Yasemin Göksu - Urumeli Hatırası (Memories of Urumeli)

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Yasemin Göksu, Rumeli folk songs consisting of "Memories of Urumeli" his fourth album, was released by Kalan Music. Göksu's recent display of an indispensable series of "Farewell Rumelia" a series that continued from the Balkans and Rumelia's work a product of the album, Kemal Sahir Gürel, Omar Hunter, Sunay Ozgur and Ender Akay such a successful arranger of traditional folk songs breathe new life brings Göksu has commented on this song successfully.”

She was born in Izmit. While in High School in Izmit studied painting with the works of Turkish music has developed a repertoire of classical music by attending.In 1984, over 10 years, he went to Bodrum to make tourism management. This process continued as an amateur in the classical music repertoire also includes works by pop and ethnic music, its range expanded. Tourism business in 1994, leaving a group of Azeri and Turkish musicians of Turkish pop music and ethnic music with Western repertoire by creating a broad, ongoing work of an amateur to professionalism moved. Classical music teacher from the singing lessons continue to receive the 1995 Island Music from the first study, the "Rose dry I" album, 1998 North music from the second study, the "rest of the Next" album in 2005, Seyhan Music from the "Fire I have the album took off.

"Fighting should be light," "Goodbye Tomorrow," "Big Man Little Love," "Hope", Point, joined by the sound of the music of such films. "Farewell Rumelia" and "surrender my heart," sang the song sequences. Home of many solo concerts and music festivals attended by various cultures. Covering various European cities found in many solo and joint concerts. Many artists did vocals on the album. Participated in various mixed albums with the song. Since the spring of 2004, "Three Women" project is one of the three soloists. Anatolia, Rumelia, the Balkans, Caucasus, Mesopotamia, who lived in the geography of cultures in their own language consisting of folk songs in 16 languages and a wide repertoire, and has performed in many cities of Turkey. Istanbul 2010 European Capital of activities under way within the scope of the project in Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia, three women who meet the concerts, audience, or has scored an international success.

Erdal Bayrakoğlu with powerful voice of the Black Sea, Black Sea Rumeli folk songs and their blends "from Rumelia it so ..." repertoire, covering several cities in the world is preparing for a long tour. In addition to musical studies, silicosis patients Blasting Workers' Solidarity Committee of the jeans, the caller of the Justice for Children, Art for Peace Platform, the Green Party and other political, social works projects.

01. Şeriban
02. Lofçalı
03. Ayletme Beni
04. Mendilimin Yeşili
05. Kırmızı Gülün Alı Var
06. Zilli De maşa Darbuka
07. Şeribanavulları Çaydan Aşağı
08. Şefo
09. Arda Boyları
10. Aksaray'dan Geçeriken
11. Küp İçinde Nişasta
12. Çıkayaım Gideyim Urumeline
13. Mavrova
14. Dere Geliyor
15. Morale

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