Musik Der Nubier - Nordsudan

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Track List
A1.Ay Fa Kir Noogonilla -I Will Come To Your House
A2.Ajjibeeri Dessa Massoodta Daffo - I Wonder, If The "Green" Beautiful One Has Gone Away
A3.Tanzmusik Ohne Gesang Aus Mahas - Dance Music Without Singing From Mahas
A4.Hussein Mohammed Ahmed Wagiya Allah – About Waya
A5.Khalil Soliman, Salah Kurdi, Hassan Fagir, Ahmed Hassan – Dukka Mengimmi Ter Gedemga - Walk Step By Step
A6.Hassan Fagir – About My Village
A7.Unknown Artist – Belal Er Isampun? - Where Are You Going, My Love?
B1.Unknown Artist – Dance Songs At A Wedding
B2.Hassan Mohammed Gamal, Mohammed Hassan Awad, Unknown Artist – Handclapping And Dancing
B3.Soliman Abu Zeid, Mohammed Fadl Bilal, Ramadan Soliman, Hassan Ahmed Mohammed Ramadan, Ahmed Moheddin, Ahmed Merghanni – Allah Ya Saadu Leh - Allah's Will Prevails
B4.Ali Ahmed Ali, Sayyed Ahmed Soliman, Garmal Ahmed Soliman, Abd El-Rahman – Wadi Halfa Woo Haniina - Oh My Beloved Country
C1.Hassan Fagir, Salah Kurdi, Khalil Soliman – Hm Bee
C2.Unknown Artist – Hm Bee - Seera
C3.Hassan Soliman Awad – Kalakiya
C4.Abdin Osman Sheikh Idris, Hassan Hussein – I Wonder If The Steamer Has Arrived
C5.Ali Mohammed Abdallah – Song About A Love-Affair
C6.Salih Ali Soliman – Song On The Eskalee (Water-Wheel)
C7.Unknown Artist – Song At Field Work
D1.Zahra Osman Sherif – Lullaby Lo-Lo-Lo
D2.Aziza Abdo Shergawi, Tamaya Said, Hogla Mohammed Idris – Song At Circumcision And Wedding Ceremonies
D3.Unknown Artist – Bellaal Ya Bellaal- Beloved Hero
D4.Fatima Gasheila Sakina (2) – Wad Albatar Batraan Tood - Oh Son Of The Bravest Men Of All
D5.Unknown Artist – Gashel - Spoiled Daughter
D6.Fatima Gasheila – Ambaabi Ay Yaaba - Oh My Beloved Father
D7.Zeinab Mohammed, Wahiba – Song While Grinding With Millstones
D8.Fatma Farah Abbas Unknown Artist – Shergangallo - Let Us Go Eastwards
D9.Unknown Artist – Diya Wo Ailan - It Is Enough, Oh My Heart

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