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DROBINSKA, the acoustic project named for its leader Oleg Drobinsky, is a unique example of Balkan music, with all its melodic strength, complex rhythms, and emotional expressiveness.
DROBINSKA is Drobinsky's first individual project after his many experiences with other world music bands. This is a unique alloy of Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian and Romanian melodies that he gathered while traveling in Hungary, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and picked up in the Conservatory of Chisinau (in Kishinev, Moldova).

In the Conservatory, he also met Martin Nyaga, who was instrumental in launching the DROBINSKA project. Oleg had in his hands many melodies from a great variety of people, and many aficionados of Eastern European culture would say that they do not belong together. But what 'world music' means here is a way for a group of artists to develop this variety of melodies into the concentrated spirit of living tradition, in order to convey a newly discovered world of emotions that unite body and spirit, and the cultural message of the often misunderstood region.

(01) [Drobinska] Atojska Rachenitsa (Bulgarian dance)
(02) [Drobinska] Nani nani (Moldovian lullaby)
(03) [Drobinska] Injevska Gaida (Macedonian bagpipe tune)
(04) [Drobinska] Slobozine a gazde-n casa (Romanian Christmas carol)
(05) [Drobinska] Nouae Optimi (Macedonian)
(06) [Drobinska] Cozacul batrinilor (Romanian dance from Bukovina)
(07) [Drobinska] Dumi mi, duni (Serbian love song)
(08) [Drobinska] Velikdensko oro (Bulgarian Easter dance)
(09) [Drobinska] Imam sluzhba (Bulgarian song about going to the army)
(10) [Drobinska] Kopenitsa (Bulgarian dance)
(11) [Drobinska] Mi badita (Moldavian love song)
(12) [Drobinska] Pravo lesnoto oro (Macedonian)

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