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Emani Sankara Sastry (1922 - 1987), was a renowned Veena player of Carnatic music.

Sankara Sastry was born on 23rd September 1922 at Draksharamam, Andhra Pradesh. He came from a family of celebrated classical musicians. His father Vainika Bhooshana Veena Acharya Emani Achuta Rama Sastri, a famed vainika and sastragna was a contemporary of Sangameshwara Sastri and Veena Venkata Romainiah Das of Andhra.

The prodigious training he had from young age under his unsparing guru-his father, reflected in abundance in his tuneful, melodious and technique perfect concerts. His graceful playing on the veena in strictly traditional style evoked a reverential listening. Emani gave concerts throughout the length and breadth of India. His participation in east-west music festival, Tansen festival, Vishnu Digambar festival, sur singars Haridas sangeet sammelan and other prestigious music conferences won him distinction in the field of music. He established a distinctive style of his own and to him goes the credit of bringing veena to its place of pride.

Quite at home with the Hindustani musical system also, Emani played duets with Pandit Ravi Shankar, Ustad Halim Zaffar khan and Pandit Gopal Krishan (on vichitra veena) evoking enthusiastic response from the north Indian listeners. In programme of national integration, he brought out the similarities of both systems of music. Emani was also a composer and director of distinction.

1. Raga Shrî
2. Pancharatna Kirtanam - Adi Tala
3. Raga Vachaspathi
4. Kirtanam - Adi Tala

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