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On CHANTS OF INDIA, Ravi Shankar's music mixes both Western and Eastern styles to evoke the beauty of the collective human experience. We hear an Indian chorus of singers and a western chorus of singers working in synergy, and stringed instruments (violins, cellos, etc.) mixed in with Indian instruments such as the sitar, tanpura, and others.

George Harrison plays a little guitar and percussion as well as producing the album. One of Shankar's most experimental and daring projects, CHANTS OF INDIA is an impressive effort. The use of mantras adds power and passion to the already hypnotic compositions.

1997 release on Angel, produced by George Harrison andfeaturing 16 chants. The 16 booklet features black & whitephotos, plus the original manuscript of each chant, plusEnglish translations & summaries for each as well.

Mantram is Ravi Shankar's effort to set Sanskrit chants from ancient Hindu scriptures to music, and the result is a captivating mix of chant and music. Produced by George Harrison, this collection of mantras and prayers from the Vedas, Upanishads, and other scriptures powerfully transports the listener to a place of peace where it's possible to be one with the universe. It's as if a heavy, enveloping cloak of serenity falls from the dark, floating sounds of cello opening the CD. Shankar employs flute, tamboura, harp, and other instruments to accent the mighty "Om" thread that weaves itself through the cloth of this album, bringing together deep, ominous voices with delicate, earthly instruments. One looking for extensive Shankar sitar might be disappointed, but the beauty of this artist's creativity and spiritual vision sweeps one away into a larger, more meaningful listening experience.

01. Vandanaa Trayee
02. Omkaaraaya Namaha
03. Vedic Chanting (One)
04. Asato Maa
05. Sahanaa Vavatu
06. Poornamadah
07. Gaayatri
08. Mahaa Mrityunjaya (Om Triambakam)
09. Veenaa-Murali (Music Interlude)
10. Geetaa (Karmanye Vadhikaraste)
11. Mangalam (Tala Mantra)
12. Hari Om (Music Interlude)
13. Svara Mantra
14. Vedic Chanting (Two)
15. Prabhujee
16. Sarve Shaam

Personnel includes: Ravi Shankar (vocals, sitar); George Harrison (vocals, acoustic guitar, autoharp, glockenspiel, vibraphone); Chandrashekhar (vocals, violin); Kalyan (violin); Terry Emery (percussion).

Entertainment Weekly (08/01/97, p.74) - "...Unlike Shankar's classical raga recordings, CHANTS is a set of short, colorfully arranged pieces, enjoyable for neophytes and devotees alike. Another jewel from a humble world-music superstar." - Rating: A-
JazzTimes (10/97, p.81) - "...basing the music on ancient Indian chants...Shankar has produced a surprisingly colorful and accessible set of 16 pieces..."

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