Beihdja Rahal - La Nouba MEZMOUM

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Behdja Rahal, une voix raffinée...
Behdja Rahal, a fine voice ... Beihja Rahal comes from a middle artistic, but it is the only one to have made a career in music, a genre in particularly difficult and selective: Andalusian singing. In fact, the practice of this art requires both a great dexterity to handle the instrument-one it has chosen, kouitra, a former Algerian typically, is especially difficult to control and a voice-perfect. She continued her musical education with the great masters of the Arab-Classicism: The best known were Abderrezak Fakhardji, Mohamed Khaznadji and Zoubir Karkachi. Bahja Rahal, who now 40 years old, singing since the age of 12 years. Recognizing dominate an art where very few women excellent, it decided a decade ago to make a career. The singer has completed a painstaking work, that to embark on the registration of twelve noubas remaining Andalusian heritage. Through this initiative for several reasons, she also wanted to prove that the female voice has emerged. A bet, a priori, succeeded because thanks to his professionalism and his determination, it remains today the singer Andalusian the most listened and most appreciated. It is surrounded by some musicologists and seasoned musicians for the recording of his nine noubas. This pure happiness for two hours was obtained Beihdja Rahal to his fans is only part remission since, in a few months, it will present the tenth nouba Raml Maya. In his concerts, at the earliest musical notes, the spirits escape in enjoying this beautiful music millennium. With his voice caressing and refined Beihdja Rahal made praises to the Creator and his prophets with emotion. Side orchestra, it abandoned the crowded orchestras in vogue in recent years and returned to training room that leave room for improvisation. Today, Andalusian music is no longer seen as an elitist music, the audience grows by the day. Beihdja Rahal underscores the growing popularity of this music with Algerian youth "nouba was commercial. Proof if any, the various solicitations I receive from my publisher. That means it is much in demand. " Another example of its popularity, Beihdja is often approached in the street by young people who recognize his talent.

1. Inkilab Mezmoum: Ya Ghayat el Maksoud
2. M'Ceder Mezmoun: Ya Men Saken Sadri
3. Improvisation au Violon (Smail Abdesmade)
4. Baakir Ila Chadi Oua Kaasi
5. Improvisation au Luth (Aouissi Kamel)
6. Derj Mezmoum: Khadem Li Saadi
7. Insiraf Mezmoum: Kam Li Fil Machya
8. Insiraf Mezmoum: Farakouni
9. Khlass Mezmoum: Ya Rouhi Oua Ya Rihali
10. Khlass Mezmoum: Ya Moukabil
11. Khlass Mezmoum: Koudom el Habib

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