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Because there is so much lazy, careless, appallingly sloppy A&R in the recording industry, A&R people who do their job well should always be applauded. And when it comes to A&R, Putumayo has been thoughtful and intelligent more often than not. Putumayo's A&R people usually do a lot of hard thinking when they assemble a compilation, which is why world music enthusiasts hold the company in such high regard. A good example of Putumayo's thoughtfulness is Euro Lounge, which takes a look at the more melodic world/electronica experimentation that has been coming from Europe. Some world/electronica fusion can be forceful, abrasive, dissonant, and hyper, but Euro Lounge doesn't get into any of Europe's rave-friendly techno/world sounds. This compilation focuses primarily on Europe's more melodic, relaxed world/club fare -- in other words, chill-out grooves for club hounds who are into world music. And in the 21st century, that could be anything from downtempo mixed with Brazilian music to trip-hop/Middle Eastern hybrids. Most of the artists on Euro Lounge come from various European countries, including Italy (Daniele Silvestri, Bandabardo, Gabin, S-Tone Inc.), Belgium (Gare du Nord), and Spain (Mastretta). But their influences aren't strictly European. Gabin, for example, brings a Brazilian influence to "Sweet Sadness," while S-Tone Inc. is very Indian-influenced on "Limbe." And some of the artists on Euro Lounge don't actually live in Europe. Ilhan Ersahin, for example, is a part-Turkish, part-Swedish jazz saxophonist who was born in Stockholm but now lives in New York. The John Coltrane-influenced Ersahin has recorded some memorable post-bop albums, but "Girl" isn't jazz -- it's an enjoyably moody blend of downtempo and Turkish pop. Full of surprises, Euro Lounge is yet another appealing example of the sort of hard thinking that usually goes into Putumayo's compilations.

1. Un Simple Histoire - Thievery Corporation
2. Limbe - S-Tone Inc.
3. Salpica - Mambotur
4. Jackie - Bossa Nostra
5. Sempre Di Domenica - Daniele Silvestri
6. Girl - Ilhan Ersahin
7. Sweet Sadness - Gabin
8. Stojne Bre Mome Kocansko - Vanja Lazarova
9. How Was It For You? - Gare Du Nord
10. El Ultimo Habitante Del Planeta - Mastretta
11. Non Sarai Mai - Bandabardo
12. Voulez-vous? - Arling & Cameron

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