Luz De La Mediterrania: Mediterranian Light

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This respected ensemble of scholar/performers has joined forces with the Ensemble Tre Fontane, and El Arabi Serghini Mohammed to recreate the meeting of the Troubadors from Southern France with the musicians of the court of Alfonso X in the 13th Century. A fascinating mix of elements which again show the dynamism of Spanish culture in those times.

01. Cantiga de Santa María 192, Muitas vegadas o dem' enganados (same as Cantiga de Santa María 397)
02. Si'us quer conselh, bel ami Alamanda
03. Consirós cant e planc e plor
04. Cantiga de Santa María 193, Sobelos fondos do mar e nas alturas da terra
05. Tres Enemics
06. Nûba 'Ushshaq / Mîzân Bsît
07. Nûba 'Ushshaq / Mîzân Bsît
08. Nûba 'Ushshaq / Mîzân Bsît
09. Nûba 'Ushshaq / Mîzân Bsît
10. Nûba 'Ushshaq / Mîzân qâ'im wa-nist
11. Nûba 'Ushshaq / Mîzân qâ'im wa-nist
12. Nûba 'Ushshaq / Mîzân qâ'im wa-nist
13. Nûba 'Ushshaq / Mîzân qâ'im wa-nist
14. Nûba 'Ushshaq / Mîzân btâyh
15. Nûba 'Ushshaq / Mîzân btâyh
16. Nûba 'Ushshaq / Mîzân btâyh
17. Nûba 'Ushshaq / Mîzân btâyh
18. Nûba 'Ushshaq / Mîzân btâyh
19. Altas ondas

Eduardo Paniagua Ensemble
Ensemble Tre Fontane
El Arabí Serghini
Trobadours' chants,
Núba andalusí "The Lovers"
and "Cantigas de Santa María"
by Alfonso X the Wise, S. XIII

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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