Cuatro Varas

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|Mp3|192 Kbps|2005| 36,1 MB|Istrumental|lougyl.com|

01- Lollipop/Sugar Sugar
02- Garota de Ipanema
03- Swanee River
04- Kaya
05- Mambo # 5
06- Trombuna
07- Stir it up
08- El manisero
09- Jammin'
10- Globertrotter
11- Qui nem gilo01- Lollipop/Sugar Sugar

Futuro Flamenco II

Posted By MiOd On Tuesday, September 08, 2009 3 comments
"Take a classic sound; twist it - adding Latin, drum & bass, house, funk, jazz and a little chill - and you have this smart selection."
This album follows on from where Vol.1 left off once again taking the listener on a passionate flamenco inspired journey. The second release in this unique series however embraces a wider wealth of music all of which has been influenced by this Iberian sound including Latin, Drum & Bass, House, Funk, Jazz and rare Flamenco Funk as well of course as classic Flamenco.

Since the release of Volume 1, the Futuro Flamenco project has developed into a successful club night with live gigs for the Futuro Flamenco band all around the world including shows in Holland, Japan, Greece and at the legendary Womad in Reading, UK. Moreover the Futuro Flamenco sound and ethos is now being heard more and more through the music of some of the most exciting new bands coming out of Spain and Latin America.

Many of those new acts are featured here including the BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards nominees Ojos De Brujo who fuse Rap and Flamenco with Hip Hop beats. Also included here are Los Amaya s version of Ennio Moriconne's classic The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and worldwide hit maker Alabina's international flamenco hit Alabina. Up and coming Flamenco guitarists Rodrigo & Gabriela and Nuyorican Willie Colon, one of Latin music's greatest names, also contribute tracks.

(01) [Ojos de Brujo] Ventilaor R-80
(02) [Cosmic rocker] Papo
(03) [Alabina] Alabina
(04) [Willie Colon] Gitana
(05) [Clave y Guanguanco] Candela
(06) [United future organization] Esperanza
(07) [Peret] La mama
(08) [Chacho] verdes, verdes
(09) [Los amaya] El bueno, el feo y el malo (instrumental)
(10) [Toro] amigo
(11) [The latin project] Lei lo lai
(12) [Rodrigo y gabriela] Diem
(13) [Suv] Colores (original mix)
(14) [Al-pha X] Mi corazon (patife X madzoo sessions mix)
(15) [Christophe Goze] Barcelona (Ibiza remix)
(16) [Oreja] Vanzilando

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Sevillanas... Pa'mi caseta

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|Mp3|320@|150 Mb|Flac|470 Mb|2005|Flamenco/Sevillanas|lougyl.com|

01.-La caseta [Pascual González] 3:31

02.-A " El Pali ".Vámonos pa la feria. Sevilla tuvo una niña. Orgullo rociero.
Recuerdo de mi patio.[Raya Real] 3:22

03.-¡Ay, si vivieran!. Sevillaneando. Feria, feria, feria. La movida del Sur [Los
Del Guadalquivir] 3:31

04.-Quién pudiera olvidar un amor. No me hagas papeles. Ay mare. Anda y déjate
querer [Calle Feria] 3:17

05.-Ya huele a feria. El alumbrao. Sevillanas del jamón. Al pie del Guadalquivir
[Ya huele a feria] 3:25

06.-La están bailando [Las Corraleras De Lebrija] 2:57

07.-La historia de una amapola. El tío del tambor. Por el puente Triana. Sueña la
margarita [La Murga] 3:00

08.-Revuelos de feria [Sal y Son] 3:11

09.-Mi sueño vive en Triana [Aljarafe] 3:11

10.-Algo en tu mirar [Mª José Santiago] 3:52

11.-Por sevillanas [Manolo Jurado] 3:28

12.-Un cielo de farolillos. Me gustas mujer. La feria. Ponte el traje blanco [Raya
Real] 2:49

13.-La que fuera mi ilusión [Siempre Así] 3:13

14.-Aires de Triana [José Galán] 3:39

15.-Soñar en Sevilla [Manguara] 3:42

16.-Y a mi Sevilla. Para vivir Sevilla. Cosas de Sevilla. Aquella alameda. Sevilla se nos va. Y por Sevilla me muero. Aquel encanto. Qué guapa que está Sevilla. Que también es de Sevilla. Sevilla en mi poesía. Serva la Bari. Guadalquivir [Sevilla al compás de mi caseta] 13:15

Enrique Morente & Lagartija Nick, Omega

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Alt text

Morente's most daring work, in which he takes a step that is decisive and allows no turning back, by merging flamenco with Lagartija Nick's alternative rock. A controversial album in which once again the cantaor (flamenco singer) uses Lorca's verses and arranges versions of songs by Leonard Cohen, another admirer of the poet. The artists who take part in this innovative experience include Vicente Amigo, Cañizares, Montoyita, Tomatito and Estrella Morente, who is taking her first steps in the world of showbusiness.

(01) [Morente & Lagartija Nick] Omega
(02) [Morente & Lagartija Nick] Pequeٌo Vals Vienés (Take This Waltz)
(03) [Morente & Lagartija Nick] El Pastor Bobo
(04) [Morente & Lagartija Nick] Manhattan (First We Take Manhattan)
(05) [Morente & Lagartija Nick] La Aurora De Nueva York
(06) [Morente & Lagartija Nick] Sacerdotes (Priest)
(07) [Morente & Lagartija Nick] Niٌa Ahogada En El Pozo
(08) [Morente & Lagartija Nick] Adلn
(09) [Morente & Lagartija Nick] Vuelta De Paseo
(10) [Morente & Lagartija Nick] Vals En Las Ramas
(11) [Morente & Lagartija Nick] Aleluya (Hallelujah no..2)
(12) [Morente & Lagartija Nick] Norma y paraíso de los negros
(13) [Morente & Lagartija Nick] Ciudad Sin Sueٌo

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Mohamad Abd AlKarim - Prince of bouzouk

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Mohamad Abd AlKarim
Syria (1911 – 1989)
Though people used to look at him as a dwarf, he proved himself as a legend, and deserved his position as the “Prince of bouzouk”
Before his beginning as a professional bouzouk player and composer, bouzouk instrument was almost forgotten in the Arabic classical music, he brought it again to live, developed the material of this instrument, the strings and the technique.


Six song from Qajar Dynasty

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Part 1
Part 2