Morning To Midnight Ragas Vol.6: Late Night Melodies

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End of the day at the end of night.
Bhairavi is my loved one since childhood, here performed by two legends of sitar and shehnai.
Darbari is also among my favourites.

1. Raga Bhairavi - Teental (sitar, U. Vilayat Khan & shehnai, U. Bismillah Khan).
2. Raga Jog - Roopak Teentaal (santoor, P. Shivkumar Sharma)
3. Raga Shahana - Gat Jhaptaal (sarod, U. Amjad Ali Khan)
4. Raga Darbari - Ek Taal & Teentaal (violin, N. Rajam)
5. Raga Chandrakauns - Roopak & Teentaal (santoor, P. Himangshu Biswas)

Ragas Bhairavi, Chandrakauns, Darbari, Jog, Shahana
Pandits Shivkumar Sharma, Himangshu Biswas; N. Rajam
Ustads Vilayat Khan, Bismillah Khan, Amjad Ali Khan
santoor, sarod, sitar & shehnai, violin

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