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Música Andalusí Grupo Qurtuba & María Valverde

(...) It is true that artists are nurtured andalusíes of poetry and music also evolved and developed their own compositions. One innovation was the poetic muwassaha (Muwashshah) estrófica this literary form is composed of verses in classical Arabic except for the last verse, called Kharja which closes the poem composed in Arabic dialect Andalusi. This creation is attributed to Qabri, blind poet of the tenth century from Cabra, Cordova. The zayal or zéjel is a popular genre in the form of verses sung verse in the language dialect of al-Andalus, are attributed to Ibn Guzman of Cordova, a poet of the twelfth century. Ibn Bayyadah (Avempace), Saragossa twelfth century imam, philosopher, poet and musician theoretical and practical, with its great capacity to gather and work contributed innovations and musical and poetic forms, have emerged previously in al-Andalus. The Andalusian music is unique in the Arab world that has preserved the musical roots of old schools. While the arts of al-Andalus flourished under the influence of the East, eastern own inventions began to imitate art as the Andalusian Muwashshah and zejél ... Qurtuba The Panel is composed of teachers and music professionals Andalusian School of Tetouan and Maria Valverde Andalusian home. The tools we use are related to the Andalusian music, remain essential, lute, Rabab, derbouka. With other instruments recover the importance they had in the formation of the traditional Andalusian orchestra ... Maria Valverde Fact Sheet: Maria Valverde (musical direction and vocal), Hicham Zubeiri (Arabic lute and musical collaboration), Abdelmaleck Bakhat (singing), El-Haj (Rabab), Abderrahman El Alaoui (tar), Mohammed El Khilfi (derbouka), Abdelaziz Ahiji (lute second), Mustafa Al-Hakam (nay), Youssef El Mezgeuldi (Kanun). Titles: Clouds: Hejaz AL - MASRIQI - GT (mode) in D minor. MIZÁN (rhythm) BASIT (slow), three rhythmic movements: Moassa-Qantarah-Insiraf / clouds: SADR AL - Dayle - GT (mode) in C major. MIZÁN (rhythm) wa-Qa'im nísf (andante) three rhythmic movements / clouds: Hejaz AL - Kabir - GT (mode) in D minor. MIZÁN (rhythm) Quddam (presto) three rhythmic movements.

Trad., al-Andalus
1. Nuba: Hiyaz al-Masriqi
2. Nuba: Rasd al-Dayl
3. Nuba: Hiyaz al-Kabir

Grupo Qurtuba [María Valverde (voice), Hicham Zubeiri (ud), Abdelmaleck Bakhat (voice), El-Haj (rebab), Abderahman El Alaoui (tar), Mohammed El Khilfi (darbuga), Abdelaziz Ahiji (ud), Al-Hakam Mustafa (nay), Youssef El Mezgueldi (kanun)] - María Valverde, dir.
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