Maqam Ensemble - Live At Aspire Hall

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MAqam is an ensemble that specializes in performing Middle-eastern and Arabic music with a modern, structured but accessible approach, all the while preserving the spirit and character of the original music. This genre we like to call “MA”
MA music genre is not directly connected with a definite harmonic or rhythmic pattern nor with specific instrumentation. Rather, it is about capturing the soul of middle-eastern music and presenting it in an innovative style.
The group was established by MAias Alyamani in Vienna in 2006 with great success in Austria and its neighboring countries where Maqam gave many concerts in different venues such as the Austrian Parliament Building, ORF National Austrian TV, Musikhause, Fest der Visionen, United Nations/Vienna, Afro-Asiatische Institute (New Year concert), Palastia Forum.
Since 2009, the ensemble has been performing in Middle Eastern countries like Syria (Art house, Damascus Opera House), Jordan, Lebanon and Qatar where Maqam gives regular concerts, of which the most recent was the opening concert of the Qatar Philharmonic first Chamber Music Festival.

Track List
01. Longa Wanes
02. 114
03. Dance
04. 0 + Tango
05. Zainno El Marjeh
06. Sea Waves
07. Zigan - Longa Nahawand
08. Tahmil Hijaz

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