Calypso: Vintage Songs from the Caribbean

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Calypso: Vintage Songs from the Caribbean
This admirable compilation concentrates on recordings from the '50s, when the toothsome melodies, infectious rhythms, and bawdy double-entendres of calypso and related West Indian styles were on the verge of becoming an international craze. Fun fact: at the height of his popularity, Harry Belafonte was outselling Elvis Presley! However, the tunes on this set are far more authentic than "Day-O." Most of the material comes from the Bahamas, but there are also flying visits to Trinidad, Jamaica, and Grenada. George Simonette's ragtime-inflected "Touch Me Tomato," Mighty Sparrow's "No More Rocking and Rolling," and Lord Shorty's "Kim" are as uproarious as they are danceable. Meanwhile, Calypso Mama comes across as a deadpan Bahamian blues woman on the ribald "Yes, Yes, Yes." Despite the vintage sound quality, these mellow, mischievous tunes are delightful listening from start to finish.

[01]. Don't Touch Me Tomato
[02]. Yes, Yes, Yes
[03]. Take Me Back to Jamaica - Jolly Boys
[04]. Crazy Like Mad - Leslie Scott, Irene Williams
[05]. Peas and Rice
[06]. Linstead Market
[07]. No More Rocking and Rolling - King Sparrow
[08]. Goombay Drum
[09]. Fed-A-Ray - Lord Beginner
[10]. Kim - Lord Shorty
[11]. Little Nassau/Bahama Mama - Andre Toussaint
[12]. Barbados Carnival - Mighty Panther,
[13]. J.P. Morgan
[14]. Limbo Song
[15]. It's Always Springtime in Nassau

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