Enkh Jargal - Hoirr Öngö. Sounds Of A Modern Nomad

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Enkh Jargal Hoirr Öngö. Sounds of a Modern Nomad, 2002

Enkh Jargal plays traditional ancestral Mongolian tunes and original compositions on the Morin Khoor and sings using the traditional vocal techniques Xöömi (overtone-singing) and Charchira (shamanic throat singing), he is accompanied by shaman drummers (the drums used on this recording are shamanic and buddhist ritual drums, which are usally not part of musical entertainement but of a religious ritual). His music is at the same time beautiful and wild; tunes like "Rumpa Rumpa" (that dates back to the 1500's) or "Altai Machdal" are desinhibited, galloping (like the horse race in "Morin Thurrgo") or "funny" (by telling all those nice stories), and there are two other specific tracks ("Senhuigülüm" and "Adodsching") that are presented in "western mixes" played together with European jazz musicians, something that makes these tracks more luminous and modern (and clearly faster and more complicated); a notable contrast with the rest of the record, but interesting anyway (you can also find celtic influences in some other tracks and a few other things). But even in spite of all the previously commented "exceptions", "Hoirr Öngö" is above all slow step music, very intense and emotive, quite a beautiful and felt retreat of spiritual evocation and praising of the beauty of the Mongolian nature, not without a certain melancholy and sadness in its musical twilights and autumns. Sometimes it acquires an hypnotic air and becomes a kind of respectful, humble and plaintive solitary echo that is lost between the mountains and steppes visited by the music (there are digital field recordings taken in Altanbulag, Mongolia). The sound of the Morin Khoor (a two strings fiddle, a remote instrument which dates back to the times of Genghis Khan) impregnates it all with beautiful and sad harmonies, often offering sinuous and skilled lines; it owns quite a particular sound, it is extremely fragile and beautiful but it has too a different and wild sonority. And what's about the voices? simply spectacular; you can (mainly...) hear three types of voice: the higher chant, that sibilant and slightly metallic sound (it is something between a flute and the wind, you may think it's an instrument, but not, it is the voice!) and the gutural singing. The amazing thing is that these two last voices are done at the same time! (overtone chanting, a Mongolian specialty), maybe a CD is not the best to appreciate it, but a very person doing two voices at the same time is something incredible. A fascinanting and varied compendium of archaic nomad songs (not in vain the CD is subtitled "Sounds of a Modern Nomad").

01. Morin thurrgo (Horse race)
02. Hom som harvalt (The archers)
03. Aarv eij (Oh father, oh mother)
04. Rumpa rumpa (The princess)
05. Senhuigülüm (Western Mix)
06. Algirmaa (Love song)
07. Hudr dongoi (The mountain)
08. Great eagle dance
09. Ardin doo (The beautiful Sandalwood table)
10. Zereglee (The beautiful Lake Shirii Noor)
11. Pas de deux
12. Adodsching (Western Mix)
13. Altai machdal

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