Al Ála Al-Andalusíyya

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Al Ala al-Andalusiyya is the name given in Morocco to the music of the Arab-Andalusian Nubas. An "al ala" orchestra is one that is specialised in the classical Moroccan tradition of music from Moorish Andalusia - Al Andalus.
This brilliant recording by Omar Metioui and his group, released by PNEUMA in its "Al-Andalus Collection", represents a step forward in the diffusion of this exquisite and diverse court music.
Of particular note are the Twishya, instrumental introductions created in Medieval Islamic Spain and preserved with loving care in oral tradition until our times.

Al Ála Al-Andalusiyya
Música Andalusí
Núba (secular poetry from Medieval Islamic Spain)
Ensemble Omar Metioui - Omar Metioui, dir.
Conducted by Omar Metioui
Sufi-andalusi music
Al-Hiyáz Al-Mashriqí Nouba
'Iráq Al-'Ayam Nouba

    I. Núba Al-Hiyáz Al-Mashriqí

  1. Bugya Núba Al-Hiyáz Al-Mashriqí
  2. Twíshya 1 Al-Hiyáz Al-Mashriqí
  3. Inshád 1, Tawíl Ala Ya Nadíman
  4. Twíshya 2 Al-Hiyáz Al-Mashriqí
  5. Twíshya 3 Al-Hiyáz Al-Mashriqí
  6. Twíshya 4 Al-Hiyáz Al-Mashriqí
  7. Inshád 2, Inqiláb ar-Ramal Yá Gazálan bi-l-Himá
  8. Twíshya 5 Ál-Hiyáz Al-Mashriqí
  9. Twíshya 6 Al-Hiyáz Al-Mashriqí
  10. Inshád 3, Tawíl Alá Yá Munshida Hamdán
  11. Twíshya 7 Al-Hiyáz Al-Mashriqí
  12. II. Núba 'Iráq Al-'Ayam

  13. Bugya / Twíshya Núba 'Iráq Al-'Ayam
  14. Inshád 4, Mutaqárib Ra'aytu l-Hilála
    Mízán (Fase ritmica) Btáyhí
  15. San'a, Futintu Min Nazra
  16. Taqsím 'Úd ''Iráq Al-'Ayam
  17. San'a
    1. Ya Qawmí Hayarní
    2. Qalbí Man Yurídak
  18. Muwwál, Tih Dalálan (Altanerí muestra)
  19. San'a
    1. Sakirná Wa Táb Shurbuná
    2. Yá Warda z-Zawán
    3. Qadru 1-Kalám
Playing time: 61'34"

Performer: Ensemble Omar Metioui - Omar Metioui, dir.
[Omar Metioui (dir., Ud, voice), Ahmed al Gazi (rabab), Hajjaj Mohammed (Ud 'Arbi), Abdeslam Nayti (Quaun), Mohamed Agdour (Darbuga), Abedelhamid Al-Haddad (voice), Mohamed Aroussi (violin, voice), Abdeslam El Amrani Boukhobza (Tar, voice), Abderraja Aroussi (viola), Abdlouahid Acha (Nay), Hasan Ajyar (voice), Said Belcadi (voice)]

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