Chico and the Gypsies - Vagabundo

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Guitarist/vocalist Chico Bouchikhi got his start with the Gipsy Kings, who made their infectious brand of flamenco a worldwide phenomenon in the late '80s. One of the first world music groups to explode into the mainstream, the band eventually became a family affair, so Bouchikhi left to form his own group, and the results are much the same. On Vagabundo, Chico & the Gypsies deliver the same impassioned sort of flamenco romanticism, adding subtle flavorful touches such as piano, bass, keyboards, and even tabla and clarinet on the hypnotic "Arles" to give their music a better-than-pedestrian allure. Fans of the Gipsy Kings may find Chico & the Gypsies to be somewhat derivative, but the truth is that, in a blind taste test, the two bands' sounds are virtually indistinguishable.

Chico, formerly of 'The Gypsie Kings' has outdone himself. This new fusion of great great muscianship and composition on all pices of this album make this one of the albums your collection cannot be without: like Bridge over Troubled waters, Heart's 1st album, etc....this one has it all and varries.

01. Vagabundo
02. Patio
03. Tu Dueno
04. Arles
05. Dile
06. Marina
07. El Ritmo Gitano
08. Cristo
09. Fragilidad (Fragile)
10. El Verano
11. Ultimo Baile

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