Balkan Fever London (Mind The Brass)

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Balkan Fever London is a celebration of the vibrant and innovative scene that is what has become of the Balkan movement after an extended stay in the UK... it has captured musical imaginations and been given a number of different makeovers revealing the many different influences of the artists involved: from ska to dubstep, latin to jazz, from Spain to Wales and with moods ranging from the sublime to the comedic, there's something for everyone in this compilation. Each track captures the energy of the live performance, the cohesive togetherness of the band with the highlights of some great virtuoso moments.

Gypsy Hill feat. Besh o droM - Balaka - Orkestra del Sol - On Giants ShouldersThe She?Koyokh Klezmer Ensemble - Bendi Glendi - The Baghdaddies ?ShriAlejandro Toledo & The Magic Tombolinos - Los Peces - GhettoPlotz ? BabyschlepDeath Ray Trebuchay - Number 6 - Koby Israelite - Band of GypsiesMax Pashm - Fight On The Streets - The Ukrainians - Vykhid (Exodus)Sam and the Womp - Bom Bom - Dr. Cat & Dj Pony - Ali BabaChancery Blame & The Gadjo Club - Unzer Toirele - GhettoPlotz ? Babyschlep

[01]. Gypsy Hill - Balaka (feat. Besh O Drom)
[02]. Orkestra Del Sol - On Giants Shoulders
[03]. The She'Koyokh Klezmer Ensemble - Bendi Glendi
[04]. Alejandro Toledo & The Magic Tombolino - Los Peces
[05]. The Baghdaddies - Shri
[06]. Death Ray Trebuchay - Number 6
[07]. Koby Israelite - Band of Gypsies
[08]. Max Pashm - Fight On the Streets
[09]. The Ukrainians - Vykhid (Exodus)
[10]. Sam And The Womp - Bom Bom
[11]. Ghetto Plotz - Babyschlep
[12]. Chancery Blame & The Gadjo Club - Unzer Toirele
[13]. Dr. Cat & DJ Pony (feat. Deladap!) - Ali Baba

320 kbps including Front Cover



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