Kodo - Heartbeat Drummers Of Japan

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Kodo is a Japanese group that has become an international phenomenon, based on the island of Sado, that has taken the world by storm with their new stylings on semi-traditional taiko drumming. Founded in 1981, the group's name has dual meaning; according to the group, it translates both to "heartbeat -- the primal source of all rhythm," and "children of the drum, a reflection of Kodo's desire to play their drums simply, with the heart of a child." The group spends one-third of an average year touring in Japan, one-third touring the rest of the world, and one-third in rigorous workouts in their village on Sado. They have toured in all continents except Antarctica in their attempts to spread world peace via the messenger of music. Among their projects, aside from straightforward taiko performances, are a collaboration with new age synthesizer genius Isao Tomita for Nasca Fantasy, instructing the über-eclectic Cirque du Soleil in taiko for their own performances, the soundtrack for The Hunted, and a yearly "Earth Celebration" festival on Sado for percussionists from around the world to attend. They are ambassadors of peace through music and the current top bearers of the living art form of taiko drumming. ”

This authentic Japanese Taiko-drum ensemble sometimes adds modern and/or Western touches to their thunderous drumming repertoire.

1. Miyake (6:20)
2. O-Daiko (6:10)
3. Monochrome (12:12)
4. Chonlima (7:16)
5. Hae (6:37)

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Ilham Al Madfai - The Voice of Iraq

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[01]. Ilham Al Madfai - The Voice of Iraq
Ilham al-Madfai (Arabic: إلهام المدفعي‎) (born c. 1942) is an Iraqi guitarist, singer and composer. al-Madfai's synthesis of Western guitar stylings with traditional Iraqi music has made him a revered and popular artist in his native country and throughout the Middle East. Beginning in 1999, al-Madfai released a string of albums on EMI's Arabia label, including the platinum self-titled Ilham al-Madfai (1999), Live at the Hard Rock Cafe (2001), Baghdad (2003) and The Voice of Iraq: The Best of Ilham al-Madfai (2005) and Dishdasha (2009). He has been nicknamed 'the Baghdad Beatle'.

(01). Chal Chal Alayea el Rumman ('Pomegranate Tree Has Smothered Me')
(02). Mohamad Bouya Mohamad ('My Dear Beloved Mohamad')
(03). Asghar Be Shama ('Blonde with the Beauty Spot') Izash Remix
(04). Masaal ('Honeyed Tobacco')
(05). Khuttar ('Visitor')
(06). Chathab ('Liar')
(07). Foug el Nakhal ('High Above the Palm Trees')
(08). El Tufah ('Apple')
(09). Allah Alayek ('God Be with You')
(10). Win Ya Galob ('Oh Weep My Heart')
(11). The Bazringosh Song ('Henna Plant Song')
(12). Il Rail Wa Hamad ('Railway and Hamad)
(13). Baghdad Tribute
(14). Mawtini (Iraqi National Anthem)

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[02]. Ilham Al Madfai - Collection [Best Of]
Track Listings
(01). Mali Chaugal Bil soug
(02). Sharabtak El Maay
(03). Foug El Nakhal
(04). Allah Alayek
(05). Il Rail We Hammad
(06). Baghdad
(07). Khuttar
(08). Chal Chal
(09). Haya Bina
(10). Katra Fe Matar
(11). Ashgar Be Shama
(12). Disaney
(13). Wain Ya Galbi

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Nikhil Banerjee - Sitar

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When Nikhil Banerjee died in 1986, India didn't just lose one of its greatest sitar players, but one of its most influential classical musicians. A former child prodigy who won the All-Bengal sitar competition at the age of nine, Banerjee grew up to earn international acclaim as a highly skilled musician. According to The San Francisco Chronicle, Banerjee's "technique is a phenomenon, faster than cheetahs, more secure than the dollar." Music And Musicians observed that "his improvisations always sound completely natural and spontaneous.." In an obituary published after his death, The New York Times wrote "the extraordinary fluidity and assurance of his rhythmic ideas and phrasing set a standard that would have left the more international 'stars' of Indian music behind."

The son of an amateur musician, Banerjee was fascinated by his father's playing. Although he wanted to try his hand at an instrument as early as the age of four, he was discouraged by his father and grandfather. At the age of five, however, they relented and he acquired a small sitar. Banerjee took to the instrument immediately. In addition to winning the All-India sitar competition, he became the youngest musician employed by All-India Radio at the age of nine. He remained a featured radio performer for five years. One of 15 children, Banerjee was greatly influenced by Ustad Amir Khan, who would come to his family home to teach his older sister. Banerjee also studied with Mustaq Ali Khan for three months and Jnan Prakash Ghosh, who taught him to play tabla. His greatest teacher, however, was Baba (Allaudin Khan), with whom he apprenticed, along with Ravi Shankar, from 1947 until 1952. Following Khan's death, Banerjee went on to study with Khan's son, Ali Akbar Khan, for an additional five years. Banerjee subsequently performed an estimated 1,000 concerts in India as Khan's accompanist. Banerjee performed his first concerts outside of India in 1955 as a member of a cultural delegation sent by the Indian government to Poland, Russia, and China. He made his United States debut in 1967. For many years, Banerjee spent three months each summer teaching, performing, and lecturing/demonstrating at U. C. Berkeley.

In 1968, Banerjee was awarded the honorary title Padma Shri. The same year, he was named India's "outstanding musician of the year" by the Sangeet Nagat (music and dance) Academy. ~ Craig Harris, Rovi

1. Raag Des - Gat In Vilambit & Drut Teentaal
2. Raag Mishra Gara
3. Raag Rachna Thumri Ang
4. Raag Rachna Khamaj Thumri

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Ustad Alla Rakha & Ustad Zakir Hussain - Together

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The classical tradition of 'Jugalbanbi', epitomising "Togetherness", reaches its peak when father and son: Ustad Allarakha & Ustad Zakir Hussain perform together. Their closeness and compatibility results in a unique synthesis, a fusion of souls, that adds a new dimension to virtuosity.
This album provides a rare chance for the Western listener a chance to know deeply the sound of the tabla, a traditional instrument from India that consists of two drums. Alla Rakha and Zakir Hussain are extremely skilled players, and have reached a full mastership of the this, playing a duet with various forms of rhytmic patterns. This is a valuable record for anyone who is interested in Indian music, as well as for tabla students.

Ustad Alla Rakha was born as Allarakha Khan on April 29, 1919 at Phagwal village, near Jammu, 80 km. from Lahore (Pakistan). He became fascinated with the sound and rhythm of the tabla at the age of 12, while staying with his uncle in Gurdaspur. The determined young lad ran away from home, became a disciple of and began studying tabla with Mian Kader Baksh of the Punjab Gharana. By doing this, he was initiated into the world of music. He studied voice and Raag Vidya under Ustad Ashiq Ali Khan of the Patiala Gharana. His regimen of practice and dedication were legendary: hours upon hours of hard, disciplined practice, that would later pay off.

1. Jugalbandi - Taal Chartaal-Ki-Sawari
2. Jugalbandi - Taal Teentaal
3. Jugalbandi - Solo Taal Rupak

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Hafız Burhan - Aşkın Gözyaşları (The Tears of Love)

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Hafiz Burhan was most famous and celebrated artists in the his period. When we say Gazel (Lyrics), Hafiz Burhan first name in the mind. We lost many years ago made of this artist's recording a new album was released. He was born 1887, died in 1943 at a very young age. The sound was so powerful that the blast in the studio does not sound quite away from the microphone to read the song that is claimed. Artists, all his life, he worked for Columbia company. Close-to-face plate, literally during the 'bestsellers' was ... And even a stylish car so they gave him their brother Blumenthal knowing. Hafiz Burhan had our first car, so the artists.

01. Gonlumu Aska Salan
02. Bir Gonulde Iki Sevda Olamaz
03. Makber (Her Yer Karanlik)
04. Bilmiyordum Sevgiyi
05. Busen Ne Alevdi Dile Yuz Bir Yare Acti
06. Sevdasi Henuz Sinede Goynum Gibi Sagdi
07. Sabrimi Gamzelerin Sihriyle
08. Sevdama Inan Kalbime Bir Lahzada Aktin
09. Soyleyin Gunese Bugun Dogmasin
10. Ben Yemenimi Al Isterim
11. Askin Gozyaslari
12. Imdidad-i Askima Cesmi Siyahindir Sebep
13. Yuzum Sen Hatiram Sen
14. Nar-i Hasret Yakti Mahvetti
15. Evvelce Hudayi Tanimis Olmasa Gonlum
16. Gittin Bu Gece
17. Yine Kalbim Tasar Aglar
18. Memo

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Oum Kalthoum - YA MSAHARNY

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Oum Kalthoum - Makhtartish 'ala balak yawm (Ya msahharni), 1972

Lyrics: Ahmed Rami

Music : Sayyid Makawi

Maqam : Rast

Genre : Ughniyah

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Ajoy Chakrabarty - Raga Malkauns

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Ajoy Chakrabarty is an amazing inventive vocalist with a unique style. He continuously produces fresh, brief, well-defined phrases, never lapsing into sequences of repeated gestures in order to "push" the music along. In the two khayals in raga Malkauns, he therefore achieves considerable depth of feeling as if the experience was absolutely spontaneous. There is a sonic lavishness of coincident harmonies between the two tambouras, harmonium, and voice at times in this raga that will sweep the listener away. Excellent understated tabla playing by Samar Saha. ~ "Blue" Gene Tyranny, All Music Guide

1. Raga Malkauns - Vilambit Bandish In Ektal
2. Raga Malkauns - Drut Bandish In Tintal
3. Raga Mishra Bhairavi - Thumri In Dadra Tal

Ajoy Chakrabarty (Vocals)
Samar Saha (Tabla)
Jyoti Goho (Harmonium)

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Göksel Baktagir - Istanbul Sazendeleri

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İstanbul Sazendeleri, 1999'da kuruldu. Enstrümantal müziği geniş kitlelere ulaştırmayı amaç edinen topluluk, her biri kendi alanında çalgısının virtüozu olan Göksel Baktagir (Kanun), Yurdal Tokcan (Ud), Selim Güler (Kemençe), Baki Kemancı (Keman), Volkan Yılmaz (Ney), Emrullah Şengüller (Violonsel); Vurmalı çalgılarda ise İzzet Kızıl, Yinon Muallem, Ümit Atalay, Oray Yay ve Bülent Elmas gibi Türkiye'nin önde gelen müzisyenlerinden oluşuyor. Ekip, yapılan müziğin türüne göre, kendi içinde değişik kombinasyonlara giderek yapılaşabiliyor.

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi, Ortadoğu Teknik Üniversitesi, Ege Üniversitesi, Konya Selçuk Üniversitesi, Van 100. Yıl Üniversitesi, Gaziantep Devlet Konservatuarı ve Erciyes Üniversitesi gibi akademik kurumların yanı sıra Türkiye'nin çok sayıda şehrinde düzenlenen festivallerde ve etkinlikler kapsamında konserler verdi. 2002 Şubat ayında viyolonsel ustası Yo-Yo Ma'nın katılımıyla Amsterdam'da İpek Yolu Festivali'nin kapanış konserinde yer aldı. Aynı yıl Yunanistan'da (The Center for Inter-Mediterranean Cooperation S.A.); 2003 yılı Mart ayında Saraybosna'da; 2004 yılında Japonya'da Türk-Japon Yılı Etkinlikleri'nin kapanış töreninde; 2004 Aralık ayında Hollanda'da; 2005'in Ağustos ayında Girit'te; Japonya'da 2005-Expo Dünya Fuarı'nda Türkiye'yi temsil eden Rose and Tulip adlı performansın ekibinde; 2005 Ekim'inde Estonya'da; 2005 Kasım ayında İsrail'de; Aralık 2005'te Fransa'da Akdeniz Müziği Festivali'nde sahne alan İstanbul Sâzendeleri, Nisan 2006'da İsveç'te; Mayıs 2006'da Suriye'de; aynı yıl Gürcistan'da ve Hindistan'da; Nisan 2007'de Slovakya'da; Kasım 2007'de Çek Cumhuriyeti'nde; Aralık 2007'de Makedonya'da; Ocak 2008'de Katar'da konserler verdi.

Çok sayıda TV programı yapan topluluk, Klasik Türk Müziği'nin en eski örneklerinden oluşan Sazende Faslı/1 adlı bir CD çalışması gerçekleştirdi.

01. Uşşak Peşrev / Zurnazenbaşı İbrahim Ağa
02. Rüineva Saz Semaisi / Gazi Giray Han
03. Kanun Taksimi / Göksel Baktagir
04. Müstear Saz Semaisi / İrtical Dede
05. Rast Peşrev / Anonim
06. Rast Peşrev (Dü-Şems) / Farabi
07. Ud Taksimi / Yurdal Tokcan
08. Bayati Saat Peşrevi / Kemani Hızır Ağa
09. Uşşak Peşrev / Sultan I. Mahmud
10. Ney-Kemençe Müşterek Taksimi / Volkan Yılmaz - Selim Güler
11. Pesendide Saz Semaisi / Sultan III. Selim
12. Rast Peşrev / Şerif Çelebi
13. Uzzal Peşrev / Sultan IV. Murad

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Pink Martini - Splendor In The Grass

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Pink Martini follow the around-the-world-in-a-dozen-songs thrills of Hey Eugene! with Splendor in the Grass, a mellower, simpler set of small pleasures. These are relative terms, however; the group's music is still well-traveled, with China Forbes singing in five languages (English, Spanish, Neapolitan, French, and Italian) instead of the six or so on Eugene!. However, Pink Martini opt for a more unified sound here, one that draws on the more straightforward lounge-pop of their debut, Sympathique, and the mellowness of '60s and '70s pop. Splendor in the Grass' first half is especially smooth, opening with the beautifully soft Neapolitan ballad "Ninna Nanna" and the title track, on which Forbes sings "I think we should take it slow" over swooping strings, brass, and piano that resurrect the glory days of AM pop; that feeling is echoed by the cover of Joe Raposo's "Sing," the Sesame Street song that gained popularity when the Carpenters performed it (Emilio Delgado, aka Sesame Street's Luis, duets with Forbes here in Spanish and English). The album's first few tracks are among its most playful, including the slinky yet winking "Ohayoo Ohio" and the French confection "Ou Est Ma Tete?" While Pink Martini gets almost too cute for their own good with "And Then You're Gone" and "But Now I'm Back," a pair of songs about a quarreling couple inspired by Franz Schubert's "Fantasy Piano for Four Hands" and featuring NPR justice correspondent Ari Shapiro on the latter's vocals, Splendor in the Grass' second half is among their finest work. "Over the Valley" is a standout, a ballad so timelessly sweet that it seems like it must be a long-lost standard the group just blew the dust off of, but it's an original; conversely, the covers of Moondog's haunting "New Amsterdam" and Agustín Lara's "Piensa en Mi," sung by Chavela Vargas, sound fresh and authentic, providing the drama Hang on Little Tomato and Hey Eugene! provided in spades. Though it's a lower-key set of songs than those two albums, Splendor in the Grass is charming in its own right. ~ Heather Phares, Rovi

(01). Ninna nanna
(02). Ohayoo Ohio
(03). Splendor In The Grass
(04). Ou est ma tête-
(05). And Then You're Gone
(06). But Now I'm Back
(07). Sunday Table
(08). Over The Valley
(09). Tuca tuca
(10). Bitty Boppy Betty
(11). Sing
(12). Piensa en mi
(13). New Amsterdam
(14). Ninna nanna (Reprise)

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Gypsy Swing

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This is a compilation of mostly jazz manouche, the French gypsy swing, as made famous by Django Reinhardt. Contemporary as well as old artists with gypsy/rom inheritance from all over Europe are represented here.

Disc: 1
01. Django Reinhardt - Minor Swing 3:14
02. Bireli Lagrene - Les Yeux Noir 2:54
03. The Rosenbreg Trio - Songe D'automne 3:55
04. Romane - Legende 3:51
05. Moreno & Angelo Debarre - Les Gosses De La Rue 3:19
06. Latcho Drom - La Sorciere 3:48
07. Samson Shmitt Quintet Feat. Dorado Schmitt - Paris Sous La Pluie 3:09
08. Yorgui Loeffler - Kambelen 2:34
09. Christian Esoude, Davied Reinhardt & Jean Baptiste Laya - Adios Noninos 5:29
10. Raphael Fays - Menilmontant 3:52
11. Didier Lockwood - I Got Rhythm 3:18
12. Biel Ballester Trio - You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To 2:51
13. Boulou Ferre, Elios Ferre & Alain Jean-Marie - La Bande Des Trois 3:25
14. Tchan Tchou Vidal - Les Deux Guitares 2:17

Disc: 2
01. Thomas Dutronc, Pierre Blanchard & Ninine - Veish A No Drorn 3:42
02. Moreno - Milko 2:51
03. David Reinhardt Trio - All The Things You Are 4:00
04. Besh O Drom - Csango Menyhart 2:35
05. Les Doigts De L'homme - Le Poinconneur Des Lilas 5:17
06. Samson Schmitt - Billets Doux 3:14
07. Steeve Lafont Sre Kidjale - It Had To Be You (S) 3:28
08. Rodolphe Raffalli - Chanson Pour L'auvergnat 5:32
09. Gadjologie - Sur Mesure 2:12
10. Dino Mehrstein Quartet - I Love You 2:45
11. Lollo Meier Quartet - Lady Be Good 2:26
12. Am Ketenes - Hans Che's Swing 2:06
13. Gustav Lundgren & Anders Larsson - Out Of Nowhere 5:24
14. John Jorgenson - Man Of Mystery 3:41
15. Lemy Constantine - Nuages 4:00

Disc: 3
01. Stochelo Rosenberg - Joseph's Tiger 3:04
02. Escoude, Capon & Boussaguet - Jeanette 4:03
03. Angelo Debarre Quartet - Montagne St-Genevieve 2:57
04. Hot Club De Corse - Manoir De Mes Reves 3:29
05. Ninine Garcia - My Dream Of Love 4:07
06. Tchavolo Schmitt - J Attendrai 5:20
07. Jo Privat Feat. Matelot Ferret - La Zingara 2:16
08. Fapy Lafertin Quintet - Fleur De Lavande 3:40
09. De Piotto's - Sjuka Tjsai 3:05
10. Reinier Voet & Pigalle 44 - Les Cravates 3:15
11. Note Manouche - Sur Les Ponts De Venise 3:51
12. Enge - Guitar Ballad 4:36
13. Hot Club USA - Stompin's At Decca 3:58
14. Rocky Gresse - Rocky Seul 2:42
15. Jacques Higelin - A Django (Jacques Higelin) 2:53

Disc: 4

01. Oscar Aleman Y Su Quinteto De Swing - Besame Mucho 2:34
02. Stephane Grapelli - Sweet Chorus Live In Paris 1992 3:48
03. Romane Stochelo Rosenberg - La Promenade Romane 4:10
04. Hot Club De France - Micro 4:07
05. Trio Givone - Hunn, O Pati Naschella 3:49
06. Ritary Gaguenetti - A L Instant 5:04
07. Moreno & Marina Quartet - Just A Gigolo 3:20
08. Gadjo Combo - Swing Blues 3:09
09. Balkadje - Diabolo 3:07
10. Titi Demeter - Les Yeux Noirs 2:08
11. Norig - Les Petits Papiers 3:50
12. Francis Alfred Moerman Songe D'automne 3:57
13. Didier Roussin - A Matelot 2:35
14. Tony Murena & Baro Ferret - Passion 2:30
15. Django Reinhardt - Improvisation No 3 Part 2 2:46

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George Ntalaras - Mesogeios

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George Dalaras was born 29 September 1949, also possibly spelled as Yorgos or Giorgos Dalaras, is a Greek singer. He is of international fame and has recently been selected as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency. He was born in Nea Kokinia, Piraeus. His father was Loukas Daralas, a singer of rebetiko.

01. Mesogeios, Sebax O 8alassinnosTi Einai Afto Pou Mas Enwnei
02. Is Oria-Mu
03. Luna Rosa (With Eddy Napoli)
04. O Mare E Tu
05. Poios Taxydromos (Dicitincello Vuie)
06. Tayomro E-Shita (With Mira Anwar Awad)
07. Yiad Anouga (With Mira Anwar Awad)
08. Petakses (Corsica)
09. Scapricciatiello (With Eddy Napoli)
10. Havana (With Dulce Pontes)
11. Cancao Do Mar (With Dulce Pontes)
12. O Meu Menino E De Oiro (With Dulce Pontes)
13. Mavilim (With Halil Moustafa)
14. San Ton Metanasth (With Halil Moustafa)
15. Na Me Thymasai
16. Mia Thalassa Mikri
17. 8alassa Platiaxartino To Feggari (With Dulce Pontes)
18. Omorfh Polh (With Dulce Pontes)

192 kbps including covers


The Best Of James Last

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James Last is a German big band leader with a large fan base in Europe, although he has never had a comparable following in the United States. Last's trademark is arranging pop hits in a big-band style; his series of "party albums" is equally well-known. Over the course of his career, he has sold well over 50 million albums.

Last learned how to play piano as child, switching to bass as a teenager. He joined Hans-Gunther Oesterreich's Radio Bremen Dance Orchestra in 1946, when he was 17 years old. In 1948, he became the leader of the Becker-Last Ensemble, which performed for seven years. During that time, he was voted as the best bassist in the country by a German jazz poll for three consecutive years, from 1950-1952. After the disbandment of the Becker-Last Ensemble, he became the in-house arranger for Polydor Records, as well as for a number of European radio stations. For the next decade, he helped arrange hits for artists like Helmut Zacharias and Caterina Valente.

Last released his first album, Non-Stop Dancing, in 1965. The record of brief renditions of popular songs, all tied together by an insistent dance beat and joyous crowd noises. It was a hit and helped make him a major European star. Over the next two decades, Last released over 50 records, including several more volumes of Non-Stop Dancing. On these records, he varied his formula by adding different songs from different countries and genres, as well as guest performers like Richard Clayderman and Astrud Gilberto.

Though his concerts and albums were consistently successful -- especially in England, where he had 52 hit albums between 1967-1986, which made him second to Elvis Presley in terms of number of charting records -- he only had one hit single with "The Seduction," the theme from American Gigolo (1980). ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
[b]Disc: 1[/b]
01. James Last and his Orchestra - Biscaya
02. James Last and his Orchestra - Guantanamera
03. James Last and his Orchestra - Bamboleo
04. Richard Clayderman - From A Distance
05. James Last and his Orchestra - Music Of The Night
06. James Last and his Orchestra - Paradiso
07. James Last and his Orchestra - Granada
08. James Last and his Orchestra - Hey
09. James Last - Games That Lovers Play
10. James Last and his Orchestra - Sail Along Silvery Moon
11. James Last and his Orchestra - Spanish Eyes
12. James Last and his Orchestra - Happy Heart
13. James Last and his Orchestra - I Just Called To Say I Love You
14. James Last and his Orchestra - Sacrifice
15. Richard Clayderman - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
16. Choir - Don't Cry For Me Argentina
17. James Last and his Orchestra - The Living Years
18. James Last and his Orchestra - Stop! In The Name Of Love

[b]Disc: 2[/b]
01. James Last and his Orchestra - An Der Schönen Blauen Donau Op.314
02. James Last and his Orchestra - Les Contes D'Hoffmann: Barcarolle (Act 4)
03. James Last and his Orchestra - La Vie En Rose
04. James Last - Yesterday
05. James Last and his Orchestra - Ballade Pour Adeline
06. James Last and his Orchestra - Moulin Rouge
07. James Last and his Orchestra - Moon River
08. James Last and his Orchestra - Für Elise
09. James Last - Nabucco: Prisoners Chorus (Gefangenenchor)
10. James Last and his Orchestra - Serenade in G K525 "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik": 1. Allegro
11. James Last and his Orchestra - Concierto De Aranjuez: Adagio (Rodrigos Concerto)
12. James Last - Der Morgen
13. James Last and his Orchestra - Der einsame Hirte
14. James Last and his Orchestra - Amazing Grace
15. James Last and his Orchestra - The Londonderry Air
16. James Last and his Orchestra - Largo (aus Xerxes)
17. James Last - Adagio In G Minor
18. James Last and his Orchestra - Mondschein Sonate

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FLAC Disc: 2
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Oum Kalthoum - THAWRAT EL SHAK

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Oum Kalthoum - Akadu ashukku fi nafsi (Thawrat al-shakk, 1960

Lyrics: 'Abd Allah Faysal

Music : Reyad al-Sunbati

Maqam : Nahawand

Genre : Qasidah

192 kbps including covers


Viorica and Ionitsa - Clejani Express "A Devla"

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Musician and arranger Ionitsa, from the renowned Taraf de Haiduks, and singer Viorica left their town of Clejani to seek new opportunities in Bucharest. There they formed the Express, and set about turning the traditional Romanian music on its head while still holding on tight to the old melodies and instruments. This recording, a collection of older recordings along with some brand new pieces, introduces this local phenomena to a world-wide audience.
Although quite unspectacular, indeed unremarkable, the gypsy village of Clejani in southern Romania nevertheless became a myth: as the birthplace and home of generations of wonderful musicians. Taraf de Haïdouks, who have toured the world with enormous success, are also from here. And it was from Clejani that one of the musicians and arranger of that group, Ionitsa, set out for the big city of Bucharest, along with the singer Viorica and several other musicians. They formed the great group Clejani Express: brilliant wind instruments, virtuoso violins, cymbalon, accordion, percussion, and in the middle, the ardent voice of Viorica. This ‘wild gang’ created an urban sound that had scarcely existed in gypsy music until then. Powerfully ecstatic dance pieces run into elegiac ballades with magic spells and sacred chants.
While the internationally successful gypsy groups Taraf de Haïdouks and Fanfare Cioca(rlia toured the world for a decade before giving their first performances in Bucharest, it was the reverse with Viorica & Ionitsa: they and their group Clejani Express meantime have cult status in Romania, inspiring their audiences during performances, giving guest appearances on television and being awarded a Golden Disc. Network is now presenting an international world premiere, “A Devla”, a portrait of this group with both highlights from recent years and some brand new recordings. When Christian Scholze opened his ‘lucky bag’ on his return from Romania, all he could exclaim say was, “It's just sensational, the urban sound that organically emerged from tradition!'

01. Lautareasca
02. Dragostea de la Clejani
03. Bordeias
04. Vraja
05. Foaie verde
06. Pelin beau
07. Am umblat padurile
08. Sarba ca la Cartojani
09. Lume, lume
10. Devla
11. Suita instrumentala
12. Bulgaras de gheata rece
13. Cucu' si Corbu
14. Gram de iubire
15. Bolintinu din Vale

320 kbps including Front Cover


Kocani Orkestar - GYPSY FOLIES

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Kočani Orkestar (in Macedonian: Кочани Оркестар) also credited under the names: Kocani Orkestar, Kocani Orchestra, Kochani Orkestar and Kochani Orchestra is a Romani brass band from Kočani, Republic of Macedonia led by Naat Veliov.

Kocani Orkestar are among the funkiest exponents of the Balkan brass band style which is found across ex-Yugoslavia and is a direct descendent of the music once played by Turkish army bands. They come from the city of Kocani, in the Republic Of Macedonia. Their music is based on Gypsy tunes from various parts of the Balkans and on Turkish rhythms, with a sprinkle of Latin flavour.

Their song "Siki, Siki Baba" is featured on the soundtrack for the movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan although it has no connection to the Music of Kazakhstan. Together with the Romani singer Esma Redžepova, Naat Veliov has filed a lawsuit for the producers of the movie for an unauthorised use of the song.

(01) [Kocani Orkestar] Speed
(02) [Kocani Orkestar] Kocani Dans
(03) [Kocani Orkestar] Peking Delire
(04) [Kocani Orkestar] Nevestinsko Staro
(05) [Kocani Orkestar] Trno Mome
(06) [Kocani Orkestar] Nostalgie d´Amour
(07) [Kocani Orkestar] Lovdiski Cacak
(08) [Kocani Orkestar] Orient Ex-Ju
(09) [Kocani Orkestar] Berlin Melodij
(10) [Kocani Orkestar] Kalamatija
(11) [Kocani Orkestar] Se habla espanol
(12) [Kocani Orkestar] Pink Cocek
(13) [Kocani Orkestar] GipsyFolies

Alt text

WV (EAC Rip): 400 MB | MP3 - 320 kbs: 160 MB | Booklet Scans

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OR MP3 320 kbs

Ali Farka Toure - Savane

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Whenever a final album is released after the death of a great performer, it is often reviewed far more kindly than it might have been had the artist still been alive. There is no such problem with Ali Farka Touré's Savane. There may be other recordings of his that have yet to be released (including sessions with the world's finest kora player, Toumani Diabaté, recorded at the time of their memorable concert together at the Barbican last year), but this is the last solo album by the best-known and best-loved guitarist in Africa, and it's simply outstanding. He described it as "my best album evera" and he was absolutely right. Even compared to the much-praised earlier work by Mali's "godfather of the desert blues", this is a set that's remarkable for its sheer variety and passion, along with the expected but still thrilling guitar work, and some less predictably fine vocals.

The opening track, Erdi, shows where Touré is heading. There's a simple, repeated bluesy riff featuring the stuttering, dry sound of the ngoni, with the njarka (the one-stringed desert fiddle) added. It's a raw, powerful reminder that the blues came from this part of west Africa, but then the riff is embellished further, with Touré's guitar and the subtle addition of harmonica from the London-based Little George Sueref and saxophone from the great Pee Wee Ellis (who used to play for James Brown). Suddenly, there's a link between the ancient music of Mali and contemporary blues.

He follows up with a light, jaunty piece that shows off his loping guitar work on a bluesy, yet mysteriously Celtic-tinged and melodic piece that would have been a guitar player's delight back in the 1960s, in the era of folk baroque. Then there's Beto, a rolling, joyful burst of desert blues that again features restrained horn work from Ellis, and shows off some fine guitar improvisation. So it goes on.

The title track, Savane, is a reminder that there's yet another style that must have originated in west Africa, as Touré's single-string guitar intro develops into a sturdy reggae song, with the guitar again matched by impressive flurries of ngoni. And then there's Penda Yoro, which sounds like some joyful country-blues session, and Ledi Coumbe, another great guitar-and-ngoni blues workout, again with subtle wailing harmonica, that sounds like some African answer to an early Mississippi field recording and leads in to a wild njarka fiddle improvisation.

This is a memorable album of African blues, but the lyrics are also well worth checking out. As Ali Farka Touré himself said: "It's not so much the music that's important, as what you're saying. But the music has to be good for people to listen to the words." The songs are mostly in Malian dialects such as Peul (but with some sung in French), and they deal with anything from traditional stories about cattle rearing and competition through to tales of the spirit world (he may have been a devout Muslim but he was famous for his gift for communicating with the ancient spirits believed to live in the Niger river) through to more contemporary stories. So there are songs like Savane, dealing with migrant workers in France and the need for modern technology to deal with the desertification of his home region, to Yer Bounda Fara, with its thoughtful reflection on democracy and contemporary Mali.

Ali Farka Touré was not a griot, a hereditary musician, and neither did he come from any religious grouping, but there's a power to this album, reflecting the spiritual traditions of Mali that stretch back to before the Islamic era. He was a guitarist and singer for whom virtuoso performances just seemed to come naturally (he rarely bothered to rehearse) and who transformed western attitudes to Africa with his effortless demonstration that this was the source of the blues, and a whole lot more besides. The mayor of Niafunke may be gone, but his history and legacy lives on. This is an African classic.

(01). Erdi
(02). Yer Bounda Fara
(03). Beto
(04). Savane
(05). Soya
(06). Penda Yoro
(07). Machengoidi
(08). Ledi Coumbe
(09). Hanana
(10). Soko Yhinka
(11). Gambari Didi
(12). Banga
(13). N'Jarou

FLAC tracks (EAC Rip): 330 MB | MP3 - 320 kbs: 135 MB | Booklet Scans

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OR MP3 320 kbps

Farid El Atrache - Ya Retni Tir

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Lebanese born composer, musician and singer Farid El Atrache (فريد الاطرش) was one of the most important contributor to Egyptian film music. Born as a druze in the Syrian mountains in the village of al-Qajra in 1910, Farid al-Attrasj became one of the leading composers of Egyptian music. He featured in many movies on the side of dancer Samia Gamal as well as Tahia Carioca.
Samia Gamal became his girlfriend... Farid Al Atrash acquired some of his oud-playing skills of his mother, being born in a musical family. His sister Asmahan was also a singer and nearly as popular as Umm Kholtoum before she died in a car accident in mysterious circumstances. Songs like ''Noura Noura'' (with the enchanting ney melody), ''Leyla'', ''Hallet Layali'', and ''Gameel Gamal'' became instant hits. He not only sang his own compositions but wrote for other arab singers as well.
Over his lifetime, Farid starred in 31 movies and recorded approximately 350 songs. He also composed music for such famous singers as Wadih El-Safi, Warda, and Sabah. Farid El-Atrache has left a legacy to Arabic music. He is considered by Arab musicians as the best oud player of his time. His songs are still popularly used in many belly dance routines today. His voice and sad singing style was so unique and popular that Farid is still one of the most imitated singers. Composers consider Farid a leader in his field.
On December 26, 1974, Farid died in Beirut in Al Hayek hospital . Farid is buried in Cairo, Egypt.

Track List
01.Ya Retni Tir
03.Khatam Essabrou
04.Ya Nisma Tesri
05.Bitesalini An Hali
06.Ansak Ouaftakrek
07.Ya Masr Kount F 'Ghorba
08.Kifaya Achoufek
09.Habbit Oukan

Download HERE

Eastern Standard Time LP

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This compilation features all non-standard instrumentals of western influenced oriental music from 60/70s Egypt, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Japan, Lebanon and two eastern-American meetings. Hypnotic belly-dances, psychedelic surf-guitars, crazy organs, melancholic strings and oriental beat - and funk rhythms by Omar Khorshid, Naushad, Baligh Hamdy, Takeshi Terauchi, Sohail Rana, and many others.

Track List
A1 Layale Bourg El Hamam - Azef El Leyl
A2 Mohamed Abdel Wahab - Sahara City
A3 Baligh Hamdy - Gada
A4 The Sheiks Men - The Belly Dancer
A5 The Leon-Symphoniette - Dance Of The Rice-Tresher
A6 Fore Thoughts - Shabaz Qualander
A7 Terauchi Takeshi + His Blue Jeans - Edo Komoriuta
A8 Sohail Rana - Saat Maatray
B1 Faiza Ahmed - Nootet Al Daaf
B2 Baligh Hamdi - Raks El Asie
B3 Omar Khorshid - Guitar El Chark
B4 Little Egypt (3) - Snake Charmer's Delight
B5 Les Mogol - Madimak
B6 Naushad - Dream Ride
B7 S. Hazarasingh - Aa Jane Jaan
B8 Charanjit Singh - Jaaneman Jaaneman

Download HERE

Cairo Orchestra - Tribute To The Arabian Masters

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An instrumental tribute to the four stars of Classical Egyptian song performed by the Cairo Orchestra.

Track List
01. Ansak (Om Kalsoum)
02. Ya Gamil (Farid Al Atrash)
03. Kamil Al Awsaf (Abdel Halim Hafiz)
04. Gondol (Mouhammad Abdel Wahab)
05. Zeina (Farid Al Atrash)
06. Fakkarouni (Om Kalsoum)
07. Ala Hisbi Wa Dab (Abdel Halim Hafiz)
08. Malak Al Oud (Farid Al Atrash)
09. Aziza (Mouhammad Abdel Wahab)
10. Alf Leyla Wa Leyla (Om Kalsoum)
11. Albi Moutahou (Om Kalsoum)
12. Kariat Al Fingan (Abdel Halim Hafiz)

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Arabian Traditional Takht Ensemble

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Track List
01.Baed Anak
02.We Daret El Ayam
03.Aziza Dada
04.Lonja Reid
05.Lonja Sabogh
06.Ala Elhelwa Welmora
07.Seret El Hob
08.Seit El Habayeb

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Track List
01. Amana Alik Ya Lil Tawel
02. Talat Salamat
03. Ya Msafer Whdak
04. Habibi We Anayia
05. Mbisaalesh Alyia Abdan
06. Tamaly Fi Alby
07. Mal Elkamar Malo
08. Mdnak Gafaho
09. Gana Elhawa Gana

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Track List
01. Lyaly Elgzair
02. Ebn Elbald
03. Ghazel Elbanat
04. Ana Fi Entzarak
05. Moseeqa Elfan
06. Elnas Elmoghrameen
07. Ya Salam Ala Hobi W Hobak
08. Emta Elzaman
09. Andama Yaaty Elmsaa

Download HERE

Track List
01.Oyoun El Alb
02.Lola El Malama
03.El Alb Wala El Ein
04.Inta Omry
05.Eh Howa Dah
06.Ghanely Shewaya
07.Lil Sabr Hdoud
08.Malesh Amal

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Lo Mejor de Conchita Piquer vol.2/2

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Concha Piquer (8 December 1908 – 12 December 1990), born María de la Concepción Piquer López, was a Spanish singer and actress, sometimes billed as Conchita Piquer. She was known for her work in the copla form, and she performed her own interpretations of some of the key pieces in the Spanish song tradition, mostly works of the mid-20th century trio of composers Quintero, León y Quiroga.

Piquer was born in Valencia, Spain. In 1922, she debuted in New York City at the age of 14, and later appeared with Eddie Cantor, Al Jolson, and Fred and Adele Astaire. On 15 April 1923, she appeared in a short film, "From Far Seville", made by Lee de Forest in his Phonofilm sound-on-film process, and shown at the Rivoli Theater in New York City. This film is now in the Maurice Zouary collection at the Library of Congress.

[01]. En tierra extraña
[02]. Dolores Vargas
[03]. Sevillanes del Espartero
[04]. La madreselva
[05]. Romance de la reina Mercedes
[06]. Doña Sol
[07]. Tatuaje
[08]. Dolores la Petenera
[09]. Catalina
[10]. Que Dios te lo pague
[11]. P'a quién será
[12]. Como si fuera verdad
[13]. Nada Vidalita
[14]. Ojitos de sol y sombra
[15] A la lima y al limón
[16]. Angelitos negros
[17]. Antonio Vargas Heredia
[18]. Los Piconeros
[19]. Con divisa verde y oro
[20]. Lola puñales

|MP3|145 Mb|WAV|631 Mb|2006|Canción Española|Multiupload|

Part 1
Part 2


Lo Mejor de Conchita Piquer vol.1/2

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Concha Piquer (8 December 1908 – 12 December 1990), born María de la Concepción Piquer López, was a Spanish singer and actress, sometimes billed as Conchita Piquer. She was known for her work in the copla form, and she performed her own interpretations of some of the key pieces in the Spanish song tradition, mostly works of the mid-20th century trio of composers Quintero, León y Quiroga.

Piquer was born in Valencia, Spain. In 1922, she debuted in New York City at the age of 14, and later appeared with Eddie Cantor, Al Jolson, and Fred and Adele Astaire. On 15 April 1923, she appeared in a short film, "From Far Seville", made by Lee de Forest in his Phonofilm sound-on-film process, and shown at the Rivoli Theater in New York City. This film is now in the Maurice Zouary collection at the Library of Congress.

[01]. Ojos Verdes
[02]. La Lirio
[03]. La Ruiseñora
[04]. Dime Que Me Quieres
[05]. Arrieros Somos
[06]. La Parrala
[07]. No Te Mires En EL Rio
[08]. YO Quiero Vender Mis Ojos
[09]. Chachi
[10]. La NIña De Puerta Oscura
[11]. Carceleras Del Puerto
[12]. No Me Llames Dolores
[13]. YO No Me Quiero Enterar
[14]. Aguita Clara
[15]. Doña Luz
[16]. La Rosa y El Viento
[17]. Trinià
[18]. A Tu Vera
[19]. Eugenia de Montijo
[20].Salero de España

|Mp3| 320 Mb||WAV|661 Mb|2006|Canción Española|Multiupload|

Part 1


Joseph Sakr And Ziad Rahbani - Bema Enno

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Joseph Sakr is a famous singer from Lebanon. Joseph Saker was born in the year 1942, he passed away in the year 1997.

Joseph Sakr released his final album entitled Bema Enno, on the first day of 1997 and in the same year he died.
The album was a very big hit in that year.
Joseph Sakr worked closely with Ziad Rahbani on many albums. With the death Joseph Sakr, the arab listeners lost a sensitive voice.
Joseph Sakr also worked and acted in few comedy plays, in which he sang and acted.
Joseph started his career in singing after joining Al ferqa al Shaabia al loubnaniya which was established by the Rahbani brothers in the early sixties. Later on Joseph joined Ziad in his first play Sahrieh in the year 1973.
Joseph was part of all of Ziad El Rahbani plays, he also sang in many of Ziad albums.

Track List
01. Doukhoul
02. Hek Btaamel Hek
03. Aataba 1
04. Eltili
05. El Jaw Halyan
06. Aataba 2 - Malafat
07. Talfan Aayash
08. Aataba 3 - Olympic
09. Bema Enno
10. Raksat Al 'ors
11. Marba El Dalal
12. 0007
13. Aataba 4 - Mai, Juillet
14. Aflaton

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Abdel Halim Hafez - Kariat Al Fengan ("The Fortune Teller")

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This live recording, "Kariat al-Fengan" ("The Fortune Teller"), was the last song done by Egyptian legend Abdel Halim Hafez and is probably one of his best works as well. In this performance, over an hour long, we are treated to drama, passion and raw emotion that classical Arabic music is so rightly famous for. Hafez is rightly known as one of the greatest classical performers in the Arabic-speaking world, and of his numerous recordings, this CD is as good a place to start as any. The song is one of his most well-known, and well-loved, works. If you are a lover of classical Arabic music, or Middle Eastern music in general, then I strongly recommend you check out this CD.

Track List
01.Kariat Alfengan
Mp3 . Full Cover

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Fairuz - Maux d'amour

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Quand la musique égyptienne écrasait tout le monde arabe, une seule voix a su se faire entendre face à ce long hégémonisme, elle venait du Liban. C'est Fairouz, qui signifie turquoise, Nouhad Haddad de son vrai nom, connue pour une voix ample. Fairouz a interprété de tout, le style de Beyrouth qui a su adapter la grande mélodie d'Égypte, s'inspirer du classique européen et rénover le folkore libanais comme l'ont fait ses premiers et longtemps collaborateurs, les frères Rahbani, Mansour et Assi qui fut son mari. Ces Maux d'amour rassemblent toute la richesse musicale de la diva de Beyrouth pour qui son fils, le jazzman Ziad Rahbani, compose de plus en plus de musiques hardies. --Bouziane Daoudi

01. Le Beirut
02. Laeb Al Rishah
03. La Tinsa...Ana Hona
04. Mush Kissa Hai
05. Habaitak Ta Nesset Al Naoum
06. Oudak Rannan
07. Khaleek Bilbait
08. Houmoum Al Hob
09. Mish Kayan Hayek T'Koun
10. Sallimleh Alayh
11. W'Kameh
12. Al Thaniah

FLAC tracks (EAC Rip): 320 MB | MP3 - 320 kbs: 130 MB | Covers

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Oum Kalthoum - SHAMS EL ASEIL

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Oum Kalthoum - Chams Al Assil
Composer: Riad al-Sunbati
Lyrics: Bayram al-Tunsi
Genre: Ughniyah
Maqaam: Hijaz kar
Alt. transcriptions: Shams il-asil

Recorded live 1955, Cairo Egypt

224 kbps including covers


Abdel Halim Hafez - Fouq Elchouk

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Abdel Halim Hafez
Al Andalib Al Asmar "The Dusky Nightingale". was the nickname of the most idolized Arabic artist-singer of the second half of the 20th century: Abdel Halim Hafez. His life resembles a true mosaic where all of his songs put together make up a fresco of love, patriotism, glory and grief. He was the idol of the young generations of the sixties and seventies, and remained so for the generations that followed. So much so that today, grand mothers compete with their grand children in their idolatry for the "Dusky Nightingale". Today, fully matured middle aged men are still overwhelmed by him as their prime youth was deeply marked by his unique and unmatched voice. He was practically born an orphan. It was in 1929 and the beginning of a grief stricken life III health and disease continuously dogged the artist until he died prematurely at the age of 48 in a London clinic. Sixteen movies and some hundred songs cannot possible, be enough to sum up and explain the Abdel Halim Hafez phenomenon. Halim, as his close friends used to call him was endowed with a rare charisma boosted by an outstanding intelligence and an amazing sensitivity and compassion which permeated the way he sang or played as an actor with prestigious stars such as Shadia, Faten Hamama, Maryam Fakhreddine, Sabah etc... Although a talented musician himself, he never composed the melodies of his songs. However, he enriched the work of his early collaborators namely kamal El Taweel, Mohamed El Mougui and later on Mohamed Abdel Wahab who was his close friend and his "accomplice" as well as Baligh Hamdi to name a few. He happened to sing songs whose lyrics sounded more like a trade-union manifesto but which turned into fiery passion through the magic of his voice...Imagine when he crooned love songs...

1. Fouq Elchouk
2. Ana Lak Alatoul
3. Esbbakni Ya Albi
4. Nar Hobbak Nar
5. El Layali
6. Ouloulou
7. Naam Ya Habibi

FLAC (EAC Rip): 330 MB | MP3 - 320 kbs: 150 MB | Scans

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Part 1 | Part 2

OR MP3 320 kbps

Dastan Ensemble & Shahram Nazeri

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01 - Moghadameh (Introduction)
02 - Daramad (Première Mélodie D'un Dastgahinitial Melody Of A Dastgah)
03 - Masti Salamat Mikonad (Un Ivre Te Saluea Drunkard Hails You)
04 - Solo De Barbat (Barbat Solo)
05 - Tchaharmezrab (Forme Musicalemusical Form)
06 - Solo De Kamancheh (Kamancha Solo)
07 - Aragh (Partie D'un Dastgahpart Of A Dastgah)
08 - Zarbi Aragh (Partie Rythmique D'un Araghrhythmical Part Of An Aragh)
09 - Forud (Retour A La Note Initialereturn To The Starting Point)
10 - Ky July Tchaw Kajala (La Fille Aux Charmants Yeux De Bichethe Charming
11 - Aman Ba Lanjeo Lar (Prends-Garde A La Bien-Aimée Coquette - Watch Out For My Beloved - She's Flirtatious)

MP3 Bitrate: 227-232 kbps (VBR) Encoder: LAME 3.98

Bonga - Angola 74

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MP3 Bitrate: 256 kbps Encoder: LAME 3.93

FAIRUZ - Eh Fi Amal (2010)

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The return of Fairuz:

Nihad Hadad, known to the Arab world as Fairuz, is considered by many to be the most important singer alive today in the Middle East. But the Lebanese diva, who at the age of 74 has made over one hundred albums, has not released original material since her 2002 album “Wala Keef?” (Or What, Exactly?). Instead, the “Ambassador to the Stars” has been embroiled in ongoing legal struggles for the right to perform most of her catalogue, which was composed almost entirely by her late husband, Assi Rahbani, and his brother, Mansour, whose sons brought the original court order.

For the past two years, the new album, previously titled “Allah Kbeer” (I Have my Faith in God), bounced from production company to production company in search of a producer and distributor. News outlets and gossip websites speculated relentlessly on its fate, with comments from the album composer, Ziad Rahbani (the son of Fairouz and Assi), assuring fans of the album's imminent release. For the first time,

Pessimism surrounding the release of the album was rooted mainly in the dispute over royalties, in which the heirs to Mansour Rahbani demanded that Fairuz stop performing songs written by their father until she shares a portion of the income generated by them.

But, according to Malak al-Najjar, a Lebanese lawyer, this court order does not include releasing new material. “Fairouz is free to release any new album without asking for permission,” says the lawyer, who is also a fan. “I believe, on a personal level, that the court order does not have any legal grounds to it.”

Fairuz's music has influenced many generations and is considered a milestone in the music scene in Lebanon and the Arab world. With her playful lyrics and angelic voice, Fairouz sings about being betrayed by matchmakers ("Adish Kan fi Nas"), children's love stories, ("Shadi"), and freedom, which she calls a "wild child" and a "fire rose" ("Ya Horreya").

Track List
01. Al Ayel
02. Ossa Zghiri Ktir
03. Kel Mal Haki
04. Kbiril Mazha Hay
05. Allah Kbir
06. Al Ardou Lakoum
07. Ma Chawart Hali
08. Diar Bakr
09. El Bint El Chalabiya
10. Eh Fi Amal
11. Bektob Asamihon
12. Tal El Zaatar - MEA

@ 320 Kb Full Cover

Download HERE

Bonga - Angola 72

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Biography From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Watch on youtube
FLAC 262 MB can be split into tracks via a player such as foobar 2000
Part1 - Part2 - Part3

Hasna - Alresalah

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Hasna El Maghribia, also known as Hasna, is a Moroccan female singer.
Hasna is one of the Moroccan singers who succeeded to rise to the front of Arab musical scene for their impressing talent.
Upon a first song, “Yalla Bina Yallah” which was a remake of the folk song of Dalida, Hasna cut her way to success with another remake of the song “Marsoul Al Hob” of renowned Moroccan singer Abdelwahab Doukkali. The title sung with a female a voice earned local and Arab audience’s attention. The music video of the song added to the originality of the song for it included elements of Moroccan culture. The song was a big success.
Hasna’s following works were: “Choufou Choufou”, “Hob Walla” and the latest “Youm Fil Omr” released in 2008 and produced by the prestigious Rotana Recording.
Hasna El Maghribia is now preparing a new album for which she already chose four songs with the assistance of notorious producer Jean Saliba.

Track List
01 Alresalah
02 Ma Berdah
03 Saidaly
04 Men Ablak
05 Bein El Aser
06 Hawalt Kteer
07 Far Away ( With Demis Roussos)

MP3 @ 320 KB Full Cover
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Titi Winterstein Quintett - Gipsy Feelings

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Track List
01. Noto-Swing
02. Amoureux
03. Sur Ma Tombe
04. Milko
05. Sinto Nova
06. Swing '85
07. Djinee Tu Kowa Ziro
08. For Babs
09. Ich Liebe Die Sonne, Den Mond Und Die Sterne
10. Lulu-Valse
11. Hunn, O Pani Naschella
12. J'ai Souvent Pleuré

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Ziad Rahbani - Houdou Nisbi ( Relative Calm )

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The many faces of Ziad rahbani are exhibited in the diversity of his work. But whether a hopeless romantic or a scathing critic, he brings an air of 1980s Beirut with him on Houdou Nisbi. The album is a tribute to Ziad's love for jazz, but like his complex personality, it is full of influences from both east and west. The album opens with Bala Wala Chi, a heartfelt ballad sung by longtime friend Sami Hawat. The title song is a melancholic, jazzy number accented with Ziad's signature bouzouk, and is a great example of "oriental" jazz. Nafs El Shaghli brings us more oriental jazz, but this time accented with the beautiful voices of Monica and Sami Hawat. The oddball Yalla Kichou Barra, unmistakably Ziad Rahbani, invites the electric guitar and oriental percussion in. Ma Tfil is a lighter track, with uplifting strings, and again sung by Sami Hawat, although the chorus creates does a great job setting the ambiance. The album then shifts into a more bossa nova-style mood with an instrumental piece, Bil nisbi La Boukra Shou?, interestingly joined by a kawala. Bisaraha is the notorious song Ziad wrote about his relationship with now ex-wife Dalal Karam, and he is joined again by Sami Hawat on vocals. Bain El Khamsa Wel Sab'a is another relaxed instrumental piece. Rouh Khabbir is a mellow cover of The Crusaders' Soul Shadows, and fits perfectly in the album. Monica lends her voice to another, more upbeat instrumental in Min Kil Bid, and rounds up the album with a great ballad in Khalas. The rightly named Final, is a a hauntingly beautiful guitar interlude that closes the album.

Track List
01.Bala Wala Shi
02.Hudou Nisbi (Relative Calm)
03.The Same (Nafs Esh-Shaghly)
04.Yalla Kichou Barra
05.Don't Go (Ma Tfil)
06.Bil Nisbi La Boukra
08.5 to 7 pm
09.Rouh khabbir
10.For sure (Min Kulli Bid)

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Edvin Marton - Strings 'n Beats

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Track List
01. King Of The Forest
02. Miss You
03. Bitter Sweet Symphony
04. Una furtiva lagrima
05. Magic Stradivarius
06. Birdman
07. Secret Emotions
08. Fire Dance
09. Gloomy Sunday
10. First Date
11. Wind Of Spring
12. Panis Angelicus
13. Spaces Of Freedom
14. Sarabande
15. Art On Ice

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Edvin Marton - Virtuoso

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He was born in an area of Ukraine largely inhabited by ethnic Hungarians. He was born into a musical family and at age of five was already learning the violin from his parents. He was eight when accepted into that alma mater for the most talented musicians of the Soviet Union, the Central Tchaikowsky Music School in Moscow.

He continued his studies with Eugenia Tchougaeva. He gave his first important concert at the age of twelve, with the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. At the age of seventeen he became a student at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music Budapest, in the class of Géza Kapás. He took part in a masterclass given by Ruggiero Ricci, where he won the prize for the best participant, and he was also the Grant Prize winner of the International Course Competition in Berlin invited by Ruggiero Ricci too. Since 1993 he has been a "young soloist" for the National Philharmonic Concert Agency in Hungary.

Track List
01.Gipsy Dance
02.Beethoven 5
03.Love Story
06.Guitarra Latino
07.Romeo And Juliet
09.Hungarian Rhapsody
12.Dark Angel
13.Oda Of Joy
14.Carmina Burana

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Fairuz - Andaloussiyat

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This is one of the Rahbani Brothers' masterpieces in which they render their interpretation of the Andalusian Muwashah. Very interesting musical arrangements.
Born and educated in Beirut, Fairuz (Fayrouz, Fairouz) began her musical career as a chorus member at the Lebanese Radio Station. In the late 1950s her talent as a singer became fully acknowledged. Met with unprecedented enthusiasm, Fairuz's early songs featured the singer's distinct vocal timbre and lyrics expressing romantic love and nostalgia for village life. They meshed with a delicate orchestral blend in which certain Arab instruments figured prominently but which also subtly incorporated European instruments and European popular dance rythms.

She also sometimes sang adaptations of Arab folk tunes. By the early 1960s Fairuz was already one of the main attractions of the annual Baalbeck Festivals and a celebrity not only in Lebanon but throughout the Arab world.

During most of her singing career, Fairuz was part of a three-member team which included the two Rahbani brothers. Generally, her lyrics were written by Mansour Rahbani, and the tunes were composed and arranged by his brother 'Assi, Fairuz's late husband. Fairuz's songs owe a great deal to the musical and poetic genius of these two Lebanese artists. In recent years they have also reflected the composing talent of Ziad Rahbani, Fairuz's son. In addition, they testify to Fairuz's broad musical background, which traditions of Arab music.

Fayrouz has performed in many US cities including Washington DC, New York and most recently Las Vegas.

[01]. Arjii ya alf leila
[02]. Ballegh ho ya kamarou
[03]. Law kana qalbi maii
[04]. Ya man hawa
[05]. Ja'at mouaazibati
[06]. Kad ataka
[07]. Law taalamina
[08]. Arjii ya alf leila
[09]. La tass'alouni
[10]. Ya shdi'l alhan
[11]. Ya khalilaya
[12]. Ya wahida'l ghid
[13]. Hajabouha
[14]. Ya ghosn naka
[15]. Jadaka'l ghaythou
[16]. Ya laylou'l sabbou
[17]. Lamlamtou zikra


Lotfi Bouchnak – live

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11 chansons en public par le Tunisien Lotfi Bouchnak en plusieurs genres arabes dont le dour et le mouachah, mais aussi du pop tunisien tel que Nassaya et Inti Chamsi ”

01. Samaîi Isbaâïne
02. Bi Racha
03. Irtijal
04. Zallit Bi Echka
05. Ech Douk Echamayel
06. Hassabouna Fa Dakkakou
07. Ya Habibi Farrahni
08. Min Annaoua
09. Emta El Haoua (Dour)
10. Nassaya
11. Ellila Hloua
11. Inti Chamsi

320 kbps including Covers

Part One
Part Two

Ahmed El Kalai – Awtar Oua Al'Han

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Ahmed Kalaï (1936-12 octobre 2008) était une des figures de proue de la musique tunisienne depuis les années soixante et connu pour ses créations, et ses compositions de chansons interprétées par lui et par de grands chanteurs et chanteuses tunisiens .
Il était notamment considéré un des virtuoses du luth en Tunisie et dans le monde arabe.
Le CD que je mets à votre disposition ici a été réalisé grâce à une subvention du Ministère Tunisien des Affaires Culturelles. ”

(01). Takassim (hijaz kar)
(02). Samaï (hijaz kar)
(03). Takassim (nahaowend)
(04). Lounga (nahaowend)
(05). Imane (Maâzoufa)
(06). Takassim (hijaz kar kourdi)
(07). Kaouatir (Maâzoufa)
(08). Takassim (Rast)
(09). Jamel Ettabia (Maâzoufa)
(10). Takassim (Ochek)
(11). Ouard Errabia (Maâzoufa)
(12). Al Yassamine (Maâzoufa)

320 kbps including Covers


Asturiana: Songs From Spain & Argentina

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"I could swear Kashkashian's viola sings words as well"
A melodious and atmospheric collection of songs without words, Asturiana - Songs from Spain an Argentina offers a fascinating overview of different idioms in Spanish and Argentine songs from early 20th century composers such as De Falla, Granados, Ginastera, Gustavino, Montsalvatge and others. Spanish songs lend themselves particularly well to instrumental transcription due to their frequent foundation in folk and popular styles of song and dance. Their melodic beauty and rhythmic energy create an intense atmosphere of tenderness and nostalgia with sudden outbursts of vitality - a most evocative music that doesn't seem to call for any verbal emphasis. Kim Kashkashian's and Robert Levin's duo, dating back to the mid-seventies, is a rare phenomenon of true musical partnership. It can be observed particularly well in their numerous ECM productions which, after the first album "Elegies" (1986), have included works by Schumann, Brahms, Hindemith, Shostakovich and other composers. The difference of their two musical approaches - Kashkashian's lyricism and love for the melodic line combined with Levin's strong interest in structure and stylistic considerations - is a main reason that this collaboration has been so fruitful. In fact, Asturiana demonstrates an extraordinary degree of freedom and flexibility, both rhythmically and sonically.

Manuel de Falla (1876-1946)
Asturiana [Track 01]

Enrique Granados (1867-1916)
El mirar de la Maja [Track 02]
El Majo olvidado - A Emilio de Gogorza [Track 03]
La Maja dolorosa [Track 04]
El Majo discreto [Track 05]

Carlos Guastavino (1912-2000)
La rosa y el sauce [Track 06]

Alberto Ginastera (1916-1983)
Triste [Track 07]

Xavier Montsalvatge (1912-2002)
Canción de cuna para dormir a un negrito - A Mercedes Plantado [Track 08]
Chévere - A Santiago Kastner [Track 09]
Cuba dentro de un piano - A Concepción Badía de Agustí [Track 10]
Punto de habanera - A Lola Rodriguez de Aragón [Track 11]

Manuel de Falla (1876-1946)
Siete canciones populares españolas (1914-15) - A Madame Ida Godebska
El paño moruno [Track 12]
Seguidilla murciana [Track 13]
Asturiana [Track 14]
Jota [Track 15]
Nana [Track 16]
Canción [Track 17]
Polo [Track 18]

Alberto Ginastera (1916-1983)
Triste [Track 19]

Carlos Guastavino (1912-2000)
Se equivocó la paloma… - A María de Pini de Chrestia [Track 20]
Abismo de sed [Track 21]
Pampamapa [Track 22]
Bonita rama de sauce [Track 23]
La rosa y el sauce [Track 24]

Carlos López Buchardo (1881-1948)
Prendiditos de la mano - A Esther Llavallol de Roca [Track 25]
Oye mi llanto - A Miguel Mastrogianni [Track 26]

Transcriptions for viola and piano by Kim Kashkashian and Robert Levin

Kim Kashkashian, viola
Robert Levin, piano

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Fairuz - Beirut: Arabian Masters

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Selection of the Greatest Hits Recorded by Famous Lebanon Singer, Fairuz (Her Real Name is Nihad Haddad). Her Biggest Hits Are 'Ishar' and 'Sakana al Leyel' Recorded to the Poetry of Gibran Khalil.

01. Ishar, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Rahbani Brothers
02. Kahifakolil, Mohamed Abdel Wahab
03. Ya Garatal Wadi, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Ahmed Shawki
04. Sakana al Leyel, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Gibran Khalil
05. Habbeytak, Rahbani Brothers
06. Dhakhilik Ya Emmi, Rahbani Brothers
07. Dak Elhawa, Rahbani Brothers
08. Fayek Walla Nassi, Rahbani Brothers
09. Beirut Hal Zarafat [Live], ElKhoury, Bechara
10. Hamaltu Beirut [Live]
11. Min Taht Hal Arzeh [Live]

Mohamed Abdel Wahab (Composer), Ahmed Shawki (Poetry), Rahbani Brothers (Composer)

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Erhan Bayladı - Geçmişten Yansımalar (Reflections from the past)

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Many instrumental composers of the past and has caused a rush to work like embroidery works of the great pleasure and admiration survived relax. Unfortunately, today is composed of very few composers of instrumental works out to face the day not because of various problems.Every time we listen with admiration the great masters have been affected with a sense of the composer's own work has revealed that host, ie, as a reflection of the past now preparing an album that, "Reflections from the past." from Erhan Bayladı ”

[01]. Suzinak Saz Semaisi
[02]. Nihavend Saz Semaisi
[03]. Hicaz Ud Taksimi

Ud: Erhan Bayladı
[04]. Hicaz Saz Eseri
[05]. Kürdili Hicazkar Keman Taksimi

Keman: Aydın Varol
[06]. Kürdili Hicazkar Saz Semaisi
[07]. Hicazkar Kanun Taksimi

Kanun: Ahmet Meter
[08]. Hicazkar Saz Semaisi
[09]. Hüzzam Ney Taksimi

Ney: Volkan Yılmaz
[10]. Hüzzam Saz Semaisi
[11]. Hisar Buselik Saz Eseri

320 kbps including Covers


Musique iranienne

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La musique iranienne est expression de sentiments, d'émotions, de «mouvements d'âme». Tantôt non mesurée, comme des récitatifs, tantôt très rythmée, elle fait alterner un caractère méditatif, voire une nostalgie de l'Absolu, qui habitait maints grands maîtres de jadis - dont la plupart étaient des mystiques - et une exaltante allégresse.

Djamchid Chemirani, zarb
(01) Improvisation à 6 temps

Madjid Kiani, santour
(02) Dastgâh-e Segah

Dariush Tala'i, tar
(03) Dastgâh-e Shur

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Alto En La Fiebre De La Rumba (A Calm in the Fire of Dances)

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Another page is written in rhumba history, New York chapter. Kip Hanrahan's ever inventive, ever experimental (sometimes to their own detriment) American Clave label offers a follow-up to their first deep rhumba release, This Night Becomes a Rumba. In very much the same spirit, the percussion is thickly layered and pulsing, the arrangement ideas are out of the box, and the emotional tone is at times melancholy and searching, at others fierce and impassioned. With truly the very finest percussionists in the business at his disposal, including drummers Horacio "El Negro" Hernández and Robby Ameen, congueros Richie Flores, Giovanni Hidalgo, and Paoli Mejias (to name just a few), and timbalero Amadito Valdes, there is an overabundance of percussive talent. At times, the blanket of rhumba-funk can be so thick as to stifle the tune, but when used in more sparing measure, it's glorious. The unexpected standout of the record is the vocal styling of Haila Monpie, a former member of the Cuban vocal group Bamboleo. Her tone and improvisational talent are heart-wrenching and inspiring. All in all, there's enough variety and nuance in this record to captivate even those who are not rhumba obsessed. For those who are, say goodbye to friends and family for at least a week. You're going to be glued to the stereo. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

(01). Cubana
(02). Medley: Robby and Negro Opening Time/Pensamiento
(03). Bom Bom Bom Bom
(04). Prelude to Ungolpecito Na' Ma
(05). Kip Quest
(06). Quimbara 2000
(07). Charles and Andy Discuss the Science Voodoo and the Voodoo of Science
(08). Besame Mucho
(09). Tradicion
(10). Sugar and Cotton (Black Hands in White Labor)
(11). Cantar Maravillioso
(12). Giovanni
(13). Arabian Nights
(14). El Solo Nino
(15). Yambu de Las Cocas
(16). Work and Play (Real Life Dramas)

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Sayed Darwish

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