The Art of the Afghan Rubab, Music of Central Asia 3

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Homayun Sakhi The Art of the Afghan Rubab.
Music of Central Asia Vol.3 Smithsonian Folkways, 2006
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From Kabul to California, Homayun Sakhi is admired as the outstanding Afghan rubâb player of his generation, a charismatic virtuoso who has pushed the limits of his instrument. With tabla player Taryalai Hashimi, Sakhi plays music that is uniquely Afghan, yet resonates strongly with the spirit of Indian raga.

1. Raga Madhuvanti
2. Raga Yaman
3. Kataghani

Homayun Sakhi - rubab, vocals
Ghulam Bahauddin - tanbur
Rahim Takhari - ghijak, dutar, vocals
Muhammad Wali Nabigul - tabla

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