Faramarz-e Payvar - Santour

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Farāmarz Pāyvar (Persian: فرامرز پایور) (February 10, 1932, Tehran – December 9, 2009, Tehran) was an Iranian santur player, composer and Ostad (master) of persian traditional music.
Pāyvar was born in Tehran, Iran, into an aristocratic and musical family, which was also famous for serving the court. His grandfather, Moìavaroldoleh, was a renowned painter in the court of Nāseraldin Shah. He also, was a fine musician and played the violin, the Setar and the Santur. His father, Ali Pāyvar, was both a painter and Professor of French at the University of Tehran. Pāyvar’s mother was also interested in the arts in general and music in particular. She was aware of her son’s talent and encouraged him to play the instrument.
Pāyvar started to demonstrate his musical talent in his earlier years and he gradually realised that he wanted to become a musician and an artist. At the age of seventeen, when he finished his studies at Dārolfonūn High School, he began his musical career, studying with Abolhasan Saba. He studied the radif repertory and played the santur with Sabā for eight years before he graduated from his master class.

Pāyvar was highly skilled on the santur and soon became very famous. After Sabā’s death he began to study with four other masters: Nour Ali Boroumand, Roknoldin Mokhtāri, Abdollah Davami, and Haji Āqā Mohamad Irani. Pāyvar began his co-operation with the Iranian Department of Art and Culture in 1954, and established an orchestra called “The Art and Culture Orchestra” in that department.

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