MAROC 'MOROCCO' (Series) (Institut Du Monde Arabe), ''12 Albums''

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[01].El Hadj Houcine Toulali The Malhun of Meknes (Le Malhun de Meknes)
For nearly thirty years I've struggled to learn and speak Arabic, the language whose beauty captured me from my first exposure to it. My favorite orators were Egyptian President Nasser & His Majesty King Hussein of Jordan. Both were masters of rhetoric whose eloquence made the language soar in a way that could move masses politically and emotionally. El Hadj Toulali (d. 1998) was also a master of the language, one who practiced the Moroccan performing art form known as malhun, an urban style of sung poetry. The CD opens with the wonderful "Sir a naker lehsan" ("Go, you ungrateful"), a 5-verse, 120-line poetic text composed in the 19th century that introduces Toulali's voice, the responsive choir and spare strings and percussion that accompany each piece. Originally, these songs were restricted to the private domain of the brotherhoods. Later, as themes reached beyond religious mysticism to secular topics and societal commentary, malhun became popular on the radio airwaves and on records. While serving as apprentices of the working class craft guilds, men without women let their imaginations run free. One result, in part, is the flights of poetic imagination of elusive love, beauty and virtue. The setting is as illusory as it is romantic and characterizes the songs on The Malhun of Meknes. Ripe with social taboo, Toulali conveys the passion of sensuous desire competing with the frustration and isolation of celibate bachelorhood. It's unusual to let music such as this run to its natural length. "Fadhma" runs just over 17 minutes; "Lharras" ("The Cerberus"), at 392 lines grouped into 7 verses, runs just over 31 minutes. The Arab dialect is slow and deliberate, allowing each phrase and syllable to be heard and savored. Text translation to read along would be desirable; but even if you don't understand a word, I assure you, this poetry alone will evoke emotion. A beautiful and satisfying recording.

1. Sira A Naker Lehsan/Va, Ingrate
2. Fadhma (Prenom Feminin)
3. Lharraz/Le Cerbere Écouter
4. Ruf A Dabel Le' Yan/Aie Pitie, Aimee Au Regard Langoureux

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[02]. Amenzou Ensemble - The Malhun in Marrakesh
A collection of sung poetry that has developed in the urban areas of Morocco over hundreds of years. This album presents a concert by Mohammed Suita with the Amenzou brothers and their ensemble.
This an amazing live recording of Malhun music. The concert was organized in June 1999 under the aegis of the year of Morocco in France by the Institut du Monde Arabe and recorded in the abbey of Royaumont. Great performance, great voices, fantastic sound.

1. Nezha
2. Meryem
3. L-Tbib - Le Médicin
4. Tamu
5. L-Saqi - L'Échanson
6. Fesl I-Rbi' Gebbel - Le Printemps Arrive

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[03]. Compagnies musicales du Tafilalet - L'appel des oasis
Music from the Tafilalet oasis in the Sahara desert. The disc features four musical groups from Tafilalet who draw their inspiration from both the tradition and the modern world.
Here's a brilliant collection of Moroccan roots music from the desert Atlas Mountains, sounds in which spirituality and history merge to cast a powerful musical spell. These four groups all come from the dry highlands (Tafilalet) between two rivers not far from the Algerian border, a place where Berber, Arab, Andalusian and African cultures have long merged at the desert oasis. The village of Erfoud--5000 people living 3000 feet above sea level--has become the center of a revival of the music loosely called al badi, and after a debut regional music festival in 2002, these four "music collectives" stayed behind to record this enchanting album, two tracks each. Jellouli & Gdih Music Collective start off with a signature al badi number, "Al jbal dargoug aaliya (These mountains are hiding you from me)," a love song to a Berber girl. It begins with a soothing passage of deep oud and more piquant mandolin called snitra ). When the rolling rhythm and call-and-response singing led by a clear, male voice kick, there's a religious feeling that belies the swaggering beat. The group follows up with a beautiful, dark instrumental improvisation that culminates--like many of these pieces--in a rolling 12/8 groove. The Meskaoui Music Collective features the spectacular oud playing of Mouloud Amrini, alias Meskaoui. Once again, there's a vocal piece featuring two alternating solo, male voices, one clear and beautiful, the other slightly softer and deeper, and then an instrumental. Both pieces are backed by tbilat (hand drum) and jarre (earthenware pot). The nine-minute instrumental is especially memorable with its expressive, free, oud playing against a simple, funky beat. Two pieces by El Hashemi Nhass Music Collective deliver a trance-mood full of religious fervor. The vocals are high and energized, and a strong, if creaky violin dominates the sound, especially in the instrumental piece, where it evolves into wild, overtone rich cycles of melody, speeding up in a trance spiral that speeds and spins towards a satisfying finish. Perhaps most beguiling of all are the concluding vocal pieces by El Hamri Music Collective. "Yarijal l'bled (The saints of the region)" unfolds over a lush musical bed of oud, snitra and three soft hand drums ( tar, darbouka, and taarija). Two voices, one clear one clouded, exchange lines and moods as these seductive songs evolve per form toward fast, fervent conclusions. Morocco is a jigsaw puzzle of intriguing ethnic niches, many featuring surprising and beautiful music. This rather unheralded musical niche provides as good an introduction to the country's rich roots music as any.

1. Ces Montagnes Qui Te Cachent De Moi
2. Pièce Instrumentale
3. Ainsi Va Ma Vie
4. Improvisation Instrumentale
5. Brûlure D'Amour
6. Improvisation Instrumentale Pour Flûte & Violon
7. Les Saints De La Région
8. Sans Motif, Sans Rien

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[04]. Les Femmes deTétouan - Chants d'allégresse marocains
In the 12th Century, Sevilla was famous for its women musicians, known widely for their talent and virtuosity. Later Arab-Andalusian music became the privelege of men, and so it was to remember and celebrate the early role of women in this musical heritage that this Morroccan ensemble was founded in 1989. The singing is more melodic and sensuous than what one usually hears in this context, and the group's repertoire ranges from popular songs to the most refined examples of classic Andalusian music.
A repertoire of songs blending popular songs of lively rhythms and exhilarating melodies and the Moroccan Andalusian tradition.

1. Ya Bent Bledi (The Girl from My Country)
2. Kif Na'mal Ma Nebkich (How Can One Not Cry)
3. Laghram Mana' Wa S'Ib (The Difficulty of Love)
4. Laghram Ma'andou Dwa (There Is No Remedy for Love)
5. l'Ouchaq Fnît Ana (I Am Dying)
6. Laghram Bayen Fiyya (Madly Besotted)
7. Al Mout Ba-Ddra' (To Die of Love)
8. Lahbiba Aw Jarrahtini

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[05]. Ihsan Rmiki - Al-Samaa - audition spirituelle extatique
The recording notes say: The samaa, or spiritual concert, is part of the Sufi tradition, and involves listening to music and song in modes of Andalusian origin in order to reach spiritual awakening and contact with the divine, a trance-like state known as the wajd. The practice takes place in the refined atmosphere of the zawiyas. Panegyrics are sung either solo or in chorus with an instrumental accompaniment of varying importance; the performance is conducted by a shaykh whose role is twofold: to lead the ritual and the spiritual guide of the devotees. Ishan Rmiki, one of the rare female vocalists to perform samaa, transports her audience in a mood of spiritual fervor still cultivated in modern-day urban Morocco. The result is a musical account of this profound spiritual journey that all those who aspire to union with God will appreciate.
This is among the best recordings of spiritual/soufi arabo-andalusian music, mostly from the middle ages. The very unusual here is that it is sung by a female singer who has a beautiful haunting voice. All members of the ensemble are top musicians and singers. It is lively and spiritual at the same time.


1. The abandonment of all worlds
2. The path of ecstasy

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[06]. El-Hadj Abdeslam, La daqqa de Marrakech
This is an amazing CD. Initially, I was disappointed because the drumming at the outset seemed tedious. But waiting paid off! The drumming increased in its rhythmic complexity and beauty as the CD went on to its conclusion. One should understand the context of the playing so I strongly suggest reading the liner notes. I would love to attend such a meeting of master musicians heightened by the spiritual context. This Cd would appeal more to those interested in the religion of Islam and its cultural manifestations. Brilliant music.

1. Aït - Récitatif

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[7]. LES IMAZIGHEN - Chants du Moyen-Atlas
The Imazighen are Berber desert people who settled in Morocco, and whose music has a raw vitality. Four different genres are represented on Imazighen: Songs from the Middle-Atlas: izlan, tamawayt, tamedyazt, and adihus. While they use the same vocal technique, there are definite differences between them. Izlan is the music of feelings (illustrated very well by "Oh My Soul"). Tamawayt is more of an improvised solo vocal, as on "Rather Than Be Separated." Tamedyazt is a style of sung poetry, and often serves for "jousts" between singers, such as on "The Word." Finally, adihus is a more generic type of song and dance for celebrations. Some are easy to pick out, others require the guidance of the booklet, which offers good, concise explanations. The music certainly evokes the landscape of the Atlas Mountains -- both the cedars and the deserts -- and the spare instrumentation is often strangely beautiful, almost alien. This is a tradition that thankfully hasn't died, but is being preserved by professional performers -- such as those on this disc. As evocative as a rural rai, this is a little masterpiece.

(01). A-Yelli Ino (Oh My Small One) - Mohamed Maghnia, Mohamed Rouicha
(02). Wala Nabdu (Rather Than Be Seperated) [Tamawayt/Izlan] -
(03). Di Lwaqt U-Nebdu Nagh Ma Yekat U-Dfel (Whether It Is Sunny or It Snows)
(04). Islan (Celebration) [Ahidus]
(05). Akemus (The Bundle) [Ahidus]
(06). Bab Nukham (Host)
(07). Anini Bismillah (In the Name of God) [Ahidus]
(08). Iberdane (The Paths) [Izlan] - Mohamed Maghnia, Mohamed Rouicha
(09). Awal (The Word) [Tamedyazt]
(10). Amrahba Saraw Imazighen (Welcome to the Imazighen Children) [Ahidus]
(11). Hayat U-Medyaz (The Life of a Poet) [Tamedyazt]
(12). Chawla Ganegh (I Sleep No More) [Izlan] - Moha Oulmoudden
(13). Iqur l-Henna (The Henna Is Dried Out) [Ahidus]
(14). A-Laâmriw (Oh My Soul) [Izlan]

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[8]. La Clef de Grenade - le Maitre de l'oud Marocain
Said Chraibi was born in Marrakech in Morocco. He began playing the oud at the age of 13, and later studied with Farid el-Atrache. He is renowned as an accompanyist of Arab singers, as well as a solo artist in his own right.

1. Andaloussiyyat - Kahyâlây Fî Qalbî - The Key
2. Al-'ashiq [The Lover]
3. Musical Embroidery
4. Fadèla
5. Tribute to My Master
6. Chaama
7. Longa Hajar

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[9]. Les Aissawa De Fes - Rituel De Transe
For anyone even remotely interested in Moroccan music this CD is beyond essential.Halfway through listening I knew I wanted to own practically everything this label puts out.I thought Gnawa was as good as it gets,but the Aissawa music is just as intense and fierce.Amazing.

1. Tahlîl - Glorification
2. Râkib Iburaq - Le Prophéte au Cheval Ailé
3. Allahumma Salli - Chant de Louange,
4. Suite de Chants Hurm - Imploration,
5. Suite de Chants Haddun - Invocation de I'un
6. Dkhûl I-Hadra - Prélude à la Danse Extatique
7. Mjerred - Danse des Initiés
8. Jilâliyya/Sommet de la Cérémonie

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[10]. Chekh Ahmed Zaitouni - Musique andalouse de Tanger
"Cheikh Ahmed Zaitouni is a remarkable master musician in the al-Andalus style. Here he and his ensemble from Tangier perform one of the most beautiful of the eleven vocal and instrumental suites of the Moroccan ala, the 'nuba Al-Hijaz al-kabir.' With a strict respect for tradition, vocalists and instrumentalists alike perform in close symbiosis, communicating with each other by a simple glance to produce music of subtle balance and strong emotion whose powerful effects transport listeners into the sumptuous medieval heritage of the legendary Ziryab."
Cheikh Ahmed Zaitouni is a master musician in the al-Andalus style. Here he and his ensemble from Tangier perform one of the eleven vocal and instrumental suites of the Moroccan âla, the nuba 'Al-Hijaz al-kabîr'.

1. Instrumental Introduction
2. Blessed be Thou, oh Night - by he Who Has Conceived You
3. She Came to See Me - the Almond Trees Are Redolent/oh my Companion, I See
4. Oh You Who Has Settled in my Captive Heart - your Beauty is Unique, You o
5. Violin Solo
6. Love for You Has Laid me Low - be Cautious in Your Love
7. I Thought That...
8. In the Beloved's Abode - my Body is so Frail - i Beseech You, Fairest of ma
9. May God Never Separate the Lovers

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[11]. Abdelkrim Rais - Musique Andalouse de Fes
Abdelkrim Rais : A master of the rebab (spiked fiddle), Abdelkrim Rais had a major influence on the evolution of contemporary Moroccan Andalusian music. His publications, including Collige I Al-Haik Poems in 1982, provide a rich source of material that continues to be performed. The director of the Academy of Music in the imperial city of Fez, Rais led the city's Orchestra of Andalusian Music until his death at the age of 84. The orchestra has continued under the direction of Mohamed Briouel.

Disc: 1
1. Les Sept Tawachi De La Nouba Hijaz Al-Machriqi
2. Basit Rami-Al-Maya
3. Mawwal De Abderrahim Souiri/Quddam Raml-Al Maya

Disc: 2
1. Btayhi Al-Rasd/Inchad Abderrahim Souiri Et Ebdelfettah Bennis/Quddam Btayhi Al-Rasd 2. Insiraf Basit Al-Istihlal
3. Insiraf Btayhi Al 'Uchchaq

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[12]. Mohamed Bajeddoub & Abderrahim Souiri - L'Art du Mawwal
Mohamed Bajeddoub & Abderrahim Souiri L'Art du Mawwal / The Art of Mawwal Institut du Monde Arabe 321 072, 2007

(01). Ataytu Li-Qâdî L-Hubb [I Went to See the Judge for Love] - Abderrahim Souiri
(02). Amurru Alâ D-Diyâri [I'm Passing Through the Area] - Mohamed Bajeddoub/Abderrahim Souiri
(03). Dumu U L-Ayni Tajri [Tears Stream from My Eyes] - Mohamed Bajeddoub/Abderrahim Souiri
(04). Idû Ilayya L-Wisâl [Renew Your Union] - Abderrahim Souiri
(05). Aynî Li-Ghayri Jamâlikum Lâ Tandhuru [My Eyes Gaze Only on Your Beauty] - Mohamed Bajeddoub/Abderrahim Souiri
(06). Arâdû L-Biâda [They Wanted to Go Away]
(07). Amurru Alâ Diyâri Laylâ [I'm Going Through the Region]
(08). Qultu Li-Laylâ [I Asked Laylâ]
(09). Medley: Badat /Yâ Ghazâlan [Oh Gazelle]
(10). Zâranî Tayfu [I Had a Vision]
(11). Zor Man Tuhibb [Go and See the One You Love]
(12). Jarhu Qalbî [The Wound in My Heart]
(13). Lil-Jamâli Mulkun [The Reign of Beauty]
(14). Medley: Alhaju Bi-L-Ahbâb /Lâ Tahsibû [D
(15). Mâ L-Farq [What a Difference There Is!]
(16). Lî Habîbun [I Have a Beloved]
(17). Medley: Sana Yâ Shams Lashiya /Qudûmu L-Habib [the Arri [Oh Evening Sun

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[13]. Hommage a Abdelkrim Rais - Orchestre Al-Brihi de Fès sous la direction de Abdelkrim Rais

Co-production between BLUE SILVER and Institut du Monde Arabe

A master of the rebab (spiked fiddle), Abdelkrim Rais had a major influence on the evolution of contemporary Moroccan Andalusian music. His publications, including -Collige I Al-Haik Poems in 1982, provide a rich source of material that continues to be performed. The director of the Academy of Music in the imperial city of Fez, Rais led the city's Orchestra of Andalusian Music until his death at the age of 84. The orchestra has continued under the direction of Mohamed Briouel. ~ Craig Harris, All Music Guide

Hommage a Abdelkrim Rais - Orchestre Al-Brihi de Fès sous la direction de Abdelkrim Rais Vol.1


Hommage a Abdelkrim Rais - Orchestre Al-Brihi de Fès sous la direction de Abdelkrim Rais Vol.2

Artistes :



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