Ali Akbar Khan & Asha Bhosle - Legacy

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This CD is ABOUT Asha Bhosle. No Questions Asked. the music is only here to serve her gorgeous and divine voice. Asha Bhosle is my favorite singer in the world. Where do i start- this songstress has held her appeal over 5 decades and STILL continues to sizzle and reign as the Nightingale of India. On this album, she must have rendered her vocals at the age of 64- so her voice is not the perky, chickadee-like voice of her youth that she is WORLD-RENOWNED for. however, the singing is still lovely, but i wouldn't use this CD as the landmark by which to go in terms of judging her voice. Having recorded over 12,000 songs in her lifetime, she has a myriad of them in which her voice is young, bright, and sparkling- barely 12 years old til her 30's- in which her voice retained its freshness. Now, age has taken an edge on her voice, which has changed over time, but certainly not faded. I think my favorite song here was Tarana in Adana. i found this classical CD slightly monotonous- but this doesn't keep me from being her biggest fan in the world! For strictly indian-classical music buffs, this is surely a must have. For any Asha Bhosle diehard fans, the fact that it is a must have goes without say.

01. Guru Bandana (Prayer)
02. Hori in Kukubh Bilawal
03. Tarana in Adana
04. Tarana in Bhimpalasri
05. Kheyal in Gour Sarang
06. Dhrupad in Sankara Bharan
07. Sadra in Sankara Karan
08. Tarana in Mian Ki Malhar
09. Tarana in Bhimpalasri [Sat Sangat Style]
10. Tarana in Bhupali
11. Hori in Bhairavi
12. Prayer in Bhairavi

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