Africando - Baloba!

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Baloba! digs deeper into theme of African-Latin unity. The grooves find ground that transcends ethnicities and geography. David Byrne has said that the "music of the African Diaspora has colonized the planet". Africando brings this point home in force. On this album, Africando taps the source of the Cuban sexteto tipico of the 1920's and 1930's. "Aicha" sung by Nicholas Menheim is a fine tuned salsa that is a dancer's delight. The changes are subtle and distinct. Dancers groove on change, subtle or sudden. The honey-habenero voice of Gnonnas Pedro keeps the flame hot with "Huenouhwo", utilizing tres guitar accompaniment. This chameleon group strikes at the heart of classic Cuban music of the 1950's and brings it to vital tropicality in the new millennium of 2000. Their mix of Senegalese Wolof-Spanish bridges the transatlantic gulf between mother Africa and the new world in a smooth danceable style that lives on and connects. Ronnie Baro's guaracha, "Guarachea mi Chula", is right in the pocket and puts out lots of heat. "Demal", sung by Nicholas Menheim, is a tasteful tres track, not only for the vocal but also for the guitar-trumpet-percussion interplay. "Aminata" features the Senegalese super-singer Laba Sosseh and it's a track that blisters with bright brass that harkens back to the Havana of the 1950's. Baloba! is a Yoruba exclamation that expresses something astonishing. Africando has produced another gem of an album. Highly recommended.

01. Am Saaxul
02. Ayo Nene
03. Te Voy A matar ... Con Amor
04. Aïcha
05. Huenouhwo
06. Dalaka
07. Katiana
08. Guarachea Mi Chula
09. Demal
10. Aminata
11. La Vie En Rose
12. Dacefo
13. Aïcha (Wolof version)

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