Shiva's Ecstasy (Spritual Songs)

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Anandmurti Gurumaa (devnagari: आनंद मूर्ति गुरु माँ), also known as Gurumaa, is a new age spiritual guide. She is respected by followers of many faiths including Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Sufism. Her message transcends gender, religious, political, geographic and material boundaries. Anandmurti means “an embodiment of Divine Bliss” and Gurumaa means “Master Mother” in Hindi. Gurumaa teaches the disciplines of meditation, yoga, present moment awareness and self realisation, using meditation techniques from yoga, zen, tantra, sufism, buddhism and devised methods.Gurumaa’s core teachings include meditation, self realisation, evolving consciousness and non-duality.

1. Invitation
2. Invocation
3. Om Namah Shivay
4. Shiva's Ecstasy
5. Shiva's Wisdom
6. Shivoham

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