Classical Indian Sitar & Surbahar Ragas

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Baluji Shrivastav ‎– Classical Indian Sitar & Surbahar Ragas
The CD opens with a deeply meditative alaap of surbahar alone. How welcome an opportunity to listen to the subtle and profound expressions of this rarely played instrument. Track 2 has sitar and tabla perfectly married to each other with thrilling and sensitive improvisations. Track 3 is an envigorating and uplifting piece which makes you want to dance. Track 4 is short and joyous based on folk style drawn from the mountains of Himalayas and Rajastan.A well balanced overall selection of pieces to thoroughly enjoy.

1-1. Raga Nat Bhairav (Alaap, Jor And Jhala)
1-2. Raga Todi (Vilambit Gat In Teental)
1-3. Raga Rageshvari (Drut Gat + Jhala In Teental)
1-4. Folk Melody Based On Raga Des
1-5. Bhajan In Dadara, Humak Chala Ta Raam Chandra (Vishnu Digamba Palushkar))
1-6. Bhajan Vaishnav, Jana To Tene Kamije (Narsi Mehta)

2-1. Raga Ahir-Bhairav (Alaap Jor + Jhala)
2-2. Raga Bilas-Khani Todo (Vilambit Gat In Teental 4+ 4+4+4 )
2-3. Raga Shuddha-Sarang (Drut Gat Teental 4+4+4+4)
2-4. Raga Pahari (In Kaherva Of 8 Beats, 4+4)

Sitar – Baluji Shrivastav
Tabla – Ismail Sheikh*, Linda Shanovitch, Sarvar Sabri*

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