Anoushka Shankar - Live In Cornegie Hall

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As daughter of the legendary Ravi Shankar, 20-year-old Anoushka Shankar has had some pretty big expectations put upon her. Obviously, the elder Shankar thought the then-18-year-old student was ready for the challenge of recording live at Carnegie Hall (he trained her and used her in his group), and he was right. Recorded in October 2000, Anoushka's third album displays her thrilling playing. The young Shankar covers a wealth of emotions, from highs fueled by rapid-fire plucking to mellow lows that float upon her hypnotic drone. Fortunately for non-meditating listeners, the younger Shankar tends to keep the songs (all composed by Ravi) fairly short by raga standards. She also shows herself to be a generous leader on "Bhupali Tabla Duet," letting tabla players Bikram Ghosh and Tanmoy Bose take the lead. The CD features an additional live track from England added for good measure, but even without it, this live performance is a stunning musical display from Indian music's next generation of Shankar.

It's very odd that the reviews for this album, and even for the artist herself, fall into only two camps; very positive or extremely (desperately) negative.
When musical purists believe that they own a musical style just because they're grandmas did, you end up with artistic Naziism. To them I would say: Music has a bigger agenda than simply being obsessive over nit-picky little details(regarding the proper use of notes in a raga, etc.). You seem to be desparately throwing such trivia around only because you begrudge how easily success comes to some, and how difficult it seems for you to even get a life!. The guy or gal who had a tizzy just because some sympathetic string seemed tuned to a note different than what their grandma wanted, made me laugh!

...And hey, if I had released a CD, even I would have reviewed my own album. Even the President gets to vote for himself! We're all human; give her a break!

The album under discussion was very good, and I dare say had more "vibe" than even some of her fathers perfomances on record that I've heard. I hope the desparate eventually learn to deal with it.

1. Introduction
2. Raga Madhuvanti (Alap)(Live)
3. Raga Madhuvanti (Gat In Rupak)(7-Beat)(Live)
4. Raga Desh (Live)
5. Bhupali Tabla Duet (Live)
6. Raga Mishra Piloo (Live)

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