Mondo Beat 2 - Masters of Percussion

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In many ways, the sheer idea of a popular drumming compilation sounds at odds with itself. Next to the voice, the drum might be humankind's oldest instrument, but putting it in a context where people who aren't ethnomusicologists want to hear a whole album of it isn't easy. But while several different styles are illustrated here, one that doesn't get mentioned is drum programming, which plays an important part on several tracks -- a slight irony, perhaps. However, if you look at it as a compilation of drumming in its widest sense, this works, ranging from the tribally inflected "Ceremony of Passage" to the Celtic-Indian mix of the Dhol Foundation, and the surprising experiment of Charlie Watts and Jim Keltner working together on a homage to one of jazz's great drummers, "Kenny Clarke." Given the stylistic variations of the tracks, there's a good flow to the disc and a valid exploration of many percussive styles. And best of all, it makes for some very good, strong listening. ~ Chris Nickson

This album features masters of percussion from around the world, but it is rather uneven in quality. The opening cut "Ceremony of Passage" by Greg Elis/Vas is exciting, with rhythms reminiscent of Santana and Rusted Root. But the rest of the album does not hold up to this excellent opening cut. The mix of instruments, from tabla, dohl, sitar, Aftrican drums, bells, wood flute and synthesizer, is interesting, but the total effect of all the selections is not harmonious together on one CD.

There are a few good jazz selections, "Wheel of Time" by Mickey Hart and Planet Drum in particular, but the rest of the album just doesn't hang together. Unless you are an afficionado of the artists on this album, I'd probably not recommend it.

What's included:
Ceremony of Passage-- Greg Ellis/Vas
Secret Channgel-- Tabla Beat Science from "Tabla Matrix"
Downtown-- Gabrielle Roth and the Mirros from "Zone Unknown"
Iridian-- Dhol Foundation from "Big Drums Small World"

Wheel of Time-- Mickey Hart & Planet Drum from "Supralingua"
Batuka do Indio--Airto Moreira (never released before)
The Tree of Rhythm--Taufiq
Kenny Clarke Charlie Eatts Jim Keltner Project
Journey to JungleMoon Brent Lewis
Kuromo -- Kisuru Adepoju and Afrika Heartbeat
Duden (Spooky Remix) Natacha Atlas

01. Ceremony of Passage
02. Secret Channel
03. Downtown
04. Iridian
05. Wheel of Time
06. Batuka do Indio
07. The Tree of Rhythm
08. Kenny Clarke
09. Journey to Junglemoon
10. Kurumo (Kru Man)
11. Duden [Spooky Remix]

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