Syriana - Ten Days in Bilad Al Sham

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Syriana - Ten Days in Bilad Al Sham, Society of Sound Music

Much more than an ‘East meets West’ musical fusion project, Syriana are three friends who came together in creative protest pre-President Obama.

Nick Page (Real World regular, Trans Global Underground member and Dub Colossus mastermind), Abdullah Chhadeh (Syrian qanun virtuoso and musical innovator) and Irish born Bernard O’Neill (another Real World regular and in demand musician) are the three distinctive artists behind Syriana.

“We thought a new Cold War was being foisted upon the world,” says Page, “the Cold War and its iconography had divided East and West. We wanted to bridge it.”

Recorded at Chaddeh’s London base in Walthamstow and at Real World Studios in Box, the music was already a genre-defying mixture of Americana via Dick Dale and the traditional sonorous sound of the ancient 81 srting Arabic dulcimer, the qanun, but it was a 10 trip to Damascus that sealed its unique sound.

(01). [Syriana] The Road To Damascus
(02). [Syriana] Black Zil
(03.) [Syriana] Mount Qasioun
(04). [Syriana] Galatian Bridge At Dawn
(05). [Syriana] Checkpoint Charlie
(06). [Syriana] Ana Araby
(07). [Syriana] Sahet Al Tahrir
(08). [Syriana] Gharibb-Stranger
(09). [Syriana] Zain Al Shabab

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