Yinon Muallem - Klezmer for the Sultan

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Simply music – that’s what occures to Yinon Muallem’s mind if you ask him about what’s driving him round. He may be right – from his personal view. But for the listener it’s much more, and it’s for sure nothing simple. Yinon Muallem was born in Israel to a family of Iraqi origin. Playing Middle Eastern percussion instruments, he developed his own style very soon. Among others, he collaborated with Ross Daly, Alim Gazimov and Omar Faruk Tekbilek.

Since 2002 he has been living and working in Istanbul. “Klezmer for the Sultan” could be described as a provisional result of Yinon’s reception of and occupation with the huge variety and great legacy of Turkish music with all its different favors. It’s an occupation not only of a gifted instrumentalist but also of a remarkable composer. However, his playing and his compositions are as well influenced by Arabic, Indian, Balkan, Persian, Jewish and Jazz music - all of which he was exposed to in his youth.

On this recording he is supported by a group of musicians who work with him in different formations – be it the classical ensemble “Istanbul Sazandeleri” or the “Café Istanbul” project. Tracks:

* 1. Chaos 4:58
* 2. Klezmer for the Sultan 4:08
* 3. Heavy Drops 8:28
* 4. Spanish Girl 6:19
* 5. The Tale 4:39
* 6. Violin Rast Taksim 1:10
* 7. To Be There 6:15
* 8. Triangle 6:19
* 9. Unlimited 4:25

Yinon Muallem (darbuka, def, bendir, dumbek, erbane, zarb, ud, vocals)
Yurdal Tokcan (ud),Göksel Baktagir (kanun), Emrullah ªengüller (cello), Selim Güler (gazel), Yankale Segal (bass guitar), Eyal Sela (clarinet)
Guest Musicians:
Sumru Aðýryürüyen (vocal), Baki Kemancý (violin), Hakan Gürbüz (bass guitar), Serkan Çaðrý (clarinet), Itamar Shahar (ney), Tanju Duru (acoustic guitar, keyboards), Ram Hadar (tabla), Bekir Zekeriya (asma davul).

320 kbps including full scans



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