Aziz Herawi - Master Of Afghani Lutes

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“An expatriate Afghani currently living in California, Herawi calls himself an amateur musician but is actually a rare performer of the traditional music from the Herat valley in western Afghanistan. As its geography suggests, this area's music is a blend of Persian and Hindustani instruments and styles. The pieces have the varied rhythms of the Hindustani raga forms, but are fairly short (3 to 5 minutes each) and more intense than much Hindustani music. In addition, their melodies are based on the even-tempered 12-tone octave that in recent decades has overtaken the traditional Persian system of microtonal variations. He plays the 14-string dutar, a long-necked lute, and the rebab, a short-necked lute, accompanied by tabla, frame drum, and tambourine that provide a vigorous and dry rhythm for his robust strumming. Herawi's strength is the energy and spontaneity of these instrumental pieces. Rather than refinement or cerebral meditation, there is a healthy share of earthy melodies and passion.”

These splendid performances on the long-necked, 14-string duhar and short-necked rebab (both backed by tabla) reflect the increasing Indian influence on Afghan music. Though Herawi is from Herat, a musical center that once had strong Persian connections, his playing is based on Indian ragas rather than older Afghan maqam, and the tabla playing is also strongly Indian. ~ John Storm Roberts

A: Nagmaha-ye Klasik in Rag Beiru (Instrumentals on dutar)
(01). Jhaptal / Dadra
(02). Kaharwa
(03). Kaharwa / Dadra
(04). Charbeiti Kaharwa
(05). Kaharwa / Dadra II B: (Instrumentals on dutar)
(06). Aushari
(07). Naghma I
(08). Mahali I
(09). Khandan-E Amaturi I
(10). Khandan-E Amaturi II
(11). Khandan-E Amaturi III C: (Instrumentals on rebab)
(12). Naghma-Ye Klasik In Rag Pari
(13). Naghma-Ye Klasik In Rag Pilu
(14). Mahali II
(15). Mahali III
(16). Naghma II
(17). Naghma III

Aziz Herawi - dutar (1-11), rebab (12-17) Ghulam Abbas Khan - tabla Omar Mojaddidi - zirbaghali (15) Azim Mojaddidi - daira zangi (tambourine) Anayat Habibi - daira zangi

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