Iran: Les Maitres de la Musique Traditionnelle, Vol. 1

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Dariush Tala'i w/ Mohammad Musavi & Majid Kiani
This reissue of the classic 1979 recording is devoted to instrumentals for tar (Dariush Tala'i), nay (Mohammad Musavi), and santur (Majid Kiani). All are outstanding, but the nay playing is simply breathtaking. It is superb music and the notes give plenty of general background but are totally lacking in properly attributed track information.

1. Avaz-Ebayat-E Esfahan
2. Dastgah-E Chahargah
3. Dastgah-E Homayun: 1 Ere Partie
4. Dastgah-E Homayun: 2 Eme Partie
5. Dastgah-E Homayun: 3 Eme Partie
6. Avaz-E Bayat-E Kord
7. Douze Sequences du Reng-E Shahr Ashub

MP3 VBR kbps including Covers



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