Qalandar Express "Love Songs Of Mystic Riders" (The Badila Ensemble)

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The Badila Ensemble was formed by the french percussionist and keen traveller Bastien Lagatta. The Badila Ensemble, a sufi dancer and five musicians of Eastern and Western origins, brings together Indian and Arab-Persian musical traditions (both folk and art music), taking us to the heart of Eastern poetry and illustrating the close and harmonious relationship that exists between music and spirituality. The six members of Badila belong to different cultural groups and have in common a love of poetry as a vehicle for beauty, wisdom, beliefs...With dance and music, they present an open dialogue, in wich each, aware of his distinctive cultural identity, listens to the secrets worlds of the others. The repertoire, at the confluence of different cultures, includes pieces from an early cultural heritage as well as more recent elements. Mame Khan Manghaniyar (India), Ava Farhang, Javid Yahyazadeh and Sardar Mohamadjani (Iran) are among the most worthy trustrees of their generation of an ancestral poetical and spiritual heritage, of sacred nature, based on oral tradition. Bastien Lagatta and Robin Vassy (France) are percussionists, travellers, inspired by what they call the “melody of humanity”. All together, they aim at uniting people and bringing hope...Their music navigates from the roots of Orient to the free space of imagination. A celebration of festivity, joy and love. Six artists, six traditions, severals languages sung, spoken performed or whispered... and more than 20 instruments played, tied tightly in the veil of the dance.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Badila mystical journey!

01.Danses Of The Mystic Riders (part one Baran)
02.Danses Of The Mystic Riders (part two Jelo Shahi)
03.Mira Bhajan (part 1 Alap)
04.Mira Bhajan (part 2 Ras Lila)
05.Man Mast O To Divaneh
06.Ham Dami
08.Afghani Masala
11.Shahr E Zemzeme The City Of Whispers
12.Dama Dam Mast Qalandar (part 1 Duha)
13.Dama Dam Mast Qalandar (patr 2 Urs Mubarak)

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