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How lucky Fairuz is -at least career wise- to have had Ziad (after Assi) composing for her. I would never relate to Fairuz if it wasn't to his music. Ziad is heavily influenced by Jazz, something very clear in his work (including Fairuz'). Starting from "Wahdon" and "Maarifti Feek" albums, Fairuz entered a new era, and thank God she did.
This album is a collection from those works... starting from the latest "Wala Keef" and ending up with "wahdon"
I was glad to see the two instrumentals (Habbaytak variations): The First (Oula) and The Second (Thania).
Overall very fine work

01. Sabah Wu Masaa
02. Ana Fazaani
03. Sallimleh Alayh
04. Dak Khilkeh
05. Mish Kayen Hayek T'koun
06. Oghniat Al Wadaa
07. Kifak Inta
08. Fi Shi Am Biseer
09. Indi Thika Feek
10. Khaleek Bil Bait
11. Al Oula
12. Marfti Feek
13. Madirit Nseit
14. Al Thanieh
15. Al Bosta
16. Wahdon

192 kbps including Covers



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