Arabo-Andalusian Sufi Songs

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While Sufi music is often known for its wild, ecstatic performances, this Moroccan ensemble plays with utmost restraint, building up melodies ever-so slowly and ever-so elegantly. Their repertoire is drawn from the half-lost Anadlusian strain of Sufi folklore that is still heard within the zaouia tradition of Tangiers. Many of these songs follow a pattern similar to some Indian classical performances, starting with slow, unaccompanied vocals, then adding a lightly plucked oud to further establish the melody, and finally bringing in percussion to fill in the sound. This is a gentle, contemplative album, one which may bring renewed rewards to repeat listenings. Recommended!

Among my dozens of Moroccan recordings and various other CDs of Middle Eastern and Inner Asian Sufi music, this one is special. While keeping the flavor of North African Andalusia with instrumentation and vocal style, the slower tempo and quiet passion reaches into the depths of the poetry, much like Turkish and Persian traditions. The ubiquitous Chemirani on percussion adds a further, timeless and more worldly dimension to the performance. The sound quality is excellent. There is wide variety in the selection of pieces, from ensemble to solos, set works and improvisations. You will not be disappointed.

01. Les Coalisés (The Allies)
02. Je Crois en la Religion de l'Amour (I Believe in the Religion of Love)
03. Cet Amour N'est Pas Chose Facile (This Love Is No Easy Matter)
04. L' Amoureux a Accepté Qu'on le Prenne Pour un Fou (The Man in Love ...)
05. Taqsîm au Violon (Taqsim for Violin)
06. S'ils Comprenaient Les Secrets de l'Amour de Leïla (If Only They ...)
07. Leïla a Pris Ma Raison (Leila Has Robbed Me of My Reason)
08. Duo Oud - Quanoun (Duo'ud Qanun)
09. Ses Paroles Me Ressuscitent (Her Words Bring Me to Life Again)
10. Taqsîm au Qanoun (Taqsim on the Qanun)
11. Ne Te Tiens Pas Éloigné de Moi (Don't Leave Me)
12. Taqsîm À l'Oud (Taqsim for 'Ud)
13. Je T'Aime de Deux Amours (My Love for You Is Twofold)
14. Taqsîm au Ney (Taqsim for Nay)
15. Tasliya d'Ibn Arabi (Tasliya by Ibn Arabi)
16. Le Fer (Iron)

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