Rhythmic Impressions Of Ustad Zakir Hussain

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Ustad Zakir Hussain is more than a brillianttable player - he is a musical phenomenon who has changed the way we think about the table and the musicians who play it. It is difficult to think of anyone else in the world of Indian music who has managed to combine a fantastic track record of fusion projects, collaborations and experimental recording with an unassailable reputation as a classical table player, one with a true devotion to the tradition which he has inherited. His playing combines terrific power, speed and definition with subtle control of timbre and dynamic, and remarkable control of the pitch of his bayan (left-hand drum).

01. Explorations In Vilambit Teentaal
02. The Binary Metre
03. Journey To Sixteen
04. Double Dayan
05. Conversation In Three Two Three
06. Rupak Variations
07. Jhaptaal With Ken Z
08. Dadra Solo
09. Qaida In Four
10. Quadrospect
11. Lahra & Jhala In Dipchandi
12. Vilambit Impressions

Zakir Hussain (Tabla,
Ken Zuckerman (Sarod)

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