Zia Mohiuddin Dagar - Ragas Yaman & Shuddha Todi

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How does one describe music of such transcendental beauty? As Carla Bley reported said of The Shaggs, "this music stops my mind". Just vina and two tamburas, a superb recording, and a great master musician at work, near the end of his life and experience. This is not fireworks; it is contemplation and emotion - beautiful, sad, yearning, joyful - it will take you away. I'd rate this as one of the most beautiful and evocative Indian recordings I have ever heard. It's also a two-disk package with about 140 minutes of music. This is perfection.

Nimbus made the last recordings of ZM Dagar: one CD of Todi, one of Yaman/Kalyan. Dear old Ziamohiuddin was a musician who NEVER disappointed, and this disc is of course good solid ZM Dagar style. It seems, though, as if this last recording is more mellow than he once was. Compared to any of his explosive Panchamkauns recordings, this Todi truly is like moving honey. He keeps the twang to a minimum. Todi is a raga that allows for great variation of expression - this is probly ZMD's slowest, softest rendition of it. It is alap only, without drum, without composition. As always, he manages to keeps the raga so pure and centered that if you sit down and concentrate on listening to the CD from beginning to end, your brain will be almost silent, and all within it will be a slow Todi, Todi, Todi. This is the feeling of having been purified that some music can bring, that is really not very mystical if you think about it. Even if you try your best because the morning is over and you have to go about your business, it will take several minutes to break the spell ...

Disc 1:
1. Raga Yaman: Alap
2. Raga Yaman: Jor and Jhala

Disc 2:
1. Raga Shudda Todi: Alap
2. Raga Shudda Todi: Jor and Jhala

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