Sabreena da Witch - A Woman Under The Influence

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Abeer Alzinaty, aka. Sabreena da Witch, is a self-proclaimed “growing diva and learning witch”. She grew up in the mixed Arab & Israeli town of Lyd, outside Jerusalem, and learned at an early age that the arts were the only way for her to fully and freely express herself. She began to sing and rap as a teenager but was prohibited by her family from performing publicly. She finally took to the stage for the first time when she was 24, after being featured in the documentary film, “Slingshot Hip Hop”. At the same time, she immigrated to the United States, where she continues to live and pursue her career as an R&B singer, while at the same time using music to educate audiences about issues of oppression and injustice, not only towards Palestinians but towards women and minorities all over the world.

Track List
01. Intro - Ben's Song
02. Helweh - Beautiful
03. Wen Ma Fi 7ada - Where No One Is
04. 7aki Niswan - Women Talk
05. Sajel - For The Record
06. Beit - Home - ft. Gabriel Teodros
07. Denya - The World
08. Moseeqa Samra - Black Music
09. Ta 3AL Nor2os - Let'sDance
10. Asameehon - Their Names
11. Mish Malak - Falling Angel
12. E7'Teyar - Choice
13. El Ba7ar - Yemanja
14. Ayam A7lam - Day Dream
15. Bara - Out You Go

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