Prapancham Sitaram & Ragunath Seth - Flute Jugal Bandhi

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Prapancham Sitaram & Ragunath Seth
Flute Jugal Bandhi: Live at Music Academy, 1987 In Aid Of Madras Telugu Academy Vol.[1 & 2]
Pandit Raghunath Seth is a noted Indian exponent of Hindustani classical music through the medium of Bansuri, or bamboo flute; he is also a noted film score composer . He has received Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 1994, given by Sangeet Natak Akademi, India's National Academy for Music, Dance and Drama and many more felicitations.
He has performed Indian Classical Music around the world, in the US he has played on many occasions with American flautist Steve Gorn.

Early life and training
Born in Gwalior, he received his early training from eminent musicologist Dr. S. N. Ratanjankar and principal of Bhatkhande Music Institute (Bhatkande Sangeet Sansthan) in Lucknow. Later at the age of 19 he moved to Mumbai, where he learnt under Pandit Pannalal Ghosh of Maihar gharana.

Pandit Raghunath Seth is a famous Music Director too. He has scored music for many feature films like - Yeh Nazdikiyan, Damul (1985), Phir Bhi and Mrityudand (1997), and also for around 2000 documentary films.

He has made many breakthroughs in the technique of flute making and playing. He is well known for adding a bamboo key to his bansuri that makes previously impossible phrases such as the meend between Ma and Pa easily playable. He also has added an 8th hole which allows him to extend the range of his instrument further into the lower register.
As a guru, he has produced many fine disciples including: Sunil Kant Gupta, Vivek Prakash, Steve Gorn, Joshua Geisler, and Chris Hinze.

Dr. Prapancham Sitaram: The Celebrity Prapancham Sita Ram started his musical career as a Child Prodigy. He is A top grade flutist, music composer for All India Radio, Doordarshan and a top artiste of ICCR panel. His innumerable National and International awards and honours include UNESCO sponsored Asian Rostrum Global First Prize (1993), President Of India Awards twice (1957 and 2004),State Insignia Honor by King of Laos(1964), "Kalaimamani" title honour by Tamil Nadu Government long back in 1983 on a par with film personality Rajnikanth, and Madras Music Academy awards for his outstanding main concerts a number of times.

Pandit Raghunath Seth: Pandit Raghunath Seth was born in Gwalior - an unforgettable place in the history of Indian classical music. As a boy, he was exposed to music through his family elders and hence developed an ear for it very early. Later on, he received valuable guidance from the eminent musicologist Dr. S. N. Ratanjankar in Lucknow. On coming to Bombay, at the tender age of 19, he met Pt. Pannalal Ghosh who enhanced his knowledge of the art of flute playing. Pandit Raghunath Seth has made major contributions towards the enhancement of flute design. He devised a bamboo key, which enabled him to play all the ragas with equal ease. With the use of the key, flutists can glide from the lowest to highest note and vice-versa. Pt. Seth's invention (the key) has received much recognition from the press and musicologists. As a light music exponent, Pt. Seth started playing in film music since 1951. He served All India Radio, Lucknow as a music composer and music producer from 1954 - 1969. After this, he joined Films Division, Bombay as Director of Music. Besides providing excellent music in films, Pt. Seth has a number of non-film light music albums to his credit. The singers who have recorded his compositions range from legends like Lata, Asha, Talat Mehmood, Manna Dey & Hemant Kumar to Vani Jairam, Peenaj Masani and Talat Aziz.

Disc: 1
1. Raghunath Seth - Poorya Kalyan - Roopakam
2. Prapancham Sitaram - Gyanamu - Poorvikalyani - Roopakam - Thyagaraja

Disc: 2
1. Jugalbandhi - Raga Kalyani
2. Thani Avarthanam

Accompanying: Balakrishna Iyer (Tabla) & Srimushanam Raja Rao (Mridangam) & And an Uncredited Violin Player

Credits to "Wildstrings"

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