Ali Akbar Khan, Nikhil Banerjee - Signature Series Vol.4

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"To me this record was made by these artists to create a joyful experience for the audience.”

I first obtained this recording on vinyl almost 30 years ago after seeing Nikhil Banerjee perform live on three occasions. He is the only performer I have witnessed live to be able to evoke tears in the eyes of his audience. As much as I love the recordings that both Nikhil-ji and his teacher Ali Akbar Khan have recorded separately, I become speechless in trying to describe the beauty of this particular recording, the only jugalbandi, or duet, recording that I know of made by master and disciple. The warmth and affection that these musicians had for each other is evident upon listening to both pieces on this album/CD. This recording also presents the most sublime and rewarding example of duet call and response that I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. This recording gets a rating of 10 out of five, yes, 10 out of 5! It is the best of the best. Enjoy! Footnote: While we can no longer hear Ali Akbar Khan and Nikhil Banerjee perform together live, two superb musicians in the lineage of Khan-sahib and Nikhil-ji, sarodist Rajeev Taranath and sitarist Partha Chatterjee, occasionally perform together. Don't miss any opportunity to hear them either in solo or duet performance.

Personnel: Ali Akbar Khan (sarod, sitar);
Nikhil Banerjee (sitar);
Mahapurush Misra (tabla).
Additional personnel:
Pandit Mahapurush Misra (tabla).

1. Rag Manj Khammaj - Ustad Khan Ali Akbar/Nikhil Banerjee
2. Rag Misra Mand - Ustad Khan Ali Akbar/Nikhil Banerjee

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